Roku de Nashi Vol 8 Chapter 3 Part 2

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And so, the participating students scattered throughout the field as Glenn gave the signal to start.

Sistine’s side formed a triangle formation with Re=L as it’s vanguard.

And Francine’s side formed an inverted triangle with Ginny and Colette as their vanguards.

Both are the standard formations used in most three-on-three duels.

“First take out their vanguard, Ginny!”

“Yes! Thank you for your support Milady!”

At Francine’s behest Ginny immediately stepped forward and dashed along the ground.

And following her sprint, she jumped into the air, twisting her body and after performing an aerial somersault, she stuck a landing. Amplified by the white magic [Physical・Boost], Ginny appeared in front of Re=L after executing cat-like maneuvers.

And she was grasping short swords in each of her hands.

Ginny and Re=L. A small gap dividing them. Approximately three feet.

“Amazing! Ginny might have some real skill in close quarters combat!”

“Yeah, it was a beautiful movement….”

After Ginny performed her magnificent aerobatics, Sistine and Rumia couldn’t help but gaze in amazement.

“Hehe, it seems your out of luck, Renn-sensei. Our esteemed academy focuses not only academics but also physical ability. We’re not such weak people who simply stay inside and study behind a desk all day like your academy.”

“Now then, Re=L…..was it? I wonder how long she’ll last?”

Colette gave Francine a haughty smile.

And in the outfield where the spectators were….

“Kyaahh! Ms. Francine!?”

“Ginny! Let’s run those countryside bumpkins back to where they belong!”

Their surrounding entourage screamed out and cheered for their fellow students…..


Elsa held her hands to her chest and anxiously stared at Re=L.

“I’m sorry for this, Re=L.”

Ginny who was preparing to confront Re=L, dispassionately called out to her.

“I don’t really want to do this but…’s Milady’s order so I can’t hold back.”

“Nn. I see.”

Compared to Ginny who lowered her center of gravity ready to spring at a moments notice, Re=L stood up straight, unprepared.

“The truth is I’m actually from a village that passes down the secret Eastern [ninja] artes…..”

Bouncing on the balls of her feet, Ginny was currently looking for any gaps in the drowsy looking Re=L’s defense…..

“I might be a novice compared to the rest of my family, but I’m still pretty proud of my skills as they are right now….”

At first glance it seemed that Re=L’s whole posture was a gap in itself but…..

“…..Ah. It’s useless.”

Due to the fact of Ginny being a decently skilled practitioner herself, she was more or less able to instantaneously guess the power difference of opponents, hence the reason why right now there was a line of sweat along her forehead and she let out a groan.

“Uhmm…Re=L-san…..what exactly are you?”

“Nn. Re=L.”

“No no….I don’t mean like that…..”

Ginny found herself standing in front of a terrible monstrosity.

The truth of the matter was that Ginny was actually quite shaken up and barely able to contain it….

“What do you think you’re doing Ginny!? Hurry up and fight!”

Hearing Francine’s voice rise behind her, she just sighed in exasperation.

“…..I see. When Renn-sensei told you not to take this seriously…..I’m really appreciative for that. Now then…..I’ll be grateful if you’re willingly to instruct this lowly practitioner.”

“Nn. I don’t have any breast though.” (TN I forget the phrase Ginny used but it had the word breast/chest in it and meant to practice/spar with someone. Re=L probably didn’t know the meaning and took it literally.)

And the very next second.


Ginny rushed forward at such a speed that she turned into a blur, almost as if she were gliding across the ground.

It looked like she was going for an attack at Re=L’s feet but then just as soon disappeared into a haze.


And then the very next moment she appeared upside down over Re=L.

After jumping high in the air, she executed an overhead surprise attack as fast as lighting.

All the spectators were amazed by the physical ability and techniques of someone who was still considered a student.

Crossing her short swords, Ginny’s blades gave off a silver flash…..


Without even looking, Re=L made a slight movement so that the attack couldn’t even graze her.


Missing her first attack, Ginny instantly twisted her body in mid air and while landing on her left hand and using it as a pivot point, she unleashed a whirlwind kick ──

 ── However, Re=L had already taken a step back just out of her range.

Using the momentum of her failed kick, Ginny quickly corrected her posture and brandished her swords.

Ginny’s ultra-fluid movements definitely set her apart from being a mere student……

“….Haha the way it is right now I’m once again very thankful you’re not attacking…..”

Ginny couldn’t help but bitterly smile at how the current situation was unfolding.

“Ms. Re=L…..judging from your footwork and body positioning, you’re an expert in swordsmanship aren’t you? If you’ll allow me to ask you an awkward question but…..since we’ve started fighting… many times would you have been able to send my head flying?”

“Nn….I dunno. Maybe three times?”

Ginny gave a bitter smile to Re=L who responded so carefreely.

“Sigh….. it would be great if I could make you even the least bit serious……haa!”

And once more Ginny began her onslaught against Re=L ──

“Ginny! Why on earth are you messing around!?”

Shouting hysterically, Francine was unable to hide her frustration.

Ginny was attacking Re=L incessantly without even giving her time to take a breath.

Thrusting, a reverse slash from the shoulder down, uppercut slices, a reverse left handed slice leading into a thrust with the right hand, it was like she was a whirlwind ──

Raging fiercely and destroying anything in its path.

However Re=L was able to lazily evade that storm. It was Ginny who was frantically moving place to place while Re=L hardly moved an inch from her original position.

“…..N-No way…..”

“G-Ginny is as strong as Colette-neesan in close quarters…..”

The girls on the sidelines were dumbfounded by this unexpected development….


Elsa also stared at Re=L in bewilderment.

“Tch….that midget!”

Grinding her teeth in frustration, Francine grasped the hilt of her saber.

Planning on deploying magic from afar while Ginny cut deep into the front lines and kept them busy….that’s how Francine envisioned them winning, but Re=L quickly shattered that expectation.

“Seriously, are you really that weak now damn Ginny?”

Colette grumbled that while pounding her hands together.

“That blue ….Re=L? Was her name? No matter how you look at it she isn’t some weakling.”

“Tch….I-I-I’m sure that person is just some amateur and Ginny is merely playing around!”

“Well that just might be possible….but doesn’t she leave a bad taste in your mouth?”

Saying that, Colette let out a sigh and shifted her gaze to the other side of the field where Ginny and Re=L were fighting.

And her sharp gaze settled on Sistine and Rumia who were standing at the ready.

“Well I don’t get who exactly that midget is but she’s busy right now, and from the beginning she was ordered not to fight. If we beat those two down then it’ll be fine.”

“W-Well……that’s right. Hmm, very well then, first we should give them a light greeting…..”

Pulling herself together, Francine thrust out her left palm towards Sistine and Rumia.

And started to haughtily recite the black magic [Shock・Bolt]’s incantation.

“[Thunder sprites, shock!]”

Lighting was gathering on Francine’s fingertips, and she was about to release it like an arrow…..

But at that time.



And as if they had expected it, a [Tri・Vanish] had be sent flying towards Francine.

Any spell that had been countered by another would turn into particles of magic and disperse like a cloud.

If one were to look at the other side they would see Sistine pointing her finger towards them.

“…… Hehehe! That was pretty fast counter-spell! But how about this!?”

Francine might’ve been temporarily shocked by Sistina’s skillful counterattack, but she immediately pulled herself together and started to recite a spell.

“[Thunder spirits!]”

Compared to earlier, Francine’s spell was leagues faster.

However ──



Sistine once again launched her counter-spell.

“Hmm ── how impudent! “[Thunder sprites, shock!]”

With a clear display of agitation on her face, Francine began running to the side while reciting her spell again.

In response to her sudden movement, Sistine turned her left hand towards Francine ──

But Francine’s spell had never activated.


Sistine who was targeting Francine, stiffened up.

(It was fake. If I shift the timing then you’re unable to counter it right?)

With a smile on her face, Francine shouted her favorite spell ──

“[Thunder sprites, shock!]”



Undisturbed by her attempt at faking the timing, Sistine easily countered the spell.

“Wh- you were able to read my fake!?”

Francine was completely petrified by the unexpected surprise.

“Ahh jeez! [Heed my call・great wind!]”

And then. Colette cast the magic spell [Gale・Blow]

Flaming heat, blistering cold, and electric shocks were born from manipulating the natural occurring elements in matter. That is why [Tri・Vanish] is able to reduce them to nothing.

And that is also why [Tri・Vanish] was unable to disperse wind magic.

(It seems that you’ve been able to deal with that idiot who doesn’t learn from her mistakes, lets see how you deal with this!?)

“[Atmospheric wall!]”

However, reading her like a book, Sistine activated the magic [Air・Screen].

“── Isn’t that way too much!?”

A strong barrier of air protected Sistine, and the spell glossed over her like a small gust of wind.

“Such insolence…[Power, return to nothing]!”

Francine quickly recited the spell [Dispel・Force], a counter spell which dispels sustained spell effects such as enchantment or barriers.

The effect of that spell caused the air barrier around Sistine to be blown away ──

“Now! [White winter storm]!”

“Eat this! [White winter storm]!”

Francine and Colette both recited the chant for the black magic [White・Out] at the same time.

And this time they weren’t just aiming at Sistine, but Rumia as well.

(No matter how good you are at counter-spells you can’t handle this much──)

(Let’s see you try to defend from two spells at once!?)

Rumia and Sistine were mercilessly assaulted by a bombardment of a blistering cold wave.

Under the substitute・rule [White・Out] replaced the spell [Ice・Blizzard].

(Lethal judgment is inevitable! With this at least one of them has to go down!)


“[Shine my protective barrier!]”

And as if she understood the situation, Sistine used the magic [Force・Shield].

A magical barrier of light with a hexagonal pattern was erected in front of the two to protect them.

Black magic [Air・Screen] and black magic [Force・Shield].

Although they were similar defense spells, there was a difference in their nature. Unlike [Air・Screen] which needed a designated target, [Force・Shield] was based on coordinates. Where it was, the length and width of it, what shape they wanted, all of those the user needed to input the numerical values of the coordinates themselves.

The fact that such a time-consuming spell such as [Force・Shield] was quickly deployed to an extent over such a wide area so as to negate the effects of two [White・Outs] means that ──

“….You read our next moves again…..?”

“Who are these people…..”

They were in a situation where no matter what they try they’d just get shot down.

Somethings wrong here. Thinking that the sides of Francine and Colette’s cheeks started to stiffen up….



“Uhm, I wonder what’s wrong….?”

And on the other side, Sistine was awkwardly tilting her head in confusion.

“How should I say it….but those two are pretty easy to understand….”

“Is that right?”

Responding to Sistine’s murmuring, Rumia looked a bit doubtful.

“Yeah….sure their casting speed was pretty fast but…..the moment they’re going to recite a spell, or when they’re faking, or shifting their timing, or even their next spell…..those aspects of them are pretty easy to predict. I wonder if they’re doing this on purpose to throw us off our guard?”

“Hey Sisti, aren’t you just exceptional? I don’t understand that stuff at all…..”

“You didn’t take up the path of magic to fight to begin with…..[Disperse!]”


Once again Sistine countered a spell thrown at her in the midst of a conversation with Rumia, treating the magic battle like it wasn’t a priority.

(….Speaking of which, Sensei did say something…..something like that in a real battle one uses both fists and magic.)

Glenn’s special early morning training for Sistine still continued to this day.

Since then she’s been taught some military magic as well being instructed on fighting techniques.

At the beginning she was being beaten down one-sidedly, but recently she’s been able to last a bit longer. Able to make attacks that would occasionally leaving Glenn saying [Not too shabby] with praise.

(I wonder if I’ve got the hang of it a bit now? Being able to read the flow of battle and find the time to strike….)



“….It wasn’t just due to my training.”

While watching the magic battle, Glenn could guess at what Sistine was silently thinking and let out a chuckle.

“You wouldn’t get that far with just some CQC training. If that was the only thing needed then even those noble brats with their fencing lessons…..and the rest of gifted education they receive…..but….”

Glenn gave a fleeting glance towards Sistine who was so easily exchanging spells.

“Remember how much you’ve desperately struggled till now, your knees weak, tears filling your eyes, just to desperately cling to life in the midst of a fight? The type of people you’ve fought on even grounds so far? Hahaha…..and today your opponents are a group of sheltered noble brats.”

Glenn was broadly grinning.

“Although there’s still some ways before I’ll be able to trust my back to you if push comes to shove, well you’re still merely a chick.”

Although Glenn was boasting to no one but himself, he still seemed somewhat happy and proud.



“Damn it!! Just who is this person!?”

Colette reflexively cursed during the exchanging of magic.

Sistine was able to read, counter, and guard against any spelled they fired…..


Even more so, she was able to launch counterattacks as well.

Firing purple lighting herself, Sistine was able to hit Colette’s left hand directly.

“So hot!?  Damn it!! I can still go! It hasn’t ended yet! I still have [Tri・Resist] applied!?”

“Even with that though, if you got hit with [Lighting・Pierce], would you be able to use magic with your left hand? If this were a real battle you’d be as good as dead! Well I’ll overlook it this time!”

Listening to Glenn’s instigation, a vein on Colette’s forehead started to throb violently again.

And during the exchanging of magic which heated up once more ──


“I’m ready Sisti! [Scream towards the empty sky・……]”

Receiving Sistine’s signal, Rumia began to recite a three verse long spell ──

“Tsk now it’s that bastards turn!? [Thunder sprites], [Thunder sprites!]”

“Like I’ll let you! [Heed my call・great wind!]”

In order to interrupt Rumia’s spell-casting the pair used short one verse spells.

A combination of lighting and a ferocious wind were fired towards Rumia.

(Now give up on that ignorant spell-casting and try to flee! When you do that I’ll ──)

(During that time I’ll attack ──)

 However ──

“[……・thy reverberation・…..”

Even when she was in a situation where two spells were hurling towards her, Rumia neither attempted to escape nor panic, she merely continued gazing steadily forward while reciting the verses ──


“You’re not running away!? Are you a dumb-ass…..!? But with this it’s our victory….”

As the spells were about to directly hit Rumia ── just half a second before that.

“[Shine my protective barrier!]”


The magical barrier of light once again reappeared in front of Rumia.

And following Sistine’s defensive spell.

Completely protected by the barrier, Rumia was on the verge of completing her spell……

[…..・Wind spirits, howl!]”

Rumia completed her incantation just as the other side’s magic exploded on the magical barrier right before her eyes.

Black magic [Stun・Ball].

A compressed air bullet was fired towards Francine and Colette ──

“Kyaaaaa ──!?”


Not even having the luxury to correct their mana・biorhythm, Francine and Colette had no choice but to run away.


The impact of the explosion left a deafening shock.

Although they were able to avoid a direct hit, the aftereffects rattled them.

“The substitute for [Stun・Ball] is [Blaze・Burst]……hmm….you guys were barely able to hang on….though if this was a real fight you’d be long dead by now.”

Unfortunately, Francine nor Colette had the leeway of being able to listen to Glenn’s sarcasm anymore.

“Damn it….are you serious….!?”

No matter what they did, no matter what they planned. It had backfired.

Both of them started to get irritated at this hopeless situation.

“Not just the girl called Sistine but also that Rumia brat!?”

At first glance Rumia appeared to be someone not too competent at casting spells. And it’s true that when compared to Sistine, she was a small fry…..that’s only if she’s by herself though.

But how about in this situation?

“A spell was coming at her head on, how was she able to calmly continue her chant!?”

“Who the hell… that girl over there….?”

Rumia had the mental composure to be able to finish her spell-casting to the end, even in the face of danger. Thanks to that, as long as she has a shield she could do whatever she wanted.

And on the opposite side, it left them with even fewer options now.

And of course Sistine’s follow up was perfectly coordinated as well. It was like they were on the same wavelength, being able to understand one another as easily as breathing.

“Rumia! Next I’ll use [Flash・Light] for my third spell! And then immediately after that start chanting the spell for [Stun・Ball] again! Shoot it without hesitating! Follow my lead!”

“Yeah! Got it, Sisti!”

“Let’s go! [Lighting spirits] ── [Two more shots] ── [And now three]!”

“[Dazzling sunlight!]…..suu….[[Scream towards the empty sky……]”

It’s true that in regards to pure combat ability, Rumia’s level was pretty low…..but by acting as Sistine’s right hand, who had the capability to read the flow of battle, she was a force to be reckoned with.

“Kuu…she’s attacking again!?”

“Damn it, what’s up with that woman! And she’s supposed to be small fry….!?”



“Haha…..I should’ve said it already, but magic is a technique which reflects the state of the mind unto reality.”

Glenn shrugged his shoulders in front of Francine and Colette who were currently being lead around by their noses.

“Being able to control your emotions in a mentally draining situation, when the grim reaper is right before your eyes….that’s a pretty rare talent…..well you guys wouldn’t understand what kind of life she’s had.”

The spectating students were left dumbfounded at the fact that Sistine’s team was overpowering Francines. And even more so, that Glenn was gloating on the sidelines.



With beast like movements Ginny was jumping about trying to land an attack on Re=L.


Going from a sprint to a light jump, her abdomen twisting in midair.

Ginny was able to let out four ultrahigh speed slashes while rotating at the apex of her jump.

 ── And an unusual flash was hidden among them.

A total of four slashes + one silver light instantaneously flooded Re=L’s vision….


Without any danger, Re=L stepped forward and slipped though gaps in her attack.

“….Even that didn’t work huh? That was more or less a killing technique for when you first sight your target.”

Ginny quickly corrected her posture and retreated to a distance.

“Please let me know. My technique just now….how did you dodge it?”


What could she do in front of this opponent even farther removed from the norm than she was?

But it was Ginny who felt refreshed during this exchanging of blows.

“Tch…no matter what it takes….I’ll make sure my attack reaches you…..!”



“[Thunder spirits]! Ginny! How long do you plan to mess around!? Quickly defeat that child and give us support!”

As the exchanging of spells continued, Francine screamed like she was at her wits end at Ginny who lost herself in fighting Re=L.

“[Atmospheric wall!] No, that blue one called Re=L… turns out she’s a pretty skilled user….! I completely mistook her as an amateur…”

Re=L was under a handicap. With that in mind Colette thought that Ginny would be enough take down Re=L by herself, but now she regrets not teaming up with Ginny to take her down immediately.

“W-What are you doing!?”

“Tch, I don’t have any choice!”

With her studded gloved hands at the ready, Colette frantically rushed towards Re=L.

“I’ll attack the midget from the side while she’s busy with Ginny and take her down!”

Amplified by the white magic [Physical・Boost], her running speed was comparable to a rabid beast. Her instantaneous speed might even be greater than Ginny’s.

“That fast!? Tch…[Thunder spirits]! [Second shot]! [And a third!]”

Sistine reacted immediately and sent out three [Shock・Bolts] ──

“Ha! How naive could you be!? I knew you’d aim here!!”

While still maintaining her speed, Colette was able to dodge the purple lighting by turning her body left and right.

She quickly closed the distance to Re=L who had her hands full with Ginny (or at least that’s how it appeared) ──

“[White ice spirit・dance・in the palm of my hand]──”

After finishing her short chant, white frost began to gather and swirl in Colette’s left hand.

Colette brutally attacked Re=L’s unguarded back with her fist covered in ice ──

“Go… to…..hellllllllllllllll!”

 ── And with that the match was decided.



“It’s gone just as expected, I kind of feel bad … “

“What do you mean? Sisti?”

“Well whatever. We’ll be troubled if we lose ….so let’s just end it?”





The ground beneath her feet suddenly exploded. Colette was blown into the air by the force of explosion.

And the true identity of the attack that assaulted Colette’s feet was a spell by the name of [Stun・Floor].

A mine-type magic trap that’s commonly used in suppressing rioters, using sound shock waves and air vibrations, Rumia had secretly cast the spell in advance under Sistine’s directions.

Due to being placed in Re=L’s vicinity, the activation method wasn’t [conditional activation] where it would automatically activate when someone passed over it, but Rumia’s [discretionary activation].

Thanks to Sistine’s three [Shock・Bolts], Colette was successfully led to the place where the [Stun・Floor] trap had been set up──


 She fell face first and struck the ground.

“The substitute for [Stun・Floor] is [Burn・Floor] ── without a doubt this counts as a fatality.”


Francine was trembling in shock. At that moment Francine’s undivided attention was on her teammate falling flat on the ground ── and that was a fatal mistake for her.

“[Heed my call great wind!]”


And without a moment’s delay, fired by Sistine, a [Gail・Blow] hit Francine head on without her even having time to prepare a defense.


Francine was blown away by the sudden violent gusts ──

── And as a result Francine was thrown over the white line that determined the field boundaries.



“Still wanna go at it?”

Re=L said to Ginny.

Both Ginny and Re=L had a cool, calm looking expression on their faces, but while Ginny was dripping in sweat and struggling to catch her breath, Re=L wasn’t.

Furthermore, Ginny’s chance of winning in this 3-on-1 situation was next to nil.


However, Ginny remained silent and lowered her center of gravity ready to spring towards Re=L….

“Alriiight that’s enough ー”

But the sound of Glenn clapping marked the end of the match.

“It’s bad to get too caught up, Ginny……isn’t this already enough?”

Glenn was exchanging glances with the expressionless Ginny who seemed dissatisfied with the outcome of the match.

“Well, I guess you’re right. I surrender. Ahh I’m tired.”

And so Ginny immediately returned to her usual self and started to complain.

“Well that settles it, it’s our side’s victory!”

Glenn turned his head towards Francine and Colette.

“Ugh…impossible….there’s no way this noble I would…..”

“S-Shit….you’re lying…just like that…damn…”

Meanwhile, Francine and Colette were busy lamenting their fate on the ground. It seemed that neither of them were able to get up yet due to still being affected by the spells.

However, both of them seemed to be more affected by the shock of defeat. After all, they can’t even say they put up a decent fight. From the beginning they were being led around by their noses and by the end suffered a complete defeat.

And so….

“You’re kidding….Ms. Francine…lost so easily….?

“C-Colette-neesan …couldn’t even do a thing…?”

There were multiple people talking all at once…..witnessing such an overbearing defeat by their beloved idols, the female students all nervously exchanged glances with one another.

“Now then….with that said. Next.”

Glenn turned back to look at spectating girls.


And after immediately hearing that, the expressions of the girls turned pale and they stiffened up.

“Didn’t you hear me? I said next. Start the next match. The next three people that think they’re good enough should hurry up and start. Or should I pick people out again? Mmm~?”

Glenn looked like a threatening demon to them.

The girls were frantically shaking their head with tears in their eyes.

After all, the three strongest people in their class were defeated like they were nothing. There’s no way they could win.

“Tch, you guys pretending like you’re already fully grown adults but when push comes to shove….well whatever. For the time being bring those two collapsed on the ground with us.”

“””Y-Yes at once!?”””

In such a situation, the entourage had no choice but to go along with what Glenn said.

And the girls brought Francine and Colette in front of Glenn.

As soon as they dropped them off, the entourage pitifully separated themselves from them….

“Now then. You guys….are seriously gonna abandon them like that….?”

And then Glenn clapped his hands and looked down at Francine and Colette.


“What do you want….!?”

Having their self-confidence completely destroyed, those two were already wallowing in self-pity.

And what kind of attitude have they had towards Glenn till now….they finally realized.

“W-Wait a second, Sensei!? It was my bad! I was in the wrong!”

“G-Ginny!? H-Help me!”

“Ahh that’s impossible. I’m so beat I might just die.”

“Ginnyyyy!? Wait, hasn’t your personality completely changed!?”

“It was already so difficult to act and now there’s various things.”


Ignoring such an exchange, Glenn snapped his fingers and scowled at Francine and Colette beneath him.

“Now then. I think it’s teaching time for those damn brats who don’t know how to respect others….I hope you’ve prepared yourself?”

“Hyaaaaaa!? Stop! Please help me!?”

“Wait!? I-If you dare touch me my papa won’t sit back quietly!? I’m being serious!!”

“I hate to break it to you…..I’m not an official at this academy~. To me it doesn’t matter how much influence your guys’ “papas” hold here.”

Francine and Colette had no choice but to hold each other, teary eyed in front of Glenn who gave off a demon like aura.

“Anyways, didn’t we make an agreement earlier….? That if I win you’ll listen to any one thing that I say….now theeen, I wonder what kind of thing I should order…..gehehehe…..”


Glenn walked one more step towards them, causing them to tremble and curl up further….

“Now then…..first of all you, Francine.”

“Hyaaa y-yes!? I’m sorry! I’m sorry so don’t hurt me!”

All types of emotions could be seen on her face and panicked movements.

“…It’s already too late to try anything.”

Saying that, Glenn pointed at Francine.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!…….huh?”

Francine who wholeheartedly prepared herself for a punishment, stared blankly at him.

“In a magic battle, if both sides are matched in skill and combat ability, then it comes down to who can keep their composure and read the flow of battle…that’s the main takeaway. A mage standing on the battlefield needs icy cold judgment. If every time your opponent makes an unexpected move, you blatantly show your emotions and become flustered, you won’t be able to win no matter what you do. In the first place, it’s natural for a mage to have an unexpected trump card that leaves their opponent surprised!”


As if let down by the lack of punishment, Francine merely blinked her eyes.

“U-Uhm….t-that’s….huh? Aren’t you angry with our behavior….?”

“Haa!? Of course I’m angry about that you idiot!”

“Hiiiii!? I’m sorry!”

In front of the Glenn who flared up once more Francine curled herself up even further.

“Didn’t I already say…that I’m angry? And that you’ll listen to any one thing I say. That’s why make sure you pay attention to my lesson. You guys had an embarrassing battle, so that’s why I’m telling you what went wrong. ‘Kay?”

“Uwaa uuu…..thank you….very much….for your guidance….”

Leaving Francine who finally yielded, Glenn then turned his attention to the dumbfounded Colette.

“Next. Colette. You’re simply too stupid. This idiot is disqualified as a mage.”

“Ugh ….”

“Why did you rush into such an obvious trap? Well in that situation getting rid of Re=L and making it a two-on-three would be the best situation… what anyone would think. Even I would think so too. And that’s why you don’t do it. The fact that you yourself want to do that means the enemy would want to avoid it at all costs. That being said, you just dived head in….you’re pretty bad at board games aren’t you?”

“What!? How do you know about that….!?”

Glenn sighs in exasperation while Colette’s cheek stiffens.

“If you want to change a disadvantageous situation, think first of how to surprise your opponent. Don’t fall for the easy road. What a mage requires isn’t power. It’s the wisdom to effectively wield that power.”

And then, Glenn turned his head to Ginny standing far away wearing a cool expression like this was of no concern to her.

“You too Ginny. Don’t you think it was bad how involved you got…..your judgement to stay fighting was also bad. When you found out you had no chance against Re=L why didn’t you retreat? According to the rules you could’ve just ignored her completely.”

“!? …..W-Well….”

For a moment Ginny got choked up on words and then dispassionately said with cold eyes.

“Renn-sensei…. I’m sure you can’t understand it but…As a descendant of a [ninja] family I have something like pride to worry about…”

“You’re right I can’t understand it. If you can’t win then you should retreat as fast as possible. Throw your pride away and think of another way. What was your goal? Was it really….to defeat Re=L?”

Being completely beaten down. Ginny was at a lost for words.

“Since you’re enrolled at this academy then you’re more or less a mage. It’s an embarrassament if a mage can’t even touch their opponent. But if it’s out of your power then come to terms with that embarrassment of not being able to do a thing.”

“…I’m greatly obliged for your opinion.”

And finally, Glenn looked around to the rest of the girls in the moon class who had remained silent till now.

“You guys have a fundamental misunderstanding. Magic is just a colorless power, and mages are just arrogant and sinful people who would distort even the very world for their own wishes and desires. But that means they also have the freedom to do so…..Anyways, seeking the truth and being prideful are just how mages are, and magic is just one of the ways they pursue their desires.”


“After all, magic is just one card in a mage’s deck. Whether it be magic, swordsmanship, physical ability, financial power, or political sway….a mage is merely a scholar who uses any card in his deck regardless of it’s nature to achieve his goals….”

And so Glenn looked around and shrugged his shoulders in exasperation.

“I don’t know if it’s some noblesse oblige or you guys are too caught up in yourselves, but you’re spouting a lot of crap of what it means to be an adult, when you’re merely acting like brats. Given just a slightly stronger weapon than usual, you brats are no more than a bunch conceited [magic users]. And as far as I know there’s no [wisdom] that’ll a mere [magic user] be an actual [mage].”


“Furthermore, some of you guys think you’re something special just because you have the power to use magic, but you can’t even realize the truth about yourselves…..far from you guys being able to [use magic], it’s more like that [magic is being used]. It’s true that our academy we have a bunch of nerds that are only good at studying…..but at least the guys I’m teaching, unlike you lot, can call themselves [mages] right?”

The strongest among the students were Francine and Colette.

But they couldn’t do a single thing against Glenn’s pupils. In light of that fact, the girls were hanging their heads down in dejection after having their self-confidence shattered.

“…..Now then. What did you guys say? That there’s nothing I could teach you?”

And with perfect timing….saying that Glenn continued grinning.

“Let’s reconfirm. I can make you guys proper [mages].”

Hearing that, the students who were hanging their head in shame lifted it to look Glenn head on.

“Unfortunately, I can only stay here for a short period of time but….in the meantime I’ll teach you guys what it means to be a [mage]”


“Well if you’re not interested I’m not going to force you to participate in my lessons. But don’t disrupt my class. If you want to have tea or play games or fight then do it somewhere else, just not in the classroom. I don’t really care what you do it’s your life. But … “

Glenn proudly proclaimed that while grinning ear from ear.

“If you guys are willingly to accept me? I’ll show you what real magic is.”

Glenn pompously made such an offer.

There were multiple people talking all at once…..the way the girls perceived Glenn was changing as they talked among themselves.

“W-Wait what are you saying…you’re saying that you’re willingly to overlook rude behavior earlier….?”

“Seriously….till now all the previous teachers have just tried to pander and butter up to us, and we’d just oppressively put them down or outright ignore them….that’s how it’s been like….”

“This person…it’s my first time….”

When they first met their eyes were full of disdain and contempt.


But now everyone in the class looked at him with complete devotion.

“Huh how simple-minded… one would expect from a bunch of girls sheltered from the world….”

But there was just one, Ginny, who complained while a hint of disgust could be heard in her voice.

“Amazing….in just a matter of seconds Sensei was able to win over the hearts of those girls!”

Watching the events unfold right before her eyes, Rumia delightfully said that.

“Do you think Sensei was aiming for this from the beginning….? If so then…..”

Saying that, Sistine gazed at Glenn with with a look of respect in her eyes…..

(Fuhahaha! If I weaken their resolve, shatter their hearts, and then inspire them with my words….ahaha these naive girls are far too easy!)

But the instructor in question let his face loosen up and let out a disgusting smile…..

(Ahh with this I’m looking forward to life from here on out! At any rate, all these cute girls will hold me in high esteem and will come seek me out! I can carelessly walk into the changing room, or the showers with them….won’t I be living the male dream here!? Gyahahaha!)

“Mhh….I can assure you that’s the face of someone think of something bad.”

Within an instant of looking at him, Sistine could more or less guess what kind of trashy thoughts Glenn would be thinking about now.

And then.


“…Hey Sensei…..”

Francine and Colette turned their tear-stained eyes towards Glenn.

“Hmm …..what is it? *I*….I mean, is there anything I can help you with?” (TN Glenn started the sentence using a masculine way to refer to himself and then changed it and used honorifics.)

When it mattered Glenn could give off an elegant lady-like aura.

“Well….until now our behavior was inexcusable….please excuse our rude behavior….”

“‘Sorry teach….well….please forgive us….”

Bashfully. The scene of two girls barely audibly muttering such words while turning their blushing faces to the sides could be seen.

“Education begins with allowing and then forgiving the immaturity of the students….and the educator must only wield their anger for the purpose of improving their students…..since everyone has already repented for their actions and already regrets their mistakes, I no longer have any reason to be angry.”

“That’s nauseating!”

While Glenn was talking sweetly using proper lady-like verbiage, Sistine threw out an insult from the side with disgust in her eyes.

“”””S-Sensei….♥ “”””

Francine, Colette, and even many other schoolgirls were already madly in love.

“Sensei…..please listen to my request, please instruct us….”

“Ahh that’s right….please guide these immature students of yours….”

“Hehe if that’s your wish then very well ──”

Glenn replied with a satisfied smile on his face…..but at that time.

“….of my esteemed [White Lily] clique!”

“…of our [Black Lily] clique!”

The words of Francine and Colette ran perfectly counter to one another.


Right away Glenn had a bad feeling welling up in his chest and a sweat started to break out along his forehead.

“….Huh? Just now….what did you dare say, Colette……?”

“Now then….I feel like I just heard something strange….? Francine…?”

Francine and Colette immediately started to butt heads with one another.

And following the usual logic, the group of girls split into two and started to flare at each other.

“Colette….there’s simply no way I can understand the ignorance you’re spouting….”

And suddenly with a great amount of force. Francine clung to Glenn’s right hand.

“Renn-sensei will be the one to enlighten our faction. She’s a person who is a master of nobility and sophistication…..”


“Haha! Don’t say such stupid things, Francine.”

And suddenly with a great amount of force. Colette clung to Glenn’s left hand.

“Cause this Renn-sensei will be the head of us got it? If this is what Sensei is like then I’ll let her follow us….no, we’ll be honored to follow her!”

With a beauty yanking either side of him….

“That huuuurtsss!?”

And so, they continued their game of tug-a-war with Glenn acting as the rope.


Seeing Glenn in such a state, Sistine’s cheek twitched….

“Renn-sensei! You’re not allowed to go out with that type of girl! Please look only at us! Please become my older sister!”

“Sensei! Don’t be involved with such detestable girls! Won’t you come with us!? Let’s exchange vows to become sisters!? Won’t that be wonderful!?”

(TN In gangs/groups they’ll sometimes refer to the older/senior people as elder brother/sister as a sign of respect or servitude, Colette’s clique does that while Francine’s clique uses the standard “-san”. So not an actual older sister but yeah you get it.)

“Why are you guys crowding around so much!? Ouch that hurts ya’know!?”

And then──

“Everyone! Let’s assist Ms. Francine!”

“We’re helping Colette-neesan!”

The members of each faction, in full force, gathered behind their respective leaders and formed a line…..

*Gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui gui ──!*

“You idiooots!? Is this some kind of joke!? Do you wanna tear me apart!?”

…..A grand tug of war contest had started with Glenn at it’s center.

“Y-y-you [that’s・enough・from you guyssssssss!!]”

And then, strangely enough, Sistine unleashed a spell with a frustrated yell ──

“”””Kyaaaaaah ──!?””””

“Why me too!?”

A great wind blew off Glenn and the students in one go ──



Glen and the others who had started the fuss …


 Re=L was gazing at that scene a bit off to the side standing by herself.

It seemed like Glenn was in a violent situation like usual, but unlike before, Re=L didn’t start to summon a sword to cut them down. Compared to that time, this time she didn’t seem all that uncomfortable.

Rather ──

“Good work, on the match. Re=L.”

At that time. Elsa brought over a towel and a jug full of water.

“……It might be a bit unnecessary for Re=L, but…”

Else hung the towel over Re=L’s head and poured some water into a ceramic cup and offered it to her.

“….Nn. Thanks.”

Re=L took the cup of water and began to drink it bit by bit.

“But I didn’t know Re=L was that amazing! You’re really strong!”

Flush full of excitement, Elsa gave off a radiating vibe.

“…Is that so?”

“Yeah! I was watching you the whole time. You wouldn’t let a single one of Ms. Ginny’s attacks get to you. I was so shocked!”

Re=L gazed at Elsa’s smiling face while she innocently praised her.

And strangely enough it wasn’t a bad feeling for her.


Before long, Re=L set the cup on the ground and began to scrub her face with the towel Elsa gave her, making sure to get all the sweat off.

……Somehow, Re=L felt just a little bit embarrassed.

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