Roku de Nashi Vol 8 Chapter 2

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  • Gonna be using [ojou-sama] cause it feels more natural and I’m too lazy to spend time deciding which translation of it sounds better. Sometimes it’s used to reference noble/rich girls, or used as a title instead of their name, or as an insult. Also gonna keep in honorifics cause sometime’s it makes a difference.

  • A hikikomori is a recluse/shut-in.

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Chapter 2 Ojou-samas

….A little while later after the events of gender-swapping Glenn.

A short-term study abroad at St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy consisting of Re=L, Rumia, and Sistine had been decided.

Glenn was also sent along as a female substitute teacher.

“Maa, well leave the rest to me”

Celica will temporarily take over as the homeroom teacher for Glenn’s original classroom…

Glenn and company immediately set out to depart from Fejite.

The Argu Highway connects the Northern part of the Imperial Empire Iteria, to the Southern part Yorkshire, where Fejite is. And that was the route in which Glenn and company were transversing, occasionally stopping at stations to switch stagecoaches.

“Now that I think about it, we’ve been travelling out of Fejite quite a bit recently.

Inside the carriage. Gazing at the changing scene outside the window, Glenn complained to no one in particular.

Inside the carriage, the seats are arranged facing each other. Glenn was sitting next to the window while Re=L was sitting holding her knees opposite from him

“Fuaahh….. I’m tired…..I’m just a hikikomori…..”

Glenn grunts while yawning. Glenn’s current attire was his usual shirt and trousers, with his cravat loosely hanging around his neck and his professor robe sliding off his shoulders. Along with other such things. Although his hair grew out and was currently in a ponytail due to his feminization, Glenn still wore his usual clothes.

[A・Sloppy] Girl. Right now Glenn was the perfect embodiment of it.

“Fufu, how about if Sensei tries on even more girlish clothes and make-up? If he didn’t wouldn’t it be such a waste?”

Saying that, Rumia was trying to tease Glenn but he wouldn’t concede an inch.

(If I cross that line I have a feeling I’ll never be able to come back….)

Contrary to what Glenn was wearing, Re=L was not wearing her usual Alzano Imperial Magic Academy uniform. A gorgeous dress similar to a nun’s habit and a beret…..It was St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy’s student uniform.

Sistine and Rumia were sitting on roof seats overlooking the countryside, enjoying the sunshine and breeze, already wearing the uniform of their temporary new school. Wearing the different uniform, the girls gave off a different charm from what they usually had.

“At any rate…..It kinda gives off a nice feeling wearing another school’s uniform.”

“Fufu…You look good in it Sisty.”

“Y’know Rumia. I’m sure if the boys in our class could see you right now ──”

Contrary to the second floor where they were lost in conversation…



The inside of the carriage was silent.

Neither Glenn nor Re=L was the type to voluntarily start a conversation with another person.

In the first place, these two had a relationship similar to brother and sister. This degree of quietness wasn’t enough to cause awkwardness between them.

“Fuah…..boring….I wonder if there’s any books to read…”

Before long, Glenn got bored out of his mind and started to rummage through his bag….At that time.

“…..Sorry. Glenn…”

Re=L suddenly whispered out an apology.


Not knowing what she meant, Glenn kept one eye shut with the other trained on Re=L.

Keeping her head between her knees, Re=L didn’t try to look Glenn in the eyes.


Re=L who always had a tired expression on her face, killing all emotions, was a difficult person to read. But to Glenn, Re=L was looking a bit depressed.

If he thought about it, the start of it can be traced back to the day when Re=L agreed to do the study abroad program.

“What wrong? Did something happen?”

“Glenn you said earlier …..that you’re a hikikomori.”

“Haa? Maa….I did say that…but what about it?”

“That’s why……….I’m sorry Glenn….you’re forced to go out cause of me.”


Glenn was ashamed that due to his thick-headedness he couldn’t imagine that Re=L was worrying about something like that.

He thought that Re=L was simply an introverted girl who didn’t pay attention to her surroundings or how other felt. Without a doubt, that’s at least how she was back in the day.

There was once a time where she was told a close fighting-buddy had died…..But even hearing that, Re=L showed off no emotions as if she didn’t even know the guy and headed onto the next mission….just like a puppet.

Before he knew it Re=L was slowly changing after spending time with Rumia and Sistine at school…..Glenn may have been able to drag that puppet of a girl into the world of the light.

“I’m sure Rumia and Sistine….are mad too….”

“You think so huh…..y’know….”

Re=L must’ve felt guilty in her own kind of way. She probably didn’t understand all the details…..but this time she knew that she was troubling Glenn and the others with her problems….no doubt she felt bad about it.

“I’m….not very smart….but since then I’ve been thinking. I really thought about it…..I totally get it; I can’t stay like this. I have to stop…..being spoiled by everyone. I promised Ilushia and Sion, who are only living in my memory….that I…..”

Re=L muttered; her voice so quiet it seemed it would disappear any second.

“But studying abroad?….Nn at that time….it was too sudden…I didn’t understand it…..I was scared…..that I….would be alone again…..that’s why …”

“….I see”

“But…because of me…Glenn, Rumia, and Sistine….are all troubled by me. If it stays like this…..everyone will hate me….and I’ll be alone again….But the studying abroad? I don’t wanna… it alone…..Glenn….what should I do …”

Re=L stuffed her weeping face further between her knees.

Before, Re=L had questioned if her solitude was even a problem. But now-

Glenn unintentionally reached his out towards Re=L’s trembling head.

“You idiot.”


Re=L turned her head upwards towards the unexpected hand stroking her hair.

“Rumia or Shiro-Neko or I will never hate you…but we are worried about you. That’s why we came here.”


“Hou? Making that face when someone’s worried about you….is it really that nice of a feeling? Kyaa! I can’t believe my Re=L-chan has grown up that much, onii-chan (substitute) is so happy!”

“Kukukuku,” Glenn let out a throaty laugh like a cat purring. It seemed like his laughter would never end.

“Nn….I don’t wanna make anyone worry….but. But, what should I do…?”

“Hahaha don’t think of it like that….That’s right, instead of relying on Rumia or Sistine the whole time why don’t you trying making a friend or two? That way those two will feel a bit relieved.”

“Friends….? I….don’t know….if I’ll be able to….?”

“You can.”


*Jiii*….Re=L was staring at Glenn.

Her face expressionless as always…but it gave off the feeling as if she was smiling deep down.

They continued travelling along the highway, staying at inns to rest, and eventually on the morning of the 4th day left Fejite.

The group finally arrived at the capital of Alzano, the city of Orlando.

The city of Fejite was considered a large city in itself, but the Imperial Capital Orlando was in a league of its own. The grand clock tower, Arch of Sunshine, St. Bardia Cathedral, Santa Rose Boulevard, Feldrad Palace, the Imperial Museum, Royal Park, Alzano Imperial University….surrounded by the morning mist, the Imperial Capital was very stoic and beautiful.

Glenn and co. immediately set out to the North side of the city towards Reitzel・Cruz train station and purchased four tickets.

There they’re able to take a train Northwest towards the lake region city Lilitania, where Saint Lily Magic Girls’ Academy is based.

Railroad train….In the Southern region of Yorkshire where Fejite is located, they’re quite a bit behind to implement it, but in the Northern region of Iteria where Orlando is, the steam engine train system connects the major cities in the region.

“Umm…..It says line five….departs at 11….and it’s 10:50 right now…..mmm perfect!”

With Sistine full of energy leading the charge, they made their way onto the platform.

The shrill sound of steam whistling, the faint smell of iron, oil, and coal ── but despite that, the platform was like a beautiful botanical garden in a desert oasis.

And the reason for that was due to the fact of the large amounts of girls standing around in their uniform from St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy. The platform was bustling with the refined ojou-sama’s conversing while waiting for the train.

“Surprised? That they’ll be our fellow students at St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy?”

Sistine was proudly explaining the situation to Rumia who was overwhelmed by the environment.

“Basically, St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy has dorm housing, but recently they’ve been on mid-term break. I’m sure the students who went home for the holiday are all returning now, that’s why it’s so busy──”

And, at that time.

A loud whistle interrupted Sistine’s explanation──

The train’s steam engine made a deafening sound as it pulled over 10 trains car and slowly stopped in front of Sistine and the others.

The chimney at the head of the train released clouds of black smoke.

Sistina and Rumia gazed at the train, overwhelmed with excitement as it came to a stop.

“A-Amazing….Even without magic this mass of iron can speed across land….”

“Un, it’s the fruits of their labor of those who aren’t blessed with magic….That fact that people have come this far without magic….It’s amazing….”

On the other hand…

“Aahーughhー smokeー…..whose the idiot who invented this….a neighborhood nuisance that’s who…damn it….”

Grudgingly dragging his suitcase behind Sistine, Glenn showed no impression of excitement or being impressed.

“Haa….mou, Sensei always acts like this whenever we travel….”

Sistine couldn’t help but sigh in exasperation.

“Whatever it’s fine that way! Anyways should we board now? Make sure not to forget anything!”

Stepping onto the ramp leading to the entrance of the passenger car….

….Is when Glenn suddenly noticed. He finally realized.

“……..”By the way, where did Re=L go?”


At the same time. Somewhere inside Reitzel・Cruz station.


Re=L was standing alone holding her suitcase.

Staring at the stream of people passing by in front of her.

While standing there doing nothing, Re=L depressingly confirmed her situation.

(No matter where I look, I’m alone….Glenn and Sistine and Rumia aren’t here.)

Re=L knows the words that exactly describe her situation. Yes, that’s right…..

(Like a lost child….Glenn, Rumia, and Sistine ended up like lost children)

This is a problem. Why did this happen to them?

I was with Glenn and the others and I only stopped for a second to look at a stall selling strawberry tarts….I don’t understand why.

(Nn….I need to hurry up and find those lost children….)

But I wonder where Glenn and the others went?

Being alone with so many people around…For some reason makes me nervous.

I used to be alone and I was completely fine with it….

(….Nn. Well whatever…..I need to look for them. It won’t be a problem if I search the whole station)

Glenn told me that if I ever got lost that I shouldn’t move an inch from my spot, but now that’s not a problem. Because right now Glenn is the one who is lost.

Re=L arbitrarily decided to walk in the complete opposite direction of where Glenn and the others…..And at that time.

Re=L suddenly felt someone creeping up behind her ──

“E-Excuse me..”

That someone….was a young girl addressing Re=L as she took off her glasses──


It was at that exact moment it happened.

Like a spring bursting open, befitting countless hours of battle and training ── Re=L instantly turned around and at the same time thrust a great sword before the girl’s throat.

No one could stop it, as in there was no time to stop it, is how fast it happened.

Where did the half-asleep lost child doing nothing just a moment ago go? The battle-ready Re=L scowled at the person behind her as if she were an enemy ──


The girl approaching Re=L was naturally surprised.

Re=L’s suddenly violent action, thrusting a great sword, caused the girl fixing her glasses to stiffen up in fear.


….And so.

Re=L’s rugged face returned to her usual half-asleep uninterested expression….

“…..I was mistaken”

Releasing the sword and letting it turn into particles of light, Re=L turned her back to the girl.

Completely disregarding the mood that became tense for some reason or another, Re=L began to walk away.

And at the back of such Re=L ──

“E-…..Excuse me! P-Please wait!”

Despite the violence towards her, the bespectacled girl stilled called out to Re=L.

“Umm, excuse me…platform five….isn’t that way! Won’t the train leave soon if you don’t go to the platform!?”

After hearing those words, Re=L turned back.

“Nn….? Do you know? What my train is?”

Eh? No, well…the uniform you’re wearing…isn’t it from our school….? Then, isn’t it the same fifth line as us…?”

“I don’t understand. I forget.”

*Jiiii* Re=L once again stared blankly at the girl.

She of course was wearing St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy’s uniform as well, a dainty girl with an overall delicate and slim figure. A bespectacled beauty with loose, gravy, light gray hair. A girl that looked like she carried around huge textbooks for fun.

Her long bangs and glasses almost completely hid her face from public view, but even still it was apparent how much of natural beauty she was.

It’s only naturally, considering most students from St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy come from respectable backgrounds. Though she might’ve looked a bit plain, dignity and grace could be felt oozing out of her.

“Excuse me….I’m Elsa.”

The girl named Elsa introduced herself with a bow to Re=L.

“Umm….it was already time for the train to leave, but I saw you head in a completely different direction, so I got curious….was that wrong of me to do?”

“….Not really”

Re=L didn’t seem interested in Elsa at all. In fact her responses were a bit cold.

“I have to find Glenn and Rumia and Sistine.”

“Are those your travelling companions?…..Ah, are you a lost child by chance…..?”

Elsa smiled impishly while asking that…..

“Wrong. They’re the lost children.”

*Don* Clad in a strange aura, Re=L expressionlessly claimed that.

“I-Is that so…..M-Maa….Let’s just leave it at that….”

Elsa couldn’t help but give a wry smile.

“By the way, those people you mentioned….are they also going to St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy?”

“Nn….from now on, everyone, St. Lily…..uhhh….we plan to go there.”

“If so, it’s almost time for the train to leave….why don’t we go to platform five? I’m sure all of them are waiting there?”

“….You have a point. But where exactly….is platform five?”

“Ahaha, that’s okay. I’ll take you there.”

Elsa was happily laughing.

Re=L stared motionlessly at Elsa’s face in curiosity for a moment.

“….Fufufu now, shall we go then?”

Laughing merrily, Elsa took Re=L’s hand and started walking.

Re=L fixed her eyes on her clasped hand.

“Mouu! Re=L! Where did you go!? I was worried!”

Thank goodness, you made it in time.”

Led by Elsa, Re=L finally arrived on platform five. Sistine and Rumia rushed to Re=L’s side and breathed a sigh of relief as soon as they spotted her.

“Ummm….by the way, you are…?”

And so Sistine turned to the unknown girl who brought Re=L along.

“I’m Elsa. As you can see, I am a student at St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy umm…Re=L-san? It seems this child got lost so I brought her here.”

“Is that so…thank you Elsa-san”

Sistine politely thanked and gave a smile to Elsa.

“I’m Sistine. This child here is Rumia.”

“Nice to meet you, Elsa-san”

“Currently…we’re exchange students from Alzano Imperial Magic Academy….”

“Fufufu….why don’t we hold off on our greetings and board the train first?”

And as if to mark her words, a bell rung out signaling the departure of the train….steam could be heard starting to whistle.

“Ahh, really! It’s already time! Just like Elsa-san said!”

Sistine and them stepped on the ramp and boarded the train in a hurry.

And finally, a train attendant closed the entrance doors.

“Fuu….somehow we just barely made it….”

Saying that Sistine instinctively wiped a cold sweat off of her brow.

“Thank goodness we all got on the train on time, Sisty.”

“Yeah, I was seriously worried what we would have to do for a second there….”

That’s when Sistine noticed Re=L was looking around worriedly.

“What’s wrong? Re=L?”

“….Where’s Glenn?”

“Sensei? If I recall, he went looking for Re=L filled with bloodlu- …..huh…..ah.”

Once Sistine and Rumia realized what happened, they turned pale…..and at that time.


A roar could be heard in the distance.

If one were to look out the window of the train’s entrance door….

They would see Glenn frenziedly sprinting towards the train wearing a demon-like expression.

“Yesyesyes! I had a feeling it’d turn out like this! God dammit──!”

“S-Sensei!? F-Faster!”

“Re=L came back! Please hurry!”

However, Sistine and Rumia’s words were in vain.

Before Glenn’s eyes… if mocking him, the engine came alive and the train slowly started to inch forward.

And Glenn’s figure slowly started to get left behind…..

“Eeeehhhh!? Wa-…..You’re kidding right?”


“Daaaaammnn it!? [My・hidden power・be released]!”

Shouting an incantation for the white magic [Physical・Boost], Glenn unleashed the spell with all his might.

For just a moment, Glenn’s physical ability transcended those of a mere mortal as he accelerated.


*Baa!* Glenn leaped high in the sky toward the train that started to move──

“I-I somehow made it….”

Of course the one who said that was Glenn who made it by shattering the window of the moving train.

“But this thing is busted huh….I guess it’ll be another pay cut and apology….dammit….”

Glenn couldn’t help but anguishedly cry.

“Nn. Bad lost-child Glenn.”

“Isn’t this your fault you idiiooooooot!?”


(TN:Sound of grinding, presumably Glenn’s fist on Re=L.)

“….That hurts a lot.”

After various things happened.

For the time being, the group decided to search for a place settle down in the train.

The edge of the life of swinging sleeves …and so Elsa decided to accompany them as well.

Following the direction the train was going….they walked forward through the train compartments.

“It seems that….you took care of our Re=L while she was alone.”

While walking, Glenn’s group and Elsa once again began their self-introductions.

“Thanks Elsa.”

“No no, in times of trouble we should help each other. Umm…Renn-sensei right? I bet it must be hard on Re=L-san having to study-abroad just to avoid getting kicked out huh…”

“She’s partly suffering the consequences of her own actions though.”

Elsa was referring to Glen by [Renn]. Due to his female-ification, Glenn had to think of a new name and after thinking for a whole second, [Renn=Gladars] is what he decided upon. Needless to say, the moment Glenn claimed that, the others looked at him like he had to be joking.

“Huh?….but earlier Re=L-san mentioned something about a [Glenn]….”

“Eh!? A-Ah, that’s just a nickname don’t worry about it! (This idiot!)”


“….It hurts.”

Glenn and co. continued to wander the train while exchanging pleasantries.

This train was a compartment type….meaning the left side of the train had private rooms sectioned off while the right side was reserved for the passageway. …that’s how the train was structured. All the private rooms were practically full, so there was no room for the four of them and Elsa to sit together.

As one would expect, it’d be hard to stand for the few hours it took till they arrived.

Looking for a seat, Glenn walked ahead to the next car….


“Ah…Ahh!! This is!?….”

After walking onto the new train, Glenn was surprised to find that the layout switched from a compartment layout to a single open floor layout.

The open floor layouts had a passageway down the middle with seating on both sides of it.

“This is the first time we’re seeing seating on both sides huh…Definitely was a surprise…”

As Glenn was admiring the train, he noticed the right side was pretty empty and overall awfully spacious. It was furnished with coffee tables and chairs for the young ojou-samas to converse and relax in.

“I’ll give them that, a car perfect for ojou-sama’s huh….even getting the luxury treatment here.”

Glenn looked around while whistling.

Luckily enough it was a big enough room that had a surplus of free seats.

Which begs the question why everyone forced themselves into the cramped cars before, when they could sit in this car with more room.

“Well whatever! Yosh, you guys! Let’s find some seats in that corner!”

Glenn merrily urged them on….

“Ah….Gle-….I mean….Renn-sensei….”

Elsa timidly called out to Glenn.

“Umm about this car….the truth is….we actually can’t use it….”

“Eh? What are you talking about…?”

Glenn raised his voice in confusion due to Elsa’s strange remark….And at that time.

“Now wait a moment you people there!”


A group of girls surrounded Glenn’s group.

All of them clad in St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy’s uniform, all of them expelling a strong aura of nobility and haughtiness.

And standing at the head of the group was a remarkably beautiful young lady giving off an even stronger aura. A gorgeous blonde with ringlet curls with a dazzling saber affixed to her slender hips.

The awfully conspicuous ringlet haired girl slowly drew closer to Glenn with her entourage in tow.

“W-What do you want…?”

“I haven’t seen your faces before. Black Lily clique…no that’s not it is it?”

The girl with ringlets was talking to herself as if she were appraising Glenn’s group.

“Actually, it seems like your behavior doesn’t belong at our esteemed school, it oozes of improper upbringing….well we can address that later.”

Even the ignorant Glenn could tell from the faint whiff of her perfume that it was a high-class one.

“Rather than that….It seems like you guys were trying to sit down over there…Were you perhaps unaware that this car belongs to the esteemed White Lily clique?”

Huh? White Lily?”

Glenn unintentionally raised his voice like an idiot.

“Wait…so it wasn’t that these were all empty seats? But they were reserved….?”

Glenn pulled out his ticket to confirm if these were reserved. But there was no mistake.

“Hmmm….are we* really in the wrong here?”

“……[We]….? It seems like you love talking like a gentleman….how vulgar.”

(TN Glenn uses the boy way to say we despite being a girl currently)

With an expression showing disgust, the ringlet haired ojou-sama continued with her words….

“Disregarding that as well. It doesn’t matter whether they’re reserved or not.”

She arrogantly declared that with her chest puffed out.

“This car is property of the esteemed White Lily clique. I cannot permit you to arbitrarily decide to sit here on your own. Leave this car at once. Rules must be obeyed.”

“No no no stop stop! Show me these rules of yours!?”

As one would expect Glenn immediately objected to her claim.

“No matter how much you ojou-samas use it, isn’t this train still public property!? Then as long as you buy a ticket anyone can sit in any unreserved seat can’t they!?”

“Haa….you there…disregarding order and tradition, vulgarly following your own uncivilized rules…”

“My own rules my ass! Knock it off you bastard!”

Glenn thrust his finger out towards the ringlet haired ojou-sama who sighed in exasperation.

“You! How dare a country bumpkin use such language against Francine-sama!?”

“Please stand back Francine-sama! We’ll properly educate these insolent people right now!”

Her followers began to slowly move closer as if they were surrounding Glenn’s group. They suddenly displayed blatant hostility at the drop of a hat for the girl named Francine.

“Huh….this is….?”

Glenn felt a bit overwhelmed on how the mood of the girls suddenly changed so drastically….

“Haa! The same as always huh! Isn’t that right White Lilies!?”

Saying that, a new group of girls appeared.

Unlike the original group of high-class pretentious girls following the ringlet haired ojou-sama, the new group of girls were different….uniforms in slight disarray, wearing trendy accessories, dyed hair, overall they were a stylish group….furthermore, the atmosphere changed to feeling slightly erratic as they walked in.

The leader of the new group of girls appeared to be one at the front, with long black hair and sharp eyes, an extremely beautiful girl. She put her hands clad in studded gloves on her hips and let out a sarcastic laugh as she glared over the original group of girls.

“Colette! Why are you Black Lilies here!? This car belongs to ──”

“Haa! I don’t care Francine! Who’d follow rules made by someone like you!”

The pompous ringlet haired ojou-sama was apparently called Francine, while the long black haired ill-mannered ojou-sama was called Colette. And as evidenced by the sparks flying off as they glared at one another, they didn’t seem to be friendly with one another.

“It’s just a damn seat, don’t be so stingy Francine.”

“I can’t understand your upbringing Colette. How you’re always looking down on the order and traditions of our great academy…Your Black Lilies are a disgrace to our institute!”

“What order and tradition! Huh? Nowadays is seating a part of [order and tradition]? Like hell!”

“Our predecessors created the seating arrangement in order to lower the chance of friction between different cliques, it’s a precious time-honored tradition! If you continue to insult our predecessors like th──”

“Huh how stupid! If it was like that then there wouldn’t be enough seats to go around! That’s why we’ll sit wherever we want! I won’t let anyone tell us off or listen to them complain! I don’t care if it’s a reserved seat or not!”

“Wait you can’t do that though!?”

Glenn unintentionally inserted himself into the argument.

But Glenn’s mistake was ignored due to the fact both group of girls were in a heated argument that only grew fiercer by the second.

“…Seriously what the hell is with these people….”

Glenn can only stand by and idly gaze at the commotion in amazement.

And, at that time.

“Umm….you two….I don’t think it’s good… act like this right now?”

And now Elsa was the one who inserted herself between Colette and Francine who were about to go for each other’s throats.


Glenn was shocked.

Never in his wildest dreams did Glenn think the quiet and shy Elsa who looks like she belongs in the corner of a library buried in books would intervene in between a violent argument like this.

“Haa? What was that!?”

“Ahhh!? Oi, did ya say something!?”

Sure enough, Elsa turned into the target for Colette and Francine’s glares almost immediately.

As a young teenage girl, it wouldn’t be strange for her to tremble and hide under the brunt of such hostile glares, but….

“Francine-san….these people are…exchange students and a temporary instructor from Alzano Imperial Magic Academy….and umm…..they’re probably tired from such a long trip, wouldn’t it be fine if they sat here…? Of course I’ll be fine somewhere else….”

But surprisingly, Elsa did not run away. Staring straight ahead at those two, she continued on.

“Also, Colette-san…Could you please not fight today…? It’ll be troubling for the exchange students…”

Elsa’s way of speaking was very reserved, and overall pretty timid.

But despite that, she’s probably a girl with a strong heart.

But ──

“Shut-up will ya! I don’t wanna be lectured by someone like you!”

“This is our problem! Outsiders should just sit there quietly !”

Elsa’s words could not reach Colette or Francine who were both out for blood.

*Don!* Both of them, at the same time pushed Elsa away.


Elsa staggered back after being shoved away.

Unfortunately, Elsa seemed to have caught someone’s foot as she was pushed back.

Due to that, Elsa lost her balance….

“Ah…!? F-Forgive me──”

“I-I guess that was a bit much ──”

Francine and Colette rushed to reach out to Elsa, but it was too late.

“Oi!? What are you guys doing ──”

Glenn who raised his voice was too far from Elsa to help her in time.

Falling backwards, Elsa’s head was on track to hit the seat’s railing….

At the moment of impact.


A person came between Elsa and the railing to protect her.

….That person was Re=L. Probably no one noticed Re=L’s teleportation like speed, save for Glenn’s group who personally knew her.

“…..Are you okay? Umm….was it….Elsa?”

“Ah….yes…I’m fine….”

“Mm….then that’s good.”

As soon as she said that Re=L lost interest in Elsa and moved back to her original position. Hidden behind Rumia and Sistine.

Elsa could only stare as the plain-spoken Re=L walked back.

On the other hand…



As Francine sighed in relief, Colette wiped the cold sweat from her forehead.

And then those two tried to avoid the fact they almost injured Elsa….

“A-Anyhow! Colette! I won’t overlook you insulting our schools order and tradition any longer! I shall finally pass judgement on you here and now!”

Francine unsheathed her sword with her right hand and put her left hand in-front of her, entering a position for casting spells….

“Heh oh? Wanna go? C’mon….you ready? Let’s settle it here…!”

On the other hand, Colette brought her fist clad in studded gloves up to her bosom like a boxing stance, ready to spring at a moment’s breath….

“Francine-sama,  I’ll protect you!”

“Colette-neesan! Let me assist!”

The girls from both cliques were gearing up for battle as well…..

Once again the air was filled with a fighting aura.

“Seriously these guys….now then what should we do…?”

Feeling like the returned to square one, Glenn grabbed his head in exasperation.

“How do you do.”

Somewhere, a carefree voice was directed towards Glenn.

And before he knew it a young girl was standing next to him. An expressionless girl with long ashen hair in braids. Of course she was also dressed in St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy’s uniform.

“H-How do you do…?”

“Stop, my name is Ginny and I’m that unfortunate ringlet haired ojou-sama’s personal attendant. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

With an absurd entrance and monotone greeting, the girl named Ginny introduced herself.

However, compared to Re=L, she was a bit eccentric.

“Umm, you guys are the exchange students and temporary instructor right?”

“Ah ahh…That’s right….?”

“Stop, I’m sorry. It’s our first meeting but I’m sure you’re confused.”

“Yare-yare,” Ginny said as she shrugged her shoulders (expressionlessly).

“Haa….our schools’  extremely naively ignorant ojou and the one over there with the horrible fashion sense have been a nuisance to you. The truth is…our schools has a tradition since way back where the White Lilies (hehe) and the Black Lilies (hehe) have stupid battles here and there….I wonder (hahah) if they’re that drunk on fighting.”


“I mean isn’t it hilarious? After all, being in such a confined and sheltered community protected by adults, I wonder why they’re so bossy and pretentious….mmm it must be puberty.”

Contrary to the rude words she threw out, Ginny’s voice had no emotion in it.

“Now then….it seems like we’re gonna have a fight with the Black Lilies….If you guys don’t want to get involved you should move back a car. Over there is free of factions.”

“I-Is that right….? Thanks…”

It was at that time when Ginny was talking to the perplexed Glenn.

“Hey Ginny! What do you think you’re doing!? I asked you to always stay behind me!”

The moment Francine curtly called out to Ginny.

“Ha! Coming at once! Ojou-sama!”

Changing into an almost completely different person, Ginny rushed to Francine’s side.

“Please leave the vanguard to me ojou-sama! This incompetent Ginny won’t let those vicious girls touch even a strand of your hair!”

Clad in fighting spirit like a war maiden, Ginny snuggled up close to Francine.

“As expected of a descendant of the bloodline that’s served my house for generations, my heart’s companion! I’m honored that you’re serving me!”

“What meaningless words.”

“Ha! So you’ve come!? Ginny!? Francine’s loyal lapdog!? Today’s the day I crush you!”

Clenching her first, Colette rushed forward.

Eyes blazing in the joy of battle ──

“Stand back Colette! This faithful servant is Francine-ojou-sama’s sword and shield! As long as I’m here your despicable fangs will never reach ojou-sama!”

Using her extreme agility, Ginny clashed with the enemy ──

The sound of someone cutting through space, followed by the sound of impact.

Colette viciously threw punches which Ginny blocked with the scabbard of her dagger.

“Ku ….!?”


The sound of both women fighting caused the air to tremble.

Both of them had a decent amount of skill for students. It seems they’ve both done considerable training. The strength fortifying white magic [Physical・Boost] took a significant amount of skill to handle in battle.

And with the start of that clash.

The girls in both factions thrust out their left hand to cast magic ──

“R-Run awaaaaaay!”

“Hyaa!” “Kyaaaa!?” “Uwawawa.” “….?”

Carrying Elsa on his back, Sistine and Rumia in both arms, and Re=L with his mouth, Glenn was rushing away in a hurry.

While the sounds of girls screaming and crying, and magic exploding echoed behind…

(What’s going on!? Somehow this feels different from the giggling and laughing [paradise of girls] that I thought it would be!? Why!?)

Glenn couldn’t help but feel anxious about what the future held for him.

Escaping the sudden chaos from the girls fighting one another, Glenn’s group continued to flee.

Taking Ginny’s advice, they retreated to the previous car to look for seats.

They finally found a private room where they could catch their breath.

It’ll take a few hours to travel from the Imperial Capital to St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy.

Since they left the capital just before noon, it’ll be about dusk when they arrive to St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy.

At first both Rumia and Sistine were busy conversing despite being fatigued from the long journey from Fejite.

Furthermore, the pleasant shaking of the train invited drowsiness.

Gradually the amount of words spoken by Sistine and Rumia grew less and less…



Before long those two had fallen asleep.


Glenn also fell asleep, but he was snoring loudly….





The only two people awake in the room were Elsa and Re=L.

Elsa was absorbed in reading a huge book….sometimes the sound of a page turning could be heard.

Re=L was motionlessly staring at Elsa who was sitting in front of her.

If one were to look out the window right now they would see the train transversing a vast plain.

Far in the distance beautiful forest, lakes, and hills could be seen unmolested in nature.

A blue sky and a mountain ridge bordering the horizon.

*Goton Goton* The sound of the train shaking dominated the air between them.

There was absolutely no conversation between those two.

Who knew how long the situation carried on like that.

“…..By the way….Re=L-san”

As if she suddenly remembered something, Elsa called out to Re=L.

“Thank you very much….for earlier….you really saved me.”

“….Nn? I did?”

Re=L cocked her head in confusion.

“Y’know….a while ago when the girls were arguing….you protected me when they pushed me away….it’s kind of embarrassing now that I think about it…that I forgot to thank you at the time….”

Closing her book, Elsa smiled at Re=L.

“….It doesn’t matter. It wasn’t a problem. Elsa had also helped me.”

Re=L nodded in agreement.

“Nn. You helped me find Glenn and them when they got lost.”

“….Glenn? Ah ahaha…till the end you’re still saying they were the lost ones huh….”

“I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying but…you’re a good person, probably. That’s why it was no problem.”

Re=L said that in her usual monotonic voice.

Which caused Elsa to break out into a fit of laughter.

“….What’s wrong? Elsa?”

“No…it’s just that….thank god, I’m so relieved….”


Once again Re=L cocked her head in confusion as Elsa continued on.

“The truth is…I’m sorry. But I thought that you hated me.”

“Me? Hate? You?….Why?”

Not understanding her meaning Re=L merely blinked her eyes.

“Don’t you remember? When we first met Re=L-san came at me out of nowhere with a sword….and then despite what I said you only gave short responses…..I thought you weren’t interested in me….that my being here was bothering you….that you didn’t trust me…”

“….Ah….umm….I’m sorry…”

Despite not completely understanding the situation Re=L apologized and bowed her head.

“….I’m….different from Sistine and Rumia…umm….I don’t know how to talk properly…”

“Yes. It seems like it was just my own needless anxiety….that’s why I’m relieved…”

“…Nn. It’s not like I hate Elsa.”

Once again, silence came between the two.

However, it was a pleasant silence, not an awkward gloomy silence like before.

“Fufufu….Surprisingly I think we might be a good fit.”

“…Huh? I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying but…”

“Yes. I have a feeling it’ll be like that.”

Saying that, Elsa smiled at Re=L.

Being the recipient of such a cheerful gaze, Re=L looked away as if she was embarrassed.

And after that time flew like an arrow….

Eventually the train crossed through the forest passing by the lake….and they arrived at St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy.

 St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy is a private boarding school located in the lake region Lilitania.

Surrounded by forest, lakes, and mountain on all four sides, it was completely cut off from the outside world. A place devoid of men thus the parents of residents wouldn’t have to worry about troublesome things like boys courting their daughters, it was a school typically reserved for the upper echelon of society.

For Glenn’s group, it was an unfamiliar new location..

From tomorrow on, their adventure at St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy begins──

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