Roku de Nashi Vol 8 Prologue

[Blue] Renn = Gladars. The alluring teacher with a voluptuous body was in fact a gender-swapped Glenn. In order to be a temporary instructor at St Lily’s……”Disrupting my class huh. Rejecting my instructions huh (read as boycotting). Oh they’re not at that level anymore!?”

[Blonde] Francine = Ekatina. The leader of St. Lily’s largest clique, [White Lily]. One who wants peace in the academy and studiously follows the rule and has no tolerance for those who don’t. “O~hohoho this has a very pleasant flavor.”

[Black] Collete = Frida. The leader of [Black Lily], the second largest clique after Francine’s [White Lily]. Due to a difference in beliefs, she’s constantly quarreling with Francine. “Yosha~ what a good pull! Raise me 10 chips!”

[Black] [Magic Battle Training] class at St. Lily’s. While the student’s eyes begin to gather the group battle begins.

[Blonde] “Are they reading through our next moves…?”

[Black] “W-What are they….”

[Light Blue] Rumia = Tingel. A sweet girl with a secret. Glenn is creepily staring at the girls. “Hey Sisti, isn’t that too much?”

[Dark Blue] (Today your opponents will be a pair of sheltered o-jous.)

[Green] Sistine = Fibel. A straight laced honor student. Currently clashing with a pair of o-jous. “What you’re trying to do is pretty obvious. I wonder if you’re trying to throw us off our guard?”

(TN o-jous = noble/rich/spoiled girl in this context. It literally translates to young lady but I feel like that’ll lose some meaning in translation. Might continue to write it out when translating I’ll see. Also bit confused about Rumia and Sistine are trying to say but this is just a rough translation.)

[Blue] “Now then, I wonder what types of things I should do to you…….Gehehehe…..”

[Mmm Pink maybe Red?] We’ll apologize so don’t hurt us!”

[Blonde] “Excuse me for partaking in my daily gratitude.”

[Blue] (I’m about to return to a male body!? At this timing!?)

[Black] “If there’s something you want to say don’t hesitate holding it back!?”

[Grey] Ginny Kisaragi. A maid attached to Francine. Born in a village that teaches the Eastern art of [Shinobi]. Wearing an expression like that of a loyal dog longing for it’s master.

Preview (Taken from Rokuaka Fandom’s Website)

To avoid expulsion due to bad grades, Re=L ends up going to St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy for short-term study abroad. Sistine and Rumia accompany her, and, to keep the ladies of this males-forbidden paradise off the trail, Glenn transforms into a beautiful girl and transfers as a temporary instructor!?

…but what they saw there was a struggle between the ladies’ groups!?

“Whaaat? This is completely different from what I imagined!!”

A birdcage in the guise of a girls’ academy. Resigned to a predictable life, the girls encounter a daring good-for-nothing…

“This I swear. I can make you into ‘mages.'”

Glenn’s lectures will tear the chains of fate away from the girls of this miniature garden!

Prologue: Re=L’s Suffering

“W-w-w-what’s the meaning of this Headmaaaster ── ?”

As soon as he saw the notice on the bulletin board, Glenn immediately rushed towards the Headmaster’s office and once there marched towards Headmaster’s Rick’s desk.

“Maa, I thought it was about time you showed up….”

The headmaster welcomed the flustered Glenn in a relaxed manner.

“I’ll be the first to admit this person is a total idiot! And her grades are really bad this time around!”

Holding Re=L by the nape of her neck, he pushed her towards the headmaster.

“Muu……The one who calls the other an idiot is the real idiot.”

Re=L wore her usual sleepy expression that seemed to say she didn’t understand what was currently happening.

Being expelled from school. That was the punishment for dealing with poor performers.

The Magic Academy, which was officially ran by the Imperial Government, which was renowned for its military might, at its base fundamentals was a merit-based school. Those who had the ability and desire were given preferential treatment, while for those who were incompetent and unwillingly were not much.

Therefore. the school board of educators had the right to revoke a remarkably bad student’s qualification to attend and force them to drop out.

“Isn’t there still time till the scores of last semester’s exams come out though!? Even without waiting, we could do tutoring or supplementary lessons or mock testing or even repeating the same year, why suddenly go straight to dropping her, do you think this is some type of joke!?”

That’s right, in accordance with what Glenn said, Re=L was on the verge of dropping out.

It would be inconvenient for Re=L to drop out at this time.

“That’s right! Something’s definitely wrong!”

“Please headmaster…..just verify one more time please.”

Sistine and Rumia who’d trailed behind, started to desperately plea with the Headmaster.

“Maa, a mistake huh….that might be right….if this was a normal situation. But this time Re=L-chan’s case is just a bit special…..”

The headmaster let out a miserable sigh.

And then, glancing around the office, in addition to himself, there was Glenn, Re=L, Sistine, and Rumia…..after confirming that everyone here was authorized to know.

“Re=L-chan is an operative dispatched from the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex to protect the former-princess….isn’t that correct?”

In fact, Headmaster Rick was one of the few people who was privy to the true circumstances surrounding Rumia.

“To that end, the Imperial Army … The General Staff of the Ministry of Military Affairs, forcibly inserted Re=L-chan as a student into this school … correct? At this academy, the interest and scheming of various government agencies clash together, almost like a turf war in a den of thieves….”

“That’s right. It’s torturous like slowly bending back a finger, the Ministry of Military Affairs, Ministry of Magic, Ministry of Administration, Ministry of Education, etc….. Every day they’re gunning to gain even just a bit more influence in the academy by bribing members of the Academy’s board of directors behind closed doors.”

That’s correct, the great country of Alzano ruled by Her Majesty the Queen gave off the appearance of an indestructible country… but in all reality it was not as monolithic as it seemed. If there wasn’t absolutely sworn fidelity to the royal family, then the country would’ve collapsed from within……that was how dangerous the current state of affairs of the country were.

“You’re saying that….?”

“That’s exactly right.”

Rick finally let out a sigh once Glenn realized something was amiss.

“When the Ministry of Military Affairs forced Re=L-chan to come to this school, well there were some people upset by that. Most likely the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Magic made a move to expel Re=L-chan who falls under the Ministry of Military Affairs.”


Rumia’s face distorted into one of despair and she clenched her hands over her mouth.

“And to make matters worse….Re=L-chan still has some behavior problems due to her mental immaturity, and that she has academic issues despite it being a time of peace… the pre-text the Anti-Ministry of Military Affairs factions is rallying under….”

“Damn it…that’s the real reason.”

Glenn couldn’t help but regret being stuck in such a situation.

“…..Headmaster…..isn’t there anything you can do?”

With both hands still placed on the desk, Glenn drew closer to the Headmaster and pleaded with him.

Re=L who’d been staring at Glenn during this unusual ordeal, finally began to realize the severity of the situation.

“…Ne, Rumia. Sistine. What’s “dropping-out”?……Is it yummy?”

“That is….well….”

Hesitant to say anything, Sistine and Rumia merely exchanged glances with one another.

“…Calm down and listen okay? Re=L. Dropping out of school is…..being forced to leave the academy…..”


In response to Rumia’s words, Re=L’s previously sleeping-like facial expression changed into one full of turmoil.

“That….I can’t be together with Glenn and Rumia and Sistine…with everyone in class…..? Why….? I don’t want that….”

The always emotionless Re=L, at this time…..looked like she was about to burst out crying any second now.

“….Please, Headmaster!”

Glenn, who couldn’t stand to see the sight of the miserable Re=L, bowed his head pleading.

But, in-front of the desperately begging Glenn….all the Headmaster did was chuckle.

“But, I think this every time Glenn….that you really are lucky getting out of troubles.”


“The truth is….I already nominated Re=L for a short-term study-abroad program….over at St. Lily’s Magic Girls’ Academy.”

“St. Lily’s Magic Girls’ Academy!?”

St. Lily’s Magic Girls’ Academy. A private all girls’ academy in Riritania, a lake region Northwest of the Alzano’s capital city, Orlando. Following true to its name, it’s all an girls academy that houses the elite and noble daughters of the Empire with on-campus dorms.

“Wait what? A short-term study-abroad program…..? Wait! Are you serious!? There’s no doubt Re=L will be able to do the study-abroad program!?”

In response to Glenn’s question, the Headmaster gave a reassuring nod.

“Yup. This time the anti-Ministry of Military Affairs is targeting Re=L chan’s poor academic standing. Then all we need to do is get rid of the foundation of their complaint.”

“That’s right! Studying abroad is considered a [great achievement], and it’ll boost her overall evaluation. If Re=L finishes her short-term study-abroad program successfully, then no one can complain!”

And then, with his face breaking into a grin, Glenn turned towards Re=L.

“Thank god right Re=L! You’ll still be able stay here! You’ll study at St. Lily’s Magic Girls’ Academy for a bit! Isn’t that great!?”

Thereupon, Re=L merely looked on in bewilderment.

“…..Ne Rumia. Sistine. What’s St. Lily’s?….Is it yummy?”

“That is… well…”

Once again, hesitant to say anything, Sistine and Rumia merely exchanged glances with one another.

“Calm down and listen okay? Re=L. Short-term study-abroad is…..being forced to temporarily study at another school…..” 


Once again, in response to Rumia’s words, Re=L’s previously sleeping-like facial expression changed into one full of turmoil.

“….A different……..? Not this school….?”

“Ah! But it’ll be okay Re=L! That doesn’t mean you’ll go to that school forever! It’ll probably be only…..two or three weeks? You’ll definitely come back home! That is if you study diligently over there…..”

Sistine rushed to clarify to Re=L what a study-abroad program was before her face lost all her color.

“No way”

The only words that came out of Re=L’s mouth were a firm rejection.

“….St. Lily’s?…… I don’t wanna”

Muttering that while swaying to and fro, wearing her usual sleepy expression….but this time a slight wrinkle could be seen on her forehead.

“H-Hey Re=L….you understand the situation right!?”

While scratching his head in exasperation, Glenn posed that question towards her.

“That if things continue like this you’ll be expelled from school!? Do you understand that you won’t be able to stay with Rumia and Sistine! Is that what you want?”

“Nn. No way”

“Then, if you just peacefully do the program…..”

“…….I don’t wanna……”

Clenching her fist, slightly trembling, Re=L gloomily held her head down.

“Oi, isn’t this enough already? You don’t want this you don’t want that is there anything that’ll please you?”

Getting annoyed by Re=L acting like a spoiled brat, Glenn finally reprimanded her.

“…..Noisy….I don’t want to….no….no….!”

With her eyes still cast downwards, Re=L was mumbling.


“Expulsion?……St Lily’s?…….I don’t want to do either of them….at all……” And then ──

“Never ever! Idiot Glenn! I hate you!”

She exploded!

Finally losing her temper, Re=L shouted and flew out of the office.

As one would expect of [The Chariot] Re=L. She was able to rush out of the room before anyone could even attempt to stop her.

“O-Oi!? Re=L! Wait! Gaah what a needy brat!”

And so, Glenn broke off into a run after Re=L’s fleeing figure.

“Headmaster! Thank you for the study-abroad program offer, we will take it into heavy consideration! White-Cat! Rumia! After Re=L! Now! When you catch her give her a spanking like the child she’s acting likeeeeeeeeeeeeee ── !”

Hey again. This’ll be my first volume that I start from scratch, so bear with me if there’s growing pains. Luckily the Rokuaka Fandom website provides spelling and it seems right to me. The picture translations might be a bit off, context was a bit weird for some of the panels. Let me know if you see any glaring errors.

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