Roku de Nashi Vol 8 Chapter 4

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Just a quick brief lesson in swords, it might not matter or it might, but the author uses both the word katana and uchigatana so I’m gonna explains what I was able to google. Also they used some niche words for the sword descriptions so a bit hard for me to describe.

Think of an uchigatana as pretty much a katana, from what I could find a “Katana” is any long single edged sword but some sources noted that “uchigatanas” were made for foot soldiers and were of poorer quality, got blunt, and made to be tossed away compared to the staple image of “Katanas” which are said to be excellent quality. Idk I’m not a swordsmith. I don’t think the author went that far into cause he refers to the same sword as both an uchigatana and katana so eh. Fact of the day at least.

Chapter 4 Chaotic Study Abroad Life 

St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy.

In the dimly lit dean’s room, with the curtains closed.

“…So what do you think? Today is already the fifth day….have you confirmed it yet? Is it her?”

With her hands joined together Marianne, the dean of the academy, asked a question to the female student standing in front of her.

“….Not yet “

With a voice similar to that of a ringing bell, the girl replied with a dignified voice full of vigor.

“There was a magic battle practice the other day…she wasn’t allowed to do anything but defend so she wasn’t even taking it serious. I couldn’t see the extent of her then….”

The girl quietly raised her empty left hand, and like a magic trick, a sword had appeared in the blink of an eye.

A slightly curved sword with a Chinese Clematis flower etched on its hilt as a coat of arms, housed in a similarly curved black-glossed scabbard.

A pattern similar to water caltrops was artfully arrange in a line using the cloth wrapped around the handle. 
(TN: If your curious what it looks like google 柄巻き)

The girl grasped it with her right hand….tightly. And gently started to pull. So far about four inches of the blade had extended from its scabbard.

The material of the sword itself was tamahagane steel. The forging of that sword gave its ridges a grain-like composition. Its temper pattern was like a burning flame.

The blade was polished to the point it could pass as a mirror, and a pair of sharp eyes were reflected along it.

It was absolutely beautiful. In terms of usage and artistic value. A piece of art that combines conflicting attributes into a higher dimension.

A sword that is rarely seen in the Empire ── an [Uchigatana].

An Eastern sword.

“I have confidence in myself. Ever since my father was defeated I’ve gone through hellish training for the sole purpose of defeating her. But I want to be absolutely sure, so I want to observe her a little more.”

“Is that right. Well be as careful as you can….anyhow….”

Saying that, Marianne smiled.

“Don’t forget that you have a fatal defect.”

Hearing that, the eyes of the girl reflected on the blade…..the space between her brows slightly clouded.

“Hmm? I wonder if hearing that offended you?I beg your pardon….it’s only cause I’m worried about you…after all, you’re my important…..”

“Are you in any position to say that?”

Although the girl could kill off the emotions from her face, a hint of annoyance could be heard at the end of her words.

Trying to turn away from the disorder in her heart…..

“Shut up and don’t look at me like that, Marianne. Without a doubt I’ll definitely…..I’ll definitely kill her.”


A clear metallic sound could be heard as the girl put her sword back in its scabbard.


Around that time ── in the class of the 2nd year students at Alzano Imperial Academy of Magic.

Celica, who was writing on the blackboard, suddenly broke the piece of chalk and blinked her eyes in surprise.

“Oh my, I wonder if I was a bit too enthusiastic right now – ?”

With a wry smile, Celica picked up the broken piece of chalk that had fallen to the floor.

“I’m sure it’s just because you’re exhausted, Professor Arfonia….why not take a quick rest?”

With a twitch in her cheek, Wendy spoke to her with worry in her voice.

“That’s right….I wonder if my shoulders are a bit too stiff. This isn’t something I’m used to.”

And with a groan Celica stretched out as far as she could.

“But….it’s a bit tough to teach such a splendid class. And Glenn was doing this every day huh….I’m a bit impressed.”

“T-That’s right! Glenn-sensei was always teaching such good lessons so that we’d understand everything perfectly, right!?”

“S-Sensei was….aahh he was always thinking of us during his lessons.”

“I wonder what he’s doing right now!? Hurry up and come back!”

Kash and Celica were strangely praising Glenn.

If one looked closely they could see Gibul, Teresa, and Rin….all the students in this second year class had a stiff expression with a cold sweat dripping off their face.

But being oblivious to the situation concerning the class, Celica rolled up her sleeves while praising Glenn in glee.

“Hoho! Now with that said! I’ll try my best to fill the hole that Glenn left behind!”

“”””No! It’s fine if the professor doesn’t push herself too hard!””””

The group of students screamed in harmony with tears in their eyes while frantically shaking their heads.

One could see how Celica’s lessons were progressing so far on the blackboard behind her──a super-complex and sophisticated magical equation that was too advanced to understand what functionality it held anymore was carefully written.

Of course, in this room full of students, not a single one could comprehend it.

“Hahaha don’t hold back my dear pupils. It’s inexcusable that I’m only at this level of teaching you such simple magic….but I’ll show you that I can at least substitute for him!”

“N-No that’s not the issue professor…..” (Wendy was turning pale.)

“The function of dimensional amplification that siphons energy from the multidimensional parallel world to the subjective viewpoint of the first world order might as well be on the same level as 1 + 1 for the professor….” (Gibul with a cold sweat.)

“W-We want to learn more about 1 + 1….” (Rin said with tears in her eyes.)

However, the cries of such students never reached Celica who was happily standing in for Glenn.

“However, if you do it this way! The output is increased by 256% and the attribute of conceptual destruction is added!”

The formulas on the blackboard that were already above the students comprehension went even one step further.

(Huh……didn’t we start with the magic formula of the basic attack spell [Gale・Blow]…..?)

(How did that formula get disfigured this much….this is no longer anything close to [Gale・Blow]….)

(Uuuu….why did this happen…..Glenn who was able to match the content of his lessons to us really was amazing……)

The students had no choice but to cry in anguish in front of this monstrosity.

Once she finished demonizing the poor formula, Celica looked back with a smile and puffed out her chest like she was proud.

“And that’s that.  If you follow this equation ── You    can    kill    God.”

“”””Like hell we cooooouuuuuld!?””””

“”””Glenn-sensei, hurry up and come baaaaaaack!?””””

“I don’t wanna do this anymooooore! I wanna hurry and go hoooomeeeeee!”

Around that time ── at St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy, far from the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

Glenn was frantically running through the hallways at breakneck speed.

“Ahhh, please wait a momeeeent! Renn-senseiiiiiiii!”


Led by Francine, a horde of female students were chasing after Glenn.

“Hey, Sensei! Won’t you join us for lunch!”

“N-No way! Stay away from meeeeeeee! If I’m with you ──”

And, at that time.

“Hey! Francineeeeeeeee! Oi, what are you bastards doing to my Renn-sensei!?”

And then a group of girls with Colette at the head appeared in front of him.

“Sensei is going to be having lunch with us! Don’t get in our way!”

“Kyaa !? Just leaveeeeeeeeee!”

Glenn suddenly stopped….



Francine and her group finally caught up enough that they were able to cling to Glenn.

“What are you doing you assholes!? Get away from Renn-sensei!”


Eventually Colette’s group joined in on assaulting Glenn.

“Please remove yourself…..from Renn-sensei…! Colette!”

“You….don’t cling to Renn-sensei like that…..! Francine!”

“Hey! Everyone! Do it!”

“Oi! Back me up!”


And then, with Glenn at their epicenter, the two groups began a magic battle.

As a showy display of lighting and blast magic filled the corridor…..

“​[Heed my call great wind!]”​


A fierce gust of wind rushed through the corridor, sweeping Francine and Colette’s entourage across the hallway.


Clinging to both his left and right sides, Francine and Colette turned their heads back.

“Seriously…you guys are……!”

Standing there was Sistine holding out her left hand, letting out a sigh from being in an extremely unpleasant mood……

“Ahaha Ms. Francine and Ms. Colette…..don’t you think you’re just a bit too close to the teacher? Even such a kind teacher would be bothered don’t you think? Mh? Mhh?”

Her words may have been courteous, but the serious glint in Rumia’s eyes showed her true feelings.

“Hey Sensei! Get away from those people! Don’t you wanna hurry up and eat with us!?”

“Fufu, I’m sure Re=L’s hungrily waiting?”

*Gui gui…..* The ones saying that were of course Sistine and Rumia who were clinging to Glenn’s back.

“Hey wait! You guys! Renn-sensei was planning to ─”

“O-Oi! Renn-sensei is with me ─”

“Hmmm…..and? Wasn’t Sensei our teacher to begin with, before you even met her?”

Hearing them voice their dissatisfaction, Sistine coldly replied to Francine and Colette.

As soon as she said that a threatening aura dominated the area.

*Ho!* As if they were on the same wavelength the two girls released Glenn at the same time.

“H-Huh….? You guys….?”

And in the middle of them was a perplexed Glenn…..

“Sistine. Rumia. It’s true that you guys may have been instructed by Renn-sensei all this time. I’ll recognize that. In fact the other day we were completely beaten….”

“However….ever since that day, we’ve been diligently receiving Renn-sensei’s lessons, and studying to the utmost of our ability what it means to be a mage….”

“How a mage ought to be, how to use magic, the foundations of magic, magic combat theory…’s true that we we’re just acting tough and in fact didn’t know a damn thing….it was a slap in the face for us.”

“I think that after being able to meet with Renn-sensei I’ve grown tremendously as a mage.”

Saying such provocative words, Francine and Colette smiled at Sistine and Rumia.

“I think it’s about time we’ve had a revenge match isn’t it?”

*Gogogogogo*! If a menacing atmosphere could be heard it would certainly be heard right about now.

“I’ll show you what I’ve learned these past days that I’ve been diligently studying.”

“Fufufu, you think that the complete essence of Sensei’s lesson can be fully digested in that short amount of time….?”

*Zugogogogogo….* An even more menacing sound could be heard from before…..

── An all girls school. Beautifully ripe flowers in a garden perfect for the plucking. A world full of nothing but girls. A dreamy paradise where nothing but noble girls gather…..──

Suddenly, the words of his beloved teacher resounded in Glenn’s head.

── Now close your eyes and just imagine it?In such a refined and sophisticated place….beautiful maidens that are simply divine like fairies…..──

I see I see, if you look around you could feel how refined and sophisticated this place was (the countless corpses of the mobs that Sistine defeated with her spell lying around on the ground in each and every direction).

“Francine! Cover me! I’ll crush those bastards!”

“Rumia! Watch my back! I’m going to punish those self-centered brats!”

I see I see, such beautiful maidens that are so divine like fairies innocently playing with each other (because they were so close to each other they’re exchanging electric shock and powerful winds).

── If you can earn the trust of the girls while teaching there….those ones just might be a bit bothered cause of how popular you’ll get…..but that in itself would also be a bit cute ──

With a half open eye, Glenn fixed his view on the cute girls before him.

“Sensei doesn’t belong to you guys! Please refrain yourself!”

“Silence yourself! If that’s the case I’ll snatch him by brute force!”

And then──

──That’s right, you can the protagonist of that perfect world of pleasure.──

“Ahh, you were right weren’t you, Celica. Right now the perfect world of pleasure that I wanted is unfolding right before my very eyes….this is enough to move me to tears….hahaha…..hahahaha…..”

In front of Glenn was the scene he had once desired.

Glenn let out a calm laughter and gazed upon the scene before him for a short while….and then….

“Tch, this is wrooooooooong! This isn’t the paradise I wanted!”

Having escaped from reality for long enough, Glenn finally reached his wits end and screamed towards the heavens.

And so Glenn ran to stop the rampaging students who were trying to off one another.

“Hey! Cut it ouuuutt! Don’t fight over meeeeee! Huh never thought that I’d say that though ──”

“Aaah!? Wait Sensei you’re in the way!?”


Of course like usual, Glenn got caught up in the middle of spells, this time a compressed air bullet which blew him off to the end of the hallway.

Around that time…in the second year moon classroom which was eerily quiet.


*Po-toon* Re=L had opened her textbook and stared down at it.

A very unusual scene in itself.

Normally Re=L would totter behind wherever Rumia and Sistine went, like a baby chick blindly following its mother…..

But it seemed this time Re=L was by herself of her own choosing.

(For me….there are things I absolutely have to do.)

While vaguely thinking about things like that, Re=L was staring intently down at her notebook.

That’s right. This times short term study abroad….Re=L secretly felt guilty that she involved Glenn, Sistine, and Rumia due to her selfishness.

That’s why Re=L had made a decision.

Instead of relying on them so much….she would use her own strength to overcome the ordeal this time.

(They came her cause of me…..Rumia and Sistine are having fights with everyone in and out of class cause of me…..they’re amazing.)

Re=L turned a page in her textbook. Diligently reading it’s contents.

(And Glenn’s always in the middle of those fights….Glenn is always working hard as a teacher…..he’s too cool.)

On the first day Glenn was greeted with nothing but hostility and unkindness, but now that wasn’t the case anymore. It seemed like everyone had come to fall in love with Glenn.

It must’ve been because Glenn was taking his role as an educator seriously.

(….Nn. Everyone is doing their best …I’ll also do my best. That way Glenn, Rumia, and Sistine won’t be worried anymore…..)

Re=L suddenly turned to the cover of the textbook she held.

(This was the textbook chosen by Glenn……I’m not very smart but….I’m sure if I properly read it it’ll help me a lot…..)

“Listen here!? For the time being since you already have the fundamental knowledge of this book just scan over it alright!? Got it? Shit those two are already hereeeeee!? Disperse!

Re=L recalled Glenn’s words from the other day where he pressed a book into her hands and then left in a strange panic.

(Nn….Glenn. I’ll do my best. Do my best, at studying abroad? Make it successful….Sistine and Rumia….and with everyone in our class….I’ll spend time with everyone in our class.)

With that determination in mind, Re=L returned to her studying.

Those usually sleepy, half-closed eyes were currently wide open and focused.

Re=L focused to the upmost  of her ability almost as if she were pumped full of adrenaline in a life or death situation.

Carefully reading the text starting at the upper left page and ending on the lower right, Re=L flipped through the pages.

(…Nn. Amazing. This book from Glenn ….I feel like the more I read the stronger I get…I think studying might be…..a bit enjoyable….?)

It seemed that Re=L was motivated from the bottom of her heart.

If I’m constantly studying and slowly moving forward step by step, I wonder if one day I’ll be able to catch up to Rumia and Sistine…?

At that time while Re=L was thinking such thoughts.


Someone timidly called out to Re=L.

It was the petite bespectacled beauty….Elsa.

“What? Don’t get in my way. Right now I’m studying.”

Giving a quick glance towards Elsa, Re=L let out a curt reply.

“Ah….I’m sorry….b-but that….”

Finding it hard to speak, Elsa was fidgeting around.


“W-Well…..isn’t that book upside down….?”

After hearing Elsa point that out, Re=L motionlessly stared at her book for a short while….

“…..I didn’t notice.”

Re=L slowly flipped the book right side up.

“H=Huh….? The fact that you were reading the book upside and still turning the pages in the correct order…means that you were reading it backwards starting from the last page….hey Re=L I’m just curious, have you ever read a book before….?”

“That’s not it. Glenn said I should diligently scan through it.”

“So were you able to comprehensively understand it then…?”

And in response to such an inquiry from Elsa.

Re=L stared straight ahead at Elsa and gave a dignified answer.

“Nn. Completely, did not understand it. This, what type of book is it?”


“….But it’ll be okay. Because….I have a feeling that I’m already getting stronger.”

……With a somewhat expressionless face, Re=L puffed out her chest with pride.

Indeed she was giving off an aura like someone proud of themselves.

“….T-That….I don’t think that’s quite how you study….”

Elsa couldn’t help but give off an ambiguous smile.

“…It’s no good?”

“Hmm I know you’re worried about studying but…..I can’t think of anything that would help you.”

“….I see….It’s hopeless….”

After hearing her friend Elsa say that……Re=L drooped her shoulders in dejection.

“…..But…..I refuse….to give up…”

And so, Re=L went back to reading her textbook with a somewhat grim expression.

“Hmm foundation of incantations….? Syn…tax….? Paleog…raphy…? Disassembling verses…..ideographic runes and…phonetic runes …mmn….too difficult….mmm….mmm….hmm….hmm….”

Although she had only been studying for a mere ten seconds, the cute sounds of Re=L snoring could already be heard.

“…Huh! It’s no good….I have to take this seriously….but reading usually makes me tired….maybe reading upside-down is best after all….but then I won’t understand it….muu it’s hopeless…..”

Re=L wrinkled her brows with a depressed look on her face. If someone were to look at her from afar, it’d be plain to see how troubled she was right now.

“Ahaha….Re=L really is interesting after all.”

And Elsa couldn’t help but smile at such a Re=L.

“Hey Re=L….if you really intent on studying that much…do you want to study with me? If there’s something you don’t understand, then I’ll try to teach it to you to the best of my abilities.”


Re=L fixed her eyes on Elsa who was giving such a carefree smile.

Elsa. Someone she just happened to meet accidentally.

Somehow, this felt like the first acquaintance Re=L was able to make without sticking close to Glenn.

Being helped at Reitzel・Cruz station, being guided to her destination of St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy, Elsa would even help her with the various problems that ignorant of the world Re=L would encounter.

In all honesty, Re=L didn’t particularly hate this girl named Elsa.




The Re=L of the past used to be a girl whose existence relied on that of her older brother’s, who had no interest in anyone but Glenn.

In recent days she’s changed though, getting along better and better with Sistine and Rumia, slowly opening up to the rest of her fellow classmates. Showing more of a personality.

However, it was due to the fact that she’s been relying on Sistine and Rumia that she’s progressed this much.

If she didn’t have them, she’d be just as alone in class as she normally was.

Even now, she was a bit reluctant to talk to her normal classmates if Sistine or Rumia weren’t there.

And that’s the exact reason why Re=L was so adamant about refusing the study abroad program.

She knew that somehow or another it’d just end up in ruin. Always depending on Glenn, Rumia, or Sistine…..she’s been wondering for awhile now if that was truly alright.

She’s always been following behind Glenn and the others. At the rate it’s going it’s entirely possible that she might get left behind one day….that’s the feeling she got.

──Hahaha. Don’t think of it like that….that’s right, why don’t you try making a friend or two this time around. That way those two will feel a bit relieved.──

The words that Glenn spoke to Re=L on the trip over suddenly reverberated within Re=L’s chest right now.

That’s why this might be a perfect opportunity. Re=L thought that she’d summon the courage and take one step forward this time.

If Rumia and the others weren’t with her then it’s possible she wouldn’t have been able to say a single thing….

“….Nn. I got it….teach me….how to study….”

Re=L whispered that. So quietly that the end was barely audible.

Her face which was looking downwards, really did have it’s usual expressionless, sleepy feel to it. But her innermost feelings were exposed, and it was plain to see that she was struggling to even utter those basic words.

“…That…..lets…..please take care of me….umm……El….sa….”

A sound smaller than the flapping of a bugs wings, but despite the fact, Elsa was able to clearly hear her.


Elsa blinked her eyes in response to Re=L’s plea.

Before long she smiled cheerfully and took Re=L’s hand.

Re=L was perplexed by Elsa’s actions. But it wasn’t a bad feeling.

Seeing Elsa’s cheery smile, somehow made Re=L feel a bit warm herself.

Rather than being anxious, she currently felt at ease. That’s just the way the world worked.

At St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy cafeteria, crowded full of people.

Sistine and Rumia, Francine and Ginny, Colette, and whats more even their whole entourage, were bustling about with Glenn at the center.

Each of them putting their desired lunch on a tray and working to finish it.

Sitting to the right of Glenn was Sistine, and to his left was Rumia.

And in front of him were Francine, Ginny, and Colette.

“Ohoho…..we should’ve agreed to this from the beginning, that way we all could eat next to Renn-sensei and converse,” Francine said.

“Ahaha! Hell right! I’ll let it slide just for today!” Colette said.

“That’s right! Food taste the best when everyone’s together!”Sistine said.

“I feel like we’ll shorten the distance between one another every time we eat together right?” Rumia said.

…..But despite what they were saying, there was nothing close to friendliness reflected in their eyes.

They were in a state of barely restraining themselves while sparks scattered through the air.

“….Wow, it’s the harem I’ve always dreamed of…..and I’m not at all happy about it….”

Glenn who was full before he could even eat a single bite couldn’t help but be troubled at the turn of events.

“….My stomach hurts….why’d even White-cat and Rumia have to come as well….?”

“It’s hard being such a popular teacher isn’t it.”

Ginny comforted Glenn who was hanging his head with a voice devoid of emotion.

“Oi don’t talk like you’re not part of the problem.”

“Because I’m not part of the of the problem.”

Ginny was indifferent towards Glenn who seemed to hold a grudge against her.

“But…..well though things may seem like this, you still have have my gratitude, Sensei.”


Saying that, Ginny gave Glenn a fleeting glance and winked at him.

And just after that….

“Hey, Sistine. Aren’t ya seriously strong though….are you really the same age as us?”

“In fact, are you guys still in school…you sure you haven’t graduated yet?”

“Ms. Francine and Ms. Colette…isn’t it just cause you guys couldn’t work well together…..? I mean aren’t you two just a bit too self-centered for that….?”

“Tch…..follow me after this, Colette…..we’ll practice cooperating together….”

“That’s right….if we can’t get along then we’ll have no chance against them….”

Such talks could clearly be heard between Sistine and the other two.

“Nn? These guys……by chance, did you guys unexpectedly become close friends….?”

Glenn blinked his eyes a couple times in surprise.

“Under the teachers guidance, I wonder if our absolute number one worst class in history might just get a bit better.”

“What are you talking about?”

Glenn asked Ginny to clarify her cryptic words.

“I mean after all… this sorry excuse of a school made to enclose a bunch of young girls ignorant of the world, said girls were all but forced to make [Cliques]….made for the sole purpose of maintaining their own identity…it’s a bunch of girls playing house.”


“Well they can’t help it. Everyone here is naive and whether it’s in a house or stockades, their freedoms will inevitably be restricted, that’s the kind of position they’re in. They hardly have any choice in deciding their own future. So of course they’ll want to rebel against such state of affairs. In this way at least, in this confined world of theirs, they can feel that their [power] here is special. It’s no wonder that they try to act so pretentious…..they’re still so immature.”


“However….thanks to you magnificently smashing their pride, they realized they can’t beat the [real thing] by being pretentious, that they’re not even close to the [real thing]. Being taught how a [mage] should be by you… arrogant and sinful group of people that bends and distorts even the realities of world for their own wishes and desires, isn’t that freedom. …..but for those girls who lived merely thinking that their house or situation dictated what kind of life they must life, it certainty was an eye-opener.”


“Although it won’t change at once, but don’t you think that the conflicts between the various two [cliques] might ease up a bit? …..After all, it seems like everyone is on the brink of puberty.”

“Hey Ginny, how old are you?I feel like you’re a bit too mature?”

“…..Please leave that as it is.”

It seems that in his astonishment Glenn managed to slightly offend Ginny.

“Sigh….but I wonder where Re=L went off to?”

Sistine murmured that while twirling pasta around on her fork.

“That’s right….after we went through all the trouble to eat with everyone….if Re=L was here I’d be so happy….”

“Re=L, Re=L’s that blue one? Is she something like your guys buy one get her half off?”

Colette heartily responded while chewing on a piece of rye bread with her elbows on the table.

“….Isn’t that her over there?”

“Eh!? Where!?”

And the place where Colette pointed her finger ──

“Ah! Re=L…”

“And Elsa….”

Sitting on the other side of the table, Re=L and Elsa could be seen eating a meal side by side.

“….Thanks for teaching me, Elsa. This is your reward….a strawberry tart.”

“Ah…..I’m sorry, Re=L…I’m not very good with strawberries…’s a bit too much for me…..”

“Is that right? …….Poor Elsa…..”

“Ahh you’re looking at me like I’m the most unfortunate person in the world….”

“It’ll be okay….I’ll eat Elsa’s portion of the strawberry tarts…..”

“….Re=L your eyes are shimmering an awful lot right now…..”

And that was as much as they could hear.

But Elsa was constantly smiling and Re=L didn’t seem to be there against her will.

“Oi look, Francine ….”

“Hmm. Elsa huh….I see….so even you’re able to smile like that with someone huh.”

Seeing Re=L and Elsa getting along so well, Francine seemed to be slightly relieved.

“Come to think of it….Elsa’s always alone in class instead being in one of your groups? …..What’s up with that? Are you guys bullying her? Ostracizing her?”

“I don’t think it’s right to do that….you should try to get along.”

Sistine and Rumia stared at Francine and the others with reproachful eyes.

“Oi….you bastards are bullying her? You guys are seriously tormenting an innocent girl right before my eyes?”

Glenn took a short breath and squeezed his fist shut.

“No it’s not like that at all!? It’s not our fault that she’s by herself!?”

“That’s right! That child decided to distance herself from us all on her own accord! In the first place, the act of bullying is disgraceful to us nobles who are supposed to protect the weak!”

Seeing Glenn in that state, Colette and Francine got flustered and tried to offer an explanation.

“She transferred into our class halfway through the first semester…..”

“Of course Colette and I each tried to invite her to our cliques though. For the sake of increasing our power!”

“You guys….have been this way since the beginning huh.”

“But….for some reason or another….she’s always declining our invitations….always by herself, or should I say always choosing to be by herself….”

“Excellent grades, good conduct. She’s always courteous and good-mannered to anyone she meets….but it feels like she’s putting up a wall against others…..a gentle lone wolf…..”

“That’s why we’re surprised. That that Elsa’s able to make expressions like that.”

Glenn thinks over their surprising response for a minute.

(But….is Elsa really a loner? It doesn’t really seem like that though….)

Elsa was mature for her age, but she still seemed sociable and to have many friends.

The truth of the matter was that her behavior towards Re=L seemed to prove she wasn’t a loner at all.

If that were the case then why does she go out her way for Re=L? If she wanted to get along with the exchange students then Sistine or Rumia would’ve been a better choice compared to the almost mute Re=L.

Of course it could be a coincidence….that she happened to get along with Re=L.

“To tell you the truth, that child….is carrying a burden in her heart.”

“….A burden?”

“How should I say it…..apparently it’s something that would make us pity her….that’s why she’s been distancing herself from us….not that she should worry about that though.”

“I’m a bit hesitant to say anything more than that.”

The problem burdening Elsa’s heart. Her reason to keep others at an arm’s distance.

Although they were worried… wasn’t good to pry into others business….until the person themself spoke of it.

“Well….anyhow, isn’t it nice that she can smile like that with someone?”

“Yes, it’s a bit of a relief.”

Colette and Francine smiled at ease.

A gentle aura flows through the atmosphere…..

“Ha! Be real with me, you’re just trying to gloss over the fact that your guys cliques do underhanded things aren’t you?”

And Glenn ruined the calm mood without a moments hesitation.

“Ugh…..I can’t deny that, but… “

“W-We weren’t just faking it though….”

“Hmm how should I say it….well it really is a relief.”

Glenn was broadly grinning at the dejected Colette and Francine.

“At the start I thought that you guys were a bunch bad-mannered girls….but it turns out you’re unexpectedly nice. I don’t really hate that ya’know? That type of thing.”

And so.

Ho!Ho! Francine and Colette’s cheeks immediately turned bright red ──

“Th!? What! Y-You love me!?”

“W-W-Wait Sensei! I’m still only fifteen!? It’s too soon!?And we’re both women ── I still haven’t prepared my heart yet for ─”

“Like I said, you guys are too heavyyyyyyyyy!! How did you guys get to that just from [I don’t hate that], Franc─!?”

Here and there.

At the beginning, it seemed that the study abroad life was full of troubles and had a dark storm hanging over it.

But after the disputes between the cliques settled down it seemed that things were looking up.

……A certain courtyard during a free period.

In the middle of the lawn surrounded by trees.


Ginny’s double bladed slash, at such a high speed left behind a blur ──


Re=L’s greatsword, held overhead repelled her attack head on.

“Ugh ku──!?”

The heavy shock of the blade rattled Ginny’s whole body and both her swords flew out of her hands ─

For just a moment it seemed that sword moved as fast as lighting.

With the sword right before her throat, Ginny raised both her hands.

“It’s my loss. …..As expected, Re=L. You’re as strong as ever.”


Drawing her sword back, Re=L’s staple weapon started to dissipate into thin air.

“I see….I’ve seem to identified the problem. You can easily read me cause I’m obstinately fixated on certain places right?”

“Nn. It’s easy to read your next moves.”

“Fufu….you say the same thing as my grandfather. Anyways, thank you very much for your assistance today.”

“….Nn. I’ll be your partner whenever you need it.”

Re=L saw off Ginny who was wearing a somewhat satisfied expression.

“Yeaah, no matter how many times I see you in action, you’re just too amazing.”

Elsa was anxiously watching the match from the sidelines.

“I wish I was like you….but hey, why are you that strong in the first place?”

“I don’t really understand it. My technique….it’s not my own.”

“….What does that mean….?”

Elsa cocked her head to side in response to Re=L’s strange words.

“I can’t tell you…..or actually, I don’t how to.”

Re=L cast her eyes downward looking a bit uncomfortable.

“But…this technique is very important to me….when I use this technique, I can feel the presence of Sion-niisan and Ilushia who passed away…..more than anything….Glenn or Rumia or Sistine….I can protect my loved ones.”

“Ilushia….? Hmmm…is that right….it’s an important technique…”

Elsa gave off a gentle smile without prying deeper.

“Wielding a sword for the sake of protecting something…..? That might be the source of your power. How nice…..if I were strong like you then….”

“It’s okay…. Elsa too, I’ll …..”

And at the time that Re=L was about to say something.



Once again, Glenn’s shrieks could be hear somewhere on the campus grounds….

“….Nn. It’s about time to return, Elsa. …..can you teach me how to study again?”

“Of course.”

And then, those two walked side by side.

The days spent at St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy quickly passed by without a hitch.

Every day, Glenn was at the center of the trouble created by Francine and Colette along with the other girls in the class. And for some reason Sistine and Rumia joined their antics, and it soon got out of control.

And within such a maelstrom, Elsa and Re=L were deepening their friendship.

Their wavelengths perfectly matched each other. Recently, Re=L’s been spending her free time with Elsa instead of Glenn, Sistine, and Rumia like how she usually would.

“….Everyone’s doing their best, so I’ll study and do my best too.”

Re=L was unusually enthusiastic about studying, so she had been asking Elsa to help her….And Elsa always responded with a gentle look.

And that’s how the days continued to pass by….

And so, when the sun had completely set, and the silence of the cold night dominated the outside world.

In the joint noble student・faculty dormitory located on the grounds of St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy.

In a spacious bathhouse, made from high-quality marble ──

“Ahh, this body really causes my shoulders to get stiff….”

Hidden behind a cloud of white steam, Glenn (in a woman’s body) was submerged in a bath full of hot water large enough to swim in, lazily stretching out his limbs.

“Fuu….it’s so nice! The current time slot is just for teachers! And there’s no other teachers living in this temporary residence aside from me… other words, this time during the bath is the only time that I can have some private time…..”

Of course Glenn was monologuing to himself….but at that time.

There were signs that a large amount of people were bustling outside of the bathhouse in the changing room.

“Sensei! I’ve heard that you’re taking a bath right now! Please allow us to join you!”

“Sensei! I’ll wash your back for you!”

Francine and Colette… well as the voices of other girls in the moon class could be heard.

“Of course huh?……Well I had a hunch. Just do as you like already…..”

As if had predicted it, Glenn sighed and resigned himself to his fate.

“….But this situation….if I think about it, isn’t this a pretty amazing gift? Gehehehe…..”

Glenn let out a vulgar laugh once he realized he’d struck gold.

After all, in this situation he could look at the nude nubile bodies of the female students up close and personal, legally and without fear of any social repercussions.

“Tch! At first I thought that this would be a serious pain in the ass….in fact I’ve been going through a terrible experience every day…..but this reward has made forget all about that….woohooo! I’m so glad I’m aliveeeeee!”

Glenn unintentionally cried out after thinking of all the hardships he’s had to face so far.

And before long──


The door to the bathhouse opened and with Francine and Colette leading the charge, a countless amount of girls began to pour in──

“Uhyaaaaa!? Her they comeee!?”


Glenn suddenly stood up from the bath, clenched his fist, and started to dance in glee.

What had appeared before his eyes, beyond the steam veil, was enough female skin to rival that of Shangri-la.

The outline of Francine’s somewhat dainty, but captivating limbs.

Colette’s wild, beautifully bewitching body.

And then all of the girls behind them, freely showing off their lustrous bodies within the steam.

From a petite loli-like girl, to a voluptuous one who would put a model to shame, this precious scene was akin to a paradise that housed all the different types of female beauty.

It truly was a scene d’art.

This was a garden of pleasure ──

“Mhhh…..? Sensei….?”

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying….?”

In response to Francine and Colette’s much-justified question…..

“Hahaha….there’s no reason…..yeah… reason… all…..”

In order to protect his irreplaceable everyday life, choosing to live a life of solitude fighting on the other side of the world for all of eternity….like the protagonist of a story like that, Glenn was proudly smiling while crying.

“That’s right….with this it’s fine….my choice at that time….it wasn’t a mistake….”

“Hehe, what a strange teacher. But…’s a bit embarrassing if you stare at me that much….”

With her cheeks somewhat red, Francine covered her breast with her arms and writhed about.

“Seriously…..what’s to be shy about during some female bonding!? Don’t worry about that, anyways come over here Sensei! Everyone will wash your back for you!”
(TN I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to wash up before you get in the bath, but hey fanservice logic.)

Colette was urging Glenn to come sit on the stool next to her.

And then ──

“Now then, let me offer my gratitude for your everyday guidance, please excuse me.”

“If there’s something you wish for please tell us without hesitation!?”

Countless girls clung to Glenn’s squatting body, gracefully washing his backs, hands, and legs. A myriad of sponges containing plenty of soap and water, rub Glenn’s whole body, covering him with soapy suds ──

“…..I’m finally a winner.” (Spray)

Glenn’s facial expression, which had been quite thuggish before, was now one of a dignified ruler.

He felt the pleasant feeling of the bubbles, along with the gentle touch of the girl’s hands caressing his body.

Glenn was feeling complete euphoria.

“Hmm, I wonder if Alzano Magic Academy should just be destroyed.”

“Eh? Did you say something just now, Sensei?”

“No no no no …nothing at all.”

“By the way, Sensei! How are you feeling!?”

“It may take some time, but please forgive us.”

“It’s fine it’s fine don’t worry about that, take as much time as you need! Hahahaha…..”

Glenn being the generous person he was, entrusted his body and soul to the girls a bit longer…..

But at that time.

……An uncomfortable feeling began to run through Glenn’s female body.

Looking at him one could see a remarkable amount of smoke rising from his body and his pulse was rapidly increasing…..

……And that’s when he remembered this weird sensation.

“….Wait….? T-This is… way….?”

Recalling when he last turned ghastly pale. This sensation was the same one he felt when Celica forced him to take the gender-changing medicine in order to become a woman… was completely the same.

Meaning that ──

(Geh!? I’m seriously turning back to a male now!? This damn timing!?)

The technique used to transform one’s sex was a fairly advanced and peculiar magic, compared to other metamorphic spells the duration of this one wasn’t as long. Therefore, in order to maintain the transformation, it was necessary for him to take a special type of drug….

(Wa-, it wasn’t supposed to be time to take my medicine yet though!? Damn that Celica, she said this would be fineeeeee!?)

By the way, the medicine Glenn needed was currently all the way in his room.

(This isn’t a joke!? I need to go back to my room and –)

It seriously wouldn’t be funny if I turn into a man right now.

Glenn stood up from the stool in a panic ──

“Wait Sensei it’s not over yet!”

“Aren’t you exhausted? Please relax for awhile longer.”

The ten odd girls around Glenn clung to him and forcibly sat him back down.

Given the situation, the girls who were previously angels fulfilling his dream of pleasure would soon turn into the reapers that bring about his social ruin.

“Gyah!? Let go of meeeeeee!?”

Glenn was completely caught by the girls who couldn’t even begin to understand his situation.

No matter how much he struggled to free himself, he couldn’t brute force his way through their pure numbers.

“I-I’ve gotten a bit lightheaded! T-That’s why … “

“Now now, don’t say that, Sensei. Let’s have a naked relationship!”

“But right now there’s an awful amount of steam in here…’s hard to see Sensei’s body…..”

“Anyways, Sensei’s body….it seems that it’s getting a bit more stiff….?”

Even while resisting, the uncomfortable feeling in Glenn’s body gained strength.

In the paradise where he could feel the touch of countless young girls’ bodies ── hell was just one step ahead.

(Aaahhhhhhh!? It’s already to lateeeeeeee!?)

……And then.

Naturally, of course.

At that time, the hands of the girls washing Glenn suddenly came to a stop.

Someone poured hot water over Glenn’s body to rid it of the suds.


“W-Well…..what is that body…?”

The dumbfounded Colette and Francine spoke the thoughts of what all the girls had in their hearts at the moment.

“Fuu….that’s right…my (masculine v.) body and your guys body….if you look closely there’s a bit of a difference….mainly around the center part…..”

Glenn’s body….had completely returned to that of a males.

Whether he was serious about it or not, Glenn took a daunting pose, folding his arms so that his whole body was clear to see.

Gazing at him from a distance, the nude students stiffened up in surprise.

The shock from the scene left them devoid of thoughts, leaving behind an indescribably quiet world ──

“Hey you guys! This is no good! Right now it’s the faculty’s bathing time!?”

*Bam!* The silence was broken by the door being violently thrown open.

And who appeared was none other than Sistine and Rumia.

Already finished undressing, they had bath towels wrapped around their bodies. However, the length of the bath towel was quite risque, riding high on their legs, leaving their necks, clavicles, and the top of their chest exposed. The towels did nothing to hide their alluring bodies from public view.

“Anyhow, were you guys scheming trying to wash Sensei’s back!? Such an enviabl- I mean unfair, unethical thing to do…”

“That’s right! It should be us who wash Sensei’s back….”

And continuing with their momentum, those two had started to say some strange things…..and sure enough, they stiffened up.

Their eyes met with Glenn who had continued his imposing pose.


Silence. …….Silence. …….Painful silence. Absolute silence dominated the area.

And then ──


Sistine who came to her senses first, who refined her technique to such an absurd point where she can fire a [Gale・Blow] with a scream ──

“That’s too outrageouuuuuus!?”

── Like usual, Glenn was blown away.

And during the time that a strange  riot was unfolding in the bathhouse.

In the corner of a student lounge in the dormitory….a carpet, sofa, table, paintings, bookshelf, fireplace….a relaxing space to waste away one’s pastime.

On the table was a magic light stone, dimly illuminating the dark room, causing the shadows to rise up on the walls……


Re=L had her textbook and notebook spread across the table quietly, diligently studying.

Only the sound of her quill ink pen gliding across the table could be hear in this space devoid of sound.

Coming to pausing points every now and then, Re=L would take the chance to dip her quill back into its holder.

Letting out a “Nn”, Re=L made a cute sound as she stretched.

…..The door opened up unexpectedly.

“Re=L…’re up. Still studying huh?”

And peeking out from behind the door. Was the bespectacled girl by the name of Elsa.

“Nn. Thanks to Elsa, I’ve come to understand a lot more now.”

“That’s great to hear…..but isn’t it already too late? If you don’t get enough sleep then it won’t stay in your memory right?”

“….Nn. But…..if I don’t study a bit longer….”

Saying that, Re=L picked up her quill once more and resumed her studying.

“Hehe….you’ve been studying so deep into the night recently haven’t you.”

Giving off a light smile, Elsa walked up to where Re=L was sitting and draped a towel along her shoulder.

Due to it’s connection to the spirit pulse and the local climate, the nights of Alzano were cold year round.

“Why are you working this hard?”

“I….I want to be with them….that’s why I’ll study.”

Re=L responded while keeping her eyes focused on the contents of her textbook.

Compared to usual when her eyes had a glossy, tired look to them…. right now the will to properly study and comprehend the textbooks could be seen clear as day.

“Since Glenn and Rumia and Sistine are kind people…..maybe, if I stop studying…it’s possible they’ll still stay with me….that’s how it’s been like till now…..but I feel like with how I’ve been it’s no good.”


“They….I don’t know how to say it but…..I think I’m always walking behind them….that’s why if I want to be with them…..I….I have to walk alongside them…..not just hanging behind…..that’s how I feel….?”

For a short while…..those two remained silent.

Re=L was carefully reading over her textbook, occasionally writing down things in her notebook….with Elsa attentively watching over her.

And before long.

“That’s right….Re=L…’re moving forward….you’re steadily moving toward your ideal future…..unlike me.”


Elsa returned a curious smile to Re=L who cocked her head in slight confusion.

“Hey Re=L…. I wonder what would’ve happened if we didn’t meet each other?If it were you….I think I’d still want to lend you a hand….”

“You would….? Why…..?”

“Why huh…..I want to support you…Is that not a good reason?”

“No, it’s not that. Thank you.”

Re=L turned to look at Elsa, and her mouth turned into a slight smile.

“Nn. Teach me this here. …..I don’t understand it….”

“Hmm….which one….?”

“…Seriously, that was such a horrible experience….”

Glenn, who had changed clothes, went on a walk along the hallway after that ordeal.

His body had already reverted completely back to normal.

The hastily prepared transformation magic had already run it’s course, and he could no longer return to his female form.

“Seriously what the hell is wrong with you guys? Did you guys decide to have a personality change all of sudden or what?”

With a displeased expression on his face, Glenn looked back towards Sistine and Rumia who were trailing behind him.


“Ah, ahaha….we’re sorry, Sensei. Well….we were just a bit jealous that Sensei was getting along better with the other girls than us recently….”

Putting her hands together, Rumia bashfully apologized while saying that.

“What!? What are you talking about Rumia!? I-It’s not like I’m particularly jealous….”

“Oi it’s already thus late at night don’t be so loud White-Cat.”

Completely flustered, Sistine couldn’t help but stand there with her mouth agape.

By the way… regard to Glenn’s precious secret getting found out, he decided to give a rather poor excuse of [Due to the after-affects of when I used transformation magic in the past, whenever hot water is poured on me I transform into a male].

It might’ve been a forgery, but the official name and gender on his documentation was [Renn] and [Female], so Sistine and Rumia desperately tried to back up his claims. And luckily, Francine and the others were already madly in love with Glenn and had complete faith in him so they believed his outlandish lie without a hitch; so somehow or another the problem was temporarily resolved.

But just one person, Ginny, with an [Ah….] seemed to have realized something….but without even having anything needed to be said, she understood this was the type of situation where she shouldn’t ask questions. Honestly speaking, it was like a gift from god.

“Damn, leaving that aside….it’s already this late huh….”

Glenn sighed when he saw the time displayed on his pocket watch.

“What the hell am I doing…I should be making sure Re=L is studying….”

“That’s right….we got too caught up in the antics of the others and been happily playing around…..while Re=L is on the edge of a cliff…..”

Sistine murmured that with regret in her voice.

“That reminds me, Re=L…..she hasn’t really been taking parts in our fights has she? It kinda feels like….she’s been away from us more than usual recently….”

“I left it as it is because I thought it would be a good opportunity for her to get some independence and self reliance, but….maybe we’ve left her alone just a bit too much….mainly from an academic perspective.”

Glenn and Sistine both let out a sigh at the same time.

“Sensei, Sisti. Isn’t there still time? Can’t we still help her?”

“That’s right. If we can work together we can teach Re=L how to study….”

“But…isn’t she already asleep by now?well no choice then, we’re gonna wake her up ──”

While having such a conversation, Glenn and the others happened to pass by the front of the lounge…..and at that time.

They could hear voices conversing through the slight gap in the door.

“Hmm? …..Whose there? This late at night….”

Suspicious of who it could be, Glenn quietly looked inside the half opened door…..


And inside, sitting side by side with their backs towards him, was Re=L and Elsa.

Amazingly…..Re=L was studying along side Elsa.

Even more so, Elsa was not one-sidedly teaching her, it seemed Re=L was even a happy participant.

“….Nn….meaning…..this spell…..if I use this magic function it’ll give me the return value?”

“That’s right that’s right… understand a lot don’t you Re=L…..”

“Hmm. Then, in this case….?”

Re=L was asking Elsa for help of her own accord….In other words, Re=L was voluntarily deciding to study. She’s not just being taught. She was actually learning.

“No way….”

Sistine had a look of amazement while she held her hands to her mouth.

It was understandable. At Alzano, Glenn would always be scolding Re=L trying to motivate her to actually study…..that’s why this was such a remarkable scene.

“…That’s definitely her.”

Glenn was staring motionlessly at Re=L’s back….and ended up smiling.

“…..What’s the matter? Sensei.”

Rumia gently asked Glenn that question after seeing his expression change.

“Are we still going to try to help Re=L study after seeing this? But, it feels kinda….”

Hearing that, Glenn dropped his voice and responded.

“Ahh, let’s just leave it as it is for now. ……tt seems this time we’re not the main actors on the stage.”

“Hehehe, that’s right….it seems like that Re=L doesn’t need us today huh?”

“…..As someone similar to an older brother for her, always seeing her so lonely….”

Thus, in that way. The three onlookers quietly left the place without making a sound…..

“…..Good work, Re=L.”

Going on his way, Glenn murmured something so quietly that not even Sistine or Rumia who were right next him could hear it.

And so ──

Before they knew it had already reached the 14th day.

Glenn had just returned the results from the written test he had administered the day before.

“Oh my scores have gone up quite a bit!”

“I’ve also improved quite a bit…..”

The students were quite excited to see their growth under Glenn’s guidance.

Re=L trotted over to where Glenn was as soon as she got her answer sheet back.

“…Praise me, Glenn.”

Re=L shoved her answer sheet in front of Glenn so he could see.

Out of a score of 100 she had gotten 65. Saying it was a good score…..would be nothing short of flattery….but for Re=L, this was remarkable progress.

“…..Good job.”

Glenn was slowly patting Re=L’s head.


Re=L’s eyes squinted slightly due to how wide she was smiling.

“Hey Glenn…I, did my best.”

“Ahh….I know you did.”

“It was thanks to Elsa.”

“That’s right….nice work Elsa.”

Sitting down in his seat, Glenn looked over to see Elsa happily staring at Re=L.

“Ahh no I didn’t do much….I just helped out a bit, Re=L’s the one who put in the work.”

“Nah if you weren’t there she wouldn’t have been able to do that much. no matter how much I’ve tried to teach her it just wouldn’t stick…..hahaha, my self-confidence as an instructor was on the verge of collapsing.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Glenn was laughing at the reality of the situation.

“That’s not true Renn-sensei.”

Elsa responded with a gentle smile.

“Re=L was just never serious about studying until now. But this time, she was desperate to protect the place where she belonged, and stand on equal grounds with everyone…..that’s all it was .”

“I see…..mhhh that Re=L….”

Praising, praising, and.

Re=L was proudly showing her results to Sistine and Rumia as well.

“Turns out….that coming here wasn’t such a bad idea after all.”

One could hear the depths of emotion in Glenn’s voice as he muttered that while following the joyful Re=L with his gaze.

“Now then….”

Saying that, Glenn pulled himself together, clapped his hands, and got everyone’s attention.

“That’s it for today’s classwork. As you know, White-Cat, Rumia, and Re=L…..they’ll only be here with you guys just a bit longer. Well, it’s been a pain in the ass but we’ve also made some memories. How about we have a Magus・Volleyball tournament for the remainder of class?”

Magus・Volleyball was a volleyball-like game using magic. It was a rather popular recreational sport for the students at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

With a [Kyaaa], the girls in the class shrilled in excitement after hearing him say that.

“Oooooooh! As expected of you, Sensei! You really know best !”

“What a splendid idea! Let’s give everyone in the Black Lilies a complete defeat!”

“Oi you guys! You better not lose to the White Lilies you hear me!?”

“….Why are you guys assuming it’ll be a show down between the two cliques….well whatever, it’s fine.”

And so.

Glenn, accompanied with the girls of the classroom in high-spirits, headed outside to the sports field.


But in the middle of that… person, Elsa, quietly separated from the rest of the students streaming outside…..

“Woah, where are you heading, Elsa?”

“That’s right. there’s no way you’re going say something so boorish and unrefined like that you’ll sit this out right?”

The people standing in front of such a Elsa, were Francine and Colette.


“Isn’t today a nice day, Ms. Elsa?”

“Yes, sometimes shouldn’t we all play together?”

At this point Sistine and Rumia had also came over.

But then, Elsa cast her eyes downward and looked a bit helpless.

“B-But…..I….well….I’m not qualified to join you guys….”

“Ms. Elsa. I’ve said this multiple times by now….nobody is going to pay mind to your situation.”

And before they knew it, even the cunning Ginny had shown up.

“You’re the only one whose obsessing over it and restraining yourself. Besides…..doesn’t it seem like your friend wants to play with you?”


Turning her head to look at Ginny, Elsa could see a smirk on her face.

And standing there, quiet and unmoving, was Re=L.

“Elsa….what’s wrong? You’re not going?”

“N-No…..but I’m……”

“I want to play with Elsa…..I cant?”


Re=L continued to stare motionlessly at Elsa.

With such innocent eyes, almost like a child begging their mother for candy.

But after a brief silence, being defeated by such an opponent, Elsa let out a smile.

“….I see…..that’s how it is….I understand…..just for today…..”

Watching from afar, Glenn let out a gentle grwin seeing his students resolve the problem.

This time, it seem’s the study abroad program was a huge success ──

At the time, Glenn completely believed that and didn’t have a single doubt in his mind.


……That night.

(….I wonder if this is really is okay? That I…..)

In a dark an empty room within the student dormitory.

Sitting on the bed, staring at her reflection in the blade she held, a girl asked herself that question.

(That child….is she really that demon that lives in my [Memory of Flames]? It’s almost like….whether she’s [trying to catch up to everyone] or [trying her best to stay with everyone], it’s just her making an honest effort…..)

Forcibly shaking her head, the girl tried to expel such a naive idea from her head.

(….No that’s wrong. Remember the humiliation I felt on that day…..the hatred…..!)

That’s right, I have to defeat that child. Till now that’s all I’ve lived for.

That’s right, after all that child is a fiendish criminal. And ── with my father’s sword.

I have to defeat her. I absolutely have to defeat her. Her proper lawful punishment, my revenge, I’ll make sure she receives it.

After overcoming that child ── my life can finally begin.

But, the more I remember it, the more that the girl in my memory and that child don’t seem to be the same ──

No, in the first place.

The girl who resides in my [Memory of Flames]…..was it really just a mere demon?

Because, at the last minute, she was ──…….


Of course, the sword the girl was staring at offered no response in return.

The eyes reflected in the blade wavered with a hint of hesitation and uncertainty.

Her eyes flickering in anguish….at that time.

“….I don’t think it’s possible, but.”

Visiting in the dead of night ── the dean of the school, Marianne, seemed to just taunt the girl.

“You weren’t touched by her kindness while you’ve been in contact with her have you now? If that’s true it might be a problem….because I can rely only on you…..”

“….Please don’t jest like that.”

The girl murmured that ── and at that moment.

Marianne unintentionally took a breath.

Before she realized it, the tip of the sword had been thrust before her throat.

“The only reason I’ve gotten close to her is to build a high level of trust.”

The girl holding the sword turned towards Marianne, muttering as if she were irritated and staring at her with an icy-cold glare.

“Till now, I’ve been getting a reading on her body movement and breathing patterns. Her true ability….I’ve been observing everything. Certainly, she’s a formidable enemy….but I’ll still win.”

Declaring that, the girl continued to pierce Marianne with her sharp gaze.

“As planned, I’ll start tomorrow. Please go along with the plan.”

“F-Fufufu… expected, you’re that persons daughter. I have high expectations of you….Elsa.”

Marianne said that while trying to stifle a laugh.

Sheathing the sword she held in her hands…..

She took her glasses out from her pockets…..and put them.

“…..Prepare yourself, Re=L……no, Ilushia = Rayford…..”

Murmuring that, Elsa let out such words. Her eyes.

Seemed so cold that they could chill a man’s spine by just being seen by them.

(Sigh, this girl’s as hard to handle as usual….she’s nothing other than a mere tool…..)

Hearing her vow of determination, Marianne continued to look at the back of Elsa.

(But, well whatever….in case of emergency, I have this….if it’s this child then I can easily handle her…..fufufu, that’s why…..I hope at the very least you can be be of some use to me, Elsa….)

There was an antique-looking sword hidden on the Marianne’s back.

And on the guard of her sword, written in ancient letters.

── was the word [Flames].

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  1. ShaDow

    uchigatana is just a classification of katana designed for infantry combat.
    While calvary was still using the descendant longer blade tachi that can be used from a horse, infantry adopted the shorter blade uchigatana for more close quarter combat.
    And because most infantry tend to be of lower classes, uchigatana more commonly found to be of lower quality as a result. thats where the “disposable” came from.
    In reality, because its just a classification there is no reason for a uchigatana made by a skilled blacksmith to be of any lower quality than other type katana.

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