Roku de Nashi Vol 10 Ch 4

Chapter 4 The Battle in the Sky


── On that day.

The twilight’s veil had at long last been lifted and the seemingly endless night had finally reached its dawn. The city of Fejite would usually be bustling with activity at daybreak but on this day not a single soul could be found throughout the streets. It was a quiet morning dominated by the desolate feeling of emptiness.

Since the previousday, the guards had been going throughout each street and passing along a shelter-in-place advisory, so most of the citizenry were currently taking refugee in their basement or government-provided shelters. Although in the first place ── such precautions would be akin to pouring water in an active volcano before the might of the [Flame of Megiddo].

One could see the phantasmal Castle in the Sky shining faintly on the dawn sky.

And ── the [Ship of Flames’] lording existence was ever present as well. Its red hull reflected the light of the morning sun as if to demonstrate its sinister magnificence.

Time passed quietly while everyone waited with baited breaths. The influence of such a suffocating silence naturally extended to Alzano Imperial Magic Academy which was the last bastion of hope for the inhabitants of Fejite.


Atop the rooftops, within the courtyard, in all four directions extending out from the academy, many students and professors of the academy had gathered in formation for their impeding decisive battle.

All the students were currently donning a mantle-coat like uniform called the [Mage’s Robe] while equipped with a rapier-like [Mage’s Staff]. Their battle-ready robes were permanently enchanted with defenseive and physical enhancement spells, not to mention their already inherit properties of magic defense.

Nervously waiting the start of the final battle.

On the rooftop of a building to the north ──

“Hey……this barrier that Halley-sensei made….is it actually going to work……?”

“….Who knows.”

“Are we actually going to be vaporized without being able to do a thing…?”

Among the students stationed there, Kash who was fiddling with his staff called out to Gibul who stood quietly next to him.

“Humph….are you scared? Then go hide in the base with the rest of the cowards.”

“S-Shut it! That’s not what I meant!”

The next moment.

“Fuhahahahahahaha! Rest assured you guys!”

“Gehh!? Professor Schuzer!?”

An eye-patched man wearing an inside-out white lab coat with his hair so disheveled it seemed as if he’s never encountered a comb ── it was none other than the most perverted professor of the academy, Professor Orwell = Schuzer of the magic engineering department who called out to them.

Orwell, who was apparently so engrossed in his research that he was completely oblivious to the commotion of the day before yesterday, had announced his participation in the war-efforts as soon as he realized Fejite’s impending doom, even defying the desperate pleas and attempts of those around him who were begging him to do nothing and stay out of the way.

“It’s the work of Halley-sensei and the young Christoph! It was truly flawless! As the genius professor of magic engineering, this Orwell = Schuzer guarantees it! I might be a prodigy when it comes to upcoming magic but ancient magic still eludes me so I couldn’t do it! So, rest assured!”


“Even without them there would be no cause for worry! As a magician who pledges allegiance to Her Majesty in this unprecedented hardship, I promise to help you all!! Behold!!!!”

*Whoosh!* And, Orwell removed the covering of something besides him.

What appeared from within ──

“This is a sophisticated magic doll that I made after exhausting the limits of my magic engineering! Behooooooold, the [Glenn-bot!!]”

Rectangular torso with arms and legs attached to it, a cylindrical head with triangular eyes and nose, and a sorry excuse of a pony tail on the back of its head….it looked like a piece of junk robot that had been created with various spare parts lying around.

Such a robot that was forced to wear even the same clothes as Glenn, suddenly stood up.

{Enough fooling around, finish initiation}

“Woaah….it can talk….”

“Heh as it’s plain to see this is my greatest masterpiece, a semi-autonomous, combat-ready, magic doll modeled after my precious friend Glenn-sensei! It’s the strongest of robots that gives you the sense of security as if the ever-reliable Glenn-sensei was fighting along side you himself!!!!”

[Do not dare lay hand on student.]

“….Glenn-sensei…..would absolutely hate this……”

Everyone there had taken a step back seemingly in disgust.

“For the sake of today’s battle, I’ve hurriedly constructed the Glenn-bot after dissembling the twenty or so combat dolls that I’ve completely legally acquired from the Imperial Army here and there! No harm will ever come to you as long as you have this Glenn-bot by your side! Fuahahahahahahaha!”

It was at that moment that the robot’s right arm fell to the ground.

“Yeah, that’s completely reassuring…….”

“I mean in the first place; wouldn’t it have been better just to have the twenty combat dolls fight as they were?”

Orwell = Schuzer. A young prodigy that is without a doubt a match for Halley, but one that tends to put his talents to bad usage. The students, who were already stressed from the upcoming battle, couldn’t help but sigh.


On the roof of a building to the east ──

“But this is pretty unexpected, Zest-kun.”

“I think so as well, Headmaster.”

The eastern front commanders, Baron Zest and Rick, were currently exchanging words.

“I didn’t think I’d be forced into these kind of shenanigans at this age….. even having to pull out the equipment from my younger years…..”

Rick messed with the old-looking longsword hanging from his waist. It was some type of magic sword.

“Oh? A fine sword is it not?”

“Hehe….I used to cause quite a lot of trouble when I was a mischievous brat that raided archeological sites.”

Rick gave off a small hint of embarrassment as he recounted the tales of his youth.

” ── Now then, Headmaster. Hmmm.”

Zest corrected his posture and questioned Rick.

“Who in the world might that beautiful young lady be?”

A small girl, 11 or 12 years of age, could be seen nestling up to Rick. She was beautiful girl with long flowing, light-blue hair and an ultra-thin robe that couldn’t help but emphasized the contour of her prim and proper figure. A dazzling, seemingly out of place girl characterized by her clear white skin and pointed ears, was gazed upon by everyone present wondering who she could be.

“Is she by chance your granddaughter?”

“Hmm, not quite.”

“Ahhh I see! She’s your daughter! Wait no that’d be impossible at your age! Leaving that aside….I can just eat her up…..haa~, haa~…..this Imperial Gentleman would like to get know you ─”

Baron Zest was heavily gasping as he gazed into the fiery eyes of girl.

{I’m Selphy…..his wife.}

Tightly clinging to Rick’s arm, the young girl said that while wearing a smile that radiated pure innocents.

It seemed as if everyone, including even Baron Zest, had frozen overcome with an arid silence ─


“”””M-Mr. Officer!? It’s this one right here!?””””

“W-Wait! It’s not like that everyone! She’s not actually a person! She’s just a water nymph!! You should’ve know that I was a summoner back in the day right!? This child has been my adventuring companion ever since I was young, she’s been in this world far longer than anyone here!! Everything is completely legal, legal I say!”

“All the same though, Headmasteerrrr!? I’m too envious ─ I can’t even begin to morally forgive youuuuuu!! How could I have overlooked you as a lolicon!? As a nobleman of this Empire, it’s my duty to enact judgement on yoouuuuuu!! And then I’ll steal this child’s contract with youuuuuu!! As a gentleman!!!!”

“”Whaaaa!? Zest-kun!? I’m not you’re enemy!! I’m not your enemy!?! Damn it, this is why I didn’t want to summon her in the first place!”


On the roof of a building to the west ──

“Good grief…..the north and east buildings are being too obnoxious….there’s no sense of readiness, none at all!”

Acting as the western front commander, Halley said that in frustration while wrinkling his eyebrows.

“Maintaining composure is the basics of the basics for mages!”

“Well calm down Halley-sensei.”

The student council president Liz attempted to pacify Halley.

“Thanks to that the students over here seemed to have relaxed a bit.”

“How weak! They can’t even begin to call themselves mages if such mental problems stop them in their tracks!”

Liz let out a bitter smile after witnessing Halley’s usual disposition.

“Leaving that aside…..I didn’t expect you to participate, Jaill-kun.”


Sitting there was a student with bulging muscles and a physique that seemed contrary to one of a stereotypical mages’ ── Jaill = Wolfert sat cross-legged with his arms crossed.

A bastard・sword was resting against his shoulder. The sturdy sword that didn’t hold any magic properties itself, but somehow it seemed to give off a strange aura that hinted at a power beyond its blandness.

“I never thought that you’d go this far just for the academy’s sake.”

“I owe Rumia = Tingel from that magic competition. This is just me paying her back.”

He replied frankly to Liz and closed his eyes as if to ward off others from approaching him.

“Jaill-kun….you’re not as bad as the rumors make you out to be huh?”

“Tch, such a meddlesome woman…..shut up will ya.”

“Hehehe…..everyone here is so stubborn in their own way.”

Liz couldn’t help but smile at Jaill who was giving off an aura of intimidation.


And on the roof of the building to the south──

“Uu uuu…..I’m….so nervous…..m-maybe I shouldn’t have come after all.”

“It’ll be okay Wendy.”

Teresa softly called out to the trembling Wendy.

“You’re always hiding behind Sistine and Gibul, but you know you’re pretty strong yourself, you know? The proof of that is you were selected for the rooftop interception team after all.”

In todays operation, the rooftop interception team were the students that Albert and Bernard judged [to actually be of use] after reviewing their abilities.

“As long as your clumsiness doesn’t come out at any important times, you’ll always have a shot at the top you know? As long as your clumsiness doesn’t come out.”

“Y-You didn’t have to repeat that! Don’t emphasize my clumsiness.”

“It’s because I’ve been by your side all this time. That’s why….let’s survive this battle together? Okay?”

“….Of course….you’re right.”

Wendy unleashed a firm nod to the smiling Teresa.

“Haa….even still though.”

And Wendy glanced in a certain direction.


Her line of sight eventually rested on Eve. She stood listlessly, gazing at her left hand as she opened and closed it…..occasionally letting out a sigh as if she were sulking.

“This front’s commander… Eve-san right? She doesn’t seem to have any motivation or life in her….and she looks so gloomy…..will she actually be alright? Are we going to be able to depend on her?”

“I’ve heard that she’s more or less…..the commander in charge of Bernard and the others though…..”

“Ehh!? She is!? The unit commander wasn’t Bernard or Albert!?”

Wendy’s hysteric voice had suddenly flared up.

(…..Hmmm….I wonder about that…..)

Eve didn’t offer a single rebuttal, instead just standing there lethargically.


And in the academy’s courtyard ──

“Everyone, how’s your preparations?….Got it….please continue like so.”

Bernard used his magic communication device to send instructions to the commanders of each respective front. In light of Eve’s unwell condition and taking into account his experience as a commander during the Divine Reverence War forty years prior, Bernard will be acting as the field commander for todays battle.

“Sigh, the preparations have been completed, Chris-boy.”

“Thanks for your hard work, Bernard-san.”

“Still, being the field commander is as an annoying job as ever!”

“Ahaha don’t say that. Now that Eve-san is like that you’re the only one who could do it.”

Saying that, Christoph was quietly meditating with one hand and knee resting on the ground.

Spread out in the center of the courtyard was a magic circle constructed of intricately intertwined blue rays of light  ── a large amount of mana had already been passed through it causing a deep bass sound to drum out. Using the [Mana Dam] magic circle that Lazar had constructed in the academy as its base; the academy’s instructors, professors, and doctoral students had rushed to modify it until the resulting barrier magic circle of blue lights known as [Luciel’s Sanctuary] came to be.

This barrier that Halley prepared, bearing the name of a powerful angel, was the last bastion to defend against the [Ship of Flame’s] [Flame of Megiddo]. It was a technique to create an energy-reduction field above the sky’s of Fejite and nullify the [Flame of Megiddo]. This was the fruits of Halley’s talent, Christoph’s knowledge in barrier magic, the academy’s technical prowess, a fragment of [The Angelic Shield], the abundant ley lines spread throughout Fejite, and finally….

“We should be thankful to the students this time.”

“You’re right.”

There were volunteer students placed in each of the academy’s buildings where the magic circle had been carved. The students were currently maintaing this [Luciel’s Sanctuary] by continuously suppying their mana into it. It was a miracle that could only be created at this place and at this time ──

“The main control of the barrier was entrusted to me….but I can’t possibly maintain such a ceremonial-level magic circle by myself. It’s thanks to the help from the students that it’s up and running.”

“But if their respective buildings are disrupted, then that means less mana supplied to the barrier….. it’ll be the same if the maintenance-team students have to retreat to the underground evacuation area….isn’t that right?”

“Yes. For the time being I’ve decided to combine the status of the disruption of the buildings with the status of the withdrawal of the students into a [barrier maintenance ratio]. If this [barrier maintenance ratio] drops below 40%….then it won’t be possible to defend against the [Flame of Megiddo].”

“The invasion team has to defeat the demon by then….right? Really, that’s too heavy a burden ain’t it….seriously asking a lot of Glenn-boy huh…..”

Bernard let out an exasperated sigh.

“It’ll be fine…..Senpai specializes in last-minute actions like this…..or should I say that he’s not very useful until the eleventh hour huh.”

Christoph smiled with a gentle look full of trust in his eyes.


And ──

Before long, the sun had reached its apex to signify the coming of midday.


{…..The time has come.}

In Fejite’s sky, on the [Ship of Flames], in its innermost spot. In a large, half-oval shaped room made of a mysterious material that could’ve been either metal or stone. Cuntless black monoliths were lined up along its elliptical curve. Sinister geometric designs placed on the ground were overlapping one another.

At the back of the room laid a throne, alongside it was more monoliths of various sizes and cubic slabs of stone with magic power being passed through.

And at the top part of the half-oval shaped room countless magic projections seemingly acting as windows to different parts of Fejite scenery were scattered about.

{The soul of [The Iron Horseback Commander] is now completely intertwined with this body, and the mana shortage that Glenn = Radars caused has been replenished.}

A demon calmly sitting on the throne muttered to no one.

{Now, for the sake of my greatest desire, I’ll shall obliterate Rumia…..and then return Fejite to being mere ashes and dirt….}

But before that, there was a single thing….the demon stared at his left hand in annoyance. Jatice, the other day he had crushed his heart and the blood coated his left hand…..but for some reason something still felt off.

{That aside….there are no particular problems.}

In all actuality there was nothing amiss with the blood. The demon had begun to systematically manipulate the monoliths and slabs around the throne in order to do what he must. Magically lit characters had been began to flow across their surfaces like a raging torrent ──

── The entirety of the [Ship of Flames] had started to tremble.


“I-It’s coming…..”

“Guh….it’s time now….”

Kash and Gibul looked towards the sky, the nervousness causing them to shake.

Floating in the sky ── on the hull of the [Ship of Flames].

Even from such a distance, everyone could feel the tremendous amount of energy gathering in the ever-growing crimson ball of light. The sphere of pure energy was as bright as a burning sun and continued to grow, grow, grow even further reaching a point where it let out a screeching, distorted high-pitch sound that reverberated through Fejite. The pitch rang higher and higher as if to signify the arrival of their impeding doom….

“O-Oh God…..”

Following Wendy, everyone started to offer prayers to their almighty…. and finally…..the ball of energy was dropped unto Fejite at lightspeed.






On that day, during that hour, at that very second, all sounds and colors had disappeared from the world ──

── The whole of Fejite was dyed an infinitely empty white.


{…..It’s finished…..humans are too unsatisfying after all.}

The shock of the transcendental-level energy from the explosion had reached far into the sky, shaking the [Ship of Flames] to and fro. The functionality of the monoliths had been temporarily disrupted and all the images of Fejite had disappeared.

Meanwhile the demon was speaking to himself, full of deep emotion.

{…Now, this marks the start of the beginning. For the sake of our Great Bhikkhu-sama….and for my true master. This marks the start of the beginning of a new battle….. an overwhelming slaughter using this unrivaled [Ship of Flames…..]}

Filled with pleasure, laughing uncontrollably.

And then, the functionality of the ship, which had been temporarily disabled, was gradually starting to recover.

The images projected overhead had started to revive one by one….

{….What….is this…..?}

The demon couldn’t help but sit aghast with the unexpected scene being thrust before him. What should’ve been an infinitely scorched earth and bundles of ash and dirt marking the grave of Fejite.

Was something that was all but impossible.

Fejite was displayed in the projections.




As the incandescent light gave way, the academy grounds erupted with elated cheers.

“We did it! We’re still here! We’re aliveeeeeeee!?”

“Thank goodness! I’m so happyyyyyyyyy!”

The students, the guards, anyone and everyone were embracing one another in euphoria. As if it were the manifestation of their prayers and hopes, the magic barrier spread across Fejite was still standing. Right now, they looked as beautiful ripples traversed it, asserting their very existence from the scene.


Christoph, who was the centerpiece of the barrier, looked up towards the sky and let out a sigh of relief.

“Humph…it’s only natural.”

Halley snorted his nose annoyed at the fact that the barrier was ever called into question.



The demon shook with astonishment and fright, slamming his hands down on a slab next to him and shattering it.

{Even the [Flame of Megiddo]!? The hellish flame that brings everything to ruin!? Why!? How are they still alive!? Such a thing….!? Tch….!}

The demon manipulated a monolith next to him with a heavy hand and started magic to analyze Fejite below. The results were immediately projected overhead.

Even further astonished, the demon then gathered his composure.

{T-This is the same as [The Angelic Shield]… could’ve they possibly been able to reproduce the magic technique that I abandoned, throughout all of Fejite!? That’s ridiculous….!? How can a mage who could do this possibly exist!? I-Impossible….!}

(TN: When he said “I” here he used the normal pronoun “watashi” instead of using the formal, hardly used pronoun “ware” that he’s been using since transformation)

However, this was reality. He had to accept it. It was right before his eyes.

{B-But….hmmm…..I see…..this is just a mere knock-off after all….}

The demon slowly started to regain his composure as he watched the analytic results flow overhead.

{They’re maintaining the barrier with a magic circle that extends to the four buildings surrounding the academy…..and this knock-off barrier doesn’t seem to have a physical blocking aspect….meaning that physical entities can pass through….}

The demon operated the monolith once more.

{….With that being the case, I’ll destroy those buildings, erase their barrier, and then drop [Flame of Megiddo] once more ── until then.}


A door at the bottom of the [Ship of Flames] noisily opened up following his actions.

An innumerable number of orbs were airdropped one after another.

The orbs’ structure started to be rearranged as they fell, transforming into something else ── and before long they had completely transformed into one-eyed flying golems with their arms acting as wings, gradually descending onto the academy’s buildings.


At the same time ──

“…It’s begun.”

In The Lost Forest, north of the magic academy. At a certain clearing on the slope of the mountain that seemed to continue endlessly. Glenn let out a mutter after witnessing the scene before him of the figures of the golems one by one dropping from the [Ship of Flames] and drawing closer to the academy.

“….Are they really going to be okay? Are the students going to be able to handle it?”

Navnløs casually replied to Glenn who seemed a bit anxious.

{They’ll be fine. How many times are you going to make me say it? To begin with, that [Ship of Flames]…’s originally a weapon to dominate the ordinary citizens of foolish countries that don’t know magic. One could say that [Flame of Megiddo] makes up almost of all its ground fire power. Although there are quite a number of ground-suppression forces onboard, their overall quality isn’t that high. The guardians deployed throughout the [Tower of Lamentation], what you guys call the Underground Labyrinth, are much more dangerous.}

“T-Then they should be alright……”

{That aside, you should be concentrating…’s time for you guys to play your part.}

Glenn turned his head over his shoulder. There Sistine, Rumia, and Re=L were standing. And….Celica was present as well.


She was quietly meditating in the magic circle that she had drawn, sitting with her legs crossed and her hands brought together. Some type of pattern was sketched across her body in blood. Her limbs were gently being filled with natural mana as she continued her meditation.

“Oi Celica. Are you almost ready?”

“….Yeah I think I’ll be fine….just barely.”

And as if she had reached enlightenment Celica had opened her eyes.

“Let’s get started.”


Muttering so, Celica quietly began to recite a spell. The atmosphere surrounding her started to tremble and release a high-pitched ringing. The magic circle started to shine a deep crimson and a red light started to wrap around her like a flame catching hold. Then the pattern sketched on Celica’s body gradually started to glow red and emit a similar light….in the end, her body’s outline had completely blended and melted with the shining light and disappeared from sight.

More and more dust fluttered about…..

Celica’s body had started to let out unsettling creaks and underwent a sudden change. Her body was swelling up more and more…..the more they looked up the more it swelled into something abnormal. Eventually the power that had been trapped in her body had suddenly burst out after reaching its limit and became a shock wave that rushed throughout the surrounding area.


Glenn and the others were desperately trying to withstand the sudden gust by clutching onto the ground.


It was a dreadful roar that shook the atmosphere and the depths of their souls.

“A-Ahh……”, Glenn’s voice had involuntarily leaked out.

Enormous wings were spread out before him. Golden eyes shining radiantly. Limbs as thick as logs. An elongated neck, ruggedly sharp claws, and a row of piercing fangs.

A renown, majestic figure that was often spoken of in legends ── and right now its roar shook the earth and the swing of its tail felled a large tree. The sound of its fangs clamping was sharper than that of steel and a single step of its claw had gouged out the ground.

There was no enemy nor ally to this herculean being, everyone bowed down equally before the might of its unimaginable power.

Those far away could hear it. Those close could see it.

The embodiment of merciless violence that crushes the weak, the manifestation of overwhelming mayhem.

This was none other than ── a dragon.

The king who laid beyond the summit of all beings in creation. The entity from myths and legends had manifested before them ──

{ ── Heh, is it really that big of a deal? This body of mine.}

As Glenn was stunned by this overwhelming existence and involuntarily became a poet in his own head describing the scene, a telepathic message had reached out to him……it was Celica’s voice.

“Shuttup, don’t go invading people’s heads like that let me soak in it a little. You’re a dragon, a dragon after all. What boy wouldn’t be excited by this?”

Glenn looked up towards the terrifying dragon and its eyes stared back at him with a hint of curiosity and amusement.

“Even still…..using [Self・Polymorph] to transform into a dragon….you really can do anything you want can’t you….”

The dragon/Celica replied to him using telepathy.

{I have to use precious dragon blood as a catalyst, and unfortunately, I can’t speak Dragish and use their magic. Well, the breath attack is about as powerful as a mature dragon though.}

Normally, while using body-altering transformation magic one can gain the abilities of the target, but Dragonic magic was impossible to use because it was a result of the skills and knowledge that a dragon acquired over its long life.

“Well not like it matters all that much. As long as we can get on that shithead’s ship.”

And so, Glenn looked back towards Sistine and the others.

“Alright you guys lets go! Now’s our chance! Hurry up and get on Celica’s back!”

“Nn, I’m getting on.”

“I know I’m a bit late, but I wonder if it’ll be okay, this method…..I hope we don’t get shaken off….”

Glenn dashingly jumped onto the back of the Celica-dragon, followed by Re=L nimbly leaping on and Sistine timidly climbing up.

And finally.


Navnløs had called out to Rumia who was the last one trying to board.

{…..Please don’t….forget what I said last night.}


Rumia’s movement momentarily came to a halt after hearing Navnløs’ somewhat pleading words….but then she quickly finished climbing onto Celica without looking back.

“What’s wrong? Rumia?”

“It’s nothing…..I’m going to be doing my best.”

In response to Glenn’s inquiry, Rumia responded just like the usual Rumia would.


This time Navnløs called out to Glenn.

{…..Take care of Rumia, okay?}

“….I’m not sure I really get it but….you can leave it to me.”

So finally.

{Let’s go now! Make sure to hold on tight!}

Celica turned towards the sky and spread her ginormous wings ──

With kicking off the ground with her overwhelming inhuman power and at the same time powerfully flapping her wings, Celica took off from that spot. The absurd force of gravity, not to mention the sudden feeling of floating, had brought a slight discomfort to Glenn and the others and before they had even realized it the spot they just left was becoming more and more of a distant spec ──



Glenn and Sistine’s pitiable screams were sucked into the sky after experiencing the extraordinary once in a lifetime experience ──

{….I’m begging you Glenn. Please……}

Navnløs muttered to no one in particular as she watched them heading off to their skyward battlefield.


Rising ── rising ── steadily rising ──

The Celica-dragon carrying the others on its back completely broke free from the shackles of gravity with its tremendous power and seemed to rise through the sky endlessly. It completely dwarfed human flight magic both in terms of power and speed. The frigid headwinds robbed Glenn and the others of their warmth and the force made the close their eyes shut.

The fierce ascension to the heavens seemed as if it were never going to reach its end. With every flap of Celica’s wing their velocity accelerated more, and they rose even further. If Glenn and the others hadn’t cast a breathing enchantment to reinforce their lungs beforehand, they would have quickly fallen into altitude sickness and even struggle to breath due to the rapid decrease in oxygen and the sudden change in air pressure.


They continued to endure the hellish acceleration.

{….We’re about to hit some turbulence. I’ll fly through it in an instant okay?}

The second that her telepathy had passed through Glenn’s head the Celica-dragon flapped her wings even stronger and her body was thrust even further into the sky.


At the same time that their vision had been dyed pure white, a different kind of storm unlike the winds they faced up till now hit them. It appeared that they had just entered a thick swirling vortex of turbulence. Thanks to the ever-increasing wind pressure, both their sense of equilibrium and overall feelings were gradually growing number. And as their consciousness started to fade to black ──

{Oi oi don’t pass out that quickly show some grit will ya!}

They desperately clung to her back as Celica’s criticisms passed through their head.

Higher. Even higher. Even higher and higher ──

The wind was blowing and tossing their bodies around like rag dolls──in all actuality it was probably only a dozen seconds or so but for Glenn and the others it seemed as if an infinite amount of time was elapsing ──

And finally ──



── Their field of vision had suddenly opened up.


There  ── the blue sky seemed to spread endlessly.

A blanket of clouds spread below them and beyond that they could see the general outline of the ground. But overhead, was the majestic phantom castle that irregularly reflected the sunlight shining through its zenith ──

The overwhelming world beyond the clouds unfolded in a large panoramic view. It was as if they were at the heart of the world ── was what they felt as they committed the scene to their hearts. The winds that slashed his body were still frigid and fierce, but the magnificent view drowned out those feelings of pain and grasped Glenn’s heart and left him breathless.

{….This is no time for sight-seeing, Glenn.}

With the Celica dragon changing her orientation, far in front of them lied it ── the [Ship of Flames]. That abominable existence that always seemed to be looking down on them, was now at eye level. In the world which was dominated by the whistling sound of the headwind blowing to stern and the heavy bass of powerful wings flapping ── Glenn gazed directly at it.

“…..We’re finally here huh……”

And just as soon as Glenn let out a breath of relief.

{…..!?……Hold on!!}

Celica suddenly issued a warning and made a sharp turn at a ridiculous speed.


A portion of the [Ship of Flames’] side had suddenly started to glow red.

Several thick, burning crimson rays of heat were shot towards Celica at a tremendous speed.


Thanks to her quick reflexes and evasive actions, the rays of life had safely passed by Celica and burned a hole through the cumulonimbus clouds behind her ──

But the overwhelming heat from the rays of pure energy could be felt ever still.

……..They were shivering at the thought of what would happen if they took one of those shots head on.

“Tch!? Is that the [Ship of Flames] anti-air armaments!?”

Glenn shouted out as the Celica-dragon continued her abrupt 90-degree turn. Enhancing his vision with magic, he could indeed see that there were several magic armaments on the flank of the ship. He could see the gunports opening and then the canons peeking out ──

“They’re firing again!?”

Sistine raised her warning voice from the background and once again, a portion of the [Ship of Flames] started to glow red ──

“Gya ─────────────!?”

This time Celica had taken a sudden nosedive in order to evade the countless rays of heat.

{Tch…’s more powerful than I thought it’d be….it’s like a small version of [Flame of Megiddo.]}

“W-What did you say!?”

Glenn raised his voice, sounding near-delirious, after hearing Celica’s words.

{How unlucky….if we get hit once with that we’ll fall straight to the ground. It’ll be difficult to break through head-on.}

“Seriously…. I didn’t think there was an ace like that up his sleeve…..!?”

According to Christoph, many parts of the [Ship of Flames] couldn’t be analyzed due to the disruption caused by the spatial distortion…. but none of them had predicted that there could be this much of a push-back.

In the meantime, a large number of specs seemed to be filling the sky and drifting off from the [Ship of Flames] and towards them. The golems in question ── their wings were larger than the type currently dropped to the ground, it was a type that specialized in aerial battles. They were most likely released in order to intercept the Celica-dragon.

“And now they’re coming for us toooooo!?”

“Glenn, be quiet. Be like Sistine. Very quiet.”

“Y-Yeah….I can see…..a big star…..let me sleep a little longer….”

“Wait did she really pass out!? Hurry up and wake up White-Caaaatttt!?”

“S-Sisti, get a hold of yourself!?”

While the top of the Celica-dragon’s back was in a disarray.

{Tch….another bombardment is coming! Make sure you’re holding on tight!}

Celica let out a sharp warning through her telepathy. She flapped one of her wings and took another ultra-fast high-speed turn. A violent centrifugal force hit Glenn and the others as if it were trying to shake them off ──

Innumerable rays of energy passed by one after another hot on their trail, and while the Celica-dragon was trying to avoid the bombardment, countless golems started to close in on her.

“Damn it….we’re surrounded….! We’ve got no choice now…!”

A fierce dogfight had started in the distant sky ──



The Celica-dragon opened its mouth wide and let out a fiery breath attack. The radiating flames burned all of golems before her in one go.

“[Ferocious thunder emperor・ pay heed・and pierce with your brilliant lance of light!]”

Sistine had woken up and fired off the black magic [Lighting・Pierce].

A thunderous flash dropped the golems that were pursuing Celica from behind.

“[Silver ice wolf・race forth・clad in a blizzard!]”

The whirlwind of freezing air and ice from the spell [Ice・Blizzard] that Glenn unleashed cleaved the flying golems that were approaching from the side ──

“Nn ──”

Re=L used her high-speed alchemy to form a great-sword from a nearby cloud ──

“Right. My attack magic.”

Murmuring that, she threw her sword. The great-sword, fiercely rotating vertically, cut through one of the flying golems that was just about to strike Celica, and continued its path well beyond their line of sight.

“I-It’s coming again!?”

At that moment, the flank of the [Ship of Flames] once again shone red ──


The Celica dragon spiraled and immediately performed a barrel roll, quickly shifting her trajectory to the left. The very next second several heat rays had passed closed to her right side and then just like that she restored her course and tried to close the distance between the [Ship of Flames] but ──

*Chi-ka chi-ka chi-ka!*

The [Ship of Flames] bombardment would not yield. A seemingly infinite number of rays of heat drew closer to hitting her.

{Aaah jeez this is so annoying!}

Flapping her wings, suddenly rising ──

She performed a huge loop-de-loop and left that airspace while still upside down. From Glenn’s inverted view, he could see countless energy rays pass overhead where they had just been. The Celica-dragon continued to barrel roll diagonally ── until they were finally facing the [Ship of Flames] once again.

However, the golems took this chance to charge at her once more and she had to take a sharp turn at an extreme speed to shake them off.

“Aaah god dammit! We’re not getting closer at all like this!”

Glenn grinded his teeth in frustration.

“At this rate you’ll be too exhausted to rush forward! We have to do something ──!”

{Sorry but… long as there’s that anti-air bombardment it’s impossible for me to get close. What’s the plan, Glenn?}


Glenn used magic to enhance his vision and gazed at the [Ship of Flames] from far away. The gunports on the [Ship of Flames] hull; they had a gate-like mechanism that would only momentarily open to release the energy rays and then immediately close. Because of that they couldn’t even use sniping magic destroy the canons.

(Damn it…! What should we do….!?)

Transformation magic consumes a large amount of magic power. Even more so when the target image is a grand existence such as a dragon. At this rate Celica will eventually run of mana and they’d have no choice but to withdraw without accomplishing anything….and as such vexing thoughts scorched Glenn’s more so than the passing energy rays.

── He saw that.

From the corner of Glenn’s vision, a ray of light shot straight up from the ground and reached to the heavens.

“Sensei, was that a ──!?”

“Yeah….right now….that was a [Lightning・Pierce]…..? Who the hell……?”

Glenn stared at the afterimage of the flash of lighting that had risen through the sky for a short while….and eventually he grinned as if he had reached some kind of understanding and said,

“….Celica, I have a request.”


“From here on out, fly according to my instructions…..although you might think that I’ve gone a bit mad….but please believe in me.”


{….Heh, heh….}

At the deepest part of the [Ship of Flames] ──  it was similar to the throne room, but this was the control center. The demon let out a low laugh while watching the outside sky’s projections overhead. He never thought that the foolish people would use such a peculiar method to try and board the ship through the sky.

The demon had been momentarily bewildered by the sight that he had seen once before.

But the now composed demon utilized the fire control monolith next to his seat and released the anti-air bombardment; and just as he thought, the dragon couldn’t get closer to the ship and unsightly attempted to evade the attacks. According to Demon Commander’s memory, there was once a mage in the long distant past who had tried to invade this ship using similar means; human actions were always the same, a completely ridiculous story.

“Kukuku…..before long, they’ll become too frustrated at not being able to close the distance and charge head on….it’ll be the same as that time.}

The demon continued to laugh as so, watching the overhead projection of the golden dragon flap its wing and start its charge straight towards the [Ship of Flames] that he controlled.

{Humph, I’ve already seen this before….what a fine target.}

The demon controlled the fire control monolith and aimed the entirety of the battery towards the intruders.

{Hmm…they can’t dodge this….this is the end.}

The demon drew characters infused with magic power on the monolith, executing the command to fire ──


“It’s comingggggggg!!”

{Chiiiiii! If I die you’re taking responsibility you hear!?}

The moment the battery was fired, Celica made a high-speed turn in accordance with Glenn’s instructions; using all of her power, she forcibly completed a 90-degree turn to the starboard side.

The rays of heat were of course not too far behind her, eradicating the clouds where her tail had just  passed.

“I-It’s no good!? They’re going to catch up!”

Sistine screamed out.

The rays of heat seemed to grow ever closer to Celica with each passing shot, eventually grazing the tip of her tail, then skimming its base──

“I-It’s going to hit us!?”

Now the passing rays of heat were close enough that they could feel the burns on their skin ──

{Shit….is this it…!?}

As the heat rays were now grazing her abdomen, Celica resigned herself to her impeding death ──

The very next shot, it would without a doubt bring her down, and just as Sistine, Re=L, and Rumia had accepted their face.


The follow up, final shot ── never came.

{Why….? Was it a misfire?}

Everyone stood there dazed, wondering what had happened.

“Hehehe….well I knew that he’d be able to pull it off….but he’s still an idiot.”

Wearing a look that could only be described as a “know it all” bragging about their intellect, Glenn let loose a laugh.


On the ground ──

A bit away from the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, which had turned into a battleground ──

On the roof of the tallest tower on academy grounds, a group of people had gathered. More than a dozen students 一 including Cecil, a male student in Glenn’s class, and Heinkel, a second-year student from class 1 who had grades on par with Sistine一 were choosen through a rigorous selection process to act as the sniper support unit.


And Albert who acted as their commander, stared intensely at the sky with his sharp eyes, holding an strange staff in his hands. It was a long staff that easily exceeded the height of a normal adult and its shape resembled a rifle. The surface was engraved with countless runes and on the sides were small hexagonal indents inlaid with magic crystals. Albert held the rifle like staff and pointed it far into the sky.

The students stared at him with their eyes wide in amazement.

“Report…..hurry up.”

“A-Ah at once!”

Hearing Albert’s indifferent prompting, Cecil hurriedly composed himself and used his magic vision to gather the information.

“A-A hit. Impact to the leftmost canon, completely destroyed!”

“I see….”

Albert pulled the lever that was affixed to the side of the staff and the magic crystal that was in there fell out and he put a new one in its place.

(There wasn’t any preplanning between us but….thanks to Glenn flying parallel to the canons at a constant speed…..the time lag of the gunport opening to its firing….the distance between us, time of impact, angle…..I was able to see all of it and land my shot.)

As Albert once again aimed his staff overhead, a dazzling blue light began to gather in a spherical shape at the end of it.

“Having all of that ── it’s simple.”

The moment Albert muttered so a blue light was emitted from the tip of the staff and a thick ray of light traversed up through the sky. This staff was a staff specifically made for sniping that Albert would only use during times of actual emergencies.

Its name was [Blue Lightning].

Its functionality was simple; it amplified the power of magic sniping to its utmost limits. It was a sniping device meant for use against hard targets versus being an anti-personnel weapon; he requested the authorization to use it before he departed for his original mission from the capital just in case and has been carrying it in its compressed state this whole time.

The blue flash of light fire by him looked like a falling star retracing its path and being sucked back up into clouds.


Just finished firing another shot, he removed the empty cartridge from the staff, loaded more ammunition, and prepared for his next shot without waiting for the resulting report.

“R-Right! I’m sorry! Impact to the canon right of the previous one, completely destroyed!”


He proceeded seamlessly from there on out. Firing one shot after another, replacing the magic crystals and firing even more. The students stood there dumbfounded looking on with far-sight magic as all of his shots connected; the [Ship of Flames] cannons were destroyed one by one.

His window of fire was the single moment that the gunports opened to unleash the rays of heat. It was impossible to predict which gunport would open and when and add to this the fact that there was a few second lag between firing and impact; the difficulty level of sniping in these conditions was almost god-like.

But despite that ──

“Humph…..shooting like this is too monotonous….to make matters worse Glenn is perfectly leading the enemy by their nose as and making them fire specific ones. This is too simple. I’ll hit it even if I close my eyes….too easy.”

Albert saw through all of it and sniped as if he had the power of precognition, Cecil felt a shiver run down his spine watching him.

(A-Amazing….! Even though Albert-san ordered me to be his spotter for the time being….this person doesn’t need me at all! What an amazing person…!)

Under Glenn’s tutelage, Cecil’s skill in sniping was gradually blooming so right now he could actually comprehend just how amazing Albert was more so than ordinary people would be able to.

He didn’t particularly want to join the army or become a solider.

Simply aiming at a distant object and hitting it ── wasn’t a skill that one could achieve just by having superior knowledge of magic, but the beauty laid in the fact that one had to finely hone their technique ──

He had yearned for such a skill ever since he was a child.


“What, is this….?”

Sistine was stunned silent atop the back of the Celica-dragon; a myriad of flashes of blue lightning rose up from the ground and completely bombarded the [Ship of Flames]. The gunports were systematically crushed one after another.

Without a doubt, this was the result of Albert’s work; however this wasn’t only due to Albert’s efforts, but also:

“Alrighty, Celica go from starboard next! It’ll be fine it’ll be fine!”

{Y-You bastard! Put yourself in my shoes for a second won’t you!?}

Glenn precisely guided the Celica-dragon and intentionally entered the [Ship of Flames] range and as the [Ship of Flames] wouldn’t permit her to get any closer and opened one of its gunports ──

The very next moment Albert’s flash of blue lightning would snake its way to the gunport and destroy the canon.

Glenn and Albert’s unspoken teamwork was the perfect lineup against the [Ship of Flames].

(The first [Lightning・Pierce] was a signal from Albert-san….but how can they possibly work together this smoothly with just that…?)

In the first place, the [Ship of Flames’] anti-air artillery battery was an unpredicted complication; but despite that, they’re dealing with it perfectly ad-lib…. Sistine was half-amazed, and for some reason, half-frustrated.

And finally ──


“Yeah! All the gunports are crushed! No clue who could’ve done that but thanks for your hard work!”

Glenn grinned.

{….Now then, what are we going to do? Glenn.}

Looking around Celica could see a countless amount of golems filling the airspace around the [Ship of Flames].

But Glenn had long since the proper course of action.

“Heh……as long as that piece of shit ship doesn’t have anymore guns we’ll be fine….”

Standing majestically on top of Celica’s back ──


“H-Heeyyyyy! It’s dangerous to stand like that Sensei!!”

Sistine played the straight man to Glenn’s skit as he himself pointed towards the [Ship of Flames] and yelled.

{Humph….then I guess I’ll let out one last big one!}

Celica powerfully flapped her wings and her giant frame immediately accelerated.

A flock of flying golem had flown out to meet her.

And so, plunging headfirst into that maelstrom ──

Glenn and the others rushed straight forwards towards the [Ship of Flames].

Hey hope everyone is doing well. I’m going to be using “” for regular speech, {} for special speech / special beings like the demon, and [] for when they’re reciting spells and or if the author puts parenthesis around a special word like [Ship of Flames]. Might change {} to something else though cause I don’t like how it looks, maybe ||.
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