Volume 7 Chapter 4 Part 1

Unexpected visitors, those who fight in the dark.


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The conductor raises his baton to the right and with it high overhead, setting a pose.


As the performance that the orchestra played came to a finish, its reverberation left a dramatic afterglow throughout the hall.


In addition, each dancing couple resolved themselves to finish their dance as best they could.


And then ──


Aaaaaaah ──!


The applause and cheers from the audience shook the building to its foundation.


Just now, the third qualifying round of the dance competition came to an end and the audience hall reached its peak climax.


“…… Whew ……”


Glenn, who took Rumia’s hand to pose for the finish, finally released Rumia from his grasp




Rumia, who entrusted herself to Glenn, wore a dreamlike expression.


“…… Hehe mou… I’m finished …………”


Rumia reluctantly gently parted with Glenn.


“Look, Rumia! The number of points against us is …… Yosh, we’re at the top of the final selection! “


One can even see from a distance that Glenn decided to take a guts pose next to the examiner’s seats. (TL Look up guts pose)


“── I, Tsk!?  We got the same amount of points as White cat and Re=L??  Naturally, they would make it to the finale … … but, damn… this is bothersome.


The Sistina-Re=L’s pair was a more formidable foe than Glenn could imagine.


The qualifying round is done by grouping several couples together, and each couple in the group performs one by one, but Sistina would place at the top number of points in any group regardless of which round it was.


Finally, with the end of the third qualifying round, Glenn’s pair and Sistina’s pair at last are placed in the same group, but …… with the same number of points it appears they are evenly matched.


(…… Tsk….this is unpleasant.)


Up until now one could advance through the competition just by earning enough points.


In short, it was a preliminary test to eliminate weak contenders, which it was good for.


However, in the next stage of the competition, three couples will dance simultaneously, and the jury will add points for technique and artistic form, and only the couple with the highest score will advance to the next round.


If one were to unluckily cross paths with Sistina’s pair they would be in danger of falling out of the competition.


(Even so, the night of the ball is still long …… no news since the time with that damn Zayeed but I can’t be careless …… if possible, I hope to stay till the last round ……)


To Glenn who was vigilantly watching his surroundings for threats


“Fufu, well? Glenn-sensei? We stand a pretty good chance, right? “


“Hmm. Give up. “


At the end of every round, Sistina with a self-satisfied look and Re=L with her normal sleepy expressionless face would come up to Glenn.


(Gunununu …… this guy, …… You don’t understand my feelings…. tsu!?)


If Glenn loses, the possibility of making a mistake as Rumia’s guard increases, Eve might not give Re=L any orders, and at the time it’s possible Rumia will be used in some type of plan as bait. Re=L will follow Eve’s orders down to the last letter.


(…… Shit, I have to do it … …… I have protect Rumia!)


Such thoughts of Glenn remained unvoiced


“Ara ara, perchance is sensei nervous? Will this year’s Gown of the Fairies belong to me~? “


Sistina puffed out her thin chest and with an elated expression attempted to instigate Glenn.


Then, surprisingly

“……Fufu, I wonder about that? Sisty “


While Rumia was having fun, she mischievously wrapped herself around Glenn’s arm.


“Sensei and I absolutely will not lose?  Sensei is sure to win the Gown of the Fairies for me, isn’t that right Sensei!?


Rumia looked up with a face as bright as the sun. Her flushed cheeks were strangely erotic.


W-Well, ……? Leave it to me


“Yes! Let’s work hard together to win the competition, sensei! “


As if to show off and tease Sistina, Rumia was still intertwined on Glenn’s arm.


Rumia’s enthusiasm completely affected atmosphere in the immediate area.


M-Muu Muuu! Ah! “


Sistina was pouting with her puffed out cheeks and her hands clenched into fist.


“What, Rumia! I, absolutely, will not lose!?


“Fufu, me neither!”






Sistina and Rumia were amicably glaring at each other, giving off sparks in front of onlookers.


(Yare-yare, these guys are raising the tension in the air, they’re just embarrassing themselves. )


Glenn glanced over the dance hall while expelling a sigh.


(However, it’s hard to believe the ball is this animated……, …… Is this the gift of Rize’s planning and management capabilities? Is she a monster... ? )


After all, even if just, Glenn was having a little fun.


Even though Glenn was on a secret mission that held the life of the girl clinging to his arm within his grasp.


(Seriously, why me of all people? I could enjoy this if it wasn’t for that person. )


But it is fun. There is a sense of excitement already in this ball.


Even though the ball is only halfway through, the venue is really booming and lively.


Everybody has a good time chatting with each other and the feeling of camaraderie filled the banquet hall.


As if there were an endless amount, dishes of various colors were brought one after another.


The musicians continued to play uplifting music despite just finishing the musical performance for the dance competition qualifying matches.


(Musicians and conductors huh, I appreciate your efforts )


I having nothing but respect for the conductor who enthusiastically swings his baton, and for the musicians who continuously play on in order to keep the mood of the ball lively.


Glenn held such thoughts while subconsciously gazing at the conductor and musicians


Before long, Glenn noticed it. The muscles along his back were quivering.


“…… Rumia….Where’s Rumia?! …… …… Tsk!”


Once he realized it, Rumia wasn’t there. Sistinas and Re=L’s figures have disappeared as well.


What a failure. In the short time I was caught up with the ball…. although I made sure to pay attention…but Rumia still disappeared from my side without me noticing it ──


“Cecil! Theresa! Where did Rumia go?!


Glenn interrupted the nearby chat with a dire expression.


“Hmm, uh ? Just now she went with the Sistina to get food at the table over there but ……..?


“Huh, has something happened sensei? 


Glenn immediately broke into a run pushing through the crowds of students, looking for Rumia.


(Where are you!? …… Where did you go!?)


But the dance hall is unimaginably wide.


Although they are quite the distinctive group, with so many people here it’s almost impossible to find them.


(Damn it! What do I do?! Please be safe! Stay safe! Damn it dammn it! Dammmmn it!!


Just as his patience was about to reach it’s limit ── at that time.


Please rest assured, [The Fool] , Glenn-sama”


The one who gently pulled on the Glenn’s arm, was a young maiden.


“Because [The Demons Right Hand] would never aim during this type of opportunity.”


Glenn who till then was borderline belligerent, did not understand what she said for a moment


“Shut up! What the hell could you unders──”


He reflexively grabbed on the woman and with a horrible expression, turned and yelled──


──and he finally noticed.


The meaning of the words that had been said to him and ── the identity of the woman.


“Fufu, is that the first time you’ve greeted someone like this?”


The gentle smile of that blacked hair woman — felt somewhat nostalgic.


At the previous Magic Competition, positioned next to the Queen throughout the ordeal.


In the document which Albert previously shown him, containing pictures of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom Institute.


“No way ……You’re Eleanor!? ‘


The utterly unforeseeable individual graciously smiling there was none other than the Researchers of Divine Wisdom’s Second Order , [Adeptus], Eleanor = Charlet──


Faster than he could react, Eleanor gently pulled Glenn towards herself.


“So how about it? “As a commemoration of tonight’s meeting……How about one dance?”


Glenn was frozen in place by her bewitching smile as she drew herself closer to him. If one were to look from afar it would appear that they were intimate lovers nestling in each other’s arm…. a petite finger seductively trailed along Glenn’s hand……extending from the fingertip, a nearly invisible needle.


A dangerous magic could be felt from the needle. Most likely a deadly curse or poison was imbued within it.


There was nothing to be done in this situation. Glenn’s hands were tied.


“……Eve! Oy, Eve!!  What are you doing?! There’s a threat here!”


“It’s pointless to expect Eve’s protection here. Right about now……fufu……don’t you think she’s preoccupied with another matter~? I also choose this opportunity I made sure that the princess is busy with something else….okay?


“……What…did you say?!”


For a couple minutes from now there’ll be a void of time. With the exception of you nobody will be able to perceive me…. So to speak it will be like a time that the line between a dream and reality is blurred.”


What a monster. As one would expect of Eleanor. It’s praiseworthy that the enemy has been able to have such a spy in close vicinity to the Queen. Hiding, manipulation, or even poking holes in the adversaries’ armor through sweet utterings, it’s possible she even surpasses Celica who is worldly renown in that subject…


There’s no one else who has a touch of death like this besides Eleanor.


“But in the first place there’s a considerably amount of risk to me if I do this.”


“……Then why did you risk appearing in front of me? Are you going to kill me?”


” No no~ that would be unthinkable. One mistake and I would surely burn to a crisp due to that flame magician~. I’m afraid I’m not prepared to take the risk of dying that way…. I just came to impart some advice that I think you could use~……”


“……Advice….you say?”


I don’t understand. The Researchers of Divine Wisdom Institute…..what the hell are you thinking?


“Don’t worry. In accordance with what I said earlier, [The Demons Right Hand] won’t be able to move for a few minutes. How about it, you’ll be given a few minutes to relax…..and you’ll get the hint how to save your precious princess, now, shall we go?


I’m not sure what type of tricks she’s using…. but if Eleanor really exhibited murderous impulse there’s no way Eve wouldn’t notice….. then that means Eleanor really has no bad intentions….



 “Haaa…..can I really trust you?”


“I swear upon my master.”


Glenn was shocked how quickly she swore under her master’s name.


Despite the fact that the The Researchers of Divine Wisdom Institute was composed of madmen, the only one truth shared between its different orders was absolute loyalty and reverence to its master. Without a doubt it’s already on the level of brainwashing.


In any regard if Eleanor really wanted to kill Glenn or Rumia they would be dead by now.


“So how about it~?   I wonder if you’ll entertain me with one dance~?”


“Fine. Let’s dance already….in for a penny in for a pound.”


“Fufu…you honor me.”


Eleanor smiled softly as she pulled Glenn’s hand to the central stage.






Right now, there was free time during the dance competition.


Glenn and Eleanor naturally joined the circle of dancing couples in the center of the banquet hall. Eleanor’s dance skills were simply exquisite with throwing in an unexpected twirl.


“Fufufu Glenn~. You’re very impressive…you’re making my heart throb.”


“…. So you say….”


Glenn muttered that while continuing to dance while attempting to hide his hostility.


“There’s something I would like to know. Are you the mastermind behind tonight’s event?”




“That’s what I thought.”


If Eleanor was the mastermind, then the act of appearing in front of Glenn in order to throw their plan awry…. would’ve been too sloppy. Even though we didn’t know of Eleanor’s existence, it would be stupid of her to throw away her advantage by revealing herself, trying to bluff her way out now had no meaning.


In order to hide the fact she’s here from others……she set up this secret meeting.


“Earlier when you mentioned your advice?   What the hell was that about?”


“Well that…. that’s exactly what it sounds like.”


Fufu. Eleanor who was happily laughing decided to elegantly pass under Glenn’s raised arms.


“I find it amusing to see that you guys, The Imperial Court, are completely taken in by [The Demons Right Hands] plan.”




While continuing the choreography of the dance, Glenn pulled Eleanor into his chest and whispered in her ear.


“I hate to ruin your hopes, but Eve’s field is perfect. Even if your intent to kill is undetectable, when the true mastermind steps out to assassinate Rumia, is the moment this will all end. It’s impossible to pull off an assassination within Eve’s field. Despite that we’re still dancing in the palm of [The Demons Right Hand] !?”


“Fufu, that’s exactly right~. It really is a shame….at this rate your precious princess…..”


Eleanor slowly unfolds from his arms and once again begins to dance.


“Without a doubt, that [Gown of the Fairies] will be a lovely final outfit for her.”


Glenn couldn’t help but stiffen at her ruthless prediction.


“Previously I aimed at taking the princesses life…. but now that situation has changed and I want to avoid that at all costs. The state of affairs of our organization is more than screwed up~. That is why I’m hoping the empire can…..completely crush Zayeeds plans.”


Glenn immediately strengthened the grip in his hand that was holding Eleanor’s arm.


“Ah….nnnn…fufu that hurts~…..although I don’t hate that type of passion, one should treat women more along the lines of gentle silk.”


“Tell me, Eleanor!  What the hell  [The Demons Right Hand] is planning? Zayeeds assassination plan is engulfed in mystery…..that guy is always able to sneak inside without anyone noticing, able to kill anyone in a crowd…..even more without alerting them! Stabbing, strangling, bludgeoning…a different modus operandi every time! Can even Eve really protect against all that!? What’s his true identity!?!


“That, I cannot say. For starters, despite the fact that Zayeed is unfaithful to our organization’s hierarchy, he is still considered a comrade, and it is forbidden to betray one another…..that’s the type of covenant we took.


“Zayeed is part of the radical faction of our group, and in order to disrupt the status quo he choose this [assassination] plot.  “How do you know Zayeeds intentions!?”


“Our master is able to see through everything. Additionally, he entrusted the security of the organizations policies to us, and now to you. I myself cannot fathom what our master’s intentions possibly could be.”


“What the hell type of response was what?! Who the hell would obey that type of person?!


Bearing his anger, Glenn continued to dance, and to dance, and to dance with Eleanor.


But this is Eleanor. A member of The Institutes Second Order [Adeptus]. But based on what she just said, unexpectedly, the existence of the true mastermind was still shrouded in mystery.


In addition, Eleanor herself, between the radical faction and status quo seeking faction, seems to align herself more to the later.


(Seriously….what the hell she thinking!?)


Harboring such suspicions, Glenn continued to dance with a bit of fury in his steps.


“Well then. Now that our introduction is finished, I think it’s about type that I gave you some advice~”


“…..Advice…? That’s right… what’s your advice!?”


At Glenn’s question, Eleanor giggled like a little girl and said.


“That which holds the princess’s fate is…..[If you look with open eyes it is roughly five steps, with closed eyes it is eight]. That subtle grace majestically running parallel to the feelings that will run aground a certain person.]….That’s the feeling?”


“……Haa? What does that mean…?”


“I wish you success in your endeavors. I pray you and the princess have the best of luck.”


And precisely at the time when the dance ended Eleanor stopped her speech and elegantly parted ways with Glenn.


“…. Do you really think you’ll be able to escape?”


Glenn had an expression which seemed to show his unwillingness to admit defeat. He still couldn’t fathom her answer.


“Tonight’s mastermind, and his true identity still have not yet come to light. Now that you learned a little, I’m sure that now you’ll want to cause quite an uproar. Don’t do anything bad…..ne~?




“Well then, I bid you adieu, Glenn-sama. Have a splendid night.”


Glenn had no choice but to motionlessly watch as Eleanor’s figure disappeared within the crowded dance hall. 

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