Roku de Nashi Volume 8 Epilogue

Epilogue Until the day when we meet again



And so, the series of attacks against Re=L had finally come to an end.

Marianne was immediately arrested for hijacking a train and kidnapping and trafficking. There were traces of brainwashing magic that radicalized their feelings found in the female students who were following Marianne; taking that into consideration some were temporary suspended and or put on house arrest. However, the emotional problems that forced the students to take such drastic actions, and the school’s part in masking those problems had been brought to light due to this incident. Therefore, it was decided that a new dean would be dispatched from the capital in order to improve the school’s atmosphere. Everything was coming to a peaceful end.

But of course there were some parts that weren’t completely made clear. Mainly about the [Azure Sky Cross Institute] that Marianne was so happy to speak out. After the incident, the Ministry of the Armed Forces investigated and tried to bring the perpetrators to justice, but the Ministry of Magic completely denied having any relations with Marianne and even the very existence of the [Azure sky Cross Institute]. The Imperial Court Mage Corps searched for the [Azure Sky Cross Institute] with bloodshot eyes, but in the end they came up with nothing. Even with confession magic, they couldn’t get any new intelligence from Marianne due to her losing her sanity.

In the end it was never decided if Marianne’s word carried any truth to it or not……but the reality of the situation would be forever buried in darkness.

However, it seemed the matter of Re=L’s [dropping out] and the anti-military ministries complaints against her was starting to die down. The pretext for her [dropping out] disappeared after she had successfully completed her short-term study-abroad program. For the time being the duty of being Rumia’s primary guard would continue to fall on Re=L.

And so ──



Under a cloudless sky.

At the train station on St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy’s grounds. With its engine making loud clanking sounds and smoke raising from its chimney, a new train was slowly pulling into the station. Not longer after, a faint smell of burning coal began to spread out through the area. And, in front of the train’s entrance…..a crowd of people were waiting.

There was Glenn’s usual companions as well as the entirety of class he was teaching. At long last, Glenn’s group would finally return to Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. All the students in his moon group had come to see them off.

“*Sniff sniff*….Renn-sensei….it’s finally time to say goodbye isn’t it….”

“Your efforts are greatly appreciated. It’s only been a short while but I’m incredibly grateful for your hospitality.”

“Hey, Senei. Well….how should I say this…I’m glad that I met you.”

Francine, Ginny, and Colette, on behalf of the rest of the girls in the class took turns shaking Glenn’s hand and giving their farewells.

“You too Sistine and Rumia. ……It wasn’t half bad fighting with you guys alright?”

“It’s the same for us….is what I wonder if I should say?”

“Ahaha….yeah, we’ve made some wonderful memoires. Thanks.”

Both Sistine and Rumia smiled cheerfully.

It was truly a short time, but …they’ve definitely managed to create bonds of friendship with one another.

“It’s true we’ve often fought with each other…..but it’s kind of sad to say goodbye like this huh…..”

“That’s right….”

Sistine said that wholeheartedly and Francine nodded in agreement. And then Colette began to say something else.

“Hey Sistine, Rumia. Is it fine….if someday I study abroad at your guys school too?”


“I mean….I’m a bit interested. I wanna see….what kind of school you guys and Renn-sensei enjoy your days at.”

“Ohohoho~! What a splendid idea Colette! Well at such a time you’ll have the privilege of Ginny and myself accompanying you!”

“Ugh….what a pain….”

Hearing her proposal, Francine let out a high-handed laugh and Ginny expressionlessly complained.

“Ahaha! That’s fine then!”

“Yeah, everyone will welcome you at such a time!”

Sistine and Rumia also let out a hearty laugh…..

“Besides…..there’s that right….” (Bashfully)

Colette attached herself to Glenn’s left arm….

“If I go to your school….well….won’t I get to meet with Renn-sensei again…?” (Blushing)

Francine attached herself to Glenn’s right arm….

“Uhm well…..I honestly don’t know when it’ll be Sensei…..”

“Please wait until then…..”

“Uh ah…..”

Glenn couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat and have his cheek stiffen as the two beauties squeezed him.

“Ahaha! Now that I think about it you don’t have to come!”

“Yeah, everyone will sprinkle salt at such a time!” (TN: Salt is said to keep out demons in some cultures.)

…….How to put it, Sistine and Rumia’s happy smiles were also quite scary.

“Haa… guys really are the same even till the very end huh….”

Ginny who had nothing to do with the situation shrugged her shoulders with an exasperated expression.


Glenn shook those two off feeling that something deadly was about to happen to him.

“You guys really helped me out this time! You have my gratitude!”

“Nn….thanks everyone….”

Standing behind Glenn, almost as if she were trying to hide herself, Re=L whispered her thanks.

“I don’t really understand it but….thanks to everyone I won’t be forced to leave school.”

Glenn then put his hand on Re=L’s head.

“You worked really hard this time as well….I’ll praise you a bit.”


Re=L entrusted her head to Glenn so he could rub it.

“I….I did my best so that Glenn wouldn’t have to worry….”

Though she had her somewhat sleepy expression, Re=L did look delighted. Seeing Re=L in such a happy mood…..


The bespectacled young girl…..Elsa’s cheeks bulged with a somewhat discontent looking expression and tore Re=L off of Glenn.

“…..Elsa?……What’s wrong?”

Re=L stared at Elsa who was now hanging off of her in confusion.

“….It’s nothing….”

Elsa let out a small blush and turned away from here. And then scowled at Glenn with a complex facial expression……


Re=L and Glenn both tilted their heads in confusion seeing Elsa act in such a way….but whether it was Sistine, Rumia, Francine, Colette, Ginny, or any of the other girls surrounding them, they silently watched on and let out a smirk as if they had already guessed how the situation was.

Before they had realized it, the time had passed by quickly and the moment for them to depart had approached.

“It’s about time for us to depart….I’ll see you guys next time!”

“Let’s meet again!”

“Yes, take care!”

“Be safe!”

They were saying farewell to one another at long last…..and picked up their luggage and boarded the train.


Elsa had called out to Re=L who was one step from boarding the train. She turned her head hearing her name be yelled.

“Thank you very much Re=L! I’ll…get stronger!”


“I’m going to get stronger and stronger….until someday when I’ll be strong enough to fight along side you…..! Strong enough that I’ll be able to protect people…..! That’s why….!”

Seeing Elsa with a desperate look on her face. Re=L let a small smile escape her lips.

“….I’ll be waiting.”

Re=L whispered out her short response.

“When we….meet again…..Elsa.”

“!? …..Yeah!”

With a small tear in the corner of her eyes, Elsa let out a big smile.

 ── And so

“….Seriously, another story to add to the records huh.”

Right now Glenn’s group was occupying one of the private rooms. Talking to himself, he sat in a window seat and looked at the scenery slowly go by as he rested his head. He took a look around the room. Across from him was Sistine and Rumia lending their shoulders to each other and sleeping soundly.

And Re=L was curled up in the seat next to him, also in a deep sleep and using Glenn’s lap as a pillow. It seemed like she was having  a pleasant dream. Sleeping blissfully, she wore a slight smile.

“…Hmm you seriously did your best this time…”

Glenn gently placed his hand on Re=L’s head as she was deep in slumber.


Whether she was half-asleep or if it was just an unconscious action…..Re=L turned over, nuzzling her head towards Glenn’s hand.

“Now then…..”

Glenn brought out a book from his bag in order to kill time till they reached the capital.

“I missed the chance to read this book on the way over….[The Magician Melgalius].”

“……It’s not too bad of a read every once in awhile.”

Seeing the scenery flowing outside the window, Glenn spent a little while immersed in his story.

Aru-chan (Female)

Glenn/Renn: …..Would it be Aru?

Aru-chan:  We have a misson….let’s go Glenn.

So I’m too lazy to translate the author’s afterward so here’s mine. Finally finished my first fan-translation book, it’s quite different than translating non-works of fiction. It definitely opened my eyes to some weaknesses I have in translating stuff over all. I’m definitely glad I decided to translate this book/series, got some nice foreshadowing being build up in this book. Who would’ve guessed that the author seems like he’s gonna yurify Re=L, have a feeling that’s not that last of Elsa we’re gonna see. I was gonna order the next book off of amazon and it said it was out of stock so hopefully it’s back soon but till then gonna let my carpal tunnel in my wrist heal up. Till next time.

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