Roku de Nashi Vol 8 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 The Truth About St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy

The first thing I remember is red ──

My set-ablaze house burning red, blood spilling red, my beloved family dyed red.

And above all else ── my eyes burning as I looked at that girl’s flaming hair.

Like always, when I dream ── it’s a dream engulfed in burning flames.

The red, scarlet, and crimson flames of my dreams that still continue to burn my very being.

That’s right, my [Memory of Flame] ──



“Nooooooo! Fatheeeer!?”

Everything was crimson red ── blazing hot.

Flames roaring, a house burning, my father and mother drowning in a pool of blood.

Already reduced to a powerless husk merely clinging to the bodies of my parents, the past me helplessly cried and shouted.

“You…..! How dare you….my father….!? My mother…!?”

A girl was standing there by herself looking up with tears pooling in her eyes.

Standing there seething, flames appeared to be gathering around her scarlet hair ── holding a sword in her hand, that in retrospect, was so long that it seemed to be a joke.

“I-I won’t forgive you…absolutely… will never…forgive you….!”

Burning with chaos and confusion, anger and hatred, I scream at that little girl.

In the hands of my father who had fallen straight on his face, was an Eastern sword….I picked up that [Katana] and stood up.

As my hands trembled and I couldn’t even breath properly I pointed that sword at the girl.


 The girl watching over me, silently turned her greatsword towards me.

Getting rid of any eye-witnesses ── remaining completely silent, the pitch-black nothingness residing in her pupils betrayed her dark intentions.

For the first time in my life felt the claws of death upon me.

But while violently trembling, I try to muster my courage as much as possible ──

“Ah ── ahh ── ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ──!”

Screaming so loud my voice bean to crack, I slashed at that girl.

Possibly due to the daily training my father imparted on me, being able to maintain Ki Ken-Tai* in that situation was pretty remarkable in itself. (TN Ki Ken-Tai*: A combination of mind, sword, and a defensive position in Kendo/Sword martial arts, something like they’re at the peak of concentration and about to execute an ultimate slash or something.).

I unleashed the utmost slash that I could muster towards that girl ──



─── And the girl easily flicked off my attack with her greatsword.

An impact so great it caused my sword to fly out of my hands.

In just the mere moment that our blades collided ── is when I completely understood.

The difference in ability between us. The difference in the weight between our swords.

Now that I think about it, despite his long military service as a solder, Father was easily defeated by this girl. My inexperienced self had no way to bring about a victory.


I immediately lost my will to fight after that realization and clumsily fell on my butt and scampered back.

The flaring flames, the blood on the floor, the embers dancing as they fell, my own hands and feet, everything in view was red…red…stained in red. Burning…burning….help me….

“N….no….d-don’t come here….stop….please, at least my life….”

Forgetting my hatred and anger and even the fact my parents were just killed, I sat there pitiably begging for my life.

But the scarlet-haired girl continued to walk towards me disinterestedly. She stopped right before me.

Holding the greatsword in both hands, she raised it overhead, and swung it towards me.


A world where everything is dyed crimson ── a burning scorched world.

Aiming at the peak of my head, that scarlet-haired girl brought that fatal piece of steel down.

*Bun!* A muffled sound tore through the air.

Like a lightning bolt falling from the heavens, a sword flashed before my eyes and split my red world in two ──



*Gaba!* Like usual, I woke up throwing the blanket off.

“Haa──….! Haa──….! Haa──….! Haa──….!”

This is….My room in the student dormitory of St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy.

I returned to this annoying and dreadful place again yesterday.

In a room equipped with just a basic bed.

My whole body was drenched in a cold sweat and an uncomfortable feeling.

My breaths were burning hot and my heart was pounding uncontrollably.

I frantically look around my plain room.

But no mater how much I look around my room that red color could not be found. Nor the burning feeling.

While letting out a breath of relief due to the fact….

“Once again…that dream … “

I couldn’t help but feel despair since early morning.

When exactly would I be freed from that [Memory of Flame]?

Since that day that I lost everything, I’ve been continuously assaulted by that dream.

“But…it’ll all be over soon…no…I’ll make it end….”

That’s right. I’ll end it.

With my own hand, my own past. I’ll end that abominable [Memory of Flame]

Hence for that reason I won’t be swayed by that woman’s proposition anymore.

I’ll end everything with this hand. End that unsightly past, my weakness from that day.

And so, finally….I can start my life anew ──

After arriving at St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy, for the time being Glenn and co. spent the night at the guest student dormitory in front of the station as planned.

And so ── early the next morning.

From here on out, they’ll be attending school, so they set out towards the campus….


Rumia was staring in amazement at the scene spread out before her eyes.

The school grounds were dark yesterday so there wasn’t much to see but now that it was daytime so that wasn’t a problem, along the main street from the railroad station leading to the main building of St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy, there were a variety of essential shops for the students such as a bookstore, restaurants, florist, open cafe, and a hair salon.

Of course, all the employees were women.

Beautifully paved roads, buildings with sharp angled roofs lined up, signboards drooped in front of their shops, colorful flowers in full blossom on the sides of the roads, light-posts lined evenly along the roads….each and everything along the road was refined to suit a high end taste, giving off a dazzling scene beyond one’s imagination.

“Amazing isn’t it…..yhere’s such an amazing street on campus grounds….”

“…I’m surprised.”

At this time even Re=L was looking around curiously.

“It’s a bit small, but it’s a beautiful street isn’t it? It gives off a really good vibe……ahh I wanna go to a school like this….”

Sistine who was completely taken in, excitedly said that.

“Keh….this is suffocating. I’m going home.”

Glenn looking annoyed said that while looking over his shoulder.

“I mean how should I say this….well this atmosphere really doesn’t suit Sensei that much.”

Sistine lets out a sigh after replying to Glenn’s thoughtless remarks.

“You idiot, I don’t mean it like that. You haven’t noticed it yet?”

Glenn clasped his hands behind his head and responded with a bitter expression.

“This school…surrounded by deep forests, lakes, and mountains…without the train, escape is pretty much impossible….It’s basically a solitary island on land with how cut off from the rest of the world it is.”

Sistine unintentionally let out a gasp.

“…..A boarding-style school built in a remote region for noble girls. An unnatural isolated society that sterilized foreign cultures by eliminating vulgar desires…..this is merely a birdcage. Even with such a fancy appearance, I can only think of the feelings of the little birdies trapped inside.”

Sistine recalled the scene from inside the train yesterday.

The train from the Imperial City to St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy was packed full of students.

Meaning…..meaning, that that many students had left the school. Meaning that all of the students had wanted to leave the academy. And it wasn’t like it was a very long break either.

“Whether we’re talking about the Black Lily’s or the White Lily’s…..why do such groups exist in this place that’s supposed to be a haven for innocent flowers ….is what I’ve been thinking. I feel like something is up here…..”


Not knowing how to respond, Sistine was forced to remain silent.

And so, they continued to advance along road that had trees spaced at equal distance from one another.

Eventually St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy main building, which was so majestic it practically resembled a noble’s castle, appeared before Glenn and co.

As soon as the arrived they were immediately sent to the principal’s office.

“Welcome, I’m sure you’ve had a long and tiresome journey to our school.”

The woman that welcomed them appeared to be about 40 years old give or take. Marianne was the dean of St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy.

“The Empire’s world renown magic academy, Alzano Imperial Magic Academy….I am very honored to be able to accept such excellent student’s and a renowned professor into our care.”

Marianne smiled sweetly while giving out her welcoming.

“Anyhow, our academy is in such an isolated place. I’m hoping that a new professor and students will breathe a breath of fresh air into our academy.”

“Well, don’t worry too much about that…..anyways well…”

Glenn began probing for information.

“Why did you offer a short-term study-abroad program to Re=L?”

“Mmm you’re asking [Why?]?”

Marianne curiously tilts her head to the side.

Umm…. our school has decided to extend an offer for a short-term study-abroad program to other academies….following that train of thought, based on a preliminary report from our school’s Education Support Department, we decided that Re=L is an excellent student suitable to our schools program… there be any problem with that?”


That bad smell. Glenn’s facial expression remained blank as she spoke so eloquently.

Horrible academic results and daily property damage. Even after just a minute of the most basic research anyone would find out that Re=L isn’t at all compatible with this spoiled noble gilr academy.

(Was it merely an admin error….or was the background investigation based on a false report….or even…..)

Was there actually an appropriate candidate who met the criteria but at the last minute someone replaced that candidate’s name with Re=L. Anyhow that smell was still there.

However, Glenn had no way to ascertain the truth.

What I need to do now is make sure Re=L and Rumia are safe.

(Well….it seems like maybe it could be the Researchers of Divine Wisdom just targeting Re=L, not Rumia…?)

At the time Glenn was absentmindedly considering such things.

“Leaving that aside, I’m very sorry to trouble you…..Renn-sensei….”

Of course Marianne was speaking to Glenn.

“On this occasion while we are accepting Ms. Re=L and the others, we’re also going to be putting Ms. Renn in charge of a class, and regarding that class…”

“Eh? Is there something wrong?”

Glenn frowned upon hearing Marianne’s evasive words.

“By the way….Renn-sensei, are you aware of our school’s tradition of [cliques]?”

“You mean like the Black Lilies or the White Lilies? No….not much.”

Glenn was a bit mystified in the sudden change of conversation.

And so Marianne awkwardly began her explanation.

“Originally, St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy was an academy established for upper-class girls, to instill proper the proper culture and etiquette befitting their status on them, before their marriage.”

In the Alzano Empire, magic, swordsmanship, combatives, horse riding, and education….these are regarded as the five major cultures of nobles. The one who stands above all else in both literary and military arts is considered the ideal noble.

“Hmm. Isn’t the basis of this academy a bit different from that of the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, where there they aim to expand magical research and train magicians to support the foundation of this country?”

“That’s right. That’s the reason for the isolated location, strict rules, and rigid curriculum…..and also why all the girls in this academy come from the upper echelons of society….I suppose such a particular environment couldn’t help but force it’s creation….the student’s creation of [cliques].”


“Most of our students belong to a special gathering of fellow-students called [cliques], which of course is separated from schooling and clubs. It’s a given that these organizations aren’t officially recognized by the academy…..but the administration can’t simply just ignore them either.”

“I bet huh. The student’s who make up these [cliques] are daughters from the most prominent and influential households in the Empire.”

If a group of them went like [Hey hey! Daddy please!] all at once with a unified request….

I see, this really is a pain.

“It’s as you say. At the beginning, [cliques] were started as some sort of comfort to alleviate the feelings of suffocation of being locked up by having the girls form groups for mutual encouragement….but now the [cliques] are so powerful that they can even influence the academy’s administrative policies. And so, the larger cliques are more likely to disobey the academy…that’s how it is here.”

“Oi oi oi wait…..and that’s fine? Seriously this school is…”

“And currently, there’s two particularity influential [cliques]. One is the [White Lily], the oldest clique in this academy, a traditional clique that has focused on order and discipline for generations. And the other is the [Black Lily], an up and coming clique that has grown exponentially in recent years that focuses on individual freedom. These two cliques are competing with one another to see who can control the academy.

“I feel like this school is riddled with problems.”

Glenn a face showing complete disinterest.

“Yes, it’s a deplorable state of affairs. In addition to the problems stemming from cliques, recently there have been rumors that some of our girls have been secretly participating in new religious cults and mysterious magical organizations that are obsessed with occultism, including the usage of ouija board and seances…..”

“Ahh, isn’t it about time that the [isolation element] of this school has reached it’s limits? Then…..”

It’d be dangerous to say the least. Glenn’s face stiffened while he muttered that.

“….So? Leaving that aside….what’s the problem then?”

“Well…..following what  I said earlier…Renn-sensei, the class you’re going to be in charge of….is just a bit of a problematic class….”

“….Problematic? What do you mean?”

“I see….it’s like that….”

…..As soon as Glenn started his first lesson.

As he quietly taught the lesson in front of the blackboard, Glenn was internally groaning at his wits ends.

St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy is composed of three grades and five classes: flower, moon, snow, star, and sky. After the meeting with Marianne came to an end, Glenn and co. immediately went to the class where he would be in charge, the second year moon class.

“Umm, my name is Renn = Gladars. It’s been decided that I would be the professor looking over your studies from here on out during my short-term stay here. It’s nice to meet you!”

“Sistine = Fibel. I’m from Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.”

“I’m Rumia = Tingel. Please take care of me the short time I’m here.”

“Re=L = Rayford.”

Glenn and co. gave the standard self-introductions in front of the class but….



Even though new students and even a new teacher came, a scene where the students would normally be bustling in excitement, the reception they got was blunt stares and a chilly atmosphere.

“So then, when you insert the spell verse here, according to the law of psychological state, the magical equation…. and here this portion amplifies the physical effects…………”

And so Glenn began his first lesson in the awkward atmosphere.

Following St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy’s curriculum, while writing spells and magic equations in chalk on the blackboard, Glenn carefully and in detail explains the spell syntax.

As usual, he explains it in a way that beginning students can easily understand it, and advanced students can deepen their comprehension of it… expected, Glenn was conducting an excellent lecture that would leave anyone satisfied.

“….In conclusion….if you add words…..with a stronger significance…to the prefix…….”

However, the hand moving the chalk eventually came to a stop, and Glenn’s whole body started to tremble…..

“Tsk…. hey you guys! Stop and listen when someones talkinnnnnng!!”

*Baa!* Turning his head to look back at the students.

Before his eye’s a terrible scene beyond ones’ imagination was taking place.

Right now, in the moon classroom, 40 girls were split in half, each half gathered in groups on the left and right side of the room, each group gathered around a specific student.

“Ohohoho~! This has a pretty good taste! It’s a dish worthy of me!”

On the right side of the classroom. The [White Lily] clique centered around Francine.

“Yosh~ nice draw! Raise me 10 chips!”

On the left side of the classroom. The [Black Lily] clique centered around Colette.

Francine and her group had tea pots and a tri-layered biscuit and cookie display set up, enjoying idle chatter and discussing poetry…..

Colette and her group were sitting around being obnoxious while playing cards and gambling.

“….Oi aren’t you in class right now!? What do you guys think you’re doing!? This isn’t just on the level of a class disruption nor refusing to pay attention, it’s not even close what the hell is this!?”

“Jeez! [Black Lily]! You’ve been quite noisy for awhile now! And you’re bothering the professor!”

“Huhh!? Ain’t the ones being loud you idiots in the [White Lily]!? And bothering the professor!”

Treating Glenn like just an extra, Colette and Francine started a fight with one another…..

“Why don’t all of you just be quieeeeeeeeeet!?”


After saying that Glenn showed off his certain-kill original magic, [Flipping over the Teachers Desk in Anger].

However, even after witnessing such an amazing sight, Francine’s and Colette’s group ignored Glenn and continued their skirmish.

“Yosh~! I wish you well! Everyone gets a spanking as a punishment ──

With a twitch in his forehead Glenn cracked his knuckles and tried to force his way in but….

“””””””Will the outsider please stay out of this!”””””””


Glenn was immediately blown away to his original point by a combination of electric shocks, wind magic, a hammer made of water, air bullets, and a fire and ice storm.

They were looking down on him….or it actually surpassed that level long ago.

“A-Are you okay!? Sensei!”

“Haa….ahh damn it already! I thought that the intellectual type of students were annoying, but I’ve come to realize how grateful I am for the diligent hard working students at Alzano……”

Glenn said while Rumia helped him up to his feet.

“….The students don’t even bother to try listening….but on the other hand, did I even try to understand the situation surrounding the students who weren’t paying attention? ….Is it too late at this point?”

In the front row of the middle section, Sistine could be heard mumbling.

“Geh….You can’t be serious…..”

Glenn couldn’t help but stiffen up during his self-reflection.

That aside, it seemed the situation reached a boiling point where even the honor student Sistine, whose clenched fist were shaking, was on the verge of exploding. If she wasn’t an exchange student then she surely would’ve acted long ago.

That’s right.

This second year moon class that Glenn was in charge of….Francine and Colette ….the heads of the White and Black Lilies, as well as the core members of each clique, were packed tightly into one classroom, which caused this place to be the main battleground of their skirmishes.

“….Seriously….hey whose the one who did that…no wait whose the one who threw garbage too?”

And at that time.

“…W-Well….I’m very sorry Renn-sensei…..and you even went through the trouble of travelling the long distance here….”

Sitting in the front row, Elsa dejectedly drooped her shoulders.

It was a wonder that Elsa was even part of this class.

A horrible fate of luck on her part.

“It’s fine it’s fine. There’s no reason for you to apologize.”

Suddenly, Glenn let out a deep sigh.

“But Elsa….were you actually listening to my lesson? What I’m trying to say…you’re not associated with either of them?”

Saying that, Glenn threw a glance towards the two groups in the class.

“Ah haha…..well…..I….actually don’t belong to either clique….”

A hint of loneliness could be heard in her voice.

“The truth is….I’m actually….at the bottom of the barrel in regard to being a magician…..”

“Eh? Is that so?”

Caught by surprise, Glenn looked towards Elsa’s notes.

She was able to comprehensively summarize the important parts of his lecture, which shows how diligent of a student she is.

Even if she was a bit reserved, she did give off the aura of an honors student.

“That’s why I’m here with everyone, cause I’m considered a trouble student…..”

“Haa? What the hell is up with that? Oi what do you mean?”

Glenn unintentionally tries to pry out more info.

“There are many aspects to each individual. To pry further would be insensitive, Renn-sensei.”

The one who rebuked him was none other than Francine’s attendant, Ginny.

Ginny who gave advice to Glenn and co. the other day, similar to Elsa, was sitting in the front row in order to listen to Glenn’s lecture.

“….Yeah, I guess what you said is true.”

It is a fact that Glenn and Elsa barely met so their relationship was still superficial.

Realizing that Ginny’s statement had some truth in it Glenn immediately stopped his line of questioning.

“Speaking of which, Ms. Ginny…is there anything we can do? About this.”

And so Glenn once again turned his eyes to the disaster he called his class.

Somehow or another it seems the uproar had died down a bit, but the class still looked like it was on the verge of collapse.

“It’s impossible. If I told them to listen, then the thing that happened to the previous professor….*Sniffle sniffle*”

One could easily tell that Ginny was 100% acting despite her burrowing her face in her hands, her monotonic voice didn’t help her case.

“Oi oi oi…leaving aside the gangish Black Lilies, wasn’t the White Lilies a clique that upheld order and discipline….?”

“Yes aren’t they being respectful right now? After all, according to White Lily traditions, right now is [Mandatory Teatime]. And to those who belong to the White Lily clique, one will be labelled [evil] if they disrupt the traditions.”

“What the hells up with that!?”

“In the first place, students in the White Lily clique hardly attend any lessons to begin with, Whether it be in cafes, libraries, courtyards, or wherever we like, we hold refined (hehe) study groups (hehe) with our own private tutors.”

“H- wait a sec!? How do you guys get passing credits then!?”

“The academy has recognized the White Lily’s [study sessions] as legitimate and thus we get credits for it, seriously how irresponsible. And the programme of the study sessions really are quite strict in terms of duration and guidelines, and that seems to make it an approved system (hehe). ”

“Ah the number one useless system it seems. Unskilled delinquent students with a nasty disposition….”

At this point Glenn was no longer sighing.

“Seriously, what a bunch of weird people at this school….but you were able to catch my lessons like Elsa? Aren’t you a member of the White Lilies?”

“Of course not, because I’m unworthy of it.”

Ginny said that in a way where one couldn’t tell if she really meant it or not.

“Aside from Elsa and I, no one in the class will listen….Renn-sensei’s lesson was taught at a very high level. The private lessons for those stupid spoiled girls pale in comparison……if they don’t listen it was their loss.”

“Exactly that’s right! I was also surprised!”

Somewhat butting into the conversation, Elsa excitedly agreed.

“Are the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy students always exposed to such splendid lessons? I’m kind of jealous.”

“Ah ahaha…..Is that so?”

Sistine was smiling in glee as if she was personally getting praised.

“Yeah I feel the same way. At our school it seems the professors focus more on teaching noble etiquette rather than magic…..”

Ginny who doesn’t seem to ever be interested in anything was in a rare talkative mood. And at that time.

“Ginny! What do you think you’re doing!? Hurry up and bring a second serving of tea!”

Before long Francine’s voice came screaming from the right side of the room…..

Tsk….Ginny stuck her tongue out in retaliation….

“Yes! At once! Milady!”

Switching back to loyal dog mode, Ginny got up at once.

“Oi….don’t just blindly obey her like that…..”

“…..Well we’ve been together since childhood; I’ve seen all her joys and sorrows. I don’t necessarily hate it. Though sometimes, I take that back, most of the times it is annoying.”

Her usual expressionless face turned into a slight smile.

“Now then, in regard to those guys, you should blame your luck the moment you got assigned to this class and just give up. Well at their core they’re not bad people so it wouldn’t be too bad to leave them alone regardless. My advice is to just compromise here.”

Answering his question and leaving her advice….Ginny went on her way.

“Well, I’m not too sure about this situation though…..”

His main focus was on none other than Re=L herself.

In order to prevent Re=L from failing out of the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, it’s essential that she earns the required amount of credits here.

However, with how the classes are going so far that won’t happen. Not even being able to take roll call much less administer tests. If he couldn’t even hold a proper class then Re=L wouldn’t get the credit she needs.

Unless he could do something about this class then Re=L’s expulsion would be inevitable.

“….What should we do?”

 Sistine anxiously asked Glenn.

Glenn covered his mouth with his hand and quietly got lost in thought…..

“I have a good idea!”

“Ah a bad flag just appeared.”

Sistine sighed at Glenn who was brimming with confidence wearing a satisfied look.

“Haha I was being such an idiot…I wonder if I should try that skill I’ve inherited from Celica?”

“Huh? Arfonia-sensei’s?”

Celica = Arfonia. A non-human mage of the seventh order, #21 of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex and it’s former strongest operative, [The World]. Renowned as the greatest magician on the continent, she is as a world-class sage.

“But with that being said…..I wonder if you’ll be able to do it….?”

“Of course! Leave it to me, Celica’s only beloved disciple!”

Boasting out his chest with pride, the current Glenn seemed quite reliable.

“Mmm…! The great wisdom that Celica has cultivated over four hundred years…..Single-handedly overcoming various magical trials…This is….”

“…..*Gulp*…..This is….?””

Glenn pompously took a few seconds for effect while holding a smile…..

And so…..*Buchin!*

“Tough loooooveeeeeeee!”

Glenn suddenly rushed towards the girls making a ruckus.



He scattered Francine’s tea set and snacks with a flying drop kick holding the power of a fired cannonball ──


*Bababa! Babababa!*

And while still maintaining his speed from early he dashed over to where Colette was sitting and with the skills of a seasoned purse-snatcher he took their cards and magazines away ──


With movements as smooth as water he threw the materials out the window.

While all the [material not appropriate for class] flew threw the air in a parabolic arc…..

“Ahh now that’s done!”

While wiping the sweat off his face, Glenn had an expression like he just accomplished a heroic deed.


“….Wow. You really did it….”

Ginny muttered that while Elsa darted her eyes back and forth in confusion…..


As one would expect, all the students in the class were dumbfounded by the current events….

“No talking in class , neh?”

Glenn once more stood on the podium and flashed a thumbs up to the students while smiling.

“…Well I had a hunch……because it was a skill passed on from the professor.”


Rumia had no choice but to smile at Sistine who was at her wits’ end.

“Y-Y-You!? W-W-W-What do you think you’re doing!?”

“Oi, you bastard. Sensei….how the hell are you gonna compensate for this? Eh!?”

And as one would expect Francine and Colette, along with their entourage, went up to Glenn seething in anger…..

“Yes in short, if we disassemble the syntax the spell’s fundamental attribute changes…..”

Glenn could be seen resuming class while obviously ignoring the student’s protest.

“Do you not listen to people when they taaaaaalk!?”

“Listen to someone when they taaaaaaaalk!!”

It turns out that Glenn was more versed in agitating people more so than the naive young ladies cooped up their whole life (which is not necessarily a good thing).

“Seriously….I don’t know if it’s because you’re a substitute professor coming from the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy or what have you….but it appears that you need to be properly educated!”

“Aren’t ya a teacher? And shouldn’t teachers just teach? What the hell you think you’re doing eh? Acting all ? …..Eh!?”

The reason Colette and Francine were acting this way was most likely due to them being sheltered and spoiled.

Colette’s studded glove snaked out grasping Glenn’s collar….while Francine’s unsheathed saber was pressed against the nape of his neck.

In an instant the class was engulfed in a heavy tension──

── And there was only one person among the students who was reacting to the situation.

(….What? These guys……are they Glenn’s enemies?)

Till now Re=L was more interesting in nodding off instead of class.

(…..I won’t allow it then…..I’ll kill them. Glen’s enemies are my enemies.)

If left alone Re=L would be comparable to a runaway tank.

This time too  Re=L followed her simple thought patterns…..

“…[I beseech thee creationgrant unto my handsa great blade]….”

Re=L murmured her favorite high speed sword summoning spell.

Applying alchemy’s [matter transmutation] and [primary element sequence conversion] to instantly summon ultra-high quality weapons….this technique was favored by assassins of a certain organization because of its ability to allow them to sneak in and conjure any weapon based on their needs, its name was [Hidden Claw] and fell under the family of assassination magic.

Like usual Re=L was able to activate it as if it was as easy as breathing for her.

Particles of light started to gather in Re=L’s empty right hand and her usual great sword started to form….

(For the time being these strange people are harrassing Glenn….I’ll crush them.)

At this time both Sistine and Rumia were too preoccupied with the situation concerning Glenn so they had no idea of Re=L’s rash behavior.

Without a safety, Re=L was merely a gun firing recklessly.

An exchange student causing bodily harm while studying abroad ── Re=L would certainly be sent home before finishing even her first day. But at that time.

“Re=L…..what’s wrong?”


Elsa stepped in front of Re=L who had taken a step forward.

“It kinda feels like you have a scary look on your face? ….Are you okay?”

Re=L reflexively cancelled her high speed sword summoning spell in front of the anxious Elsa. The great sword that started to materialize began its decomposition back into particles of light.

“….I got a bit angry….everyone is harassing Glenn.”

“I see….Re=L loves Renn-sensei don’t you?”

“Nn. I love Glenn. That’s why I’ll protect Glenn. Defeat anyone who harasses Glenn. Thats why…..move Elsa.”

“Is that so….But Re=L. Why don’t you have some more faith in Renn-sensei?”


“I’ve only known the professor for a short amount of time but….I already know that she’s an amazing person. I’m sure that the professor already has thought of something to do….?”


Listening to Elsa’s words Re=L remained silent.

“If you cause a problem right now won’t you for sure be kicked out of school? If that happens I’m sure Renn-sensei would be sad, also….”

Elsa stared straight at Re=L and said with a smile.

“I was able to meet you and luckily we got placed in the same class…..I thought we could become good friends…I don’t want you to drop out…..”

And then with a hard to read expression, Re=L looked over Elsa for a short while as if she were some type of exotic animal….

“….Nn. Got it. I’ll do what Elsa says. …..I’ll believe in Glenn.”

Re=L reluctantly starts to settle down.

Elsa gave an endearing smile to Re=L.

Unaware of the danger of Re=L being expelled on her first day ──

“Anyways, is this really how the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy is? An unrefined academy out in the countryside where overzealous students study together? I refuse to be instructed by a professor from such a place!”

“I’m in agreement. Us nobles are entrusted to protect our nations and what we require is the [power] to do so. And currently [magic] is the greatest [power] in the world….In other words, the title of [magician] appropriately belongs to us nobles… “

Colette and Francine threw words of mockery towards Glenn.

“I mean, isn’t the [magic] you guys study just you playing pretend? It’s not even real magic. It’s about as useful as listening to a commoner shit.”

“In order to become proper [magicians] we need [power], and in order to get power we need actual sophisticated, refined lessons. If you’re able to comprehend that much then it would be much appreciated if you stop being a hindrance.”

In response to that Glenn remained silent. He let them speak as much as they wanted.

“In the first place Renn-sensei. What are you? Acting like a gentleman with your garments and wordage…..that alone is enough of a testimony that you’re not qualified to be a lecturer at this prestigious academy!”

“Even worse is the smell of those three country bumpkins….is the whole of Alzano like that? A gloomy atmosphere filled with a bunch of damn commoners. What can you even study in the countryside like that? Ahh this is such a pain in the ass…..”

As if in agreement with Francine and Colette’s words, their entourage surrounded Glenn and the others and laughed in their face as if they were looking down on them.

“T-These people….! Shut up alrea-“

As expected, Sistine wasn’t able to just sit back and take it and was about to take action…..but at that time.


Glenn let out a fearless laughter….gently gripping Colette’s hands on his collar with his left hand, and pinching Francine’s saber held against his neck with his right hand….

The very next second.

“Huh what…..?”

“Wh-….!? Y-You….when did you…..!?”

Colette’s hands were removed, and Francine had her saber robbed from her.

Glenn threw away the stolen saber and straightened out his disheveled clothes before saying.

“I see I see, [power] huh….well why not I guess? My recommendation is you guys just get bent then, if you really want [power] just do as you like….hahahaha!”

“W-What was wrong with what I said!?”

Francine rushed to catch her thrown saber while becoming increasingly flustered.

“Hmm how should I explain it…..If you guys are that persistent on obtaining [power], the way to use a gun isn’t just frantically practicing till you’re on deaths door, but also understanding the method of operation, tactics, and even the mechanism of the gun, and then from there you can make even stronger guns to do anything you want….somehow it feels like you guys are half assing it….”

“I may not understand the meaning of what you said…..but I at least know when I’m being insulted.”

“Oi you dumbass…you got some nerve saying that in this situation….Ehh!? Tryna’ start a fight….!?”

A fighting aura seemed seep out from both White and Black Lily students alike….

“Mmm….then how about we try this?”

Seeing the situation unfold, Glenn didn’t back down and let out a fearless smile.

“The Alzano Imperial Magic Academy that you guys claim is so stupid….and the [useless lessons] and the abilities of the [country smelling students]…..why not test them out then?”

Sistine and Rumia gulped in response to Glenn’s unexpected words.

“Perfect, the next lesson is [Application of Magic in Battle]….A one-on-one duel is no good, an actual battle will be comprised of multiple personnel and requires unit-level tactics. That’s why it’ll be a party battle, against my three students… does that sound?”

A party battle. A type of duel between magicians.

A party battle is used to test unit level tactics and how the individuals act on a larger scale, which is different from a one-on-one battle that focuses on the individuals strengths.

Party battles test the ability of pure magical output, teamwork, and instantaneous flexibility and judgement….a type of duel where you can see an individuals true competence in teamwork.

“And in the unlikely chance that these guys lose to you, I’ll leave the academy immediately. But, if they win then you guys will listen to one request of mine no matter what it is… does that sound?”

What in the world could Glenn be planning….by purposely provoking them with such a detestable expression on his face?

“Or what? Are you that scared of losing? Hehehe…”

“Hey wait sensei!? What are you deciding on you-“

Even though Sistine frantically forced her way into the conversation…

“Renn-sensei….you sure like to brag don’t you…very well then! To retreat after you said so much would disgrace my noble name, let’s have our fight then!”

“Yes! You’re not gonna regret it are you!? You bastard!”

The situation had already reached a point where neither side could back out….

“Ahh jeez….why did it come to this….”


Sistine let out a deep sigh while Rumia let out a vague laugh.

And so.

Within St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy there was a spacious sporting field and currently all members of the moon class were gathered in a spot cleared of forest and debris.

“Now then, from here on out we’ll start my [Application of Magic in Battle] lesson.”

Glenn shamelessly began his speech in front of the entourage of girls staring daggers at him.

“Aaahh jeez you should be ashamed of yourself….why are you trying to instigate a fight so much….”

“But…thanks to that isn’t everyone participating in sensei’s lesson now?”

Sistine still looked uncomfortable while Rumia let a slight chuckle escape.

“Hmm does that mean Sensei specifically tried to rile them up for that? I wonder….? If so that’s a bit depressing….and unpleasant….”

Sistine had no choice but to let out a sigh.

“Then Sensei. If you would please verify the rules.”

Saying that, Francine let out cocky smile.

“A three-on-three party battle. Under the sub-strike rule set it’ll be limited to non-lethal spells. The usage of training swords and close-quarters-combat is also authorized. A participant will yield if they: lose consciousness, surrender, leave the area, or otherwise an executive decision is made…..does that sound reasonable to you?”

In student battles sub-strikes are a commonplace rule set.

Instead of using spells with a high chance of causing a fatality, the students would use a similar non-lethal spell….that’s what sub-strikes were.

For example, under the sub-strike rule set instead of using the fatal [LightingPierce] one would use the non-fatal [ShockBolt] which has a similar range of effect and if they were to take the [ShockBolt] without any magical defenses they’d be deemed a [fatality] in this battle.

“Oh that’s fine then.”

Because party battles weren’t particular uncommon Glenn’s rules were pretty much the norm…..

“Ahh but one more thing. …..In this match, even within non-lethal spells….please don’t use flame based spells.”

“No fire spells…..?”

Glenn frowned in confusion at the added set of rules.

Certainty, among non-lethal spells fire spells were a cut above the rest. Despite holding the descriptor of [non-lethal], fire spells still held the risk of causing light burns if they weren’t properly guarded against. Of course if you had healing magic on hand then it’s possible that the burn would heal over just fine but….

(Well…these are young noble girls. They probably don’t want scars on their skin, or their hair frizzled, even temporarily….seriously, they’re so [naive]….)

Ignorant of Glenn’s inner thoughts, Francine continued highhandedly.

“The format might be different but in a way this is a [duel] between magicians….Renn-sensei, we’ll force a vulgar and unrefined person like you out of this academy immediately!”

“Well in the unlikely chance you guys win I’ll do just that! Gyahahahaha!”

Glenn broke out in a hearty laugh and fanned himself in exaggeration.

“…Seriously what a child…..”

Looking at Glenn act in such a way Sistine once again let out sigh in astonishment.

“Well this concerns Re=L so I’ll make sure we win…..”

Sistine gave a quick glance towards Rumia standing quietly nearby.

Re=L = Rayford, operative #7 [The Chariot] of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex.

Her taking part in a mock student battle in itself is pretty much cheating.

“Ahhh but…..I can’t condone the disrespectful attitudes of those students….now that I think about it isn’t it perfect time to repay them…?”

Those were Sistine’s thoughts.

“Ah right right one more rule. The way it is right now would be too one-sided, so I’m giving you lot a handicap……oi Re=L. How about you’re not allowed to attack the enemy?”


After hearing what Glenn said Francine’s eye opened in surprise and Colette’s forehead twitched.

Sistine turned to Glenn dumbfounded.

“All you need to do is just stand there. I mean with how the current rules are if you even got a tiny bit serious you might actually kill them. So you can’t get serious at all alright? Not even the least bit!?”

Listening to Glenn’s words, Re=L gave a fleeting uninterested glance between Francine and the others.

“Nn, I got it. They look weak so I’ll follow my gut.”

“Ehh!? Oi short stuff … making fun of us….!?”

It seems that Re=L’s frank way of speaking as if she knew the absolute truth wounded the pride of the other girls. Colette was glaring at Re=L like a rabid dog….


And for Re=L, who couldn’t comprehend why she was being glared at, tilted her head in confusion.

“Wa- wait Sensei!? Is she going to be fine!?”

After hearing his unexpected proposal Sistine rushed over to Glenn’s sides.

And whispered in his ear.

“S-Sure if Re=L got serious even Rumia and I aren’t needed to win but….with your handicap won’t that just leave me and Rumia left to fight!? In other words if Rumia and I both lose then wouldn’t we lose the whole match… matter what you think about us, but if that happens…..”

Sistine’s eyes darted back and forth anxiously.

“If we lose…..Re=L will have to……”

“….Ha?….. What the hell are you talking about?”

Meanwhile Glenn scratched his head in confusion.

“Err…you really think you guys would lose to people of that level now?”


….In the meantime, the preparations for the party battle were more or less finished.

“For the time being we’ll have the pleasure of working together.”

“I am at your service.”

“Tsk….why do I have to work with the White Lily fools?”

Francine, Ginny, and Colette were on one side and then about 10 meters in front of them was Sistine, Rumia, and Re=L.

“It can’t be helped. It was under Renn-sensei’s instructions. It seems that person is intent on separating allies from one another.”

“Haaa……the professor is? Meaning he’s aiming to take advantage of us not getting along!?”

Putting on her studded gloves Colette let out a provocative laugh meant to taunt Glenn.

“If that’s true it’s useless. Haaa……is that how you bastards act over at Alzano?”

“No that’s not quite correct.”

With a reproachful look in his eyes Glenn waves his hand back and forth.

“In my opinion you three are the strongest in the class.”

“Oh? You don’t have the worst of eyes do ya now…..”

“So you decided to pick a fight with the big guy on the block and after you win it’d be smooth sailing huh?”

Glenn couldn’t help but rub his forehead due to how much stress Francine and Colette were causing him…

“Oi Francine….Let’s forget about the cliques for a second. First we need to silence this professor before she can say anything more….”

“……I’m in agreement.”



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