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  1. DDlegend

    Hello. Will you keep translating the series?

    1. Mythical

      Hi. I will definitely finish out the volume but unsure if I’ll continue the series due to the fact that it is officially translated and I do not wish to receive a DMCA complaint.

      1. blitz

        I think only the manga is licensed, not the light novel.

        1. Mythical

          Is that the one on Amazon then? If so I’ll do the series till it ends then.

          1. AzureSavant

            Yes the Amazon ones are the manga, only the Manga is officially licensed.Thank you for your hard work!

      2. khawaja07

        Don’t worry Mr. Translator, This series isn’t official licensed for its Light Novel, only the manga is licensed. So please keep doing this series! Thank You!

      3. Snow

        Said that but the novel is still not finished.

  2. DDlegend

    Ok. Can you tell me where I can read official translations?

    1. Mythical

      You can read them on Amazon, but it is currently on the arc the anime ended at and it seems like they release 2-3 books a year.

  3. DDlegend

    Anyway! I hope that you continue to translate the series.

  4. bRite

    Volume 8 please!

  5. Duri1234

    In your translations, you wrote ‘Sistina’. I think its Sistine.

    1. Mythical

      Damn you’re right. I was used to the anime where it sounded like an “a” instead of an “e” but I checked the previous translator and wiki and it is Sistine. Thanks for the heads up I’ll replace it once I’m done with the chapter I’m working on.

  6. Jasper

    Thank you so much for the translations man!! I really hope you won’t stop at Vol 7.

    1. Mythical

      Thank you, the translation definitely won’t be stopped until the official translation catches up.

  7. MarieBig

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  8. Naijal

    Thanks for translating Rokuaka!

    Also if you are going to continue translating Rokuaka along with Kore Zombie. What will you schedule be? Finish translating one volume of Rokuaka, then start translating a volume of Kore Zombie and then keep switching between series whenever you finish a volume?

    I just want to wish you good luck!

    1. Mythical

      I took a look at Kore Zombie and decided to hold off on translating it. The main reason being is I don’t think I would do it justice with my current level of Japanese. I have a hard time with cultural references, slang, and other non-formal/bookish material. It being a comedy/parody only increases the difficulty so I most likely will finish out Rokuaka and then judge from there. And thank you.

  9. Larrodan

    Thanks a lot for translating Rokuaka, i was waiting for a long time to continue to read the ln. Thanks again, ure a hero! 🙂

    1. Mythical

      Thank you it makes me happy to hear.

  10. Solidsnook

    Thanks for the translation, is there anyway we can get updates other than checking the page again often?

    1. Mythical

      Sorry for the late reply but I will look at trying to set up an email distro this weekend or something of the sort. Never ran a website before.

  11. Maurice

    Where is the Official Trans for the LN on Amazon? Is that Amazon.JP or Normal US Amazon because I’m not finding the Light novels for this Just the Manga on US Amazon site might just be on Jp version of site.

    1. Mythical

      It turns out it was just the manga so I will continue to translate it.

  12. Larrodan

    You won’t find it cause it doesnt exist.

  13. Xhafnar

    Thank you so much for translating rokuaka !!!

    I like this series so much, and i’ve been desperately waiting for a long time since the previous translator stopped the translation at chapter 3 of the volume 7.

    You don’t know how happy i am when you continued the translation lol xD. I hope you will keep translating the series. I look forward to it & wish you a good luck 🙂

  14. lalo

    Thank you very much for translating this great novel, I hope and continue with the other volumes I am very eager to continue reading

  15. Jasper

    The fact that you’re even planning to continue translations is itself truly awesome. We can’t thank you enough!
    Take all the time you need and I hope you won’t get tired of translating

    1. Mythical

      Thanks for the support, barring any drastic life changes I’ll continue to work on this project.

  16. Cosmos

    Just found your blog, and I super happy that your doing this!! It would be great if you could also translate the blurb/the small paragraph that gives you an idea of what the volume is about. But other than that, thanks for your hard work!

    1. Mythical

      They’re actually already translated on the wiki, but I’ll copy it into my next post for you guys. Thanks for the support.

  17. Cosmos

    Hi there, I”m making a PDF and I was wondering if you will translate the afterword for volume 7. Either way it should be done tonight (local time). If not tomorrow. So with that being said, would you host the link for the PDF here on this page? I can give you the link or you can upload it yourself. Anyway, thanks for the translation!

    1. Mythical

      I have no plans to translate the afterword at this time. Yeah I’ll be happy to host it here and credit you, nice that you’re doing that.

  18. Cosmos

    It’s a day later then I said it would be, but it’s finally here. I finished making the PDF for everyone. I took the liberty of making any corrections. Such as spacing, mistakes, or anything else that I thought needed some changing. But they were tweaks more than anything. My favourite one was a bit where it said ‘I says it’s a 10000 to 1 chance’ (which are betting odds) instead of 1 in 10000. But overall the translation itself was great. If Mythical decides to translate the afterword, I’ll add that in. This is a personal request but it would be awesome if you do translate it because I like to know the author’s personal comments. Anyway here is the link for the PDF. But I think it’s better if Mythical puts embeds the link to the top of this page.!dbIBTIqR!CkqKpWg7Rk2pflbUHqyVwus-ZiBG8qYNvO7NKLjxLWA

    1. Cosmos

      Sorry Mythical, your comment didn’t show up until I posted my comment, which is really weird since I’ve been on and off this page many times. About the afterword, that’s cool. Really appreciate you translating the series. Thanks again.

      1. Mythical

        Hi sorry for the delay in responding I barely got the chance to check today. But nice work with the PDF, I’ll be sure to put it up tonight. I’m sure many people will appreciate it. Haha I didn’t realize I messed up “betting odds” phrase, thanks for pointing it out.

  19. AzureSavant

    :pray: Thank you Mythical! Truely a saviour! Be blessed!

    1. Mythical

      Haha thanks for the support.

  20. Maurice

    @ Cosmos – Thanks for the pdf.

  21. crigjet99

    Really thank you for translating. A big respect from Russia.

    1. Mythical

      Thanks for the support, nice to hear from someone that far.

  22. AzureSavant

    I was maybe thinking getting the previous translated chapters from vol 7 and hosting them here so the volume is complete? (Ofcourse give credit for the translators and their sites)

    1. Mythical

      Yeah I can definitely do that when I post the next part.

  23. Maurice

    @Cosmos where do you plan to upload pdfs.
    @AzureSavant – previous translator chapters from vol7? I think you meant chapters or volumes leading up to seven. Some bad news. the previous tl is Stalling any further updates leading up to 7 been stuck on vol 4 nearly a year and has no plans to finish 4 or start 5 any time in the near future. There another project is more important Crappy [Shaved LN] I believe vol6 and 6.5 can be found on Nosebleeds website but no pdfs for 6.5 are posted I had to search for a site all day awhile ago who had it. Found it on Reddit or discord in someone uploaded mega.NZ file. I’ll be happy to share it if asked.

  24. Arrys

    thanks for the translation

  25. DarkRookie

    Will you ever do 4 or 5. I found 1-3 but not those.

    1. Mythical

      Sorry but as it is right now its not on my plans.

  26. Naijal

    Hello Mythical I found an interesting fact about the spelling of Eve’s last name. You see the side story “Melancholy of Eve Ignight” of Memory Records volume 5 shows that ‘Ignite’ is actually spelled ‘Ignight’. I know because i have a account on bookwalker and am allowed to trial read the whole volume for 10 minutes and saw that titel on the cover of the side story.

    I really hope this can help you with your translations and wish you good luck with continuing.

    1. Naijal

      But then again, the English translation of the manga said it’s spelled Ignite so it’s really confusing which one is correct.

      1. Mythical

        Yeah it is. I think I went off the spelling of the wiki and previous translator, but I’ll look deeper into the matter. Thanks for the heads up.

  27. Maurice

    the series from yuNS progress is in a Permanent indefinite hiatus. I have asked and yuNS has stated there is NO time limit to when vol 4 will be completed and when vol 5 will be started IF he decides to continue since right now his current project is FAR TOO important to let even 1 chapter of Ruku release because it will take away time from the more important novel he’s putting all his time into. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE honestly consider picking up 4 and 5 so we can have a reliable translator who respects there our work.

    1. Mythical

      Sorry but the same applies for me. I have limited time to translate and I would rather translate what I want to. Right now I have no motivation to translate material that was already covered (albeit poorly due to being an anime). Hope you can understand.

  28. ProBro

    Can you please tell when will you publish the later part of volume 8 ?

    1. Mythical

      Sorry I don’t have concrete dates of when it’ll be done.

  29. Sam

    hello, your work is very impressive. I have long been looking for translations of this series. because there’s only a manga licensed. thanks

    1. Mythical

      Thanks and yeah its weird thats the medium they decided to translate.

  30. ProBro

    Good work.
    Any idea for us about when the volume 8 will be completed ??

  31. YaBoi

    Glad you picked up this novel, really good work. Do you plan to drop it anytime soon?

    1. Mythical

      Nope, unless I have any major life changing events I’m planning on continuing translating. But this is a hobby so there’s time my translating speed will drop.

  32. Fajar

    Man Thank you very much, you’re a hero, i hope you will continued the translation of Rokudenashi, if you’re in trouble just ask in discord. We will help you for translation of Rokudenashi

  33. Denis

    Hi, Thank you for the translation, but what about 4 and 5 chapters?

  34. I have a question, how often do you translate these light novel chapters? The last one, which is volume 8 chapter 5, was translated and published a week ago from when I’m writing this and I keep checking the website just in case. BTW keep this up! You are playing the role of a God right now!!1

    1. Mythical

      It depends, some chapters are 2/3x as long as others, sometimes life gets busy, but generally I aim to put out a chapter every 3 weeks. If I’m too busy or chapters are too long then I’ll split it into parts by then if I’ve done enough. I’m playing catch up at work and been working more so my translation speed is slowing a bit.

  35. Hermit

    Hontōni arigatō for the translation of this novel kami sama. and you are right life gets busy but i really hope you will continue to translate this novel. and i too check the website each day a lot to see if any new chap was added. in the end thanks so much for your hard work. wish you the best of health

  36. I have a question.- Did you only translate volume 7 and 8? If so, then what happened to the other volumes? If not , I can’t see them volumes anywhere.

  37. Luke

    Do you intend to do Vol 4 and 5 this year?

    1. Mythical

      I do not

  38. crigjet99

    When do you plan to start translating vol 9?

    1. Mythical

      Already am.

  39. Cosmos

    Wow, didn’t know you were back. As soon as I’m done reading volume 8, I’ll make a new PDF.

    1. Mythical

      Sweet, I’m sure people would appreciate that. Let me know how it goes and I’ll post and credit you. Heads up before you do that that Vol 8 ch 2 is missing some illustrations that I forgot.

      1. Cosmos

        OK no problem. I’ll try to sort it out when I get there. Can’t wait for volume 12. Celica ftw.

  40. Beddy

    Hi, if possible, can I ask how you are getting the Japanese Raws? Like are they only summaries or do you translate the enire volume every single time.

    1. Mythical

      I get them from the Japanese version of Amazon. They’re the whole volume.

      1. Beddy

        The Japanese Amazon?

        1. Mythical

          Yeah, it’s just Amazon but for Japanese based customers…you can get to if you just Google Japanese Amazon

  41. GxyLxrd

    You still working on it?

    1. Mythical


  42. crigjet99

    Is chapter 4 that big?

    1. Mythical

      Eh just haven’t had the time….it’ll hopefully be out by this weekend but don’t quote me on that.

  43. PlasticFoods

    tks for translating hoping to read chapter 9 soon

  44. polar

    Hi thank you for the tireless work! I just got into this LN and am addicted to it. Btw is there a place where I could donate, such as buying you the Japanese raws for free? Just wanted to thank you for makign my quarantine way less boring.

    1. Mythical

      I appreciate it right now I don’t have anything set up. I’m looking to in the future though once I have more time on my hands.

  45. 0ne Shot

    Hello friend, I recently got into the Rokuaka series and after watching the anime (twice) and reading the manga, I can safely say it is one of my favorite series. That being said with no progress in the anime and manga department I turned to the light novel. Finding translations was a pain but when I eventually did I instantly fell in love with this series again, basically what i’m trying to say is I truly appreciate your work in translating the LN and I hope you will continue to do so.

  46. Animefrlife

    Thank you for your hard work man. I have a question, do you translate it using any app or website. If so what is that?

    In any case, thank you again for the translation. If there was a way to support you pls let me know.

  47. John

    Please continue translating

  48. Excl

    Thank you for the work put into translating this series, not only are your translations fast but they are high quality as well. Keep up the great work! Do let us know if you decide to put up a donation feature somewhere so that we can give back. Eagerly looking forwards the rest of vol 10. Happy holidays!

    1. Mythical

      Hey thanks for the compliment, always self conscious how my English comes even though I’m a native English speaker lol.

  49. Name

    thank you for all of your hard work mr translator 🙂

  50. Noir

    Thank you for your hard work into translating this series man. Keep rockin!

  51. Js

    I really thank you for your hard work so keep up the spirit

  52. grif

    Thank you for translating this I’d go crazy if I was able to continue reading this Ln

  53. Plant Box

    Yo, Mr. Translator! Happy new year hope you hanin’ a good day and a good year ahead of u!!! Thanks for translating this for us 🙂

  54. Scope-Nii

    Thanks Translator for letting me read more of the goddess Shiro-Neko <3 Pls keep translating the next vols <3

  55. Dude

    Are you going to continue this? Cuz there are no other translator translating as far as you, or is there any official site? Thanks

  56. Fibel

    Thank You sooooooooooo muuuuuccchhhh!!!!!!! I hope ur doing good pls be safe!!! Lave yaa!!
    I’ll wait for the nxt!!😘

  57. Man

    Pls continue this cause as far as im looking only you that translate the LN

  58. Kazusa2k1

    Thank you so much for your translations!

  59. MJ

    Hope you are doing fine. The last update to volume 10 was April 2021. please continue and hope cosmo gets around to updating us all with pdfs for volume 8-10 if 10 is complete.

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