Roku de Nashi Volume 9 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Everyone, I’m sorry


A few hours after the collapse of the Arfonia residence….the sky was still gloomy, and the time was nearing dawn.

The middle aged man Sain = Farand, who lived in the center district of Fejite, left his house and went to his work wearing a fashioned suit like always. He calmly walked through the morning mist that was currently plaguing the gloomy downtown Fejite.

“Morning Sain-san. Awfully early this morning aren’t you.”

“Yes good morning to you as well Lark-san.”

The old man was walking his dog like usual, and he gave his greeting to Sain like usual as well.

“Early this morning, the last morning, and all the ones before that….you really are a praiseworthy young man.”

“Ahaha, considering how much work the citizenry put in this much is nothing.”

Sain was an office man who worked in middle management for a certain administrative government organization in Fejite. However, he was popular with his colleagues, bosses, subordinates, and the surrounding residents due to his sincere personality and honest work-ethics.

But, such a Sain had a secret ──

(Hmm….I’m getting tired of dealing with these stupid sorry excuses of people….)

Sain thought such things the second he parted with the old man.

His true identity was a spy from The Researchers of Divine Wisdom who secretly entered the government.

(The plan is going well…..if it continues like this then our [radical faction] will be able to be more of service than that stupid, lazy [status quo faction]…..kukuku….)

Sain eventually arrived at his cover’s place of work, the city hall. The Fejite local municipality usually began its operation in full swing at 9 a.m. But because it was so early in the morning the entrance was locked shut, it was only natural that there would be no one inside.

He entered through a back door using a key that only managerial personnel were allowed to possess. Even if he did that then no would find him suspicious and stop to question him….that’s because Sain had already constructed such a reputation full of trust and reliability.

“….Now then. The plan is finally being put in motion. I wonder if for today I should just make some minute adjustments….”

He headed towards the city hall’s basement, descending down the stairs to a secret room that he had hidden with using his superb concealment techniques.

Before long, Sain entered a strange small room at the bottom of the stairs. There was a sinister magic formation etched onto it’s floor.

The prodigy of magic formations, Sain, had personally built it a few days prior for a certain evil purpose, and there was an abundance of magic power circulating through it ──

── was how it was supposed to be.

“…..What…..the hell…..!?”

Sain opened his eyes wide as if he couldn’t believe sight before him. The magic formation should’ve been operating at full capacity, overflowing with magic just a few days prior…..

“T-The hell….you’re kidding right!? My magic formation… [active mana supplementation formula] has been dispelled!? Who the hell!? How….!?”

Impossible. It was unmistakenly impossible.

In the first place it was inconceivable for someone to break into this place, but on the slight chance that they did, they would need a large scale spell to demolish his magic formation. Furthermore, he placed countless curses meant to protect the magic formation in case that someone did manage to slip in. It’d be impossible to dispel the formation in just a day or two unless they employed the usage of some special ability.

“S-Shit….! What the hell happened….!?”

Sain was grabbing his head in despair after seeing his magic formation devoid of any power…..when at that time.

Sain suddenly noticed.


There was single gem sitting at the heart of his magic formation.

“I-I don’t remember putting something like that there? When did…..?”

Sain didn’t even have time to think about the mysterious object in the center of the room.


The gem suddenly let out an overwhelmingly incandescence light that dyed Sain’s vision pure white ──

What happened? ── Even those thoughts were burned white into oblivion ──

── Early morning, with the sky still grey.

A vibration had violently shook the grounds of Fejite’s center district, letting out a thunderous roar ──

Fejite’s city hall had been completely eradicated by a terrorist’s bombing.

“…..Justice was carried out perfectly.”

Hearing the collapse of the city hall from a distance, Jatice let out a chuckle as he calmly walked through a back alley. And trudging behind such an elated Jatice, a downcast Rumia despondently followed behind.

Coming up on both the left and right sides of Rumia were two of Jatice’s artificial angels, making fight or flight all but impossible for her.

“……What’s wrong? Rumia. We’ve come a step closer to saving Fejite thanks to your power? Shouldn’t you be a bit more pleased?”

Jatice let out a smile as he looked over his shoulder towards Rumia.

“…..This….way of doing it….”

“But…if you don’t do this then you wouldn’t be able to save your precious Fejite, school, and all your friends… I wrong? Well in the first place you have no veto power here to begin with.”


It was Rumia who had no choice but to keep silent.

“Don’t look so depressed. ……As for me, I unexpectedly have a pretty high opinion of you you know?”


“At any rate….I dare say that just for sake of saving your precious loved ones, you’ll so easily sacrifice yourself without even batting an eye, killing off your true desires…….all for the sake of your true wish, right?”

(TN Desire and wish may seem pretty synonymous, but the word the author used for desire has the inflection for concrete, obtainable goals where the word for wish is for grand/vague things that may not be possible on your own.)


“That is, so to speak even if it’s some backwards thing born from the feelings of indebtedness…..that noble, selfless determination can be nothing other than [justice]. ……How about it? Aren’t we pretty similar?”

Rumia turned pale and stood there dumbfounded hearing Jatice’s declaration. Some fatal distortions were currently digging out the pits of her stomach…..that’s how she felt right now.

“Kukuku…..let’s get along while we enact our mutual [justices]….ahahahaha…..”

Jatice’s dry laughter echoed out through the hidden back alley as he enjoyed himself seeing Rumia’s reaction.


“…….She’s late isn’t she….Professor Arfonia….”

Unable to endure the heavy silence, Sistine quietly whispered that.


But Glenn continued to remain silent sitting across the table from her.

*Click, click, click….*

Inside the tasteless room made of stone, the systematic sound of the clock on the wall ticking away was the only noise that could be heard as the fire in the lamp set on the table flickered about.

They were currently in a secret room concealed with magic, unreachable except from a specific passage within the maze of sewer passages underneath the Arfonia residence. It was a room made by Celica in case of an emergency, fully stocked with fuel and preserved foods, a space where she could hide out for a whole month without being discovered by another.

“Maybe the Professor got lost in the passageways….and that’s why she’s late…..”

Sistine anxiously said that concerned for Glenn, who continued his heavy silence.

“It’s not that.”

But he didn’t say anything more except for that stiff declaration.

*Click, click, click….*

However, the clock aimlessly prattled on. When Sistine looked at it sitting on the wall, the needles showed that it was 5 a.m.

Before she knew it, dawn had already broke and that had signified the nights end…..she was busy thinking about such things.

“…It’s about time now…..that we should look at the reality of the situation.”

Glenn unexpectedly raised his head and murmured that.

“She won’t show up. She’s not responding to communications. There’s not a single way to get in touch with her…..when I sent a mouse familiar to assess the situation……I found out that the place where the mansion should’ve been was reduced to nothing but scorched earth. The only thing I could find….were burnt scraps from Celica’s clothes.”


“Looking at the circumstances it’s obvious. Celica….most likely….is already…..”


*Clatter!* Sistine kicked out her chair as she jumped up.

“It’s impossible that that Professor Arfonia……!?”

“It’s a common fate, higher ranked mages consume the weak. The truth is I used to do that same as well.”


“But you should’ve known right? Right now she’s…..not as invincible as she used to be.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Glenn slowly got up from his seat.

“Seriously, pompously saying stuff like that to me right before she disappears like that…….well it’s about time that she’s reached her expiration date anyways…..there’s no helping it I guess. I guess it’s about time I get moving huh….”

“Saying that is horrible! If Sensei is worried about the Professor then ──”

Sistine reflexively said that, but soon lost her vigor and began to trail off.

She must’ve noticed. Although his faced seemed to say he was taking this in stride…..Glenn’s fist was gripped tightly, and he was slightly quivering…..blood was beginning to flow out from his hands.


“Eh it’s fine. ……It’s thanks to you that I’ve somehow managed to stay this calm…..”

For Glenn…..Celica was his substitute mother, his master, a mage he aspired to be like. A person whose such a pivotal emotional support, whose life and death was currently unknown…..truth be told Glenn was more anxious than anyone and wanted to panic.

But he couldn’t do that in front of Sistine. The little pride that Glenn had as an adult managed to keep his thoughts from spiraling out of control……that was his current situation.

“Jatice….The Researchers of Divine Wisdom…..why are they both moving at the same time….well, if I plan to save Rumia….there’s no way I can avoid clashes with those two.”

Sleepy. Glenn felt his heart throbbing and being to cloud over.

It was something dark black and repulsive….a nostalgic feeling he hadn’t experienced in a long time. That feeling was like a primer waking up the powers Glenn parted with in his previous life ──


Glenn murmured to himself in a strangely quiet voice, entrusting himself to the nostalgic power reviving in his body.

“…..Damn it, at the very least….those two, I’ll absolutely….with this hand….!”

Then Glenn started walking towards the exit of the hidden room….

“I won’t let you.”

Sistine suddenly rushed towards Glenn and embraced him from behind.

“…….What is it? White-Cat.”

“I won’t let you go there.”

“Haa? We can’t head out unless we leave from here.”

Sistine remained silent for short while in response to Glenn’s annoyance.

And then….

“……They’ll be okay.”

Sistine forcefully reassured Glenn as she restrained him with her hug.

“Rumia and Professor Arfonia…..I’m sure those two are safe.”

“That’s merely wishful thinking……where the hell are you getting such confidence? If you accurately assess the situation then ──”

“If I say it’s okay it’ll be okay.”

Sistine reconfirmed her declaration as Glenn raised his voice and tried to take a step away.

“Just now…..I had a feeling that Sensei was about to go to a far away place again. I won’t let you go there Sensei. ……You can’t go.”


With Sistine clutching his right hand, Glenn realized that he was tightly grasping his favorite revolver from his times in the military.

“The Sensei I know isn’t like this. If you fight….please fight just for the sake of saving people…..I know that….you can’t stay calm because of what happened to Rumia and Arfonia…..but even still……!”

Seeing such a begging expression coming from Sistine pricked at a memory buried in a nook of Glenn’s brain ──


── You can’t do that Glenn-kun. You can’t go there alright~.

── That’s not what you wanted, right Glenn-kun?

── It’ll be okay, don’t worry.

── Everyone can lose track of their emotions from time to time.

── If Glenn-kun were to make a mistake…….then at that time I’ll bring you back….


Glenn stood there for a short while, lost in thought in a daze.

It seemed that the sudden appearance of his nemesis Jatice and the matter concerning Celica were concerning him more than he’d thought.

“…..My bad. I guess I wasn’t so calm after all.”

Glenn who had originally been stone cold, turned over his shoulder and smiled at Sistine.

Those muddy feelings plaguing his heart had disappeared before he knew it, almost as if they weren’t there to begin with.

“That’s right. For Rumia, we’ll just have to follow that damn stalker. And I won’t believe what’s happened to Celica till I see her with my own eyes…….isn’t that right? That way I’ll just save the two of them like I usually do…..that’s fine isn’t it? White-cat.”


And so, Sistine smiled in relief and separated from Glenn.

Then, considering the situation…..Glenn bashfully said.

“…….How should I put it you…..well, how do I say it? Aren’t you always properly guiding me forward….? It was also the case during the disaster with the marriage not too long ago… forcibly pulled me tight….brought me back from the world of darkness….”


“I’m sure I would’ve been more of a good-for-nothing in my daily life if it weren’t for you….I feel like I’ve become a bit more human ever since you’ve started to constantly lecture me….”

“W-Wait a second….w-what’s wrong? Saying this so suddenly!?”

“It’s nothing. Something I was just thinking about right now. To me, you’re probably…..”

“T-To Sensei I’m probably….?”

Sistine felt her face blush for some odd reason while impatiently waiting for Glenn to continue on.

“…………. ………Never mind it’s nothing.”

But he didn’t. Sistine felt somewhat relieved but also disappointed at the same time……she committed this mysterious sentiment to heart.

“Anyways…….let’s get back on track.”

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, Glenn scratched his head and forcibly changed the topic.

“White-cat. For the time being you should go home. Please look after Re=L. I’ll go save Rumia without a doubt……..ahhh I’m fine now. I’ve cooled down a bit.”

“Sensei! I’ll also ──”

“You can’t, although I appreciate the offer…..I have a bad feeling this time. I get the feeling…..that something unimaginable is going to happen in Fejite.”

“B-But! That’s even more the reason I should ──”

And, just as Sistine was starting to protest.

*Clink, clink, clink*……..A metallic sound suddenly echoed out through the room.

“This sound…..a notification from the communication device!? Celica!?”

Glenn retried his own magic device from his pocket….a half-split gem.

But that gem gave off no reaction.

“….It’s not mine….? Then where’s it coming from….?”

Glenn and Sistine both fumbled around their surroundings looking for the source of the mysterious notification. Before long…..Sistine had discovered source, and timidly reached out for it…..into the pocket of her own skirt.

“…..S-Sensei…..this is….!?”

Sistine’s hand contained the half-split gem emitting a sound and flashing on and off.

“I-I don’t how this got there……it’s not mine…..”

“Hand it over!”

With a near-confident premonition, Glenn snatched the gem from Sistine’s hand and frustratedly turned it on ──

{Yo, Glenn. …….you’ve been well?}

The second he put the gem in his ear a stickily voice resounded out. It was the voice of a man he’d never forget.


{Kukuku…’s been a long time hasn’t it, been having fun?}

*Grinding….* The sound of Glenn grinding his teeth could be heard throughout the room.

{Glenn. I’ll hurry up and tell you what you’re dying to hear…..ahhh it’s okay don’t worry…..Rumia is unharmed. Now if you’d be so kind….}

{Ehh!? S-Sensei!? Sensei I…..}

For just a moment Rumia’s voice could be hear in Glenn’s ear but she started to fade out just as quickly.

{How’s that? Glenn. Don’t ya feel a bit more relieved now?}

“You bastard…..!”

Glenn was trying to stop the dark feelings that Sistine had just saved him from resurfacing.

“What’s the meaning of this!? This time you’ve kidnapped Rumia and even went through all the trouble to contact me…..what the hell are you planning!? In addition to that what’s up with those bastards from The Researchers of Divine Wisdom!? Are you actually working with them you piece of ──”

{Ha? I’m working with those repulsive garbage scraps? No matter how much respect I have for you there’s just some things I can’t allow you to say. Glenn……}

An intense rage could be felt transmitted through the communication device, scorching Glenn’s ear.

{Well…I don’t have much time now. Shall we continue….}

However, the next second he had already composed himself, and talked in an overly joyous tone as if to irritate Glenn.

{Let’s play a game……Glenn.}

“Did you just say….a game?”

{One will you follow my instructions to the letter….that type of game. And as long as you keep satisfying my demands…..I’ll guarantee Rumia’s safety. But at the time when you can’t fulfill my demand, when you give up……hehe I’m sure you understand right?…….How’s that sound?}

“Tch…..I don’t have that much faith in you. In the first place how can I be sure that was really Rumia? I’m sure you have a countless amount of techniques to forge someone’s voice right? Let me talk to her agai──”

Glenn tried to prolong the conversation for as long as possible in order to extract additional information but…..

{Hahahaha……awfully cunning aren’t ya. Regardless of what you’re wanting to say….do you really think you have any choice but to do what I order you to?}

Jatice was able to see right through him, seemingly one step ahead.

“……Damn it….!”

{Don’t get so caught up in it. I just want you to help me out a bit here and there… order to save this dear Fejite, sounds good?}

“…………. ………Ha? Save….Fejite?”

Glenn couldn’t comprehend the meaning behind Jatice’s words.

“Oi what the hell do ──”

{Now then time is money! And we’ve already run of out time! And so, I’ll give you your first task without delay….for now…. ──}


On that day ──

In the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, a certain school building had been restless and bustling since the early morning. That’s because there’d been a hot topic of debate since the start of the day. The student’s discussion of the validity of a certain news overwhelmed the classrooms.

And the content of such an invigorating drama was ──

“Glenn-sensei kidnapped Rumia and blew the Fejite City Hall!?”

The usual 2nd year classroom was in complete turmoil. Wendy let out a hysteric screech when she heard news from Kash.

“That’s impossible!”

“T…..that’s right, Kash-kun…..we’re talking about Sensei you know…..”

Wendy immediately denied what he said while Lynn tried to argue with tears in her eyes.

“I’d thought so too! Glenn-sensei wouldn’t do something like that, there must’ve been some type of mistake! But look at the newspapers that were scattered around the streets!”

With a *thud*, Kash slammed the newspapers before their eyes.

“Glenn-sensei’s….? Criminal statement…?”

[I hereby declare to the Imperial Government that I, Glenn = Radars, am keeping custody of Rumia = Tingel. I will not reveal her true identity as long as the ransom is prepared by the specified date and time. The bombing of the city hall affirms my resolution to fight against the Empire and it’s tyranny.] ……Mmm? Her true identity…?”

“Ha? What kind of threat is this…..? Why Rumia?”

“This somehow…..feels like it’s all jumbled up right….?”

“I-I don’t really understand it but…..according to the newspaper, there’s testimonies from the neighborhood residents apparently sighting someone who looked liked Sensei and Rumia near the scene of the crime…..”

“Y-You’re kidding…..this is definitely a lie right…..”

Kai and Rodd were stunned after reading the newspaper, and Lynn looked like she was about to pass out.

And to even further support the credibility of the news article, all the classes in the academy were halted and the students were placed on study hour until the end of day. The professors and lectures had been in a emergency meeting since the start of the morning. In addition to that, Fejite’s Security Force was constantly patrolling the academy grounds….

It was already too late for the adults to try to conceal the strained atmosphere.

“Of course even after seeing this I don’t doubt Glenn. People’s identification and rumors, transformation and mind suggestion magic….there’s countless ways someone could forge this.”

“E-Exactly! Even though that person’s a good for nothing he’d never do something like this!”

“That’s right. I’m not someone who just believe in rumors, I’ll have faith in Sensei.”

Cecil and Teresa disheartenly tried to argue against Kash’s words….and.

With a *click*, Gibul had opened the doors to the classroom and walked in.


“H-How was it!?”

Led by Kai and Rodd all the students immediately rushed towards Gibul.

“……Restrain yourselves.”

As unsociable as ever, Gibul pushed through the depressed students that turned ecstatic after seeing him.

“Hmm….in accordance with what you guys asked of me, I used suggestive magic and eavesdropping magic on the passing guards…..I’ve researched various things through them.”

“A-Ah as expected of you!……W-What did you learn?”

“Even going against the instructors and professors of this academy was a walk in the park for me.”

Gibul pushed up his glasses as he snorted his nose.

“Now then. At the very least it seems that someone sent the criminal statement signed using Glenn-sensei’s name to the Security Forces and the newspaper. And it’s also true that Fejite’s City Hall was blown up…..fortunately no one was injured or killed because of how early in the morning it was.”

“A-Are you serious….”

“And as expected, the Security Force is pursing Sensei as the primary suspect in both of these incidents…..well, it’s only natural considering his letter and Rumia’s missing whereabouts……however, there was one other concerning tad bit of information.”

“Concerning information?”

Gibul continued after short period, much more docile.

“It was almost overshadowed by the Fejite’s City Hall bombing incident but….it seems that someone had attacked Sistine’s house last night. Re=L was injured by some bladed instrument and she’s still unconscious in a critical state……Rumia and Sistine both ended up missing after the incident, and…..someone had completely annihilated Professor Arfonia’s residence immediately following the attack on the Fibel residence.”

“Wait what!? What the hell!? You can’t be serious!?”

“T-Then it really wasn’t them seen at the crime scene after all….!?”

“It’s undeniable that they’re somehow caught up in this incident. Professor Arfonia…..with how her house was left……..she’s most likely dead….”

Gibul was hesitant to say those words, as if he didn’t want to believe them himself.

“You’re…..kidding right….”

“T-There’s no way….that she…..that she’s…..”

There were some people in next to Gibul  that had a particularly close relationship with Celica. All the students couldn’t help but cast their eyes downward, hiding their heartbroken expressions after hearing the news of her death.

“The Fejite Security Forces are advancing the investigation with Sensei as the main person of interest, seeing as how he’s involved in each incident. Late last night Sensei stormed the Fibel residence and kidnapped Rumia, then went straight to the Arfonia residence and Fejite City Hall and bombed them both…..that’s the story most people are following.”

Gibul’s information instantly sent the rest of the class further into turmoil.

“How horrible…..what’s happening in Fejite right now…..?”

Wendy got more and more depressed imagining the worst case scenarios.

“…….If I can just say one thing?”

Gibul indifferently called out to Wendy.

“Ever since Glenn-sensei joined our class….these types of incidents have constantly plagued us. It’s almost past the point where we can continue calling it a coincidence of bad luck.

Gibul spoke the words that everyone else had kept hidden in their heart.

“And the rule of thumb so far is that Sensei’s been rather [involved] in each incident. The attempted destruction of the academy….the attempted assassination of Her Majesty……the previous study expedition…..needless to say Sensei was all over these incidents…..and at the end, it was clear that he was not only [involved] in each incident, but he was helping [dealing] with each incident.”

“……W-Well….that’s true but….”

“Then what exactly is the true center of these incidents? ……It goes without saying that you don’t need me to point it out. If you think about it normally…isn’t there someone whose constantly been at the center of each incident?”

That…..was something that everyone’s been thinking from the bottom of their heart for awhile now. However…..the time for them to shut their eyes and look away has long passed.

“……..Rumia = Tingel……just who is she?”

An oppressive silence dominated the classroom.


The academic city of Fejite was divided into five districts.

The first was the northern district. Famous for hosting the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, which along with the student quarters where they lived in dormitories or apartments, occupied most of the area.

The second was the western district. The general residential area. The general public, the working middle class primarily lived in this district.

The third was the eastern district. The luxury residential area. The affluent, nobles, elite mages, and even many of the academy professors and lecturers lived in this district.

The fourth was the southern district. It was also known as the commercial district and was the center of Fejite’s economy. It was also the most vibrant district, with various shopping, gambling, and entertainment centers spread out, and even black markets if a person had the proper know how and courage to venture.

And finally the fifth, the center district. This district, also known as the administrative district, was the wheel that steers the great ship known as Fejite. There were various public institutions based out of this area such as Fejite City Hall, Fejite Security Forces, Office of Labor, Fejite’s Branch of the Imperial Bank, as well as the Church of St. Catalina which gave the people a place of worship.

Glenn had came to the center district after leaving Celica’s hidden room.


He held his breath whenever a carriage or pedestrian passed by him as he silently continued down its main street.

The center district was hustling and bustling as much as any given day, but an anxious and worried atmosphere oozed out of the citizens as they quickly went to their destinations. And uniformed guards rushed through the crowds in groups further fueling the flames of anxiety.

{Kukuku…..stand tall Glenn.}

Jatice’s grating voice ringed out in Glenn’s ear as he tried to walk past the guards without drawing attention. The communication gem was still currently in his ear.

{If you act so suspiciously then the guards will have no choice but to be suspicious of you. At any rate, you’re a terrorist whose rebelling against the Empire….you’re already a famous criminal right.}

“….Shut the hell up. I’m already listening to your damn orders, so I don’t want to hear anymore from you.”

Glenn was the Security Force’s primary suspect for the kidnapping of Rumia and the bombing incident at Fejite City Hall…..he was already well aware of the fact. Jatice took great pride in constantly reminding him of that. Even if he sent familiars out for intelligence gathering he doubt he’d hear anything different.

Glenn was currently in a state of being surrounded on all sides.

“Besides, the criminal behind the bombing incident….is you isn’t it you bastard.”

{Right on point. Well not like there was even any question behind it……..but it’s not like you can do anything about it.}

Glenn clicked his tongue in irritation but continued to walk inconspicuously.

And after a short while.


A different voice from Jatice’s could be hear through another communication device. It was the voice of Sistine who was acting independently.

“What’s up? White-cat.”

“I’ve confirmed it using far-sight magic. There’s a security checkpoint about two hundred metras ahead of you. It’ll be impossible for you to get to Third St. from there….}

Right now Sistine was supporting Glenn from a safe location so that he could complete Jatice’s [task].

I have a feeling this is going to become too dangerous, just leave this to me and quietly stay home. /ital

Glenn attempted to persuade Sistine time and time again, but she persistently said stuff like I want to become Sensei’s strength, I want to save Rumia, don’t worry I’ll be fine.

Wouldn’t it be problematic if he brought someone weak into this? That’s what Glenn was thinking, but remembering that she’s been partaking in his special training for awhile now he realized she wasn’t just all talk.

In the first place, if he left Sistine as she was then she’d most likely take actions of her own accord outside of Glenn’s protection. He agreed to let Sistine get involved in this situation on the condition that she’d support him from a safe location.

“….It’s impossible huh. Then what’s the best thing option?”

{Let me find a detour …..hmmm…..that corner there….there’s a corner about twenty metras in front of you, once you get there enter the back alley…..}

Glenn was safely traveling through the center district, perfectly avoiding the security patrols thanks to Sistine’s navigation.

{You’ll go from Second St. to Fourth St. then to Third St.}

He was able to exquisitely slip through the Security Force’s net.

And so ──

{……I’m so proud of you Glenn. You’ve finally arrived.}


Glenn clicked his tongue after seeing the sight before him, an old fashioned mansion with a falcon coat of arms displayed on the front gate, symbolizing [The heart won’t tolerate injustice]. This was the building of the Fejite Security Forces. The open space in front of the main entrance was used for relaxation and was considered one of the safest parks in all of Fejite, multiple guards could be seen coming and going all throughout it.

{Now Glenn. Let’s start your first task right away.}

“Fuck you…..seriously go to hell. Go die.”

{Oya? Are you getting cold feet? ……..Ahh this is troubling. So troubling, I guess I have no choice but to cut off Rumia = Tingel’s head….}

“……I’ll kill you.”


“…….It’s fine. I’ll manage somehow or another. Please continue to provide support to me, White-cat.”

Glenn walked towards the center of the plaza after responding to Sistine’s anxiety filled voice ──

“[Crimson lion・maintain your fury・and roar in madness!]”

── And cast a spell.

The black magic [Blaze・Burst] shot out of Glenn’s left hand as a fireball and impacted the bronze statue in the center of the plaza. It was blown into smithereens along with a ginormous explosion.


The citizens as well as the guards stationed there turned their heads at the sudden commotion. Glenn jumped onto the stand where the statute once was, and with all eyes on him imposingly shouted.

“Uhm I think it was….[Listen up, those who are far open your ears and those near feast your eyes! My name is Glenn = Radars! A righteous warrior following heavens will enacting divine retribution! This putrid, depraved government, the evil traitor to this country known as The Queen, they have been secretly utilizing the corrupt Security Force to….to….ahhh jeez this is such a pain! How long is this!? Well summarize it then! That’s it! Anyways, the divine retribution for the dogs of this foolish government is me! The city hall is already done for! Next is you bastards! If you have any complaints the come at meeeeeee!?]”

After finishing his half-hearted declaration, Glenn released a [Blaze・Burst] that had been modified to be considerably watered down towards the front entrance of the Security Force’s office.


“R-Run away! Everyone run awaaaaaaaay!?”

The guards and citizens who saw the fireball flying towards them escaped in all directions.

And although its outward appearance was flashy, in all reality it had no killing power and simply burst once it impacted the front entrance ──


“What!? This time the terrorist is bombing the Security Force’s office!? The criminal said he was Glenn = Radars!?”

The elite guard Yuan = Bellis who was frantically searching downtown for signs of Glenn, opened his eyes wide in surprise after hearing what headquarters had to say via his magic communication device.

“Damn it….he’s even attacking the Security Forces office, the symbol of public order and justice….he’s just mocking us now!”

“What are we going to do!? Officer Yuan!?”

“We’ll obey your commands Sir!”

Yuan’s subordinates stared at him with righteous indignation.

“It’s unavoidable, it’s an order straight from headquarters! From here on out we’ll join the pursuit!”

“”””Aye Sir!””””

“The criminal is currently heading south off of Fifth St. and Larkul Ave. in the center district! Communicate with the 6th, 8th, and 9th platoons and corner him! The 2nd and 5th platoons are heading east on Mid St. and will cut him off from the west! We’ll trap him!”


Yuan fired off precise instructions in order to hunt Glenn down…..

But the next moment, his mouth distorted…..and he cold-heartedly muttered.

“Also….you’re authorized to use first-grade suppression tactics.”


First-grade suppression tactics. That was, authorization to utilize their swords and firearms within the city. It’s purpose wasn’t in arresting criminals. But neutralizing the threat, by killing them.

“U-Uhm….Officer Yuan….that’s…..”

“No matter how fiendish the criminals are, that’s….suddenly being authorized to use first-grade….”

“It’s possible that citizens might be harmed…..”

“That’s why we usually assess the situation…..and contact headquarters for authorization…..”

Even though his subordinates brought forth proper concerns.

“……I’ll say it once more.”

Yuan slowly, oppressively started to repeat himself with a hint of coldness in his voice.

“First-grade suppression tactics have been authorized. Kill Glenn = Radars. …..That’s an [order].”

And so…….

“”””Ha! Aye Sir! We’ll dispose of Glenn = Radars!””””

For some reason, the subordinates no longer questioned the unreasonable order and scattered to do what they had to.

They gave off an inhuman sense of unity as they moved together.

Strangely, it wasn’t just the guards that were located in that spot. The guards located all over Fejite began to move at the same time, with the same sense of unity for the same purpose.

But that sense of unity made it so none of the guards could notice that something was amiss.

“Now then….Glenn = Radars. According to the intelligence, this type of ploy is supposed to be the most effective against someone like you right? Kukuku…..let’s see how far you’re willingly to go.”

Yuan was left alone in a quiet back alley.

No one there to hear his bone-chilling murmurs.


{Congratulations Glenn. You’ve successfully cleared the first task without any problems.}

“Go die!? Seriously go die! Really ser  iou  sly go die!”

{However…..isn’t it quite different from what I told you to do? I went to such great lengths to prepare an artistically provocative exhibition that would leave them devastatingly inflamed…….”

“Ahh shut up already! Choke on your tongue and die you bastard!”

Glenn screamed at Jatice ignoring his words as he frantically rushed through Main St.

“Oi get out of the way! There’s too much of you!”

Glenn fired his revolver into the sky as he yelled out.


“Uwaaaaaaaaaa!? Save ussssssssss!?”

Hearing the gunshots, everyone scrambled to run away and Glenn was able to cut through the gap they had created.

Fifth St. and Lakul Ave. was now the center of a growing chaos.

“Oi!? What was the point in doing that!? You son of a bitch!”

[Read the prewritten criminal statement in front of the Fejite Security Forces office and then perform an act of terrorism], that was the first task that Jatice issued to Glenn.

“Hold ittttttttt!? Glenn = Radars!”

“Stoppppppppp!? You fiendish criminal!”

And thanks to that, Glenn had his hands full with the full force of the guards relentlessly swarming him.

“What the hell was the point of that!? Was this all cause you hate me!? That’s it isn’t it!?”

Glenn flew down the street like a raging torrent, occasionally looking backwards to see the hell he raised.

{What a simpleton. I wouldn’t have you do something like that for a reason as trivial as my hatred or revenge….this is all to enact justice. Believe me.}

However, contrary to Glenn who was at his wits end, Jatice seemed to be having the time of his life.

{But…..ahhh you’ve really helped me out…..thanks to your hard word my job seems to progressing nicely.}

“Haa!? What the hell are you talking about!?”

{Now that that’s said and done, onto the [second challenge] Glenn….}

Ignoring his question, Jatice arbitrarily issued his next order.

{Next is….that’s right. It’s [you absolutely cannot get captured by the guards until I say so.]}

“Haa!? You’re the dumbass who created this situation, what hell are you saying!?”

{I don’t care how you do it. If you’re so inclined you can even kill the guards if you’d like. Or even take some citizens hostage….the point is just don’t get caught, Glenn…..cause if you get caught, Rumia loses her life.}


Frustrated. Mortified. Furious. Cursed.

Glenn felt all those emotions as he was forced to obey Jatice’s cryptic commands.

“White-cat! Did you get that!? I have to play tag with these damn guards for awhile!?”


“No matter what happens I have to escape! Give me directions!”

{Understood! The guards are forming a barricade about 50 metras in front of you on that corner up ahead! Enter that clothing store there! Then head to the back alley from the back door and ──”

“Got it!”

Glenn responded before she even finished her sentence and made an immediate right turn and plunged into the shop besides him.


── Running away.

Glenn’s sole focus was on continuing his escape through streets of Fejite. He was driven to escape the guard’s tightening net without even a destination in mind ──

He eventually found himself in the western district, the residential area.


Glenn momentarily unleashed his full power into [Physical・Boost] as his body blurred due to his extreme speed. He closed the distance with the guard barricade in front of him in the blink of an eye, knocking down the sword of the guard acting as the vanguard while at the same time delivering a fierce palm strike to his chin.

“You ──!”

“You damn traitooooor!”

As soon as the vanguard lost consciousness and fell to his knees, two more guards flanked Glenn on each side and thrust their swords towards him. The tips cut through the air and approached him head on. Aiming straight for his vital spots ──

“You guys ──”

Glenn immediately stepped into the defense of the guard attacking him on the right.

Glenn’s left fist parried the incoming sword that came flying in like a silver arrow and took another step further.


Continuing his trajectory, Glenn rammed the guard right on his left shoulder, destroying his balance, and then he grasped the lapels of the guard and easily rotated with him in hand ──

“Isn’t your intent to kill way too higghhhhhh!”

Glenn flung that guard with a showy shoulder throw and he violently crashed into the guard on his left side and both of them fell to the ground entangled with one another ──

“Aim ──”


In the corner of his vision Glenn could see several guards grouping up across from him, and in each of their hands they held their revolvers at the ready.

Percussion-type bullets. Compared to the bullets Glenn’s magic gun [Perpetrator] utilized, it was a smaller caliber……but it still had enough power to easily kill a human. And right now they were in a narrow back-alley, with no cover from him to hide behind.


Hearing that order, the countless number of guards lined up all simultaneously fired their guns at once.

However ──

“Damn ittttttttttt!”

Glenn jumped away immediately.

He jumped kicking off the left wall, kicking off the right wall going even further, again the left wall, right wall, left, right ──

He skillfully continued to kick off the walls until he was able to reach the roof of a nearby building while the guards weren’t able to properly aim at Glenn due to his erratic actions.

“What’s up with those movements!? How the hell can he be so agile!”

“He’s up above! Chase after him! Go! Cut him off from the bottom!”

After seeing the guards in a flurry beneath his eyes, Glenn turned on his heels and started to rush through the rooftops.

“That was too close…..! This is getting dangerous….!”

Glenn broke into a cold sweat as he was running ──

For the Security Forces that maintained public order in town and the guards that enforced it, the standard armament for the guards, save for the elite few, was a rapier and revolver, and their uniforms were imbued with defensive and physical enhancements. It was more than enough for the purpose of maintaining security in Fejite.

And so, the greatest firepower in the guards arsenal was their gun. But their guns were nothing more than mere toys incapable of harming first-rate mages. It was inconsequential how many guns they possessed, even if they grouped up just like now.

However, Glenn was only a mere third-rate mage ──

Their guns were a definite threat for him.

“Jeez, the only reason I’m safe is cause of their shit aim…..that was too scary…..”

He was able to avoid getting shot for now by breaking the line of shit with the guards but…..the question was how long he could continue to do that. He was already afflicted with multiple injuries from his clashes with the guards. As one would expect, being continuously chased was sapping the strength from his body.

([Shock・Bolt] doesn’t have the strength to penetrate the defense in their uniforms….but on the other hand [Lightning・Pierce] is military grade magic and can potentially kill them…..)

Of course it’s possible to deal with the problem by using an improvised chant to weaken military grade magic but…..the improvisational modification of the recitement of spells, regardless if it’s for strengthening or weakening the effects, increased the consumption of mana. It’s to be expected when using a makeshift chant instead of the optimized one.

(In this situation where I can’t even see one step ahead of me, wasting my already limited mana would be suicide…..damn it….I just wish I had as much mana as that White-cat…..)

…….It was a odd story to begin with.

Glenn was once known as operative #0, [The Fool], of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex. These run of the mill guards swarming him with mere guns were far more troublesome than powerful mages capable of destroying buildings in one strike for him.

Glenn was groaning in frustration as rushed to descend to a back-alley from the rooftops.

And as if they had already predicted that, guards were already closing in on him.

“He’s over there!”

“After him! Get him!”

And the game of cat and mouse began once again ──

(But it’s weird…..isn’t their tracking strangely dead-on…..?)

Glenn was thinking that while handling the guards relentless pursuit. He wasn’t trying to be rude, but he seriously doubted that these guards had the skills to do that.

In the first place, he was ex-military and using various tricks taught to him by Bernard in order to lose the guards but…..the they kept on pursuing him with perfect coordination with one another, as if they were all a single entity. That level of coordination would be impossible even for the army which perfected their skills in operations and maintained perfect communications.

(…….Now then.)

Glenn visualized the positions of the guards which he received from Sistine, and then superimposed them on the map in his head. And then, assuming that guards maintained their [normal] movement, he’d figure out where the hole in their encirclement was.

As a result ──

(…….Following White-cat’s instructions, if I turn right on this road up ahead then it should be clear…..)

Under [normal] circumstances that should’ve been true.

However ──

“White-cat. Earlier you said that if I made a right turn on this road I’d get to the second ward right?”

{Eh? Ahh yeah I did….I’ve confirmed that there was no one there with far-sight magic.}

“Will you confirm the situation again?……I think that way is going to be cut off.”


Sistine let out a perplexed voice in response to Glenn’s words…..

And after a short while.

{S-Sensei……it’s just as you said that route is no good…..! It looks like they took a roundabout path….! Huh? How….? I’m sure that just now no one was there…..}

“……It seems I was right.”

{How’d you know it’d be like that….!? Ahh please wait! I’ll find another route right now!}

Glenn fell into deep thought as Sistine stayed surprise far away.

(The guard’s unnatural movements…..this is probably…..)

Glenn felt an unpleasant premonition as he continued his fleeing….

{Yaa~ nice work Glenn….}

Jatice’s jarring voice once again entered his ears.

{Oya oya, isn’t this pretty pathetic Glenn….how are you so worn-out after facing just mere guards….?}

“Shut up you damn bastard.”

{I think it’s going to only get harder from here on out huh….?}

“I said shut the hell up!”

{Kukuku…’re still the same fool, inefficient as always…..isn’t it fine to just kill them?}


Completely disregarding Glenn’s rejection, Jatice joyfully voiced his suggestion.

{It’s true that these types of enemies might not be your forte. But if you actually get serious…..I have no doubt that you’d come out victorious.}


{Kill them Glenn. Isn’t it to save Rumia? Why should you care about one or two unfamiliar guards…..don’t hold back now….just kill the guards. Remove the obstacles from in front of you……!……Just do it!}

Devilish words to bring him to ruin.

“Shut uuupppppp!”

But Glenn completely refused him without a single hesitation.

“Who the hell would listen to you!? Ahh you’re just so loud and annoying shut the hell up for once! I don’t care how many times I have to say it just shut the fuck up!”

And as he was running, he let out a fierce laugh and said.

“I’ll proudly save the princess from the evil demon’s clutches! Uwaa what’s with this development of turning into prince charming! That Rumia’s going to be falling deeply in love with me! It’ll be like [Now Sensei, come to me♪]! Even if I die, I wouldn’t dare do anything to sully my name so that I can be gifted with that moe that everyone man dreams of!”


“Besides, worry about yourself rather than worrying about me! Cause I’ll absolutely be sure to come beat the hell out of you and make you cry! Prepare yourself!”

For a short while.

The current atmosphere made it difficult for anyone to say anything, leaving the line silent…..

{Just as I expected of you Glenn, that’s truly what makes you you!}

Right now a tremendous joy could be heard in his voice as if he had reached ascension.

{It turns out my eyes weren’t deceiving me! That’s right! That’s just how you are! No matter what difficulties you face this is how you must act! I’m really sorry that I tried to lead you astray! A~hahahah!}

“……Ahh I don’t care what you do anymore. Seriously just go die.”

Glenn was past the point of anger and just said that exasperatedly.

{S-Sensei! This is terrible!}

Sistine’s panicked voice rung out through the magic communication device.

{ ── Y-You’re surrounded! I-impossible….how could they do this so suddenly….!?}

“What’d you say!?”

{Granny St., Second through Fifth St., Rook Ave……..right now all of the roads leading to Sensei have guards stationed on them!}

“……Are there any other routes? Keep on looking. Tell me the exact locations of every single guard.”

{O-Okay….! First is ──}

Glenn organized the information that Sistine was rapid-firing off.

Single-mindedly drawing a map in his head and superimposing the positions of the guards as well as himself.

(…..Turns out it was that after all.)

And so, Glenn came to a certain conclusion after witnessing the guards strange mobilization.

The way that they were deploying ahead of time, it was simply impossible.

For example, no matter how competent a commander was at leading…..the pieces were still merely human. No matter how much training was drilled into them, there was always a limit to how well they could coordinate together or a time lag between communications…..that was just the extent of human ability.

But the encirclement that Sistine had informed him off was simply impossible for even the best of soldiers. That is unless, somehow they were operating under the same will by the use of magic.

(Those guards chasing me….as far as I can see they’re just puppets that lost their free will….but, that can’t be possible. if something so outrageous like that had happened then someone must’ve noticed….but despite that, what’s with this inhuman sense of cooperation…..)

Glenn was trying to guess the true situation behind the guard’s erratic situation.

(But if we’re talking about mind-control magic where those afflicted wouldn’t notice it…..then the guards would have to be unknowingly sharing a single deep subconscious through powerful implicit suggestions administered by the leader, controlling the group as if it were a single individual….I think it’d be something like that.)

In other words, one would be able to command a group simply by ordering an individual, and then from there it would spread to others via their shared subconscious. No one would notice anything out of the norm using this method, it was the perfect commanding technique.

([Subconscious unification via subtle implications]……I’m pretty sure it was just a theoretical magic proposal…..but I never thought it’d be possible for them to use it over such a large amount of guards like this…..the bastard behind this must be a mage blessed by the heavens….)

So what could their true identity be?

{Oya Glenn…..what’s the matter? What’s got your mind in a jumble? Kukuku…..}

Jatice threw out a question of an ambiguous nature.

And The Researchers of Divine Wisdom who were operating behind the scenes as well this time.

If one were to look at this situation from a bird’s eye view then they can in fact start to make out a bit of the circumstances of this ambiguous nature. If he had to guess, the player behind the unification of the guards’ subconsciousness was most likely The Researchers of Divine Wisdom. If that was the case then Jatice’s goal was ──

(Tch… seems like I’m just being used as his pawn.)

It couldn’t be helped that he’d at least partially see through Jatice’s motive.

{Now then, it’s about time this task reaches it’s climax, Glenn…..}

Whether he was aware of Glenn’s realization or not, Jatice let out a joyful voice.

{It must’ve been caused by your bravado early but….I have high hopes for you. Without further ado….}

That indicated the end of Jatice’s words.

The transmission came to an end after that.

{S-Sensei…..what are you going to do….!? At this rate you’ll….}

“Yeah. In this situation…..I guess I have about three minutes till I run into them…..after that they’ll continue to wear me down……and then I’ll be arrested… it would be a godsend if I was just arrested.”


Sistine’s frustration and hopelessness was clearly transmitted through magic device.

{I’m sorry Sensei…..if only I wasn’t this weak….!}


“……Heh. It’s still too early~, White-cat.”

Smirking, Glenn let out a fearless smile and said.

“Do you really think…..that this amount of difficulty is enough to make me give up? This is nothing compared to my times in the military ya’know?”

Glenn was exuding an aura of confidence ──

{B-But… matter how much I look around using far-sight magic…..there’s no where for you to go anymore! There’s no places to hide, no entrance to the sewer systems….!}

“Maa~…..that’s not exactly true.”

{N-No way, Sensei’s going to fight the guards…..and kill them to get through….!?}

“Oi oi the hell!? You think that I’d listen to him and do that!? That hurts ya’know ──”

Glenn was acting like business was usual while Sistine was panicking.

{I-I’m sorry…..! But…..if that’s the case then how….?}

“White-cat. Look and see if there’s any of the things I’m about to list off near me. First is….”

Then Glenn started to say something strange to Sistine.

“…….That’s right. Is there any unnaturally new stone paving close to a sidewalk? Specifically next to an intersection.”

{….S-Stone paving….? Brand new….?}

“Also, are there any roads that are paved with long, narrow rectangular stones? Buildings with circular red signs posted on them? I know it’s probably a long shot to find this….but if you can please tell me where.”

{….U-Uhmm….just what is this for? This is….}

Sistine couldn’t even begin to comprehend Glenn’s intentions, but nevertheless she frantically searched for what he had instructed her to.


── A certain place in Fejite’s west district.

While leisurely walking through a residential area devoid of people.

“……Sigh, we’ve met with some unexpected difficulties and it’s taken up some time, but I think it’s about time for this to end.”

A Fejite security guard, Officer Yuan = Bellis was sure of his victory after calculating the information regarding Glenn’s escape that he was receiving from his mind-controlled puppets.

“Fufu…Glenn = Radars escaping from Lazar…..who could’ve guessed it’d be this simple to clean up his mess…’s unexpectedly disappointing.”

That’s right, Officer Yuan = Bellis… elite guard at such a young age, completely trusted by his superiors…..but in all actuality he was a heretic mage who belonged to The Researchers of Divine Wisdom’s [radical faction].

It was the perfect opportunity for him to operate from the shadows. It’s impossible for humans to move in an outright perfect, systematic manner, but with that being the case, Yuan who was secretly working in the Security Forces made the impossible possible.

(My suggestion magic is the best in the world. It doesn’t matter who they are, no one can escape my subtle implications, and the guards can’t even begin to understand that they’re being manipulated……)

Right now all of his subordinates, all of the guards in the Security Forces, were currently under the influence of Yuan’s suggestion magic.

(A guard had fired at the heinous criminal running away from the scene of the crime, a tragic death caused by professional negligence. I’ll play the regretful supervisor at the press conference, forced to personally dismiss my subordinate…….well I guess it’s the least I can do.)

According to the intelligence, the enemy was just a mere third-rate mage who had nothing but the original magic [The Fool’s World] and that made these guards his natural enemies.

(Fufu…a mages strength isn’t just his raw combat ability……of course that can be counted as a single card, but the thing that mattered most was the [strength of the complete hand that they could utilize in order to realize their desires]……)

In that sense, it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that Yuan was of the strongest of mages, able to distort whatever reality he wanted using his suggestion magic in order to realize his desires.

(Now then….I think it’s about time to get in touch…..)

Just as Yuan was thinking so… that time.

He received an incoming transmission from the guards on scene.

“This is Officer Yuan. How’s the situation at the scene? Were you able to properly arrest the criminal? You probably had no choice but to discharge your firearms though right? Even though the enemy is an atrocious, fiendish criminal and such a brutal act goes against our human nature, but [he’s not something I can allow] right?”

Yuan gleefully responded while some of his words were loaded with subtle implications……

“……..?……W-what…was that….!?”

The reports that streamed into his ear were almost unbelievable.

“You’ve lost Glenn = Radars……!? Impossible….! That’s impossible….!”

Yuan looked at the map he had in a panic. He checked it time and time again. It should’ve been impossible to escape the encirclement and no side-streets for him to escape on. But despite that, how ──

“I-I see, I get it now, he went underground! This is [an order]! From here on out completely block the entrances to the sewage systems ──”

{But Sir, according to the map there aren’t any entrances to the sewage system around us!}

“That’s ridiculous!? Geh! Then actually trying searching for the criminal! Squad three and five ──”

Yuan irritably barked his orders to his subordinates through the magic communication device.

“……..What the hell is going on….this doesn’t make sense, this is impossible!?”

Yuan had cut off the communications after he had given out his orders.

“…..Damn it, I was too caught up in trying to conceal myself and control them from the shadows…..if I hadn’t been this far away…..!”

He was regretfully grinding his teeth… was at that time.


The sound of someone walking echoed through the dim back-alley where Yuan was currently at.

*Step, step, step…..*

If Yuan turned around to face the sounds that were steadily growing closer….

“Good day….I’ve finally found you, Officer Yuan = Bellis….”

He’d see a strange young man clad in a bowler hat and a frock coat had appeared before him.

“Wh…..Who are you you son of bitch…..!?”

“I had already figured out that there was a spy inside the Fejite Security Forces….and that the spy was already controlling more than half of the guards with his suggestion magic.”

The strange young man continued to talk completely one-sidedly.

“But who that spy was…..I couldn’t discern that much…..and the reason why is they were just too perfect with their suggestion magic and concealment techniques…..who was the source of this suggestive domination….I just couldn’t figure it out. It was simply too amazing; you should be proud. You’re probably the strongest practitioner of suggestive magic in the world….but….”

The very next moment the young man let out a smile displaying the full extent of his insanity.

“You were too haughty Yuan. You stupidly gave out orders using suggestive magic……by doing that even an amateur would be able to see the unnatural movements of the guards…..and so if you investigate into the chain of command, you’ll eventually reach the culprit behind it…..that’s right, [I’ve read you] Mr. Researcher of Divine Wisdom….Kaha ahahahaha…”

A deep, broken laughter reverberated out. A mixture of euphoria, intent to kill, hatred, and insanity. Every possible dark emotion radiated off him and violently struck Yuan.

Shameful. This man was shameful, The Researchers of Divine Wisdom Second Order [Adeptus Order’s] Yuan’s body was trembling after feeling the overwhelming darkness ooze out from the young man in front of him.

“Wh…..what are….you talking about? What’s…..The Researchers of Divine Wisdom? I-I’m just a mere guard….”

“There’s no need to explain yourself you piece of shit. Just die. Like the trash you are.”

The young man, or Jatice as he was known, leisurely brandished his left hand.


As if he were waiting for it,  Yuan quickly jumped back to gain some distance and shouted out a spell ──


But a flower of blood suddenly bloomed where he was at.

A countless number of angels rushed in from behind him and stabbed through both of his hands and legs with their spears, effectively stapling him to the ground. Then a flash of red lightning coiled around Yuan’s body, completely binding him ──

“Ugyaa!? What the hell is this!? My body won’t move….!?”

Yuan screamed like a doomed lab specimen as he was sown to the ground.

“Kukuku…..artificial spirit [her familiar’s crucifixion]…… anything penetrated by those spears has their movement magically sealed….”

And Jatice slowly started to unsheathe the sword hidden in his cane….

Thrusting it ruthlessly before Yuan’s forehead.

“H-Hiii!? S-Save meeeeeeee!? S-Spare me….”

“Oya? Then you must admit your sins, repent, and wash your hands from this dark path and turn over a new leaf… you swear to do that?”

“I-I swear… let me live….!”

And then, Jatice let out an exhaustively dark smile….

“If that’s the case, if you honestly answer my questions then I can save you….”

“Are you serious!?”

“Of course….then let me begin. Where might be the second [active mana supplementation formula] be?”


Yuan’s complexion immediately paled to a frightening degree.

“You specialize in this type of stuff right? Ahhh I had to give up this time…..your concealment is just too flawless you know….the first one was easy, but the second one is pretty damn difficult to find…..”

“Wh…..!? T-That’s impossible you bastard…..!?”

*Stab.* The tip of Jatice’s sword slipped into Yuan’s left eye.


“I wonder if you’ll answer my question soon…..? I’m quite a busy man you know….?”

Jatice pierced his eye to pieces as Yuan couldn’t even move as he cried out.

Even though he received no sadistic joy from such an act, it was just too abnormal that he was able to commit such brutality so flawlessly without even a hint of hesitation….that in itself was a horrifying thing beyond normal human comprehension.

“I-I got it! I’ll tell you! The second [active mana supplementation formula] is on Third St. and ──”

*Stab.* This time the tip of Jatice’s sword fell into Yuan’s right eye.


“I absolutely hate lies….you better hurry up and answer…..the real location.”

“Higii!? All right! This time I’ll really answer…..! T-That’s why stop alreaaaaaaaadddyyyyyy!?”

It was a horrific, appalling scene to see. A ghastly scream that one wouldn’t be able to block out even by covering their ears. But despite that, Jatice didn’t even flinch but instead increased the amount of pressure as if he were a sadist.

“L-Linton Memorial Park! I set it up in grove on the east side! I-It sounds like a lie but I’m telling the truth this time….! It’s concealed there using magic and ──”

And so.

Jatice looked down at Yuan with an cold look in his eyes, watching him intently as he frantically babbled ──

“….I see….it seems you were telling the truth this time.”

Jatice eventually let out a nod and a gentle smile as if he were satisfied.

“Then then you’ll ──”

*Stab.* Yuan’s words which seemed to have a glimmer of hope in them were sealed for all of eternity once his brain was skewered by the sword.

“…..Did you hear that? Rumia. Linton Memorial Park…..we’re going to head there now.”

With his back towards the corpse formerly known as Yuan….Jatice cheerfully called out to the girl hiding behind him.


Rumia glared at Jatice with anger filling her eyes as she took in the gruesome scene in front of her.

“….Oya, do you have something to complain about?”

“Why did you have to kill him….?”

Rumia asked her question without any hesitation.

“…..He had neither the power nor intention to fight anymore…..but despite that, why…..!?”

“Hahaha….you think I can let a natural evil like that just live? Besides, I followed through on our promise, I saved him….that’s right, as the absolute justice I freed him from his sin by having him compensate with his life…..haha hahahahahah!?”

“……You’re insane….! You beast….!”

“It’s human arrogance to think that a beast is inferior.”

“That’s just splitting hairs….!”

“Let’s see? Let me ask you a question then….who draws the line between beast and humans? Who guarantees your sanity which insists on my insanity? In the first place, who verifies the individual? Is it God? Is it a devil? Or maybe the common masses? Fufu….by all means it’s not. There is nothing that can verify the individual’s definiteness except for one’s willingness to insist that [I exist here]…..and that is exactly why……I am sane.”

It was hopeless. There was no point in them conversing any further. No matter how versed one was, there wasn’t a single person in the world who could properly refute this man in an argument.

This individual…..was just too strong.

Usually the definiteness of an individual was confirmed by another’s perspective.

However, with no one to turn to, Jatice remained unjudged….he had managed to construct an unmistakably stable individuality by just himself. It was a fearsome spirituality that could be described as nothing but monstrous.

“Why are you going that far….?”

“Why? How many times have I said this now? Everything is [for the sake of justice].”

Jatice replied as if that was naturally the only possible answer to give. Feeling her own powerlessness, Rumia shut her eyes as she was forced to accept it.

Hey y’all, hope everyone’s doing well. Look forward to the next chapter, it gets pretty exciting.

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