Roku de Nashi Vol 8 Chapter 1 Part 3

Evening y’all. Hope you enjoy the final part of chapter 1. I’ll be releasing the next chapter as a whole now that I have more time on my hands. It definitely won’t take nearly as long as this chapter. If you seen any glaring mistakes or typos let me know, I’m not always a huge fan of proof-reading. As always thanks for your support.`

“The hell!? Don’t decide something like that like it’s natural!”

“By the way, this plan was made by [The Magician], Eve = Ignite.”

“That little ──!? I’m going to make her cry!”

Albert warded off the gender-swapped Glenn who started to throw a fit.

If someone were to look over this scene from afar it would simply look like a lovers quarrel.

“Anyways, et tu Celica!? Why did you agree to a request like this!?”

“Iyaa~, isn’t Albert a friend from when you were in the military? The one you often praised as a [reliable man] whose always [saving you] and [is the man you respect most in the world]!? Hahaha! Don’t try to hide it!”

“Haa!? Wait! That was just me being polite ──”

“I’m a bit fond of this man named Albert! I mean, isn’t he pleasing to the eyes with such a well-built physique! That’s why Glenn! Help Albert! “

It couldn’t be helped that Celica would happily assist her favorite pupil, but Glenn felt a bit anxious on how overbearing Celica was being.

“Anyhow, Glenn can go with Re=L. There shouldn’t be any problems now? Right Re=L?”

“Nn. No problem.  If Glenn comes too….”

“Wait there’s definitely a problem!!”

“T-T-That’s right! There’s a big problem! I mean, it’ll be a huge problem for me if Sensei remains a woman! So hurry up and change him back! I-I can’t allow this! M-My heart just can’t…..! It’s ──”

“Uhmm…… Sisty? Just calm down a bit okay?”

Rumia tried to soothe the Sistine whose eyes were rolling around in confusion with a wry smile.

 But before that place started to slowly turn into a quagmire of conflicts….

“Honestly though…..I sympathize with you a bit Glenn.  Do you seriously think I turned you into a woman to harass you?

Glenn found himself at a loss for words when Albert suddenly addressed him seriously.

“M-Maa….. Well you see…..”

“Well, I’ll admit half of it is for harassment.”

“Oi!? You’re slowly getting a worse and worse personality!?”

Ignoring Glenn with bloodshot eyes Albert quickly cut to the chase.

“Now then, the case of the matter is… Don’t you think it was strange?”


“Re=L dropping out of school…..By itself it’s not that strange of an occurrence due to the power struggle of the upper echelon.  However, as soon as Re=L was in the process of dropping out she’s offered a short term study abroad program…..”

“Are you trying to say…..that it’s more than a coincidence?””

After Albert quietly confirmed that with a nod of his head, a heavy mood plagued the atmosphere.

“[Project: Revive Life]……One of the most sinister experiments in the Empire’s history of magic, one that was deeply intertwined with The Researchers of Divine Wisdom. This might not just be another mere power struggle between the top brass,  but someone pulling the strings from the shadows.”

Glenn scratched his head and exhaled like this was too much trouble.

“Seriously….. If you say that then I have no choice but to go don’t I?”

“Please.  Right now we’re busy trying to track down The Researchers of Divine Wisdom.”

“Aah, has there been any progress since the night of the ball? Keep up the work,” Glenn said while shrugging his shoulders as if he gave up.


Re=L looked like a baby chick looking up towards her mother for food.

“Yes, yes it can’t be helped~.  I’ll help my cute little sister this time.”

Glenn let out a bitter laugh while stroking Re=L’s head.

“Nn…. Thanks…. Rumia and Sistine too…..”

“Eh? Ah um don’t worry about it? Cause it’s for Re=L’s sake.”

“Wha–at we wouldn’t just ignore your problems.  It’s our job to look after our little sister.”

Rumia and Sistine laughed while responding to Re=L’s concern.

“But….I guess we’ll have to cancel our plans to visit the opera with Wendy this weekend.”

“That’s right.  We have to get things in order to travel abroad…..”

“It’s a bit disappointing but … It can’t be helped.  It’s all for Re=L’s sake!”

Sistine and Rumia discussed it like it was only natural to help her.


Re=L started blankly at the two.

“Aah but the hell! When I’m a woman…. What am I supposed to do in this body? I can’t be a husband anymore…. In the biological sense….”

Glenn grumbled with a gloomy expression.

“Don’t worry.  You’ll be able to return to your original body!”

Celica couldn’t hide the fact about how much fun she was having.

“Anyways, why don’t you try it out now? Don’t you think this is a good chance?”

“Haa? Chance? What are you saying …”

“Y’know~….It’s St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy? An all girls school?”

Glenn raised his eyebrows trying to figure out what Celica was getting at.

“A girls school. Beautiful ripe flowers in a garden perfect for the plucking. A world full of nothing but young maidens. A dreamy paradise where all the noble ojou-samas gather together…..”

Celica’s voluptuous body drooped over Glenn

“Saa close your eyes and just imagine it? In such a refined and sophisticated place….Beautifully angelic maidens…..”

Celica whispers that while letting a hot breath right by his ear….

“If you can earn the trust of the girls while teaching there….You might be a little troubled by how much they’ll trouble you……If you know what I mean…..”


“Right now you’re a [girl]….That’s right, you can be the protagonist of such a perfect world of pleasure.”

A demon that sneaks into the gaps of a persons’ conscience and desires and skillfully seduces them….Without a doubt, Glenn was locked in a trance due to Celica’s devilish smile and bewitching words.

“Do you think you could be the protagonist of such a world… a [man]?


After Glenn was quiet for a bit, Sistine timidly called out to him….

“Naa White-Cat….I…..”

Suddenly turning around Glenn ──

“A short term study abroad program this time….I feel like this time I lucked out….!”

It was as if she had an unprecedented dazzling smile, shining like a big flower in midsummer.

“Ehhhhh!? Wait Senseiiiiiiiiii!? That’s not what this trip is for!”


“[For the time being・be blown away]”

Sistine whispered the spell with a disgusted look in her eyes.


In an intense gust of wind, Glenn broke through the chapel’s stained-glassed and flew through the sky like usual.

Celica, who orchestrated this whole ordeal was holding her stomach laughing in the background.

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