Roku de Nashi Vol 9 Ch 5

Chapter 5 Even if I bet on everything


“….Not too shabby, the world’s most prominent wisemen. I give you my admiration.”

*Thud,* Lazar thrust his spear into the ground as he proclaimed that.

“Geh…..just, what is this guy….!?”

“….T-The Researchers of Divine Wisdom…..I never thought they were this strong…..”

As their fellow professors and faculty members lay scattered throughout the grounds, only Halley and Baron Zest remained standing. Both of them severely injured, exhausted, and on the brink of collapse.

“Then how about this!? [Roar, o crimson lion] ──”

Halley recited the spell for [Blaze・Burst] and a fierce fire grew on his hand.

“── [Collect!]”

Casting and compounding another spell a moment later, the fiery flame condensed into a small glass sphere. If someone were to hold their hand over that crimson fireball they’d be astonished ── because despite the vast amount of thermal energy flowing into it, the sphere wasn’t hot at all.

There are five primary systems of magic depending on the physical phenomena it managed.

The activity/flow system.

The acceleration/weight system.

The time/space system.

The vibration/undulation system.

The convergence/diffusion system.

Halley specialized in the [activity/flow] system that governed flames, ice, and electricity as well as the [convergence/diffusion] system that managed the density and distribution of matter and energy.

Halley, who values efficiency and neurotically dislikes waste, puts serious consideration into energy efficiency and optimizations so that he can achieve maximum results with minimal magic usage. The polar opposite of Celica who likes to use magic whimsically and cause mass destruction with gluttonous-like magic consumption.

“Take this!”

A small red ball flew at a  high speed from Halley’s fingertip until it impacted Lazar’s shield. A second later a bright crimson light flashed at the point of impact releasing intense thermal energy.

The world momentarily burnt like depictions of Ragnarök.

The effective range was minuscule, its appearance plain, and although it was classified as a C-ranked military attack spell, the force of impact was comparable to at least a B-ranked spell ──

There existed almost nothing that couldn’t be destroyed by Halley’s super-technique [Convergence Activation] ──

── Was how it should’ve been.

A ray containing all seven of the prismatic colors shot off from the center of Lazar’s shield…..

“Splendid…..such a magnificent magic instructor despite being so young.”

And at the center of the swirling wave of heat was Lazar still standing calmly.

“Tch, you can even guard against that…..what is that shield made of…..!?”

“Halley-kun…..that shield must be made of Orichalcum….?”

Baron Zest calmly analyzed the situation while hitting the palm of his hands with his stick.

Orichalcum. Rivaling even Mithril, it was the strongest of magic metals in the world.

“If it’s that then it’ll block most run of the mill attacks.”

“No it’s not just that I’m afraid…..”

Halley pushed up his glasses as he responded to Zest’s analysis.

“The shield by itself couldn’t completely black magic attacks. ……Even after all of our magic attacks his shield is still in perfect condition……that part is incomprehensible.”

“Additionally, what’s with that strange light that comes out whenever we attack him or his shield? There’s something suspicious about it…..”

“Do you guys really have the luxury to be standing around talking?”

Lazar readied his lance against Halley and Baron Zest.

“Now then….is it my turn again….?”

And in response, Baron Zest turned his stick towards Lazar ──

“There’s no point Mr. Dandy-man.”

Lazar turned the head of his spear towards Baron Zest.

“I’ve already seen through your mind domination. I was thoroughly outwitted…..who could’ve thought that you were suppressing my attacks by [making me hallucinate that I already attacked.]”

“O-Oh my! My secret has finally been found out! I wanted to look upon your foolish face a bit longer as you readied yourself to attack but just stood there though….”

With the few exceptions such as Halley who were used to the art of dueling, the professors of this academy weren’t too battle-oriented and the fact that he was able to fight against Lazar up until now…..was a testament to Baron Zest’s abilities.

Baron Zest was dealing with the Lazar’s lethal attacks by employing mind domination magic. In addition to that, he was able to immediately evacuate the injured personnel to a safe place by using his transportation magic. Many were injured, but thanks to his quick thinking no one yet has died.

“To be honest I didn’t anticipate that you guys would last this long…..”

However Lazar held no desperation in his voice.

He carried the demeanor of a long-ruling king.

His overpowering aura dominated the area.

“However, this is as far as you’ll go. It’s about time I get a bit serious! Die!”

With his spear filled to the brim with power to the extent of creating a slight whirlwind with him at its epicenter, Lazar unleashed a shock wave instantaneously.

It was tearing through the ground approaching Halley as he had to strain his eyes upwards to see the end of it ──

“Geh…. [Barrier of Light!]”

“Sigh…..this is certainly [not my forte!]”

Halley and Baron Zest rushed to throw up a [Force・Shield] ──

The shock wave hit their magic barriers head on and caused cracks to spread throughout them ──

“Wh……at is thiiiisssss!?”


At long last, Halley and Baron Zest were blown away.


“O-Oi…..i-isn’t this really bad!?

Kash who was watching the battle attentively from inside the school building screamed out.

“I-It’s too one-sided!? Just about all of the academy’s instructors were done in immediately…..! And Halley-sensei and that perverted Baron were only able to last till now, isn’t this too strange!?”

“In the first place, what in the world is going on!? An enormous red magic circle suddenly emerged on the academy grounds….! And this crimson sky ──!?”

“I-I’m scared…..I’m getting a really bad feeling from this….”

Wendy and Lynn were hugging each other and trembling. This wasn’t just limited to them. The students of the class were already quite disturbed seeing the inhuman battle unfold before their eyes on top of the eerie magic circle inscribed on the academy grounds.

But amid that situation ──

“Be quiet already… guys, hurry up and calm down a bit….”

Only Gibul’s voice was able to silence the room.

“Calm down you say….how can anyone be calm here!?”

As Kash protested what Gibul said and angrily turned towards him…..

“Haa….you’ve finally showed up huh?”

But in response, Gibul muttered such a thing while sighing.

“Ha? Showed up? ……What are you talking about….?”

Gibul’s ambiguous words left Kash reeling in confusion and.

“……He’ll show up without fail right? ….The star of the show.”

Gibul annoyingly snorted his nose ──

── and suddenly.

“[──・Now all all of creation shall perish here・at the distant ends of the void!]”

A spell could be heard clearly suddenly echoing throughout the courtyard.

An overwhelming wave of light rushed towards Lazar’s back turning everything behind him white.

“── What!? [Extinction・Ray]!?”

Lazar promptly braced his shield against it. The torrent of the overwhelming light collided with him. A flurry of colors immediately started to radiate off Lazar and his shield once again ──

And the torrent of light started to lose it’s momentum….eventually disappearing.

“Geh!? He can even negate that!? A-Are you serious…..”

Giving off such lackluster words was a young man who suddenly appeared with an even younger girl by his side.

“W-Well no problem…..”

And the young man holding his revolver towards Lazar, fearlessly said.

“Shall we end this ── this stupid farce?”


“Glenn = Radars!?”


Halley, and Baron Zest.


“And even Rumia….!?”

All of the students opened their eyes wide, refusing to even blink as they saw the young man appear.

Glenn and Lazar were finally standing face-to-face with one another ──


“Tch….so this is the [Flame of Meggido’s] [Ignition Plug] huh….”

Glenn muttered that as he was finally able to see magic circle after reaching the academy. And he kept his revolver pointed towards Lazar who stood at its middle.

“Now then, let me ask you point blank? Are you….the mastermind behind the incident this time….!?”

“That’s correct.”

Lazar pompously replied to Glenn.

“Researchers of Divine Wisdom’s Third Order [Heavenly Order], [The Holy Knight of Steel], Lazar ── burn this name into your head as you descend into the underworld, Glenn = Radars.”

“Y-you said…..the Third Order [Heavens Order]!?”

Glenn’s expression momentarily distorted and then turned to one of pure astonishment.

“….God damn it, why are you appearing here!?”


“I’m fine Rumia! Get back! I’ll somehow manage to beat him….and then I’ll dispel this damn [Ignition Plug]!”

Glenn hardened his resolve and tried to get the drop on Lazar by firing first.

“Wait, Glenn = Radars!”

But Halley who was kneeling on one knee with his whole bodies in tatters stopped him.

“It seems like you’re well aware of the circumstances!? Then this’ll be quick! That man’s shield is specially made and negates all attacks! Do you understand!?”

“It looks like it doesn’t it….even my [Extinction Ray] too…..”

“That man is the guardian of the [Flame of Megiddo]! Until you deal with him you won’t be able to dispel the [Ignition Plug!]”

Halley stood up while screaming out with all of his spirit.

“Let’s work together for now! Glenn = Radars! We’ll immobilize that guy someway or another! And during that time you’ll be responsible for dispelling the [Ignition Plug]!”


“Don’t get the wrong idea, I completely hate you! However, I’d rather deal with a vulgar person like you than allow the academy to be destroyed! There’s no time for questions! Let’s go!”

“That’s right! Entrust this to us!”

Similarly, Baron Zest who was also covered in injuries used his stick to prop himself up.

It’s a no brainer for Glenn to choose to cooperate with Halley and Zest. Rather, the young 5th order and the world renown 6th order were a reliable line of support for Glenn who was forced to part ways with Jatice.

(But….that guy’s strange shield….was even able to brush aside my strongest spell [Extinction・Ray]…..!? Is there even a way to win!?)

According to his thesis reports, without a doubt Halley’s specialty was the tri-attribute spell system.

Forgoing the possibility of calling Halley’s competency into question would mean that that shield reduces any magic to nothing? Then ── wouldn’t that mean instead of simply being [extraordinarily powerful], it’s defensive property originates from some type of magic? If that’s the case then ──

(Damn it….! After coming here and having that troublesome guy show up…..what should I do…..!? What can I do with Halley-senpai and the others…..!?)

A way to overcome this situation was imperceptible. The breakthrough completely shrouded.

Glenn momentarily hesitated ── and at that moment.

“Did you really think you had the time to waver?”

Lazar’s figure abruptly turned into a haze and disappeared ──

” ── If that’s the case then hesitate and die!”


The very next moment Lazar who had his spear raised overhead appeared in front of Glenn.

(So fast──!?)

Glenn tried to parry with his revolver ──

As the spear collided with it, it let loose a flurry of aurora-colored lights.

“…Kuu!? This isn’t good! I can’t use my mental-dominance magic anymore!

Baron Zest regrettably exclaimed that as he wielded his stick.

(The hell!? I can’t defend against this!?)

Glenn stiffened in the face of the spear closing in on him ── when.

A blue-silver flash ran from the left of Glenn’s vision to his right.

A grand metallic clink reverberated throughout the courtyard and pierced his eardrums.


Glenn’s eyes dashed to the side ──

After that flash of light, the first thing he saw was sparking golden hair fluttering in the wind.

There was ──

“Seriously, no matter how much time passes you’re still such a troubling child, aren’t you….”

Celica wearing a tattered dress.

Carrying a blue-silver sword that caught the spear as it was coming down ──

And ──


── A missile came down from above. Descending from the heavens, a blue-haired missile that could kill everyone there. The girl twisted her body on the way down and swung her great-sword towards Lazar.

He immediately raised his shield up to receive it ──

The crash shook the atmosphere. The same flurry of colors once again rose violently from his shield.

“Tch!? More newcomers!?”

Lazar cautiously jumped backwards.

“Now then….this is our so called second round Re=L.”


With their swords resting on their shoulders, Celica and Re=L turned to face Lazar.

“Celica! You’re still alive!?”

“Are you okay Re=L!?”

Glenn and Rumia shouted with their eyes spread wide in surprise.

“Ha… think that’s enough to do me in?”

Celica smiled proudly while fiddling with an old pocket-watch, the magic device [La Tilica’s Clock] ──

“Nn! While I slept I got healed!”

Re=L had her staple great-sword at the ready.

“This guy’s troublesome…..what have you been doing this whole time without getting in contact with me….?”

“My bad….thanks to this piece of crap body of mine the time it took to recover from the backlash was longer than I thought…..I wasn’t able to move at all…..ahh I don’t wanna get any older.”

“O-Oi oi…..after hearing that, are you really fine to fight….!?”

“I’ll be fine.”

And so Celica reassured the uneasy Glenn. In her hand was the pure mithril sword that just saved his life.

Seen before in the exploration of an archaeological site ── belonging to one the six heroes, [The Sword Princess] Eliete.

“Right now I can’t use much magic…. so I’ll breakthrough and create and opening.”

Glenn’s most revered mage in the world, the one he aspired most to be like, stood calmly in front of him holding her sword majestically.

“I see….with Eliete’s sword.”

Lazar murmured while facing Celica.

“I’m well aware of the secret behind your invincibility, Lazar. The shield boasts of an absolute hardness due to it’s innate orichalcum structure, however the real problem is….your shield’s divine blessing creates an energy reduction field around you.”

“….An energy reduction field? What do you mean?”

Celica started to answer Glenn as if she were starting a lecture.

“It’s simple. The shield that Lazar wears covers him in magic that absorbs all energy, reduces it to light, and dissipates it. Its conversion rate is unimaginable, a complete 100% of energy…’s hard to believe but that’s the complete truth. That’s the power of his [Angelic Shield.]”

“Haa!? How’s that possible!?”

Glenn’s mouth was gaping like an idiot as he struggled to respond.

“Energy reduction and absorption!? Moreover even 100% of it!? So what you’re saying is no magic or physical attack will ever reach him!?”

Whether it be a normal attacks or ones within the realms of magic, all forms of destruction are pure energy at their core. An object of any strength can be destroyed by hitting it with energy that exceeds it’s own. However that magic field nullifies the energy itself.

“Then what are you planning on doing….!?”

“Sigh, did you already forget what this sword is made of? Glenn.”

Celica held up her sword for Glenn to see.

The radiance of the beautiful mithril blade pierced his eyes ──

“Mithril….I-I see it’s a material that can cut-off magic!?”

“Full marks Glenn.”

The very next moment Celica’s figure blurred and disappeared ──


Blood splattered out.

Celica was slashing at Lazar’s back like a violent whirlwind. The onslaught continued against Lazar who till now had been untouchable.



Celica let out three more slashes at a near instantaneous speed.

Lazar finally turned around with his spear at the ready.

Her sword and his spear ── crossed, clashed, and burst out.

The pressure from metal meeting metal devastated the surroundings ── and the impact pushed Lazar back several metras.

“Geh….those movements…..those sword skills….!?”

“Black magic [Load・Experience]! Her sword techniques are flowing through me!”

Celica and Lazar glared at one another as sparks scattered from the intersecting weapons.

“No matter how unparalleled your energy reduction field might be, it’s still just mere magic….. a pure mithril sword which cuts through all magic ── will run through it. And since it can run through ──”

Celica gently flicked her wrist and pulled back the sword, leaving an afterimage behind as she disappeared. The invisible magic that Lazar was surrounded by was torn asunder by the edge of her blade. While at the same time ──

“Do your part! Halley!”


Celica’s instructions were awfully abrupt, however ──

“Tch ── [Crimson Lion!]”

As expected of the young prodigy Halley, he managed to shout out a spell immediately ──

A burning ball of fire soared out from Halley’s left hand towards Lazar.


Lazar received it with his shield. At the moment of impact an intense burst of flames wrapped around him and ──


As the explosion cleared away, Lazar could be seen standing firmly on both legs but…..the edges of his clothes were singed and charred.

Till now Lazar was nigh invincible without even a single wound showing…..but the most recent spell had managed to actually land a hit.

“….So that was it!?”

Glenn, Halley, and Baron Zest had clearly realized it at that moment.

“Using mithril you’re able to slice through the magic field which temporarily disturbs it!”

“……And during that moment the 100% energy reduction rate as well as his quasi-invincibility will be useless.”

“In other words, if Celica cuts through the magic field then our attacks will manage to land a hit…..”

“Just as you said. It’s relief to understand things quickly, O wisemen of the world’s most prominent academy.”

Celica broke out into a broad grin….

“Nn! I don’t really understand it though! Basically it’s fine if I attack after Celica!?”

“Ahh erm…..well….it’s fine if you just do that.”

And Celica stroked Re=L’s head with a strangely gentle look in her eye.

“Tch….certainty that might be the case. However how simple of a task is that before this spearmanship of mine.”

Begrudgingly saying that, Lazar once again readied his spear ──

At that moment ──

“How simple?”

Celica’s figure once again vanished without a trace.

Her sword seemed to turn into a bolt of lightning as it narrowly entered Lazar’s vision.


Lazar barely managed to stop it with this shield.

Planting her feet ── Celica let out a barrage of slashes. Like a furious whirlwind dancing across an open plain, she struck blind spot after blind spot. The sword, shield, and spear continued to clash and bite into one another, letting out blinding sparks.

If Lazar’s skills in dealing with the onslaught were to be considered inhuman, then Celica’s sword skill would be considered godlike.

She was completely overwhelming Lazar ──

“Fufu…. this reminds me, did you ever manage to beat her in a fight?”


“Don’t get so mad you brat. Prepare yourself.”

Celica received his strike with her sword and brushed it aside ──

And tore apart the magic field surrounding Lazar. At that moment ──


Without a shred of hesitation or fear, Re=L’s small body leaped towards Lazar’s chest bringing the full weight of her great-sword down on him.

The force of the impact couldn’t be discharged with his magic shield temporarily disabled ──


Lazar was blown away like a kicked ball.

“T-The hell…..”

While Celica whose been overwhelming Lazar for awhile now is known to be outside the realm of humanity, Re=L’s whose able to instantly link up in tandem with her left little to be desired.

Amazed by their synergy….Glenn stood there dumbfounded.

“Glenn! Leave Lazar to us! Go dispel the [Ignition Plug!]”

Celica yelled out to Glenn while cautiously observing Lazar. With Lazar sent flying away by Re=L’s monstrous blow, the [Ignition Plug] was now left completely unguarded… was the perfect opportunity.

“….Think you can do it? Glenn.”


He nodded fiercely.

Glenn turned towards the [Ignition Plug] ──


A burnt smell completely dominated the area. The surrounding buildings were relentlessly scorched with specks of ash floating about. And at the heart of such an ember filled world ──


Jatice’s cowering figure could be seen burnt to a crisp. Violently carbonizing. To the point that even healing magic would hardly make a difference.

Meaning ── it was a fatal wound. Already beyond saving. The end of the man known as Jatice.

“…..Ha! Weak….”

A voice full of ridicule was thrown at the nigh finished Jatice.

“What was that? You talk a big talk but that was all you’re able to do?”

Eve loitered some ten odd metras away from Jatice and contrary to her burning fires, held a cool, calm expression.

With a burning flame held within the palm of her hand as if to mock him.

── The battle between Eve and Jatice had been completely one-sided since the start. After all, the whole area was already under Eve’s domain thanks to her [Seventh Garden]. She could release countless flames without the need to even cast a spell within her domain, leaving Jatice no time to even make a move.

Her flames mercilessly brutalized him ── until he got to this point.

“Hey? Aren’t you going to say anything? Mr. Loser.”


Jatice on the other hand remained silent. It seemed like he no longer had the ability to speak.

“Haa….what the hell, I looked like an idiot. Begging so desperately….seriously, I didn’t even need a third-rate dog like Glenn after all…..”

And then Eve poured more magic into her hand causing the flame to grow extraordinarily large as if to finish him off.

“There’s still plenty of time till sunset. Dealing with Jatice….and now I have to hurry and deal with the academy……hmm it’ll be my win. A complete victory for the Ignite household!”

Eve was ecstatic at having confirmed her victory.

“With this Glenn might feel a little more ──”

As Eve tried to cast her flame onto Jatice ── it was at that time.


…….Jatice suddenly started to let out a low, guttural laugh at death’s door.

“….What? You’re still struggling? Or is it that you have a last request? I won’t listen to it though.”


Jatice glared at Eve with a detestably scorched face. The fierce, unwavering gaze of his terrifying eyes sent chills down Eve’s back.

“The truth is, I’ve been quite easygoing compared to the me of the past….since Glenn was surprisingly concerned for your safety… would’ve been so much more pleasant if I could’ve just let you go out of respect for Glenn.”


The words she least expected to hear had temporarily halted Eve’s hand.

“In all actuality, you’re worthless to me, as insignificant as the rocks on the side of the road….whether you live or die is of no concern to me. However….you….dared to utter such words that I can’t let pass….!”

In the face of such an overwhelming aura, Eve took one, two steps back.

Why does this dying man have such an expression ──? While harboring such confusion.

“……I’ve changed my mind. You….I’m going to kill you. I will smash that uselessly bloated, meaningless self-esteem to the fullest, and I’ll make you grovel on the ground in agony as I kill you..kihihihi…..! Hyahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha….!”

Eve couldn’t stop a cold sweat from breaking out as she watched Jatice stand up like a clattering puppet with his eerie movements that defied the logic that he should’ve been on the verge of death.

(Wh…at…..what is….this man…..!? This isn’t just a bluff….!?)

His eyes overflowing with insanity was terrifying.

(W-Why are you acting so scared Eve!? Your victory is set in stone! The [Seventh Garden] is still functioning perfectly! I’ll burn whatever he tries to do to a crisp before he can do it! The advantage is mine! It should be my win right!?)

“Now then, Eve….I predict that….”

Jatice’s half-carbonized arm slowly began to crumble as he moved ──

“Right now you’re feeling a sense of fear cause of me….you’re quivering in your shoes and looking for a means of escape….”

“……S-Shut up….!”

“But the small amount of pride you hold won’t allow that….”

“I said shut uuupppppppp!!”

Eve kicked off the spot and jumped upward.

Her elegant body fluttering high in the sky ──

“That’s right, you’re worried that I set up some kind of trap and so you leave that spot ──”

And as Eve jumped onto the roof a nearby building ── Jatice gave a fleeing glance to the spot she was about to land on ──

” ── And from there…’re going to release a fatal burst of flames towards me.”

“Drop dead! This’ll be the end of you!”

Eve raised her left hand high in the sky and an overwhelming whirlpool of flames started to swirl ──

“I said that I [predicted that.]”

── And brought that hand down.


The flame of Eve’s magic would thoroughly burn Jatice down to his bones ── was how it should’ve been.

But instead of the redness from the flames breaking out….


At that moment Eve couldn’t comprehend the scene reflected in her eyes.

Before she noticed it ── her left arm ── from the elbow down…was gone.

Drops of red scattered about.

After a few moments, a dull thud echoed beneath her eyes.

It was an arm. Her own left arm. Fell down onto the road below.

“Aaa….? …….Aa aaa….?”

Before long….Eve who finally recognized the cruel reality….


She let out scream more grating on the ears than nails on a chalkboard.

“…..It’s not that impressive of a thing so how about I tell you the secret behind this trick.”

To Eve who put pressure on her arm as she sobbed like a child.

Jatice stood underneath giving a matter-of-factly explanation.

“Right now, your arm was detached thanks to the Tulpa [Scotoma・Saber] ── an invisible blade constructed of para・etherions…..”

(TN: Scotoma is a partial loss of vision or blindness, never heard of this before and I looked on a word frequency list and out of 60,00 it was ranked 59,850. Anyways Scotoma saber is written as “unseen sword god” and para etherions is written as pseudo particle.)

Eve’s fresh blood could be seen flowing diagonally downwards through the empty space below.

Sure enough the outline of invisible blades coated with blood could be seen… was clear now.

“Using my numerology, I arranged them in place where I predicted you’d move to… position to bring your left hand falling down….well, it’s just a neat trick I picked up.”


Numerology. It’s a compulsory course in all magic academies and is a field that studies the [observation of predicting the future based on consolidating existing information]. However, thanks to it’s low success rate, it’s considered nothing more than [fortune telling using numbers] in the modern day magical academia.

“But I didn’t use to think like that. Numerology is the greatest power throughout the world… mastering this power, there is no future or phenomena that cannot be predicted… now what I believe.”

Using the invisible sword with near-perfect prediction.

What a ferociousness due the compatibility of one another ── by predicting the enemy’s movement and deploying an invisible sword beforehand, one would be able to dominate the battle space single-handedly ──

“And you’re saying something like that is possible!? What about humanity’s free will ──”

“Even the “free will” and emotions of humans are the accumulation of electrical signals and biochemical reactions in the brain. If you come to that conclusion, then there’s no possible way that it can’t be quantifiable. Then, would it be any different ── predicting a person’s future using numerology?”

For some reason, the words that should’ve been coming from below Eve were now coming from behind her.

“This [acquisition of the numerical formula and quantification of all events, phenomena, and matter within my eyesight]…..this is my Original Magic [Eustia Balance.]”

“….Eh? ……I-Impossible….”

As Eve fearfully turned her head over her shoulders….Jatice stood near the top of the roof, completely unharmed and elegantly tipping his hat with a gentle expression. Reflexively looking him in the eyes…..the figure of the half-carbonized Jatice started to turn into particles of light and scattered with the wind.

(T-That was a Tulpa!? That’s…..what I’ve been fighting this whole time….!?)

She was completely taken in.

Eve was held hostage by the feeling of despair and hopelessness as if she were thrust into the deepest part of purgatory.


Eve turned around completely; her right hand held out towards Jatice ──

*Stab.* This time the invisible sword pierced her right hand and blood spurted out.


“Now, let’s change up our chat……those in the Special Missions Annex….everyone was quite strong.”

Jatice continued to talk euphorically completing ignoring Eve’s cries.

“For instance, [The Star], Albert….he is a demon of revenge. Despite valuing justice, he continues to endlessly pursue his bitter enemy as he drowns himself in hatred….he won’t stop walking until they die…..a saint who goes down an unsung, harsh path…..that’s exactly who he is.”

Jatice raised his index finger.

“For instance, [The Hierophant], Christoph…..he’s a person who lives true loyalty. Dedicating his heart to Her Majesty and willing to die for Her Majesty…..there is no such ingenuity within him and yet he remains a troublesome opponent.”

And this time raising his middle finger.

“For instance, [The Hermit], Bernard…..he is the ultimate adrenaline junkie. A peaceful world with no conflict is dull to him. Always seeking thrills. Not able to feel the warmth of life unless he’s teetering on the edge of death…..without a doubt he will continue to smile through any hell he finds himself in ── that is until he dies.”

And now his ring finger.

“For instance, [The Chariot], Re=L….to be honest I thought of here a mere doll, an insignificant small fry of no concern similar to you. But recently she’s shown signs of growth, putting her life on the line in order to obtain something irreplaceable….I’m sure that’ll bestow new power upon her as a mage….well, I wonder what kind of growth she’ll obtain from here on out?”

And now his pinky finger.

“And finally, Glenn [The Fool]…..ahhh him….kukuku….Is it even necessary to speak of himmmm!? He is such a splendid person!! The embodiment of irregularity!? Don’t you think so as well Eve!? Hyahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

And Jatice finally raised his thumb.

“Like those true mages ── those who act based on their own truths…..occasionally greatly exceeding my estimations….throwing off my numbers and rejecting my numerology….well it might be commonplace, but it seems that it’s the [strong will of a person] that surpasses fate. That’s why they’re so magnificent, and also why they’re such a threat. Now then….”

“N-Not yet….! It’s not over yet…..!”

Unwilling to admit defeat, Eve cried out as she jumped down from the roof top.

At the same time she landed she leapt from the spot trying to gain as much distance from Jatice ──

*Slash.* Suddenly Eve’s right femur and left ankle tendon were cut deep and blood spurted out.

It was once again Jatice’s Tulpa [Scotoma・Saber] that had been deployed before hand.


Eve lost the power to support herself and collapsed. This time for sure her heart would be shattered, and her eyes would be devoid of any emotions or light.

Her usual self-confident, fearless demeanor was nowhere to be seen. It was the figure of a pitiful woman who had lost her arm, been cut up, and was now driven into a corner trembling with the fear of death.

“Now then…..since the beginning of our fight you’ve danced exactly how I expected you too without missing a single step, Eve…..let me ask you one question.”

Jatice looked down on her from the top of the rooftop. As if he were the presiding judge about to condemn a criminal in the courtroom.

“Just what are you? Who are you as a mage? What are you doing as mage? Now answer me the weakest mage….”


Eve replied monotonly as if she were exhausted by his Jatice’s presence.

“T-The Ignite household’s….honor…..that’s right, for the Ignite’s……!”

The very next moment.

“Haa….it turned out to be my miscalculation after all huh….giving out such a worthless answer in the final hour…’ve really disappointed me Eve. Where did that brilliance go when you were saving Sistine…..? Well….it’s fine.”

Jatice let out a huge sigh as if he lost all interest in Eve……

And so…..

“I shall issue my decree. Eve = Ignite, you are sentenced to death.”

Eve’s shoulders trembled in response to such cold-hearted words.

“I’m tolerant of the weak and fools…..they cannot comprehend true justice because of their own shortcomings…’s just an inevitable reality….”

Jatice’s eyes that burned with hatred and indignation were suddenly turned towards Eve ──

“However, you….you dared to insult Glenn! That’s something I absolutely, cannot forgive! Like hell I can! An idiotic, sad excuse of a person like you deserves death for daring to look down upon Glenn! There’s no excuse that can justify such an affront! Die! My absolute justice will judge you! The sentence is the death penalty! Deathpenaltydeathpenaltydeathpenaltydeathpenaltydeathpenaltydeathpenalty! Death penaltyyyyyyyyyy!”

Wielding both arms, a large amount of para・etherions were scattered like fine particles.

And then it  started to gradually take form behind Jatice ── in it’s left hand a golden sword and it’s right hand a weighing scale with a figure of the seven-winged goddess on it’s back ──

“Materialize! Artificial Holy Spirit [Lady Justice Eustia] ── O heavenly Goddess of mine judge that fool! Your divine retribution ── execution!!!!”

Spreading it’s wings and raising it’s sword ── a false goddess finished it’s manifestation ──

“…..Aa aaa…..aaaaaaa……”

Eve who no longer held the strength to move had no choice but to mutely watch as her impending doom crept forward ──


── It was around that time.

A single flash of light quickly cut through the Fejite sky. It was as if a shooting start was falling through the heavens.

A beautifully intense flash of lightning piercing and running everything through ──


Until it reached it’s ultimate destination and struck the head of Jatice. The false goddess lost it’s corporealness and scattered as particles due to his loss in concentration.

And the shock-wave from the delayed sonic boom arrived a second later along with an intense gust that violently blew the edges of Jatice’s coat.


Jatice annoying looked in the direction from which the strike just came. His gaze going far beyond a normal person’s line of sight ──

A tall building could be seen in the distance ── nay, it was far beyond that in all actuality.

Farther than that, the hint of a spire could be ── no it was even farther beyond that.

Way beyond that was the summit of a ── no no farther farther even farther beyond even where that point lied ──

The farthest point in the city of Fejite ── at the place where the horizon blended with the sky.

Where the red sun was giving off a beautiful crimson glare onto the city walls.

Using his magically enhanced vision ── Jatice was able to catch a glimpse of the figure stationed there.

“Never….I never thought that’d you’d show up here….!? [I didn’t predict that]……..!”

That person’s hair fluttering in the fierce wind, their majestic appearance, and their hawk-like eyes.

The pointer finger of their left hand extended directly at Jatice.

That man’s name was ──……


Someplace else, as Lazar and Celica clashed with one another.


Glenn was unintentionally whistling as he continued to analyze the [Ignition Plug].

“What’s wrong? Sensei.”

“Nothing, just thinking….how lucky we are.”

Glenn grinned and responded to Rumia who was standing next to him.

“This [Ignition Plug]…’s pretty damn complex and something to be worried about….but they didn’t apply any post-production safety measures to it… this rate I’ll have just enough magic remaining to dispel it!”

Saying that Glenn let out a sigh of relief as he took a short rest.

“I-Is that right….

“Yeah. I was almost completely positive that I’d have to make use of your [power]…..can’t you see everyone watching us from the classrooms? I was thinking that I’d have to hide it using some type of magic….”

Rumia’s power ── [Amplification]. If one were to receive this power then it’d be possible to forcibly dispel any type of complicated magic circle like how Jatice did earlier.

However ── for some reason there’s a certain prejudice and historic persecution against [users of supernatural powers] in this country. If she were to brazenly show off her powers in public then there’s a chance that she’d lose her placement in the academy. That’s why if her power wasn’t needed to dispel this magic then he wouldn’t use it.

“Sigh…..I’m seriously relieved…”

Glenn took the pocket watch out of his breast pocket and checked the time.

(Right now it’s…?)

There was still plenty of time left. There was still one hour left till sunset.

(….How’s the battle with Lazar going….?)

Activating far-sight magic, he looked into circumstances outside the courtyard. As expected, Celica’s movements were getting duller and duller as the battle progressed. However Re=L, Halley, and Baron Zest were supporting her and keeping the battle within an acceptable range.

If that’s how it was then it would be fine to leave it like that a bit longer.

(…Eve….is she alright…?)

Hindsight is twenty twenty….but Eve might’ve been right. Both of them dealing with Jatice, and then taking care of [Flame of Megiddo]…..that might’ve been the best choice. However it was beyond his expectations that the [Ignition Plug] would be this easy to dispel and so he was confident in his decision at that time.

But….there’s no use thinking about that right now. He had to concentrate on the [Ignition Plug].

He’d be the biggest joke in the Empire if he accidentally set it off while trying to dispel it.

But despite that ──

(….It’s over right.)

Glenn felt like the situation was just about resolved. All that was left was for him to dispel this troublesome [Ignition Plug].

And then everything would be resolved.

He’s been anxiously struggling since the night before…..everything will be settled after this.

“Yosh! The final verse! I’ll give this my all!”

*Clop*, after hitting his cheeks with both hands Glenn took out his knife and shallowly cut his left wrist.

“[Power of creation, pay heed・and pass through my blood・and form your path!]”

Reciting the incantation for [Blood・Catalyst], he used his own blood as a magic catalyst and just as he was about to start overwriting the [Ignition Plug] ──

*Ba-dump….*, That was the unexpected sound of Glenn’s violently throbbing heart.

It was like….Glenn’s heart was suddenly dropped in the ocean.


── Like….the circumstances….are too convenient?


“……Sensei….? Is something wrong…?”

Rumia worriedly looked over Glenn who had stiffened up and allowed blood to drip off his fingers.

But such words didn’t reach the current Glenn.

Right now, a certain fear was swirling around Glenn’s heart.

(….If I actually dispel this [Ignition Plug]…..will it really…..bring this matter to a close? Is this really actually the end to this….?)

His mind was muddled. Something was off. He had a detestable premonition. For example….like someone was staring at them from some hidden darkness, like a king laughing as their jester played the fool…..such was the feeling.

Why did such a negative feeling affix itself to his heart ──


Glenn ── was lost in thought.

(…..Now that I think about, somethings been off every step of the way this time….)

This time, it was Jatice who snatched Rumia away and forced Glenn to the stage for the sole purpose of saving Fejite. Lazar along with his aces of Reik and Jin then attacked the Arfonia household with a half-baked force, giving Glenn the chance to escape.

It was convenient that Jatice managed to dispel the [Mana Boost Suppliers], but after thinking about it carefully…’s odd that the focal point of the magic, the [Ignition Plug], was postponed till the end.

Moreover, the idea of a mass suicide bombing for the sake of killing Rumia…..and with that in mind, Lazar wasn’t a lunatic but instead awfully rational and yet he had almost no reaction towards Rumia when face to face with her.

There’s conveniently an hour left. An awfully convenient battle situation.

And ── above all else.

(This [Ignition Plug]…..why didn’t I need Rumia’s [power] to dispel this!?)

Strange. That was absolutely strange. Originally, it might’ve been a spell that could be so easily dispelled. Sophisticated magic circles are often easy to dispel due to their innate delicacy. And so in order to prevent that it’s common to apply multiple layers of defense after drawing it up. This would be nothing short of sloppy-work.

It’s undeniable that Rumia’s [power] was indispensable in dispelling the [Mana Boost Suppliers]. Nevertheless….why was it so easy to dispel the focal point of the spell, the [Ignition Plug].

It was as if someone shooed it to the center and said, [I’ve set the stage, now just dispel it according to script]… the feeling he was currently getting.


Glenn’s hands continued to remain still. He showed no signs of moving. He couldn’t move.

(…..Am I just an idiot…..whose reading too deeply into this….)

Glenn once again glanced at the [Ignition Plug] that had reached its [secondary activation].

(Right now [Flame of Meggido] really will eventually reach it’s [final activation]…..if I don’t dispel this by sunset then Fejite really will be caught up, right? That’s why I have to dispel this! What the hell am I thinking about…!?)

That’s right….. dispel this. That alone will bring an end to this.

That’s how this will end. His goal was already in sight.

The goal that would peacefully bring everything to an end, was just ahead of him.

That’s why ──

“I’ll ──!”

Unto that [Ignition Plug] ──


“…..W-What’s the matter, Sensei….”

The student’s held their breath as they attentively watched on from the classroom.

“F-For awhile now….Sensei hasn’t moved an inch…?”

“I was listening in using magic but….Professor Arfonia was supposed to handle the fighting while Sensei was supposed to dispel the magic circle right….?”

“Yeah, it’s hard to believe but….that magic circle…’s [Flame of Meggido] right? It seems like there’s still some time left but…isn’t it risky if he hold’s off on dispelling it….?”

“S-Sensei…..! Please hurry and dispel it!”

They could hardly stand it anymore.

Kash, Wendy, and Cecil ─ everyone started to stir.


But despite that, Gibul was the only one who remained silent and gazed at Glenn’s back.


Glenn could feel the weight of his students gaze boring through him. The students were also mages who could probably at least grasp the basics of what was currently unfolding.

As it became clearer that Glenn wouldn’t make a move ── the collective gazes began to pour on more and more frustration and irritation. But despite all that ──

“Damn it…”

Glenn continued to remain frozen. Unmoving.

“Sensei… something wrong?”

Rumia bent over closer to Glenn and fixed her eyes on him.

But Glenn’s attention was focused solely on the [Ignition Plug].


Before he dispelled the magic circle ── there was one thing he wanted to try.

Without that, Glenn would be unable to act.

But if he did that….


Glenn was calculating the necessary magic capacity and memory for his prospective plan based on the already drawn magic circle.

And he glanced towards the surrounding buildings.

……..Countless students were attentively watching over him with baited breath.

He absolutely…..couldn’t be mistaken.

With his current skills as a mage…..he had no room for error.

Rumia would be unable to use magic while she was busy.

Then he’d have no choice but to hurry and bring Lazar down…..from his rough estimation of Lazar, it’s clear as day that a conflict with him wouldn’t be settled in a matter of minutes. There wasn’t enough time. He couldn’t drag the academy students in such a gamble.

Meaning ──

(….Is this fine!? ……Is this really the right choice!?)

── As if he reached a certain conclusion, Glenn’s expression distorted in anguish.

(If I do that….then it can’t be undone….? Is this right? Is my judgment really correct? Isn’t this just me foolishly reading into it too much!?)

His hesitation was draining the precious seconds that he didn’t have. The flame of uneasiness scorched him.

(Damn it….What should I do…!?)

But to Glenn who was distressed and at his wits end…..

Rumia gently nestled close and gracefully clutched his hand.

“Sensei…..please do what Sensei thinks is best.”


“If it’s making Sensei suffer that much….then I’m sure that’s what you need to do? Sensei’s…..a very kind person after all.”

Glenn stared at Rumia stunned.

“After all I….I believe in Sensei….”

Rumia, saying that so gently and kindheartedly…..wearing an expression of someone who realized everything and prepared themself for whatever would come next.

“Is that okay….? Are you really okay with that….?”

Glenn who’d presumed Rumia’s intentions, painfully wrung those words out.

“Even if by some possibility…’re no longer able to remain in this academy with everyone….!? You realize that right….!?”

“I’m fine with that. I’m okay now. I attended class with everyone, went to school with Sisti, became friends with Re=L, and reunited with Sensei….I really was blessed. I was really able to enjoy my time, it was more than I ever deserved……”

“Putting it bluntly, I have no proof backing up my feelings….I might just be snatching your place away for naught…..?”

“…..If that’s the result of Sensei desperately trying to save everyone.”

Rumia as calm as ever…..

“I have faith in Sensei. No matter what happens….I’ll have faith in Sensei….and I’ll have no regrets on that….so…..”

As soon as she said that ──

Rumia’s body suddenly started to shine golden ──

Particles of light began to flicker about, and the divine rays began to illuminate the surrounding area ──

“…..Please use my [power] Sensei…..”


And as Rumia gently grasped Glenn’s hand…..the golden light traveled through Glenn’s body ──

At that moment an overwhelming amount of magic power flowed throughout Glenn ──


“W-What!? Rumia’s….glowing….!?”

“What the heck is going on!? What kind of phenomenon is that!?”

The students in the building suddenly started to mummer in disbelief after witnessing something strange happen to Rumia.

“It’s not…light magic is it? No matter how you look at it….”

“Y-Yeah….I can’t feel the presence of magic at all….”

“T-Then what is it…! That light…!?”

“And what’s with that amazing boost in magic power Sensei got after coming into contact with that light…..?”

“That Rumia….what the hell are you doing!?”


“…….Please don’t worry.”

Perhaps sensitive to the glaring of the students concentrating on them, but Glenn’s guilt started to rise.

Rumia let out a gentle smile as she reassured Glenn.

“Rather than that Sensei…..please protect everyone.”


Glenn raised his head as if to set aside those feelings in response to Rumia’s words.

“[Eyes of the wise men, pay heed・and ascertain the logic behind all of creation・and show your grand wisdom before me!]”

The spell flowed out as he screamed ──

Black Magic [Function・Analysis] ── magic that performed functional analytics on magic expressions.

Why are you using analysis magic here?

W-What is Sensei planning? What’s the meaning of this?

As the collective gaze cross-examined his actions, Glenn examined every nook and cranny of the [Ignition Plug] using the analytic magic. A vast quantity of numeric formulas and magic runes flowed through his head ──

His brain felt like it would fry any second now as the information piled up.

Normally this would be impossible even with ten’s of cutting-edge magiputers lined up in parallel. (TN Written as magic computational device)

But despite that, Rumia’s ability [Amplification] allowed Glenn to do so.

(There’s gotta be something…..! It shouldn’t just be this [Ignition Plug]….! There has to be something else here….! It’d be ridiculous if there wasn’t right!?)

Before long, Glenn’s brain started to ache in severe pain and even Rumia’s amplified magic power was starting to run low thanks to the astronomical volume of information flowing through him. But despite that he still used his magic to his utmost limit and carefully examined the [Ignition Plug] ──


“He’s really using [Function・Analysis] right now!? Is he a complete idiot!? What’s he thinking using something like that!? G-Glenn = Radars what the hell are you doing!?”

Halley shouted obviously distraught.


“It seems like it was a mistake after all to leave it to that third-rate instructor…..!”

“Halley-kun! Now’s not the time to be [looking away!]”

The white magic [Psy・Telekinesis] chanted by Baron Zest intercepted a shock wave that was heading straight towards Halley.


It narrowly passed by his side ──

And then.

“…..Is that so. Glenn, you….”

Celica murmured that as she continued her violent bout with Lazar. Every stroke of the sword tore through the atmosphere and caused massive aftershocks ──

“If that’s what you want…..then you can just do as you like!”

Celica spun like a whirlwind and struck her sword against Lazar’s spear.

Her magnificent dance illuminated the area as if it were midday ──


Countless particles of light swirled around the center of such a beautiful world.

“…..Did you find it…..your answer?”

Rumia quietly asked.

Wrapped in a dazzling golden light and wearing a smile brighter than even the sun ── she was more beautiful than anyone else in the world right now.

“….I did. I found it.”

And while being embraced by that light….Glenn also let out a calm smile.

“Is that right….then what should Sensei do now?”


Glenn quietly pondered Rumia’s question for a while…..

“I’m not going to dispel it.”

Brimming with confidence…..

“Actually ── I think I’m going to activate it instead.”



Glenn said something completely unbelievable and as expected the students couldn’t remain quiet.

“W-What did you just say Sensei!?”

“T-T-That’s right!? You, are you that damn eager to kill us off!?”

Kash and Wendy clung to the window in a grand panic.

It wasn’t just limited to them though. All those present throughout the academy who were watching Glenn’s every movements, listening to his every word with far-sight and hearing magic, felt their hearts drop as they realized their impeding doom.

“Stop fucking around!”

“Aaa I can’t handle this!”

And so a portion of the students started to rush out in a panic.

“O-Oi!? Where are you guys going!?”

“He’s going to kill us all!? That bastard…..I’m going to go and try to stop Glenn-sensei!?”

“D-Don’t be ridiculous! They’re still fighting outside! It’s dangerous!!”

“B-But at this rate we’ll ──!?”

The students were split in half and were just sitting on a powder keg waiting to explode…..and at that time.

“Be quiet already!”

There was a person who raised their voice in an unusual anger though.

….It was Gibul.

“Calm down already….! At the very least stop making so much noise!!”


The rest of the class stared at Gibul dumbfounded after witnessing his unexpected rage. He spat out those words frustrated at the rest of his class.

“Has Sensei ever done anything that would put us in danger the other times!?”

The students were taken back by Gibul’s inquiry and quietly searched their memories.

“It sickens me to admit it but….we just have to believe in Sensei right!? So shut up and watch! And if you still want to hinder Sensei then you’ll have to go through me!!”

In front of such a serious aura radiating off of Gibul.

The students gradually regained their calmness ──

“…..I see. That’s Sensei’s decision right?”

Rumia’s expression remained the same even after hearing such a ridiculous thing come from Glenn’s mouth.

“That’s right….please continue to lend me your power…..”

“With pleasure.”

“…..Can you hear what they’re saying?”

“No, it’s unnecessary after all.”

“……Do you think this is foolish?”

“I have faith in Sensei.”

“…..Aren’t you scared?”

“Not even a single bit.”

Rumia let out a gentle smile….took Glenn’s hand…..and said.

“Because Sensei’s here with me.”

That constant, unwavering smile of hers caused Glenn anguish.

(Why? Why did this child have to carry such a burden on her back!? Why were you born with this [power]!? God damn it….!)

Rumia nestled even closer to Glenn who couldn’t finish.

“It’s the same as that time isn’t it.”

“That time….?”

“Yes….when Sensei first came to the academy and was only part-time….Sensei risked his life to protect us from the terrorists who attacked the academy….”

Rumia looked nostalgically at the enormous magic circle spread before her.

“At that time, in the end….when it was just Sensei and I….and you were dealing with the magic circle….somehow it feels like that was just the other day doesn’t it….”

“Y-Yeah that’s right…..well what I’m about to do is the complete opposite from that time…..”

“Fufufu…’re not wrong.”

Thinking about it….oddly enough there are many intersecting points of this incident with the one from back then.

Is this also some sort of cosmic mischief?

For a while, Glenn was submerged in sentiments that he didn’t completely understand.


Glenn let out a forceful nod in response to Rumia.

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

Glenn, instead of dispelling it ── worked to hasten it’s activation.

Blood sigils were overwriting the [Ignition Plug] and making all sorts of altercations to its base.

And so.

In addition to that, the amount of mana running through the circle visibly increased ──

The noise coming off of the circle rung faster and faster ──

Feeling it in on his skin, seeing it with his sight, sensing it with his will that the end was imminent.

Glenn’s activation steadily advanced, and on the other hand ──

“Damn it….w-what….are we supposed to be doing….!?”



Kash, Wendy, Lynn…..the students held their heads and cowered in fear ──


Gibul forced his trembling knees to stay upright, staring intently at Glenn’s back as a cold sweat continued to drip off his forehead like a waterfall ──


“W-W-Wh that man what does he think he’s dooooooing!?!”


Halley and Baron Zest opened their eyes wide after realizing what he started to do.

However ──

“Halley! Baron! Don’t interfere! Let Glenn do it! I’ll take responsibility! Right now concentrate on what’s in front of you!!!!”

Screaming till she ran out of breath as she continued to parry the impending flurry of spear strikes.

“Nuuuuuuuuuu!? You dare….!?”

“Haa──….haa──….why are you in such a hurry…..? What’s wrong….? Wasn’t it your Bodhisattva to blow away Fejite with the [Flame of Meggido]…..?”

“Celicaa!! Get out of the way!!”

“Who the hell would you idiot!”

At that moment Celica let behind an afterimage as she disappeared from Lazar side ──

Once again a resounding slash was unleashed towards him ──


A moment later Re=L’s magnificent side shot landed a direct hit on Lazar.


Lazar’s body was blown in a direction even farther away from Glenn.

“Damn it….damn it….damn iitttttttttt! You bastardssssssssss!?”


Everyone waited with baited breaths and prayed for the situation to come to an end.

“….Make it….make it….! Make it….!”

Glenn continued his fast pace scribbling with a furious facial expression ──


Rumia was the only one who remained with a calm expression as if she understood everything….

Glenn diligently wrote more and more blood runes. The magic circle was on the brim of overfilling with runes….as the sun started it’s decline…..

As he squeezed, squeezed, squeezed his magic power to it’s limits ──

And then ──

“Make it in timeeeeeeeeee!”

As Glenn finished drawing his runes ── at that moment.

*Kah!*, The [Ignition Plug’s] magic circle glowed incandescently ──

It seemed to have finally activated.


Whiteness ── overflowed.

The vision of everyone present was dyed white, pure white ──

Everything was plunged into whiteness ──

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