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…..And so, before that unmoving Glenn.

“Fufu~ Sensei. Please look, I brought a lot of Sensei’s favorite sandwiches.  I brought a drink for you as well. ♪

“Maa, you haven’t had a proper meal yet have you?  Do you look so gloomy because your stomach hurts from not eating?”

Rumia and Sistina returned carrying plates full of food, and Re=L of course came back with a plate full of strawberry tarts stacked like a mountain.

“……A-Ah…you guys…. are safe…. thank god.”


Breathing a sigh of relief, Glenn looked at the three girls as if they were miracles.

“Anyhow in the first place why did you guys bring plates of food over?  You should’ve seen that I was eating my fill earlier right?”

“Oh….now that you mention it….”

“Hmm, why did we even think of bringing Sensei food in the first place?”

“Mou….come on you guys be a bit more friendly alright?”

Despite the abusive language, Glenn couldn’t help but secretly let out a breath of relief.

In accordance with Eleanor’s declaration, nothing strange seemed to have happened to those three. Despite the fact that Glenn, and even Eve weren’t able to monitor Rumia, Zayeed really didn’t move at all.

That’s why “that dress” will be her tragically beautiful final attire…. Eleanor’s prophecy seems to hold more and more validity as the night goes on.

“…. Fufu. What’s wrong, Glenn?  Why the lousy look on your face?”

Suddenly Eve’s voice came back. But she doesn’t talk about anything of any importance……. Eleanor most likely finished whatever she had to and returned that part of my consciousness back to me.

(Eve. Earlier, Eleanor appeared in front of me. It’s urgent, she ──)

“Ha? Eleanor …… What, that Eleanor = Charlet? “

In an instant an aura full of desolation was transmitted across the communication device.

“Heh….What a boring joke, trying to say I’m dancing in the palm of their hands”

(I can’t believe you!  But he is really ──)

“Silence. Focus only on your mission. Unless…you want to be burned? “

Just as I thought I can’t trust Eve. It’s clear as day. Even if the positions were reversed, I would not trust her.

(Damn it…..At the very least I’ll get in touch with Albert….)

However, since Eve is overseeing the communication network, he has no means of alerting Albert.

This type of communication system, which Eve had propositioned, came back to bite him in the ass.

“Aside from that, Glenn. Aren’t you delighted?  Soon everything will come to an end exactly as I predicted.”

” ………… “

Eve’s proclamation, which should have been good news, did not have any effect on Glenn’s heart, it was as if her words were a sound coming from another world.

  ── .

“Kyahawwahahawahaha ♪ Ahhahawahahawahahawahaha ♪”

Glacia’s rasping laughter reverberated with the snowstorm around her.

“What’s wrong? Hey, hey ♪ C’mon what’s wrong ♪? “

“Damn … “

Facing her by himself, Christopher focused on maintaining his Emerald boundary barrier.

As he was concentrating on the barrier, the freezing temperatures of Niflheim slowly encroached on his lifeline.

The raging blizzard would freeze the ground and pillars of ice would rise and pierce the heavens──

Finally, it would freeze the air, crystallize, and ominously flicker across the empty space.

It’s a dead zone where if one entered for even a minute, their blood would freeze over, the simple act of breathing would be near impossible if it weren’t for the fact that one breath would freeze their lungs.

Glacia of The Researchers of Divine Wisdom’s First Order “Portals” By engraving her whole body with the seal of [Death’s Winter], she is able to endlessly lower the surrounding temperature around herself. Wherever she is ── a supernatural disaster lurks not too far behind.

(…H-How cold!)

Christopher, who prides himself on being the Imperial Courts top defensive boundary, is just barely able to keep his barrier active against the freezing onslaught.

From his fingertips, to the end of his toes, slowly, slowly…. the storming cold which could not be prevented began to erode his barrier…. his blood began to freeze over.

“You said~♪ That you would prevail~♪ Ahh how comical~♪Even though you started this you’re in this condition~♪ Even though you started this you fell this far♪Ne ne ~ Ne ne~ ♪ How does it feel?”

Glacia infused even more magic into the seal of [Winter’s Death].

At that moment, the intensity of the blistering cold immensely increased.

Accompanied with the sound of glass shattering, Christopher’s four-layer barrier once again got destroyed by the unbearable cold.

“[High-speed barrier creation ・ Ruby formation]”

At that moment, Christopher activated the spell he secretly prepared before.

A moment later. a scorching scarlet wall encircled Christopher.

The searing heat and blistering cold attempted to push one another back.

Originally, this technique was an offensive barrier meant to incapacitate the enemy by sealing them within. Although the two temperatures would cancel each other out on the outer ends of the barrier, Christopher could still feel his skin sizzle from the heat──

” – !”

But, despite the burning of his body, Christopher endured the pain and continued to throw jewels overhead.

The jewels flew through the sky as if they were living beings obeying his orders, at a certain distance from one another they pierced into the grounds surface──

“I won’t let you do that ♪ [The sword that the winter demon wields] ♪

Realizing his intentions Glacia chants a single verse spell.

At that moment a frozen sword appeared next to her and flew through the air towards Christopher.

It was not a regular composition of ice. The extreme compression of cold air caused it to crystallize, the cold itself was materialized as a blade.

Touching it for an instant would cause one’s whole body to freeze over instantly.

Countless frozen swords pierced through Christopher [Ruby barrier] as if it didn’t exist at all──

“[High-speed barrier creation ・ Diamond formation]!”

On the other hand, Christopher quickly moved his right hand and threw five diamonds into the air.

A moment later a multitude of lights emerged from each diamond to form the “that word” of sorcery, the pentagram.

Coming towards his magic barrier, countless ice swords shattered one after another.

The overwhelming cold air released from the ice blades began to rupture his barrier.

Before long in the face of countless ice blades Christopher’s barrier couldn’t handle the pressure and shattered──

“Ugh ──!”

The aftermath of the cold left Christopher’s right arm frozen from the elbow down.

“Ahahahahahahahahaha ♪ Go to sleep now~ ☆ Aren’t you already tired~? So, sleep peacefully♪ Enjoy your reward~♪ Listen ☆ to your caretakers’ song♪

Glacia imbues even more magic into her seal of [Winter’s Death]…..the raging storm grew even more powerful.

At that instant, Christopher shouted multiple spells in rapid succession.

“[Ruby formation ・ Cancel] ── [High speed boundary formation ・Emerald formation・ Quintet]!”

The flame of the barrier burnt out as if it were firewood──and immediately following that a five-point green light barrier appeared.

Once again Christopher cut himself off from the frozen hell known as Niflheim.


“Ara-ara♪ How persistent~♪ What a commendable Mr. Songbird♪ But no matter how hard you try the results will remain the same♪ It’s pointless to try again and again♪ Despite you desperately building your castle ☆ my winter will inevitably win out~♪

Those sharp words were directed at him.

The outer layer of Christophe’s barrier began to throb and cracks ran along it.

“C’mon are you despairing already? But I guess it can’t be helped, this is the difference between me and you. ♪Its overwhelmingly ♪ clear♪ the difference between us♪ It’s so cruel~ ♪ Ahh how cruel~♪.

” ………………….. “

Christopher cast his eyes downward and remained silent. After realizing the situation, his face fell to despair. Christopher who was barely able to endure a defensive battle…. had an almost impossible chance to prevail against Glacia.

“By the way♪ Would you talk with me for a little? ♪”

Glacia laughed at Christopher who shut down as if he had abandoned his will to live.

“You still want to battle? This amount of struggling is meaningless♪ Aaah how pitiful, your struggling won’t cause anything to happen♪ The world needs more love in it☆

” …… ?”

” … … So, ♪ Christopher, please give up ♪ ♪ “

Glacia smiles in a carefree manner in front of Christopher who was doubtful of her words.

“Actually, the truth is, I don’t want to kill you♪ Because you seem like a ♪ really cute boy♪ Kyahh……Could this possibly be, love?”

” ………… “

{“Hey~ you♪ Won’t you become my plaything? ♪ It doesn’t sound bad does it? ♪ Don’t you want to swear loyalty to me instead of that old queen? ♪ If you choose ☆ me I’ll love you ♪ more than that old lady ever could. ☆

Christopher cast his eyes down and was silent for a while as if lost in thought.

“………….Fufu …….Aha…..Ahaha….”

But. Before long, his shoulders began to shake. …

“Ahhahawahahawahahawahahawahahawahahawahahawahahawa ──

Suddenly he began to laugh as if he finally snapped.

“Ahaha ♪ After all ♪ I’m so happy you’ll become my playthi-“

“Eat shit, you idiot.”

On the face of Christopher appeared a bone-chilling smile that even made the surrounding temperature seem tepid.

“Did you really think I would betray Her Majesty the Queen, for a woman who lacks character, lacks nobility, lacks even the basic brain tissue to form a cognitive thought, that type of insolent woman?  Don’t make me laugh, you whore.”

” Hmm … ☆ “

“That’s impossible. Whether it was just a person I’d swear loyalty to, or even your womanhood, you don’t hold a candle to Her Majesty at all. Would you like to wash your face and come once more? Now, let’s pick up where we left off ── “

The aggressive fury bursting from his calm disguise──Glacia was taken back from how quiet he had been till now.

“M-Mou ♪, you don’t have to put on a brave front….I already know ♪ that your right arm is frozen from the elbow down, both your feet are almost frozen and have become practically useless, half your body is charred……Now, little by little your lungs are freezing ♪ It’s no longer even a fight…..

“Hmm?  I guess only my right arm is frozen, both my feet have become useless, half my body is charred, and my lungs are slowly freezing over? Hahahaha, I’ll have to depend on the next one…..The match will be decided after this.”

With a composed face, Christopher’s eyes remained unwavering and full of fighting spirit.

“Oh….that’s your true character? You gave off a more…. delicate and… dainty expression…?

“This feminine appearance of mine created a misunderstanding……. Are you disappointed? “

“Noo, it’s wonderful! Hidden deeply behind the indomitable soul♪ How can I express it☆ but I’m coming to love you even more and more♪ Ahhh I’m so grateful for today’s engagement. ♪ “

Glacia broke out into a smile that covered her whole face.

“Without a doubt♪ You’ll belong to me♪ Ah this is love♪ I can certainly say this is love♪ But it’s still winter? Right it still is winter♪ Rarara~♪ I’ll make it an endless spring~♪

*sigh* “Hey…I know I said it earlier but…..I’ll say it once more alright?”

Christopher’s refreshing eyes shoot through Glacia.

“…..[You won’t be able to beat me]”…. that is absolute.”

“Ufu, Ufufufufufufufufufu …… ♪”

Glacia recklessly imbues even more magical power. The engraved seal “Winter’s Death” responds once again to the influx of magic power, even more cold is brought into the air, and the temperature drops twice, thrice, times the amount before.

The raging snowstorm endlessly intensified ── it was if the cold had no limit──

“…. Never ♪ I’ll Never forgive yooouuuu!”

Once again, the chill of the snowstorm ferociously enveloped Christopher.


Albert recited spells in rapid succession.

” [Bark my Flame Lion] ── [Bark], [Bark]!”

Black magic [Blade burst] was activated continuously, and three molten fireballs were launched.

But ──

“That type of thing── It won’t work it won’t work it won’t woooooork──!

Weiss’s cry echoed throughout the forest ──

Despite the rising detonations and blast, the demon’s figure grew larger as he rushed towards Albert── he mercilessly mowed down trees as he approached him.

The aftermath of the shock wave demolished the surrounding trees, set them ablaze, tore them asunder, and flicked them in the sky──

The distance between Albert and the demon disappeared within a blink of the eye.

“── [Lighting War God ・Swing your ferocious hammer of indignation ・Bring everything to ruin]”

However, Albert’s expression remained unwavering while he indifferently recited his spell.

With the completion of Albert’s spell──

 At approximately the same time, the demon entered striking distance of Albert and raised his fist overhead.

Coming from Alberts left hand, was a blinding convergence of lighting more illuminating than the aurora borealis ──

“Hyawahahawahahawahahawahahawahahawahahawahahawahaha ──”

Taking the lighting blast head on at close range, the demon slammed his fist downward.

Black magic [Plasma Canon], a B-class offensive military spell. Although the range of effect is linear and narrow, the power of aggregating and focusing the lightning energy to the maximum limit is enormous. It could even be said to be stronger than [Plasma・Field] in terms of raw strength.

And eating the beam face on, no one would be capable of surviving ── if they were human that is.

But ── the opponent is a demon. That demon was able to take [Plasma・Canon] head on with just a fist without much resistance.


The demon swung his fist. [Plasma · Canon] was easily pushed back by the demon’s fist.

The directionality of the lighting was forcibly disrupted, looking for the path of least resistance it ran amok throughout the nearby surroundings.

Before Albert became charcoal due to his own back-flow ──

“── [Gust]!”

With a raging whirlwind, Albert retreated from that spot.

Black Magic [Rapid Stream]. It is a type of magic to increase one’s mobility by using the wind for acceleration.

Due to the whirling storm, the trees in surrounding area screamed as they were warped.

Albert’s figure left an afterimage as he retreated deeper into the forest ── and at the same time.


Albert’s souvenir, [Freezing・Coffin], a magic trap that Albert left at the demon’s feet, a large amount of ice rose from the spot and immediately imprisoned him.

“How useless!”

While he casually stomped his feet, he easily blew apart the pillar of ice.

As the magic was broke through pure brute force, its pieces shattered as they hit the ground.

“Hahaha, whatever you try to do is pointless──”

At the moment the demon attempted to go on a spiel.

From the depths of the forest where Albert had disappeared, three rays of light emerged.

The true form of the light were three bullets of the black magic [Lightning · Pierce].

While Weiss was talking, Albert took the time to set up countless amounts of mirrors throughout the forest.

Three high speed rods of lighting freely ricocheted off the countless mirrors and divided the Weiss’s field of vision ── while he was distracted by the barrage, Albert attempted to aim at his vital from his blind spot ──

But even that much.

“It’s useless!”

The demon moved at such a speed that seemed impossible for his large build and intercepted the lightning rods that drew near Weiss.

“Do you understand…. it’s not effective at all? Blistering heat, freezing cold, electric shock…your prided three types of magic have no effect on an existence know as a demon.

Weiss tells Albert, who took the opportunity to sneak back into the woods.

“In short….at this point in time you have no other option but to lose….”

Even so, Weiss was still surprised by the level of Albert’s magic.

From the continuous activation of C-class spells, to instantly switching to a B-class, at the same time reading the flow of the battle and launching an emergency escape spell, and even having the composure to set a magical trap as he escaped.

And just now, he was shot at by an irregular sniping style that boasted an unparalleled level of accuracy. Without a doubt it was a level of skill befitting one of top snipers in the world.

What exactly did he do to reach that level of skill?

It is not hard to imagine the hellish training Albert put himself through, the amount of blood he’s vomited, the pain he’s endured to reach this stage.

” … But it doesn’t matter. I will beat you at my leisure. “

Yes, I am overwhelmingly stronger than Albert. I have the demon.

While Albert spent his time on wasteful and meaningless things such as self-discipline, he continued to sacrifice human beings to his demon, creating an overwhelmingly strong one.

Don’t you understand? If you want power, you have to focus on efficiency? If a magician wants power it’s not completely necessary for them to be strong, that’s why──

“Now then … I’m about getting tired of playing with you. Your mischievous tactics are getting boring … Maa, it’s not like you have much choice before this demon’s powers. “

Before Albert disappeared, Weiss walked with light footsteps alongside his demon.

“But these trees are kind of in the way. there’s too many places to hide…….”

However, Weiss, who was strolling in the woods looking for Albert, suddenly stopped.

He couldn’t help but stop.

Till now the aftereffects of the magic battle left a giant cross burned into the ground──and inside it’s center.

” ………… “

Lying in wait there with arms folded, was Albert.

” Hmm …?”

Under the moonlight, Albert’s figure was clearly visible. There was no place to hide anymore.

Until now, Albert used the bushes in the forest, deceiving Weiss, and making surprise attacks.

Facing the demon head on in an open clearing like this left Albert at an overwhelming disadvantage.

“Oh, I see …. have you finally resigned yourself?

Seeing Albert’s figure in plain sight, Weiss couldn’t help but tremble…. but he immediately regained his composure and let out a snakelike laugh.

“You finally realized it huh … that you can’t beat my demon?”

“That’s right. How I am right now I have no way to kill your demon.”

As if it were an obvious fact, Albert replied bluntly.

“Hyhaha hahahaha …Is that right? Because my demon is the strongest! “

” ………… “

Albert was silent. It seemed like he had given up on winning the battle…..without making any moves or reciting any spells, Albert stood…..silently.

“Then….do you mind if I take your soul……?”

” ………… “

“Iiyaaaa, I’m looking forward to it! If I eat such a soul like yours, I wonder how strong my demon will become?  Iiyaaa, thank you, Albert! “

Saying such things Weiss cruelly chuckled.

“Come on!  Thou art thy Lord, with my true name Weiss = Cernus I order you!   [The Earl of Mania] Narcissus!   Eat that despicable man’s soul──!

In a moment, a devil surrounded by a strong wind rushed toward Albert.

An overwhelming mass relentlessly approached Albert──

“That’s right….. How I am right now I have no way to kill your demon.

But Albert glanced at the devil as if it were another twig in the forest ──

“── So, I had to borrow the power of a drunkard”

“The devil raised his fist as if it were a rock, and with releasing a howl towards Albert swung downwards──

“That fist which would be able to crush Albert’s head into a pile of mush──

── did not.


The devil’s fist, which was swung downwards, stopped just before touching Albert.

As if Albert were an overbearing entity the Demon trembled before him.

“W-What are you doing!? Kill him!  Narcissus!  With my true name thy lord orders you! [The Earl of Mania] Narcissus!   Kill that insolent man! “

“Hmm. You seem to be ignorant of demonology despite being demon summoner……. Look closely at the place where I’m standing right now. “

Realizing where Albert was standing…. Weiss finally figured out what was beneath his feet.

Scorched into the ground was a cross──no, it was something else…. this was…n-no impossible…?

The scorched cross in the ground, to the East, West, South, and North….greatly extended in each cardinal direction.

Therefore ──

“If you look at it from the sky, it will seem this [Black Sword] points true North. You might ask what meaning this holds…. if just for a moment you switch places with [The Earl of Mania] Narcissus you might understand.”

“T-This is…..[The Demon King’s Black Sword] The symbol of Meivus? [The Earl of Mania] Narcissus’s true lord’s……?”

Weiss started to back off while openly flustered.

“Certainty, in today’s world …. physical and magical attacks could not begin to infringe on concepts know as [Demons]…. that’s one of the world’s law we abide by. However, after all, the concept known as the [Human’s Dream] was brought forth. Weak concepts fall before stronger concepts … that is also a law of the world “

Albert glared sharply at the young man and indifferently explained to him.

“I’m standing at the heart of the [Black Sword], which acts as a representative of Meivus. It is illogical for the manservant to meddle before his master.”

Albert impromptuly made this conceptual weapon while on the run.

“Aah……Aaaah…..That…! I-Impossible, was this your true goal all along!? Till now did you use meaningless spells and tactics as a camouflage to create this!?

Of course, it was not merely just a drawn symbol that was finished. In order to tempt Meives, even the drawing of a single line requires complicated and obscure magic rituals from the demonology sect.

He finally finished drawing it while fighting that demon in his spare time──

“With the symbol of a noble-ranking devil, let its authority expel the presence of a lower-ranked one. That is the foundation of exorcising demons. Therefore, on the occasion of demon summoning, be sure to pay careful attention to who you call its true name in front of…..lest you’re willingly to give them power over its name. Man can’t beat demons; they’ll always lose to them. “

Albert briefly glanced down at the demon who was shrinking in fear.

” [Narcissus ・The Earl of Mania ・Give life to the Demon King’s Black Sword ・ Set free the captured souls of the dead ・ From now till the eternal ・Return to thy ruins ・ The law commands you]”

Albert recites the scripts passage in a dispassionate voice.

The demons body began to shine── and suddenly, it turned into countless particles of light that scattered in the wind.

“A-Ahh!? I, my servant!?!”

As the particles of light ascended to the heavens, the demon was completely wiped from the face of the earth.

“That idiot!? No matter how much you used the symbol of Meives, to the point of even disintegrating Narcissus, not even a virtuous priest would be able do that much…..What…? What the hell exactly are you…? You’re not just a regular mage are you!?

“I don’t care about such things like that. More importantly…..”

Albert turned to face Weiss.

“Are you already out of underlings?  Then I’ll get on with it, you heretic. You’ll soon get your retribution for trifling with the souls of the innocent. There’ll be no mercy.

As if he were the prey of a stalking cat Weiss slowly began to back away.


For a while now in front of Albert who appeared to be a demon king himself, tears were flowing freely from the corner of Weiss’s eyes while his body shivered and trembled.

Suddenly as if he resolved his heart, murderous intent could be seen out of Weiss’s eyes.

Albert moved like a spring bursting open and began to chant a spell.

” [I・beseech thee who lords over death ──

“── Too slow”

But at that moment, Albert’s left fingers grew blurry.

A pre-constructed time-delayed spell caused a flash of lighting to expel from his fingertips.

Albert’s magic [Lightning Pierce] ── in just a moment it was fired with extreme speed.

That lightning bolt pierced through Weiss’s head ── and a moment later left him dead.

“Hmm, did you really think I wouldn’t see through your tricks. Demon Summoner…?

Albert ruthlessly said such words as he watched Weiss’s corpse fall to the ground.

(…. It’s no good at all. It wasn’t even close to enough. With this level of strength, I’m nowhere close to reaching that man.)

Staring sharply at his own hand, and then…. he clenched his fist.

The memory of a middle-aged man dressed in a priest garb leaving him behind occupied Albert’s mind like usual.

On that day, the despair and hatred he held towards that man ── to this day still clouded his heart.

But right now, was not the time to soak in the sentimentalities of the past.

” … … “

A moment later something switched in his heart, and Albert turned on his heels and began to walk away.


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