Roku de Nashi Vol 10 Ch 5

Chapter 5 The Intensifying Battle


“[Execute Blaze・Burst!]”

Kash raised his [Mages’ Staff] and recited the prescribed incantation. And so, the black magic [Blaze・Burst] was summoned and fired from the tip of the staff. The fireball flew brilliantly through the sky and exploded after coming into contact with a descending golem…the golems, the creation of which was the result of the physical alteration of manifested mana similar to the [Ship of Flames], shattered and dispersed leaving a glowing mist of mana behind.

“These staffs are amazing….this is military-grade magic…..? It’s honestly a bit frightening….”

Kash was filled with trepidation as he watched fumes arise from the end of the staff.

These [Mages’ Staff] were inscribed with the ability to use what’s considered the three fundamental military-grade magics ── [Lightning・Pierce], [Blaze・Burst], and [Ice・Blizzard]  ── even if the wielder was unable to use the spells on their own, with this they would be able to unleash the spell with just a bit of training and reciting the incantation……. it acted as a substitute for their lack of expertise and practice.

It was a magic tool that the government had kept discreetly hidden throughout the academy in case they needed to enlist the students if war broke out or some other national emergency. Of course, although a combat-ready mage would be more likely to discard this tool that had a capped-firepower limit, restriction of only three spells, not be able to modify the spells’ incantations, and incantations’ two-verse limitations…..these gave a tremendous power boost to the students.

To begin with, the mages coming together into formation and firing en masse ── that alone brought a “strength” that normal soldiers couldn’t dream of invoking.

“── [Execute Lightning・Pierce!]”

Standing next to Kash, Gibul raised his staff an invoked a spell.

A flash of lightning shot forth from the tip and brought down flying golems one after another.

“If you have time to flap your lips like that then spend it reciting spells instead.”

“I-I know that already! [Execute Blaze・Burst!]”

The students were lined up along the edge of the rooftop in formation, desperately firing a barrage of spells in order to destroy the flying golems descending upon the academy. An overwhelming amount of balls of fire, flashes of lightning, and storms of ice were fired over the academy acting as a barrier for it.

While the students in the first row oversaw offense, the students in the second row were in charge of defense. That is to say, it was a wide scale application of the two-person unit formation.

“”[Shine my protective barrier!]””

With the students in the second row raising their hands above their heads and reciting their spells in tandem, a large barrier of light had been constructed above them.


A sky-based golem had fired off a ray of energy from its singular eye.

“Don’t falter!”

Kash chastised the students in the first row for their timidity as the barriers and rays of heat collided.

“You won’t die that easily with the barrier and the enchanted robe protecting you! More importantly, don’t stop attacking! Destroy as many as you can!”

The heroic student raising everyone’s moral Kash, as well as….

“Humph…. [Execute Blaze・Burst!]”

Thanks to the presence of students such as Gibul, who had defeated an overwhelmingly large number of golems himself, even the students with no actual battle experience had managed to brave the enemies’ offensive.

“Heh……I’m really glad Sensei taught us the two-person unit formation that one time….”

“….I’m ashamed to admit but I’m in agreement.”

Kash and Gibul leisurely talked while dealing with the incoming horde.

However, it seemed as if a countless amount continued to descend. It would be foolish to think that none would slip through their defense. There would be the occasional golem that would make it through and land on top of the roofs or cling to the side of the buildings. But when that happened ──

“FUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Go my Glenn-boooootttttttt!”

{Don’t dare lay hand on students!}

The Glenn-bot, controlled by Orwell, started to engage the golems in a makeshift boxing battle.


Completely disregarding gravity, Bernard ran freely alongside the walls of the each of the academy’s buildings and destroyed multiple golems in the blink of an eye with his muskets and steel thread. His moves were free form. Using his steel thread as a rope, he was able to instantly traverse a huge area by swinging or he would kick up the walls by affixing the thread to an anchor point.


He showed off his amazing ability as he launched his right arm into the body of a golem climbing a wall. Explosion magic had activated at the moment of impact and blew the golem away. And still in the air, Bernard shot his thread once more and using it like a swing, flew to another building…..

“What’s with that abnormal movement… he really human…..?”

“I mean, the field commander shouldn’t be fighting on the front lines in the first place……”

Unfaltering, first-rate acrobatic maneuvers that went beyond human comprehension and common sense left Kash and Gibul standing dumbfounded.

“Right now’s not the time to stand still watching! Young boys!!!!”

Meanwhile, the Glenn-bot’s nimble footwork and right crosses smashed the golems that had landed on the rooftop into pieces. The Glenn-bot, controlled by Orwell’s remote・control magic, was capable of super high-speed combat maneuvers that were extremely precise and smooth despite its clunky appearance.

It was clear as day that its movements were unlike those of any modern-made magic puppets and even its boxing style seemed to perfectly imitates Glenn’s. Orwell’s magic puppet operational skills were also a cut above the norm.

“Hah! Have faith in the man who bears the noble name of Orwell = Schuzer!”

The students managed to the repel the oncoming golems with the surprising, unexpected help.


However, their ability to continue to effectively intercept the enemy like so ──

“Shoot them down, as many as you can!”


Was probably mainly thanks to the Albert-led sniper support unit that was covering them from atop the tower. The number of enemy golems reaching the academy buildings was drastically reduced thanks to the students sniping.

“[Thunder lance.]”

Alberto’s sniping, who he himself had a wide range of view overlooking the entire perilous battlefield of the students fighting, followed up thoroughly. And among the sniper support unit, the one who played the most prominent role was Cecil.

“[Execute Lightning・Pierce!]”

As if he had become possessed by the god of sniping, Cecil’s hit rate left none standing.

“….Amazing….I won’t fall behind either though.”

Heinkel’s murmured admiration hadn’t reached Cecil as he was now.

(For the everyone’s sake….I’ll do….I’ll do what I can….!)

Cecil became even more engrossed in his duty as he thought of his friends currently fighting throughout the academy.


“”[Execute Ice・Blizzard!]””

Wendy and Teresa stood side by side, raising their staffs and summoning a freezing air to ward off the descending enemies.

“Kuu…! There’s no end to them!”

As they continued to bring them down time and time again, more would just step up to take their place. Suddenly taking a breather, Wendy looked around and saw everyone else desperately casting attack spells towards the sky.

“How long do we have to continue like this….”

“Wendy! Behind you!!”

In response to Teresa’s warning, Wendy glanced behind her and saw that a golem had landed and was preparing to strike her with its claws.


She couldn’t help but stiffen up in fear.


And as such a Wendy was suddenly embraced by Teresa as if to shield her ──

” ── Ha!”

“Go to helllllllllll!

A sudden gale had rushed in from the sides and the golems were destroyed just as it was about to pierce Teresa’s back with its claws.

“That was dangerous wasn’t it.”

“…..Don’t get careless, you amateurs…..”

Liz and Jaill had rushed out to protect both Wendy and Teresa who were embracing one another. Liz was holding an enchanted saber that was overflowing with magic while Jaill was easily carrying his bastard sword that seemed to enhance his already sturdy physique.

“Ahh, the student council president Liz-senpai!?”

In front of the surprised Wendy, Liz control of her saber seemed to flow with the wind and she filled her next enemy full of holes ──

“Don’t stand there like an idiot, didn’t your teacher teach a damn thing!?”

Jaill swung his sword ferociously and mowed his next enemy down.

“The situation on the west building was pretty stable thank to Halley-sensei. Jaill and I were instructed to help out in places that needed assistance.”

“If you get it hurry up and bring down these shits!”

And so, Liz and Jaill continued to wipe out the enemies that landed on the roof as if they were competing with one another.


“I know…..I’m okay now.”

Teresa and Wendy nodded to each other and started to fire off magic towards the sky.


(What ── the hell am I doing!?)

Eve was gnashing her teeth as she wielded the flames with her right hand, burning the enemies that were approaching from all directions.

(These kids are risking their lives while I’m just standing here ── standing here uselessly and needing their help! What the hell kind of useless person is the [Red・Scarlet] actually!?)

Originally, Eve alone should’ve been enough to defend the building. With an enemy of this caliber, she could’ve actually been able to cover all four buildings with enough effort on her part. But despite that ── the [Red・Scarlet’s] absolute power refused to manifest.For some reason, she couldn’t call forth her secret magic nor wield regular magic using her left hand, forcing her to use her right hand, which was noticeably slower and weaker.

Above all else, her body felt heavy. Her heart felt heavy. Even forcing herself to move was awfully tiring and….agonizing. Wanting to just give up on everything….to stop moving and lay down.

What flickered in her mind, as if to scorn the very depths of her heart, were the mad eyes of [Justice]. And the cold eyes of her subordinate (Glenn) looking at her filled with disappointment…..

(What’s wrong with me….what in the world happened to me….? I’m already….)

But, swearing by the name Ignite, for the sake of Ignites. For that alone Eve continued to wield her dampened flames ──


And within the buildings ──

“Uooooooo! Everyone, pour your heart into it and release more magiiiiiccccc!!”

“The professors and others are in trouble!?”

The students that were part of the barrier maintenance team such as Kai and Rod had their hands on the ground and were desperately pouring mana into the [Luciel’s Sanctuary] that covered Fejite. From time-to-time golems would fall from the sky, affix themselves to the windows, and try to break through the barricades and enter the building.


But such golems were quickly defeated either by Bernard who was flying across the battlefield or Albert’s sniping magic…. although each time they approached, the students felt as if their hearts were going to be burst from fear. But even still, believing that everyone fighting outside would handle the situation, the students refused to run away and continued to devote themselves to maintaining the barrier.


Students, professors, and members of the Imperial Army. All of them worked together as one in order to resist the enemies from the sky to the bitter end. Right now, the battle progression ──  was a neck and neck struggle for supremacy.


At the same time, in the [Ship of Flames] control room.

{Kuh….I never imagined such a resistance….such petty little humans….!}

The demon snarled as he watched the state of the battlefield projected overhead. And then he shifted his eyes towards the projections of the sky. A majestic golden dragon was approaching the [Ship of Flames] this very second, forcibly cutting through his flock of golems and scattering them. Even if he wanted to intercept it, the entirety of his armaments had been destroyed by the mysterious attacks from below.

{Impossible….why is it so? How is this possible?}

Why could mere humans put up such a resistance in the face of weapons created using ancient knowledge? Of course, the trump card for total domination of the ground still remained…. but it was unforeseeable that a situation could arrive where he had to earnestly rely on it…. against mere humans.

The demon looked at his left hand while clenching his teeth. The blood of a certain madman had yet to fade.

── I’ll say it again and again. Humanity is magnificent ──

── You will surely come to realize, the greatness of the possibilities of humanity that is ──

He recalled…..the words that man happily spoke of while on death’s door.

{What nonsense…..humanity is a powerless and incompetent existence… existence that can only be played around with then tossed aside like garbage by an even greater power….that’s why, I…..that time….!}

There was no one around to hear the demon’s bitter and anguish-filled words.


“We’ve made it….onto the [Ship of Flames!]”

Glenn shouted as he jumped off the Celica-dragon’s back and onto the main deck. The wind was raging fiercely, and it was hard to believe that the large, spacious area they were on was actually the deck of a ship.

It was hard to tell just by looking at it from a distance, but the [Ship of Flames] was in fact an awfully huge ship. To best describe it would be as a “ship of the line” without any masts or sails. In exchange for a mast there was a strange structure that looked like a stack of cubes.

Despite the recent years’ developments, it was currently a world where ship of the lines was the main naval warfront rather than steam-powered armored ships and this ship had a strange, never before seen modeling. The material was completely unknown ── whether it was a red stone or metal was unknown and even strange geometric patterns and characters were engraved throughout the surface of the ship.

“But even still… the hell is this thing floating in the sky….?”

“Right now such a discussion would be meaningless, Sensei…..although I’m a bit interested myself.”

Behind Glenn, Sistine had started to get down as well.

And then Rumia and finally Re=L.

At long last ── they had finally reached the enemy’s base of operations.

“….Thanks Celica…..we’ve put quite a burden on you….”


Glenn looked back towards Celica. The Celica-dragon was resting on the deck of the ship, looking torn and tattered after breaking through the swarms of golems. That aside, she was already physically and magically exhausted after continuously fighting these past couple days.

“You should rest here….we’ll be back before you know it. Can I ask madam taxi to wait till we get back?”

{….Yeah go ahead….I’ll take a quick break.}

The Celica-dragon gently gazed at Glenn with its crimson eyes. Then she curled up, closed her eyes, and suppressed her consumption of magic and switched to a dormant state.

“Alright! Let’s go you guys!”



With Glenn as their vanguard and Re=L as their rearguard, the group set out for the structure far away.


The deck was deserted, not a soul upon it. They had prepared themselves to fight against the ship’s guardians, so it was a bit anti-climactic. Before long, the huge geometric structure was right in front of them. A large gate at the front of it.

And just as Glenn was thinking that they found a perfect entrance to infiltrate the ship.

Near the opening ── was a person.

“Whose there….!?”

The person slumped against the wall had his arms and legs languidly layed out. Their whole body was covered in blood, particularly the area around their left breast where a visible hole could be seen; at a first glance it was plain to see that they were no longer among the living.

And what surprised Glenn most of all was ──

“Oi ── Jatice!?”

“You’re kidding…!?”

Glenn stood aghast while Sistine stiffened up and involuntarily covered her mouth. It was impossible to mistake. This corpse ── was Jatice = Lowfan himself.

“How….how are you here….!?”

With Sistine watching on petrified, Glenn held his revolver in his right hand and dispassionately inspected Jatice’s body like it was an everyday occurrence.

And as a result ──

“It’s Jatice….without a doubt…..I thought just to check, but it’s not a flesh・golem nor Tulpa either.”

“Y-You’re serious….!?”

Sistine’s words slipped out as she couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t know why this bastard is here. Did he board the ship and intend to defeat the demon by himself….or did he have some other purpose…..regardless, I can say without a doubt that Jatice = Lowfan has died….”

The long-lasting connection between Glenn and Jatice should’ve been protected by fate itself and been indissoluble. Could it have really ended like this so easily, so abruptly?

“Glenn…..I don’t think…..this is a situation to be depressed about.”

“T-That’s right Sensei! I don’t like to speak ill of the dead no matter how villainous they may’ve been but….. this is a blessing! Now Sensei doesn’t have to be involved with such a person anymore!”

Sistine agreed with Re=L’s mutterings.

…….What she said was definitely true. The fact that he couldn’t avenge Sara left a bitter aftertaste in his mouth….he didn’t have to fight such a lunatic. That itself should’ve been considered a blessing of Fortuna.

He held a complicated feeling that he couldn’t seem to resolve.

“…..I know. Let’s go.”

Saying to himself, Glenn took them through the gate and infiltrated the inside of the ship.


── As the party infiltrated the inside and advanced a bit.

“Is this it?”

Before they realized it, Glenn and the others had entered a strange space.

The walls, passageway, and even the floor itself had completely disappeared. Spreading out endlessly in all directions from them was a space that resembled an infinitely expanding universe, with stars shimmering like silver sand. Glenn and the others were standing in such a place. The current ambience was similar to the one that they experienced in the [Star Corridor] they used at the Celestial Temple Of Taum.

“O-Obviously this space is being distorted…..if we’re not careful we might not be able to leave from here.”

Sistine was trembling with fear as those words slipped out.

“Rumia. Can you….can you really do something about this?”

As Glenn called out to her, Rumia steadily stepped forward.

And after taking a deep breath….

“I can.”

….was all she answered.

“Really!? It’s plain to see that this distorted space isn’t something we can control with magic from this era! No matter how much your power can assist you it’ll still ──”

“It’ll be okay, Sisti.”

Rumia let a small smile slip out as if to reassure her.

“[I, being birthed from the gate・coming down from the heavens・]”

Just as she recited an incantation bearing mysterious words ──


Rumia’s hands which we brought together in a prayer-like stance had started to shine silver ──

Like the moon’s light on a dark night, it had started to illuminate the dark space ──


And ── at that moment, the memory from the other night suddenly resurfaced in her mind ──


Rumia couldn’t help but bewildered.

In The Lost Forest north of the academy.

Have you finally resolved yourself to leave your humanity behind?

Have you finally resolved yourself to devote your life for the sake of everyone else?

Rumia, to show her resolution, said to Navnløs…..


Rumia replied without a shred of hesitation….it was at the very next moment that Navnløs’s outstretched hand moved sideways as if to caress Rumia’s cheek.

But Navnløs had no substance. Her hand naturally slipped past Rumia.


But Rumia couldn’t hide her surprise after witnessing Navnløs’ unexpected behavior.

{── Idiot.}

Navnløs quietly said so in a hard, icy voice with angered eyes.

{Why…..why are you always like this!? Haven’t I already told you!? I absolutely hate that about you!}

“I’m sorry….I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re so upset about….”

{Yeah that’s right isn’t it! I’m sure you don’t know! Tch….I knew I should’ve made that child continue to sleep….this is the “yorishiro” of this world…..but….}

(TN: A yorishiro in Shinto terminology is an object capable of attracting spirits/deities, thus giving them a physical space to occupy.)

Navnløs struggled for a short while, wearing an expression of bitterness and reluctance.

{….Rumia. Let me tell you about us. You see, we “bestow an existence to humanity.}

“…Bestow an existence to humanity?”

{That’s right. Doesn’t that ring any bells?}

People with supernatural abilities, divine amplification. But it wasn’t just a power that simply enhanced normal magical power but an enigma that allowed one to achieve that which wasn’t possible with normal magic.

{You don’t have to read too much into it. After all, we’re an existence akin to the birds flying throughout the sky and fishes swimming deep in the sea.}


{Those bestowed upon by us can temporarily wield a miraculous amount of magical computational power that exceeds the limits of humanity. This power known as [Ars・Magna] forcibly awakens the unused portions of the brain and extends the spiritual pathway of humans in order to ── jeez explaining this is too much of a pain. Basically, if you were to compare humans to magiputers, this would forcibly upgrade that “magiputer” to one about a hundred generations or so into the future. Well, such a futuristic “magiputer” would probably deviate from human standards in the first place anyways. That’s why humans wouldn’t be able to perceive much less comprehend what they’re doing. The forcible opening of the spiritual pathways makes one feel like their magic is just “being amplified”. If I remember? Your ability…it comes from your lecherous body, right? …..How indecent. Well, whatever, but isn’t that the reason people are getting the wrong idea?}

(TN: Ars magna is written with the characters for “Kings law”, also ars magna means “The great art” in Latin. Bit iffy on the third to last sentence. Uses the word カンノーフーゾク, no clue what it means but closest bet is kanno = cash payment and fuzoku = prostitution, so just assuming she’s insulting Rumia.)

“…..Why do you know so much….?”

But Navnløs continued, completely disregarding Rumia’s question.

{But even with using your [Ars・Magna] you humans wouldn’t be able to break through the [Ship of Flames] distorted space. The reason why is because that is not just some spatial manipulation. The formula that is interfering with it  itself isn’t something that’s within the current realm of human understanding of magic.  A heavy door tightly closed shut with a lock on it…no matter how force you put into opening it you wouldn’t be able to do so without the key itself right? That is neither modern nor ancient magic….it’s an even older power.}

“Then what should I do…?”

{…..Your true power. To begin with [Ars・Magna] itself is pretty much an extra ability so that you’re able to loan your true power out and for a certain someone to handle it.}

With that said, Navnløs once again extended her hand towards Rumia. The indefinite, apparition-like hand ── slowly entered Rumia’s chest ──


{Your true power….that’s the “key”.}

“…The key?”

{That’s right. You can say that the very thing is the “key” itself…..}

As she said that Rumia’s chest suddenly started to shine. Shining silver….the darkness of night was torn asunder as the overwhelming light shined bright.

{Just one thing…..a man, who you yourself might want to bestow the “key” upon him from the bottom of your heart….might appear in front of you someday… it? Absolutely never bestow it upon him. Make use of the “key” with your own wishes and resolutions…!}


And Navnløs started to draw something out from within Rumia ──

── Steadily….steadily…..

{And finally, one last thing…..please don’t forget it. This “key” is an even older power than magic….around the time when magic only granted a person’s pure desire…. it’s a [Primordial Power]. It’s not something that can be controlled with logic and theory like magic (majutsu)…..but something that’s controlled with ones’ desires and instincts, that is magic (mahou). That’s why ── }

(TN: Think majutsu is like modern day magic, would lean towards training of magic rather than just *boom* magic while mahou is ancient and sounds like just *boom* magic. Majutsu has only been mentioned so far and I think its the more common of a word in the book, so if they mention mahou I’ll just write it in parenthesis.)

As she continued to drag the thing out of Rumia the silver light shone even brighter ──

And so ──


” ── O [Silver Key]! Respond to my desires and demands!”

Rumia was holding a “key” that shone silver in front of Glenn and the others.

“The hell is that!?”

Glenn’s eyes flew wide in astonishment.

That key looked like it could’ve been a spare to the [Golden Key] that Navnløs showed off previously. Rumia held out the [Silver Key] and made a thrusting motion as if she were inserting it into something….and turned it.

And then, accompanied by a sound akin to glass shattering ── countless number of cracks instantly ran along the void surrounding them ── the very next moment the space itself shattered along the cracks, breaking apart and dispersing ──


Before they realized it their surroundings had turned into an ordinary passage.

“What….was that….magic just now….? Err well this was a phenomenon that magic couldn’t explain….”

Sistine stood stunned in a dreamlike trance.

“….Amazing strength…..even though I don’t really understand.”

Even Re=L stood stiff with her eyes wide open.

“The [Silver Key]. Navnløs-san allowed me to use this power for just today.”


“According to her…..This [Silver Key] is my true power and the power of myself. I currently don’t know more than that…..”

Rumia held the indispensable [Silver Key] to her chest as she said that.

“This [Silver Key] ‘has the power to control and manipulate space. How to use this power….it’s strange but….I somehow just understand it. It’s as if I’ve had this power for a long, long time…’s a feeling like that.”


“What exactly is this power….who am I exactly….I’m not quite sure of either.”

Rumia looked back towards Glenn and the others and said with a determined expression.

“But….I will use this power to fight. You guys who’ve accepted me…..the headmaster, everyone in the academy….I’ll protect everyone! Even if it costs me my life!”

A power beyond human understanding. But such an awakened Rumia who said as much seemed to appear ever reliable.

Then ── why was it? Where was? ──

“….Hey, Glenn.”

Re=L barely spoke so just Glenn could hear her.

“Rumia right now….I don’t really get it….but she’s strange. I’m….really worried…..she seems like….she’s gonna leave us…..”

As usual, she wore her sleepy, vacant expression, but a hint of anxiety and sadness could be seen peeking out of Re=L. There was no foundation for her unexplained feelings. But even he felt that she was strangely on target.

Glenn too was being tormented from an indescribable anxiety…..but just at that time.

*Thud, thud, thud…..*

A group of golems could be seen rushing in from the depths of the passageway in full force. They had thought that there’d be no more forces on board…..but apparently that wasn’t the case.

(Damn it…! I didn’t want to waste our time and energy here….!)

Glenn readied his revolver, irritated with the thought that they’d have to commence mortal combat already.

“It’s okay Sensei.”

Rumia suddenly walked forward defenseless.

“Just…..leave everything to me please.”

And then? In front of Glenn and Sistine who stood at the ready.

“For everyone….for Fejite…..I won’t let you get in our way….”

With her hollowed pupils, Rumia thrust the [Silver Key] forward…..

Glenn felt indescribable feelings of disgust and dread burned into his heart….and.


Re=L was clutching Rumia’s hand as she focused on the enemies.


“I don’t get it….but that power….is really bad… what I’m feeling. Please Rumia….treasure yourself more, okay?”


However, in response Rumia remained mysteriously calm, not even a hint of unrest. Just existing there, like a saint who’s already resolved themselves for their decided task. Re=L glanced at such a Rumia with a heartbreaking expression….and then she turned to the enemies and announced.

“I’ll do it.”

“Wh- h-hey Re=L!?”

There’s too many of them. Let’s come up with a plan first.

Glenn reached for Re=L’s shoulder to say as much but ──

What he reached for was already an afterimage.


She plunged head-first into the pack of golems and started to slash at them. The fierce pressure radiating off the downswing of her sword literally split the huge group of the golem into two smaller ones on the left and the right sides.


It was her usual reckless charge, but the Re=L of right now was something more than that. Wielding her great-sword and seemingly creating whirlwinds she thoroughly drove the golems back. Such raw intensity was bloodcurdling. The silence from the small back in front of them spoke volumes… if to say that she would not let Rumia use the “key”.

(…..Did Re=L notice that somethings wrong with Rumia right now and she’s trying to help in her own way….?)

I can’t tell….but I can’t leave her like this.

“Let’s go White-Cat…..we’re going to support Re=L.”

With just those words, Glenn followed in Re=L’s footsteps.


Let’s see, been a hot minute since I last posted… amarite? Anyways hope eveyones been well. Might continue to be a bit busy in the short term for now.

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