Roku de Nashi Vol 9 Epilogue

Epilogue The Beginning of the End


“……W-What the hell is going on!?”

The destruction of [Flame of Megiddo] was brought by Glenn’s hand.

Ahh, at this rate even their bones would be wiped clean from existence and.

Wendy who believed such thoughts, timidly opened her eyes and…..

The unbelievable sight before their eyes could only leave the students staring in mute amazement.

And that scene ── right now an outrageous amount of mana was swirling around the courtyard. As if the [Ignition Plug] were an activate volcano, mana was constantly pouring out of it and scattered throughout the atmosphere. The sublimated mana rose like a shining pillar piercing through the heavens ──


“…..Sensei….this is….?”

Curiously looking up at the sky, Rumia asked Glenn who was currently struggling to catch his breath.

“[Critical Activated Mana] supplied from each of the [Mana Supply Boosters] via this magic circle…..released into the atmosphere after [activating] this magic circle…..”

“However….this was supposed to be the [Ignition Plug] that activated [Flame of Megiddo] right….?”

“We were tricked.”

Glenn vexingly spat that out as he slammed his fist on the magic circle.

“This isn’t a [Ignition Plug]….! Actually the original magic circle was definitely the [Ignition Plug] but….using the Ley・Lines to intervene on the fundamentals of the ritual magic circle from afar, the root function was distorted to something completely different….!”

This was a fact confirmed after Glenn was able to thoroughly investigate the operational procedures of the magic circle using an amplified version of [Function・Analysis].

“It’s true function….was changed….?”

“Yeah that’s right.”

Glenn tiredly staggered to his feet and said.

“It’s actually a [Mana Dam] disguised as an [Ignition Plug]! It’s a technique to store mana retrieved from the surrounding area like a dam. If you [activate] it then it’ll harmlessly released the stored mana into the atmosphere without any directivity, but if you were to [dispel] it then it’ll direct the stored mana into a previously designated target all in one go ── it’s that sort of magic. That’s why [dispelling] it was so easy.”

Mana dams. It uses an on/off switch of activation and freezing to finely adjust the amount of mana stored inside…..It’s a kind of ritual magic that assists ritual magics.

But this time it can be considered to be on an even grander scale that normally. The question….is.

Why would the one behind the scenes go through the trouble of disguising the [Mana Dam] as an [Ignition Plug]?

“Most likely, this was their plan. The mastermind disguises the [Mana Dam] as the [Flame of Megiddo] in order to collect mana….securing mana in order to accomplish his true goal. When the time comes, the mastermind would’ve dispelled the [Mana Dam], assimilated the huge out mana, and done whatever he needed to do….that’s probably what they had planned.”

“…Their true target…?”

“But it seems that this mastermind had too many enemies. The Imperial Army, the Status Quo Faction, Jatice…..they all decided to intervene this time and throw their plans astray. That’s why it was possible for them to disguise it as the [Flame of Megiddo.]”


“That’s right….even if they intervened….they’d first focus on dispelling the magic circle. They’d had no choice but to do that. Because it was disguised that way! The notion of activating it wouldn’t come to anyone but someone willing to kill themselves! Meaning that even if the others interfered….as long as he could buy enough time then it wouldn’t interfere with the mastermind’s true target!”

“Then that means that…Sensei, and Jatice, and me, and even everyone…..we we’re all tricked by the mastermind….?”

Rumia reflexively had a sorrow expression planted on her face….

“…..That’s wrong.”

But Glenn shook his head in response to Rumia’s words. Then, while imagining the face of [Justice] laughing in the darkness overflowing with insanity, says.

“Now that I think about it….I wonder if it’s possible that Jatice predicted that mastermind’s true target from the beginning?”


“But he still went along for the ride and danced in the palm of their hand. I think that….his true goal… somehow related to the mastermind’s goal.”


“The evidence behind that is for some reason or another he decided not to focus on immediately dispelling the [Ignition Plug]. If someone wanted to prevent [Flame of Megiddo] then they’d have targeted this place first right? His recent actions could only be explained by him knowing that it wasn’t an [Ignition Plug] but a [Mana Dam].”


“This time he’s been systematically supporting the mastermind every step of the way…..if he just wanted to prevent the [Flame of Megiddo] then it wouldn’t have been necessary for him to kill people….that’s probably why he was willing to dance in the palm of their hand. All in order to do the maximum amount of damage to the mastermind’s camp…shit, that man is like a damn demon!”

In the first place….

(Do you want to save Fejite? There’s no way in hell he’s that kind of righteous man!? He’s not a man who kills without reason….but if there’s the slightest justification….if it was for the sake of his [Justice] then he’d happily pile on the bodies….that’s the type of man he’s always been!)

Naive ── Glenn slammed his fist on the ground once again after imagining Jatice laughing from whatever hole he crawled back into.

“But because Sensei [activated] the [Mana Dam] then the stored mana is scattering throughout the air! It’s Sensei’s victory!”

Rumia frantically tried to emphasize that point but….

“Yeah… seems that by the last second I was able to at least get one blow against the mastermind and Jatice….I was just a bit too slow though….”

And around that time.

The high pitch sounds from glass shattering resounded throughout the courtyard.

The [Mana Dam] that was releasing it’s vast amounts of accumulated mana into the atmosphere after being [activated], was suddenly [dispelled].

“Ehh!? What happened!?”

“…..It’s sunset /italicize/.”

Glenn grunted as he stared at the distant sky. The sun had just set.

“It’ll automatically be dispelled at sunset….that’s how it was originally programmed.”

It was a situation where everyone could only stare in dumbfounded amazement. A laser beam comprised of pure mana began to extend out of the now-dispelled [Mana Dam] straight into the sky ──

“I was able to reduce a decent portion of the accumulated mana by activating it early….but despite that it still wasn’t possible to completely throw off the mastermind’s plan….”

The large stream of mana curved through the sky and downpoured straight onto Lazar ──

“Look….I have a bad feeling about this….”

Glenn had no choice but to stand there watching the scene as a cold sweat poured off of him.


“W-What’s with that mana-dense ray….? Why is it leading straight to that man…..?”

“That’s…. a [Mana Dam]!? Impossible, wasn’t it supposed to be a [Ignition Plug!?]”

Halley and Baron Zest stared trembling at the sky in mute amazement.

“….You’re finally coming aren’t you…..!?”

*Throb*, thrusting his spear into the ground as he bathed in the waterfall of mana, Lazar spat out those words as his feelings of love burned through him.

“Insufficient! If you hadn’t released that mana I would’ve had enough…! Glenn = Radars…..! I never imagined you’d surpass my expectations this much….!? Kuu….Reik = Fohenheim was right about you….!”

/Ital/If you want things to go according to plan then don’t let Glenn = Radars take the stage.

Lazar’s heard Reik’s almost mockingly words resurface in his head. But he had no choice but to accept it now. He wasn’t explicitly being negligent ── he just underestimated Glenn.

That damn [Fool] Glenn was the greatest obstacle in his plan.

“….I’m left with no choice. This is by no means the optimal situation but….it’s too late for me to back down….with how I am right now it’s power will be incomplete at the time of it’s revival….!”

Lazar took a key out of his breast pocket.

After that it became clear that the stream of mana wasn’t flowing into Lazar, it was actually flowing into the key. And the key continued to consume flow of mana as if it were an embodiment of gluttony itself.

“……….Mu!? That key…what is it….!?”

Celica and the others warily inched closer to Lazar ready to strike. But he disregarded them like flies and ultimately said.

“I ── [The Holy Knight of Steel] Lazar of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom’s Third Order [Heaven’s Order]… is the time to lend myself to thine [Inner Voice]…..!”

Obstinately declaring such a thing ── he thrust the tip of the key against his chest.

And facing no resistance, the key slipped into his chest as if it were a keyhole….

*Click*, following a slight turn…..

A black magic power suddenly overflowed from Lazar’s body…..and started to cover him.

“W-What is this!?”

“What’s going on!?”


Halley, Baron Zest, and Re=L kept a watchful eye from a distance.

All the meanwhile the black magic gushing out from Lazar started to violently swirl ──


── He writhed in agony within the maelstrom.

And so.


Celica fell down to one knee while watching over this development.

“What’s wrong? Celica.”

Re=L drew closer to Celica in worry.

“No….m-my memories….my….lost, blank memories….they’re throbbing…..”

Celica groaned painfully.

“I’ve seen this…this black magic power…..somewhere….in the far distance past…..?”

And while Celica was struggling ──

“I am thou….thou art I… and here is the time for thy soul and mine to unify ── resurrect thyself in this modern age with me as thy vessel! It’s time!”

The black magic power continued to overflow, overflow, overflow from Lazar ── until it finally completely covered him. The concentrated darkness dissolved and reconstructed the existence formerly known as Lazar.

The thing that was reborn from the thawing darkness ── could be called nothing but evil incarnate. A being clad in jet-black armor with a full length scarlet rose going down to his feet. Their expression was imperceptible being hidden deep in a hooded visor.

A dark aura was radiating off of his body. It was as if the darkness was barely taking a corporeal human-like figure ── such was the manifestation of the evil before them.


[I am no longer the one by the name of Lazar.]

The being taking over Lazar’ s former body thrust his spear into the ground and let out a proclamation in response to Celica’s foolish question.

[I am the Demon Commander [Iron Horseback Commander] Acero = Yelo.]

(Yeaaah idk a better to translate that. It’s the characters 鉄騎剛将 which is like Iron+Horsemen+Sturdy+Commander)

“…..Ha? ……You said…. Demon Commander? [Iron Horseback Commander] Acero = Yelo….?”

There exists a fairy tale by the name of [The Magician of Melgalius] in this world. The tragic fate of the genius magic archaeologist and fairy-tale writer Loran = Eltoria who wrote the masterpiece of a child’s story [The Mage of Justice who fights the Demon King and protects the people].

And the direct subordinates of said Demon King ── were these Demon Commanders. Each individual was recorded as an entity that boasted tremendous power that could even rival whole armies.

“The [Iron Horseback Commander] Acero = Yelo….you’re lying, Lazar was…..why are you…..!?”

[I seemed to have confused you….without a doubt, I originally used to be Lazar. But thanks to him accepting the my [Inner Voice] I was born anew in this host and now I am Lazar and Lazar is I…..]



At that time a strange palpitation struck Celica’s heart.

“Inner Voice….what’s the meaning of that….answer me Lazar!?”

[I have not the time to deal with you right now…..we shall carry out our purpose!]

Saying that.

Lazar ── or rather [Iron Horseback Commander] Acero = Yelo ── raised his arm.


And when he muttered something. A ferocious red flash of lightning ran through the sky.

The lightning bolt branched off freely in the sky in all directions forming the shape of a certain object.

That was ── a ship. The lines of lightning ran across the sky forming a three-dimensional model of a ship. And finally….as the lightning gradually weakened…..the ship steadily gained a physical body.

An enormous ark floated in the vast ocean in the sky with the sunset at it’s back ──


“W-What….? That’s….”

A mysterious red flash rose above Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

Sistine looked in mute amazement as she saw the complex web of lightning gradually give way to [Ark] from the sickbay in Security Force’s building. Those specific characteristics…..were intensely familiar to Sistine.

“T-That’s……impossible, it’s the [Ship of Flames]….!?”

That’s exactly what it looked like.

No matter how she looked at it, it was just like one of the ancient weapons appearing the in fairy tale [Melgalius’ Sky Castle] ── one that reduced a country to ashes in a mere three days ──

There were two illustrations of the [Ship of Flames] in that book.

“The ship that [Iron Horseback Commander] Acero = Yelo commanded…..why is it here…..!?”

Such stunned murmurs of Sistine were lost in the Fejite sky ──



Jatice’s laughter echoed out on a certain hill.

The ark appeared in the sky. He opened his arms out wide and looked above as if he were welcoming the end of the world itself.

“It’s here! It’s finally here! Thanks to Lazar, no wait, to the Demon Commander….! I’ve finally dragged you to the center stage of history! I’ve lured you to a place where you’ll longer be able to turn back! Just wait, O most wicked person in this world!! I of [Absolute Justice] will soon judge you! Lazar, you are the first!!!!”

Bring about the descent of the Demon Commander ── and kill it. That was Jatice’s true aim in the play this time.

“That’s right Demon Commander…..Researchers of Divine Wisdom……! I will absolutely never forgive you….! That day two years ago…..that fateful date….I will never forget the humiliation of that day…..!”

Remembering that fateful day ── the day that passed not too longer before the appalling event of Jatice releasing [Angel Dust] throughout the Imperial Capital. On that fateful day, following military orders, Jatice went and investigated a certain place ──

And there ──

“Trying to tempt me, [Absolute Justice], onto the path of evil with your sweet utterings!! Well, I wonder if I was the average run-of-the-mill person who would surrender themselves and accept the key like that….. if I would’ve degenerated into a [non-human]…. just like that Lazar…..!”

Jatice screamed out as if trying to shake off that unforgettable, scorching humiliation.

“But you choose the wrong person Researchers of Divine Wisdom! Don’t think you’ll be able to corrupt this noble soul with that level of temptation! My name is Jatice! Jatice = Lowfan [The Justice]! I judge you guys as [absolute evil], as prideful [humansssssssssssss!]”

That ark brought forth by Lazar would most likely bring about an extraordinary calamity upon Fejite. An innumerable amount of people would soon die. But ── that was irrelevant. It was really no concern of his whether Fejite was destroyed or not. If it was for the sake of judging absolute wickedness, then any sacrifice could be justified, no would be justified.

That ── was his version of [Justice].

Jatice let out manic-like laughter ──

“….Fuu…..but Glenn….if it’s you then….”

As if he suddenly remembered something Jatice’s expression soon clouded over.

“You are always far surpassing my wildest expectations…..thanks to that the descent of the Demon Commander was almost completely halted…..I almost lost my chance to carry out justice….!”

Jatice’s scheme yielded the results that he wished for. While systematically killing the rodents nesting in Fejite and bringing the descent of the Demon Commander, and then he’d ultimately kill them too.

The former nor the latter would be good just by themselves. What Jatice’s goal was to massacre everyone to the bitter end. Not even missing a spec of evil, complete annihilation….. he would not betray his principles. At first glance, Jatice’s seemingly roundabout methods and inefficiency was all for the sake of that.

But at the very last moment ── it was threatened by Glenn. Glenn greatly surpassed even the predictions of his own original magic.

But Jatice was in no way displeased with that. It seemed that his [Absolute Justice] is being threatened…..that what his gut was telling him. That’s why Jatice vomited those words full of resentment and anger…..

“However ── that’s why you’re perfect to be the greatest enemy I’ll overcome.”

The very next moment Jatice’s expression changed to one full of glee.

“That’s right….that’s right! You’ve always been like that…..I can’t be so conceited….you’ve always exceeded my expectations Glenn…..that’s why you’re the perfect person to become the enemy I give my all to kill…..haha hahahahaha…..”

Then Jatice once again spread his hands out like an opera conductor about go begin their first act.

“That’s right….if I defeat the Demon Commander…..if that absolute evil is destroyed by this hand….I’m sure my justice will ascend to a further dimension….it’ll become a worthy justice in order to face you….! Just wait Glenn….without a doubt, I will certainly reach your height…! Hyahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

The incomprehensible laughter of Jatice echoed throughout Fejite unheard.

“Now let’s go! Onto the scene of the decisive battle!”


Clicking his feet together, flapping his coat, Jatice = Lowfan began to set out ──



“…..Eve-chan was in a pretty dangerous situation. Sigh, it seems like we made it in time.”

Three men surrounded the feeble Eve who cowered in the street.

“But without Albert-san there wasn’t much we would’ve been able to do huh.”

Christoph bonded the joint of Eve’s left arm for first treatment.

“Can’t be helped….that guy is a magic sniper….recently more and more godlike people have been showing up.”

Bernard who was warily scanning his surroundings glanced at that man’s back.


Not too long ago that man had saved Eve from Jatice’s clutches and forced him to retreat ── Albert was solemnly looking into the sky.

In such an awkward atmosphere…..

“….You guys….why did you come here…?”

No longer able to bear it, Eve muttered such words.

“That is, well? We wanted to help our egotistical, unreliable chief?”

“Did you know? That the [Flame of Megiddo] was constructed here.”

“Well, we knew something was up….seriously, can’t rely on those people in the intelligence section at all.”

“The truth was we thought that something seemed off this time….so I used the Magiputer and checked out various things in Fejite using the Ley・Lines.”

“Chris-boy’s handling of that Magiputer a sight ain’t it…iyahah but that recent Magiputer tech is just a bit too much for us old timers….”

“But thanks to that….we figured out that something weird was going on and found the [Flame of Meggido]….”

“That’s why you guys came!? On just a weak hunch like that!? If it really had been [Flame of Megiddo] then you guys would’ve been seriously burned to ashes right now!?”

Eve irritably said that obviously losing her patience.

“I tricked you guys!? Shouldn’t you have happily abandoned me? It wasn’t necessary to go through such lengths was it!? Since it’s me then ──”



Albert silently approached Eve and slapped her cheek. And then turned his back on her, still silent.

Eve cast her eyes downward and fell into an awkward silence.

“S-Still…..that Jatice….. gave you a whooping again huh…?”

Bernard groaned with a complicated facial expression while looking over Eve’s extensive wounds.

“….I’m sorry Eve-san. If only we managed to arrive sooner.”

Christoph started to give out an apology but ──

“She got what she deserved.”

Finally opening his mouth, Albert said that over his shoulder in a single breath.

“If you didn’t try to get the jump on us, if you decided to share the intelligence with us that you somehow somewhere got, if you ordered everyone to operate in coordination with one another…..we would’ve been able to intervene in this situation earlier and achieve the preferable outcome.”


Eve had no choice but to remain silent in face of Albert’s criticism.

“Certainly your source isn’t official, it’s an enigma wrapped in god knows how many mysteries. That’s why in this matter…..while the military’s response would be delayed…..the only one who’d be able to act, you, would receive a commendation…..but.”

Albert turned around and glared at Eve with a piercing gaze.

“This act of you going alone and using us and the rest of the Imperial Court Mage Corps for your own personal gain….seriously reconsider it, you complete idiot.”


“…..Ahhh what’s with that? Eve-chan? This guy….this guy is just worried about Eve-chan in his own way….”

Both Christoph and Bernard rebuking Albert’s cold-hearted manner of speaking…..was something they couldn’t do.

A heavy silence dominated the area……

“Hmm….we should head over to the academy later with the arm and see Ms. Celica. If it’s her then she should be able to do something about it. ……let’s go Old Man, Christoph.”

And Albert started to walk towards the academy.

“…..We’ve been completely left behind….let’s catch up with him.”

“Hahaha….it’s another difficult situation isn’t it….”

“Well, it’s always like this isn’t it.”

As they continued conversing in such a manner. The two were side by side as they left the area.

And then……


Eve who was now left alone…..

“……Why….why is that….!?”

Her body gradually started to shake….

“Why can’t I do anything, achieve anything….if it’s just going to be like this then what was the point of that time that I…. Sara….sniff….hikku….SAra…..uwaaaaaa……”

It was like a child secretly sobbing to themselves.



The Demon Commander’s boisterous laughter rung throughout the area as the floating ark in the sky gave out a sense of dread. Everyone had already forgotten themselves as they looked on in mute amazement unable to move.

“Hahaha….hahaha…..what is that….?”

Glenn couldn’t help but give out a dry laugh as he looked at the ark.

“That’s the [Ship of Flames] that appears in [The Magician Melgalius] isn’t it….what’s going on…? Am I just having a bad dream….?”

It was just ── pure intuition. There was no way for him to explain, but he understood. Something unimaginable was about to take place from here on out ── and.


Even the brave Rumia grasped Glenn’s hand with her shoulders trembling. However as if tearing asunder that mood of silence and unfreezing time ── a voice unexpectedly appeared.

{…..Seriously. How long are you going to stand there stupefied? Glenn…..}

The voice that brought Glenn back to reality, was strangely familiar.

{Nothing has come to an end yet right? It’s about to start from here on out. If you’re wearing such an expression then I’m going be worried about the future battles you know….}

He instinctively looked back towards the rude voice throwing out such words ──

And before he knew it a single girl stood there.

{….Glenn, this is your trial.}

The same height, same appearance as Rumia. Her hair ash like, her skin pure white ──

And on her back, just looking at it erodes one sanity and brings about feelings of nausea ──as if they were strange creatures from the bottom of the ocean ── were grotesque looking wings.

{You must survive the impending calamities ──}

A mysterious girl whom he once met at [Taum’s Observatory] ──

{For the future ── and for the past as well.}


── Nameless was standing there with melancholic eyes and a decadent smile ──

“I wonder if it came out alright…?”

So 9th volume done, that was fun. Let’s see a couple things….read up on some stuff the thing Reik mentioned about Glenn’s weapon, turns out just an obscure way to write Gunpowder so it’s [Eve = Kaizuru Gunpowder].
Yeah the wait this time took a bit, got busy with some personal stuff as well as school. Still happily working though. I’m going to move onto the 10th volume instead of the side stories, can’t leave off on a cliffhangers like this. Anyways hope you guys stay well, until next time.
Also I never claim to have a professional knowledge of Japanese (nor even English localization for that matter even though that’s like half my real job lol) so sometimes some sentences can be janky, not make much sense, or lost their meaning completely. This applies especially with the localization of colloquialisms (mainly the individuality of character dialogues).  Anyways I hope you’ve enjoyed my work so far, I strive to continuously improve.

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