Roku de Nashi Vol 9 Prologue

White: “Let’s play a game…..Glenn.”

Red: “Right here, right now…..I’ll bring down Jatice.”

Eve = Ignite. Chief of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex. When woke up in Fejite she caught whiff of a certain plot, and she arbitrarily decided to move to obtain the credit for herself.

Green: “I also want to become Sensei’s strength.”

Sistine = Fibel. A diligent honors student. Suddenly attacked by Jatice who forcibly abducted Rumia, whose come to rely on Glenn, however……

Blue: “What the hell are you planning you bastard…..!?”

Glenn = Radars. A magic instructor who detests magic. Thanks to Jatice’s scheme, he was being constantly pursued as the suspect behind the bombing of Fejite City Hall.

Light blue: “I’m sorry….I shouldn’t have been here after all……..”

Rumia = Tingel. A kind-hearted, proper young girl harboring a secret. After being the center of a series of conflicts, she began to question where she truly belonged.

Green: “[Wolf of the winds that blow down from the mountains・dash violently・with me on your back!]”

Blue: “It’s only a metra. Let’s see which one is faster….this’ll be the end.”

White: “I shall issue my decree. Eve = Ignite, you are sentenced to death.”

Jatice = Lowfan. Glenn’s archnemesis who had once gone missing, suddenly reappears on the center stage as the embodiment of his own [justice].

Red: “Aa, aaaa…….aaaaaaaaa…..”

Blue: “I want to protect them……that’s why I’ll fight.”

Re=L = Rayford. Forced to withdraw from the battlefield after she was attacked by Jatice and failed to protect Rumia and Sistine.

Orange: “Seriously, how long are you gonna continue to be such a troublesome child.”

Celica = Arfonia. A mage with the nickname [Witch of Ashes]. Her usage of magic has been severely restricted due to the aftereffects of a certain event. She had gone missing after being suddenly attacked by the Researchers of Divine Wisdom.

 Zest = le-Noir. A mage of the 6th order. He specialized in mental-domination magic. Although he was renown for being a pervert, he was a reliable existence for the academy.

Harley = Astray. The academy’s youngest mage prodigy. He was highly strung out and hated waste, which extended to his usage of magic. Thought of Glenn of nothing but a fool.



Prologue I wish these days would continue forever



“── And there you have it. The subject of today’s [magic lesson]…..will be [dodge ball]!”

Standing in the academy’s courtyard holding a ball underneath his arms, Glenn proclaimed that to the forty odd students of his class gathered in front of him. The student’s wore the same stunned expression they always had when Glenn said something outrageous.

“Hahaha! I’ve already made a court! Now you guys! Divide into two teams with rock-paper-scissors! The losing team will be the servants of the winning team for the whole day today!”

“W-Wait just a second!”

Sistine voiced her bitter rejection as she carefully stepped over the white line on the field marking the court.

“Why on earth are we going to be playing [dodge ball] for our [magic lesson]!? We have other stuff to focus on! We don’t have time to play around like this we have to diligently──”

“Hah! Tsk tsk, you really don’t get it do ya White-Cat!”

And then Glenn thrust his finger before Sistine’s nose. .

“Are you really putting down [dodge ball]!? Can you really not comprehend it!? Don’t you know that [dodge ball] makes use of all the fundamentals of magic!?”


Sistine blinked her eyes in shock hearing this for the first time.

“Listen here? First, throwing the ball trains your [shoulder strength]! Next, ascertaining the trajectory trains your [kinetic vision]! And finally, dodging the ball trains your [reflexes]! Do you get it now!? It would be no exaggeration to say the very essence of [dodge ball] is magic!”

“T-That’s right….!?”

Glenn’s overflowing confidence made Sistine doubt herself for a second…..

“…..Like hell, [none of that・has anything・to do with magic]!”


Shouting out her own personal incantation of [Gale・Blow], Sistine blew Glenn away sky-high like usual.

“….Seriously, you’re the same as ever, Sensei.”

The large built schoolboy Kash murmured to himself watching the situation unfold from afar.

“Haa….although sometimes Sensei can bring about something extraordinary from the ordinary….but just this time I can’t possibly comprehend it.”

The twin-tailed young noble girl Wendy couldn’t help but shrug her shoulders.

“That’s right….Glenn-sensei always has something planned even if it doesn’t make sense at first…..I thought that this class would be similar this time, but….”

“….B-But after all, [dodge ball] and [magic] really have nothing to deal with each other….right…?”

The young girl with a model-like figure Teresa, and the petite bespectacled Lynn couldn’t hide their confusion.

“Hmm….I can’t comprehend your intentions but I won’t get tricked this time, sorry.”

Spitting that out was none other than Gibul, who was standing away from the group and had his brows furrowed while he pushed up his glasses in an annoyed manner.

“Like she said, we’re busy. We don’t have the time to mess around like th-“

“……That’s exactly why I think he thought of this. Gibul-kun.”

However, such a Gibul only got gentle words in response.

The eyes of all the students there gathered on the one who just spoke. Their fluffy blonde hair swaying in the wind, glistening underneath the afternoon sun.

“It’s true that the final exam is almost upon us…..everyone is studying so hard without even having much time to sleep…..but…..aren’t you guys getting a bit worn out from keeping at this pace?”

Rumia stood there with a gentle smile resting on her face.

“So isn’t this Sensei’s way of giving us just a slight breather?”

Those clear sea-colored eyes were full of nothing but trust for Glenn…..

“Hmmm…..certainly, the atmosphere of the class has been somewhat stiff recently….”

“Ahaha it might be nice if we just have some fun time instead of actual classwork.”

The student’s seemed to all be in agreement that this was the most natural course of action.

“Ooi! You guys! Let’s hurry up and play [dodge ball]!?”

“Jeez! Just this time alright!? Seriously, it’ll only be this once you got it!?

Frolicking on the court like a little child and waving his hands towards the students, Sistine whose resolve had crumbled at long last, crossed her arms and turned away from him with a *huff*.

“….Well a break isn’t so bad everyone once in awhile.”


The students headed to the court with a wry smile plastered on their face.



And so…after various things.

Cheerful shouts of joy could be hear lingering throughout the courtyard for a short while.

“Hehehe! Prepare yourself Rumia! Yaa!”

“To weak! Wendy!”

“Ooooh! Nice dodge Rumia-chan! Hey pass it this way! Pass!”

The students were enthusiastically playing dodge ball, relieving the stress that had accumulated from the near constant studying.

“Hmm. This team is looking a bit weak. ……What are you going to do? Sensei.”

Gibul who was originally not too enthusiastic about playing, seemed to be slowly warming up to the relaxing atmosphere.

“Ahh Re=L got the ball….this is…”



“Uwaaaaaaa!? Sensei got blown away!?”

In such a normal scene filled with endless laughter ──

(Ahaha…this is fun….)

Rumia sincerely thought that from the bottom of her heart as she continued to play with everyone with a smile glued to her face.


(…..I wish these days…..would continue forever…..)

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