Roku de Nashi Ch 10 Prologue

A power older than magic arts/techniques. It was only called magic when it fulfilled one’s pure desires.

Dark Blue/Glenn: “…..I can’t really talk about it.”

Glenn = Radars.

A magic instructor who hates magic. His identity as a member of the Imperial Court Mage Corps was now known the the whole academy thanks to his fight with Acero = Hierro.

Black under Glenn: Inside the building in the 2nd year classroom. All of the students started to gather around following Kash and Wendy.

Light Blue/Rumia: “Sensei……I’ll take it from here.”

Rumia = Tingel

A kind-hearted and gentle girl holding a secret. Following a series of incidents, her past as a member of the royal family was exposed. In response to that, her classmates…..

Green/Sistine: “………”

Sistine = Fibel

A diligent honors student. Daughter of the Fibel household which holds close ties to the royal family. Entrusted to the Fibel household, Rumia is her bestfriend and like family.

Re=L = Rayford

Glenn’s former comrade. Rumia’s classmate and guard. A member of the Imperial Court Mage Corps but doesn’t seem to understand the severity of the situation.

Black upper left: “Who exactly….are Sensei and Rumia and the others?”

The timid questioned voiced what was in the hearts of all of the students gathered there.

Black lower left: Rumia spoke of all of it, without hiding or withholding a thing. At the very least, she believed in the sincerity.

Yellow: Then, lets go! Make sure to hold on tight!”

Black right: It was such an extraordinarily, unexpected power.

Black left: Rising ── rising ── the dragon broke the chains of gravity and rose off the ground with Glenn and the others on its back, using its overwhelming strength to rise further in the sky.

Darker Blue: “…..I’ll restrain them here.”

Albert = Frazer

Glenn’s former comrade. A mage belonging to the Special Missions Annex. In this battle he’ll be commanding a long-range support unit comprised of members selected from the academy.

Blue/Rumia: “If it saves everyone….then I’ll sacrifice this body….that is….my true desire.”

Black: “Just like that is fine……”, someone whispered close to Rumia’s ear. A divine silver light overflowed from a [silver key].

Prologue: Overture of Destruction


[Glenn, this is a trial.]

Below the burning, crimson sky. A girl giving off a feeling of both divinity and impiety with grotesque wings solemnly proclaimed that──

[You must survive the impending calamity ──]

Wearing an unimaginably sorrowful expression as if she were looking on from hell itself.

[For the future ── and for the past as well.]

“Ha…..don’t joke around like that.”

Glenn on the other hand couldn’t help but let out a dry laugh. It was too much to ask of him to deal with Nameless’s cryptic words and warnings.


In front of him stood a demon clad in pure darkness, unleashing a contemptuous laugh ── [The Iron Horseback General] Acero = Hierro.

Overhead was a deep crimson ark acting as a harbinger of destruction ── [The Ship of Flames]. The sky, the earth, everything was dyed deep red like freshly spilt blood as if signifying the end of the world.

“……What, is this? What’s, going on……?”

Alas, it was like a fairy tale. His own sense of reasoning was shred into pieces as he was forced to witness this scene that erased the boundary between madness and sanity, fiction and reality.

“What is thiiiiiiiiiiisssss ──!”

Letting out a bloodcurdling scream as his ego collapsed in on itself ── when.

[Glenn don’t lose your bearings! Maintain your consciousness!]

A hair’s breadth. Nameless’s shout just barely managed to penetrate Glenn’s thoughts. Her decadent eyes burning with indignation had suddenly appeared before Glenn and brought him back to his senses.

“*Pant! Pant! Geh! Cough, cough….*”

[Seriously…..the human spirit really is weak isn’t it……good thing I was here for this.]

Nameless looked down in scorn at Glenn who started coughing after hyperventilating. After finally managing to calm down, Glenn surveyed his surroundings while he felt like an endless cold-sweat was seeping out of his every pore. The circumstances of the others were almost parallel to how he just was.

Re=L, Baron Zest, and even Celica stood there mute losing all sense of rationale witnessing this sight that seemed to defy all common logic. Halley was violently ripping at the roots of the hair on his head seemingly unconcerned with the injuries he was inflicting upon himself as he shouted “impossible, impossibleeee”. The students watching from afar were similar and some cases even worse, with some standing there stuck in a trance, some regressing to infantry and bawling their eyes out, and finally some lost their spirit and fainted on the spot.

While everyone was occupied with battling their own personal hells and facing the collapse of their egos──

[….Now then. How about we move onto the main matter.]


Only Rumia stood there unmolested, unmoving, resolving herself to face off against the demon.

[Now then, Rumia = Tingel…..I bear no ill-will against you, but you will die here.]

The demon said that as a pair of eyes shined from underneath his hood and pierced through Rumia.

[For the sake of our Great Bhikkhu! And for the God that I follow!]

“…..You said…..God?”

The demon nodded in response to Rumia.

[That’s right, [Taum’s vessel]. Truly, without a doubt you are the closest possible existence to being the [Shrine Maiden of the Sky] in this world……but that is not enough… faith, my God needs a more perfected [Shrine Maiden of the Sky]……]

(TN: Written as Twin but read as Taum, same spelling for the observatory )

“[Taum’s vessel]……? [Shrine Maiden of the Sky]….? What does that mean…..?”

[The next you. The next next you. The next next next you. We will continuously repeat it till the [Shrine Maiden of the Sky] becomes a perfected existence… we have done so far.]

She couldn’t understand the demon’s words. They were incomprehensible ──

[False Shrine Maiden. Offer thy life…..for our Great Lord!]

It was clear from the murderous intent radiating off of him that the demon intended to kill Rumia.

“….Like I’ll let you.”

Glenn desperately forced his weakened body forward and pushed Rumia safely behind him.

“I don’t get what the hell you’re saying or care who the fuck this god-sama of yours is….but I won’t dare let you lay a single hand on Rumia…..I’ll kill you.”

Glenn thrust the muzzle of his revolver straight towards the demon.

[Very well. Try your best……against this [Iron Horseback General] Acero = Hierro!]

The demon turned to face Glenn with an air of composure.

And just then ── the atmosphere quaked with the premonition of another mortal battle.

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