Roku de Nashi Vol 8 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Glenn felt like he was struck on the back of his head after hearing the words Re=L squeezed out.

Albert continued after a light sigh.

“Re=L was the first successful experiment in [Project: Revive Life]. A magician who was created by duplicating the body and spirit of Ilushia Rayford, who was once an assassin belonging to Researchers of Divine Wisdom.”


“Brought into this world with only empty days ahead, but those empty days gained meaning while she lived for battle. Born from inheriting the soul of Ilushia in a cursed place, in itself is an abnormality. Not even older than 14 or 15-year-old girl….Re=L is still merely a [child].”

Unintentionally, Glenn looked at Re=L with a bitter face.

“For such a Re=L, you, the princess, Fibel, and even your whole class is the foundation of support for her heart….A target of [dependence]. Leaving them, albeit temporarily, without a chance for discussion, is like taking a newborn from her mother’s hands…..So I sympathize with her.”

Glenn was at a loss of words before Albert’s sound argument.

What he said was certainly true. Nowadays, Re=L was living almost completely normally in light side of the world….After some time it just became second nature to Glenn, and he forgot. How Re=L truly was.

When her brother died, she shifted all her [dependence] onto Glenn to support her heart. In one of the [Expedition Studies], Re=L certainly achieved some emotional growth, found her own path in life, and nervously took her first steps forward.

But ── then the thought that [Re=L is alright]…..Was just a misunderstanding. Despite her determination, emotional dependency and immaturity won’t disappear that quickly. The growth of a person’s heart is a matter of course, but it takes a reasonable amount of time.

Relying on someone in itself is not a bad thing, it’s merely a step on the path of self-growth.

It was Glenn’s duty to watch over and guide and support the young Re=L so she could be self-reliant one day and yet….

“Haa…. I’m still too….. “

While I was too caught up with Re=L’s situation, I forgot my role as an instructor….Is what Glenn thought while turning towards Re=L with a bitter smile.

“My bad, Re=L.  For trying to force this on you without asking how you felt.”


“But what will she do….? The fact of the matter is if she doesn’t do the study-abroad program she’ll be forced to drop out….? Hmmm…..”

Once again returning to the source of the problem Glenn hit an impasse.

“Um Sensei….I might have an idea but….”

Rumia timidly tried to speak out.


“Well…..Sisty and I can study abroad at St. Lilly’s Magic Academy with Re=L …..Is what I was thinking?”

“Ah! That’s a great idea! That way Re=L won’t be worried?”

With a clap of her hands Sistine voiced her agreement.

“Re=L’s my escort so…It makes sense for me to go along with her.”

“I feel like what you said is backwards but….well the idea isn’t wrong.”

Rumia’s words left Glenn both amazed and confused.

“But is it possible? For both of you to go too….?

“It is.”

And Albert immediately answered Glenn’s question.

“If it’s under the pretext of [guard duty], then the upper brass in the military will allow it. Additionally, the upper brass wants to keep the privilege of guarding the former・princess under their purview. And because [The Hermit] is preoccupied, there’s no one else who can guard her in time. So the princess and Fibel will definitely be offered to study-abroad as well. The truth is, the reason I appeared before you guys, is that I received an order concerning this very matter.”

“I-Is that so! Wait that was done quickly! If that’s the case you should’ve said so at the start!”

Glenn turned to look at Re=L with a bright expression.

“Isn’t that great! Together with Rumia and Sistine? Won’t it be fine like that?”


“…..And Glenn? Is Glenn not coming?.”

Re=L’s facial expression was still somewhat gloomy. Stretching her arms out, she gently tugged on Glenn’s sleeve.

“I….There’s no point if Glenn isn’t there…..”

“Me? ….Wait I can’t even do that though…”

Glenn wore a bitter expression while looking at the gloomy eyed Re=L.

“Y’know….St. Lilly Magic Academy is an all-girls school and boys are forbidden? Men won’t even be permitted within the campus. That’s just how it is……”

“That’s incorrect. Glenn, you ’re going to accompany Re=L as an interim teacher from the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. ”

Out of the blue, Albert said something Glenn couldn’t comprehend.

“Haa!? Oi, what are you on about!? Don’t be ridiculous! You know I’m a man!? ”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already prepared for that──”

At the same time as he said that.


The chapel wall was suddenly blown away by magic from outside.

“Ya! I was called and so shall appear hahaha!”

Appearing on the other side of the wall was a woman wearing a smile brighter than a midsummer sun.

With extravagant flowing blond hair fluttering in the wind, a breathtakingly devilish beauty, and boasting a voluptuous figure; the name of the goddess was ──


Glenn’s instructor who recently hadn’t been at the academy, whose known as the strongest mage on the content, was Celica.

“What are you doing back so fast!? Do you really want to tempt death that much!?”

“I came cause I heard about your problem! Maa, just leave it to me!”

Ignoring everyone’s astonished expressions Celica started to walk forward.

She reached between the cleavage of her voluptuous breast and pulled out a small bottle and drank its contents ── and without warning moved forward to tightly embrace Glenn ──

Standing on her tippy toes, she brought her face closer to Glenns ──


 ── And kissed him without any hesitation.


Sistine’s face turned bright red and she let out a hysterical voice after seeing that.

“A k-k-kiss!? Wait why!? So impure! What are you doing Professor Arfonia!? Auuughh──”

“!? (Waah….)”

Rumia on the hand covered her face with both her hands but left a gap wide enough so she could stare at the two.

After a long painful three seconds…..

“──Puhaa!? Wh──!?”

After finally coming to his senses Glenn untangled himself from Celica.

“O-Oi what’s the matter with you!? What did you just make me drink!?”

“It’ll be fine it’ll be fine! It shouldn’t be painful~? [Yin and Yang within ourselves・ Rebel against the creator of everything・And alter his body ──!”

Celica was able to cast her spell faster than a snap of the fingers ──

 ── And then an ordeal happened immediately after.

“G-Guo…..W-What is!?”

Purple lighting and smoke started to rise from Glenn’s body…..Strange sounds could be heard creaking and croaking from his body.

“Body….So hot….!? W-Whats going on….Weird….Ughaaa──!?”

Thump. Glenn’s facial expression distorted in pain as he dropped to his knees.

“S-Sensei!? What’s wrong Sensei!? ”

“Stay away…..Mhh and look away.”

Celica grabbed the arm of bewildered Sistine as she tried to rush over.

In the meantime Glenn’s figure was almost completely hidden by the rising smoke……And the strange sounds continued on….And before long……

“Gaaaaaaaaaaaaa ── !?”

And eventually….The screams came to an end. The strange sounds came to a stop as well.

Holding their breath in shock, Sistine and co. watched the cloud of smoke slowly started to disappear.

“Cough cough…..What the hell was that? Oi Celica stop messing around…..”

Eventually Glenn slightly reappeared in front of all of them.

But ── Sistine, Rumia, and even the always quiet Re=L, were too disturbed to say anything…..Too disturbed at Glenn’s appearance as the smoke continued to disappear.

“Nn? Oi what’s wrong? Is there something on my face …or something else? Does my voice sound unusually high pitched? Was I starting to catch a cold……?”

Glenn went to rub his head in confusion but stopped when his slender finger got caught in his long flowing hair.

“Huh what’s this? Was my hair always this long….? Something feels off?”

“U-Ummm……You’re Glenn-sensei…..? Right….?”

Hearing Sistine ask such a weird question Glenn’s faced turned to one of full confusion.

“Haa? What the hell are you talking about? Who else do you think you’re staring at….?”

While saying that, Glenn struck his chest with his hand….

Ponyon. And felt something out of the ordinary.


Glenn looked downwards towards his own chest.

Underneath his shirt were two hill stretching it out.

“Fumu, my own Original magic [The All Appraising Eye] is saying… have about the same capabilities of Rumia huh….87cm seems about right? No wait…..are they even bigger!?!?”

With his eyes wide open from shock Glenn immediately brought both hands to his chest and started to rub it,

“Oi why do I have theeeese!? Boooobs!?”

“Wait!? If that’s Sensei, then he’s touching a girl’s breast right now!? I won’t forgive you for rubbing them like tha──w-wait!? But since he’s a girl right now it’s fine!?”

Leaving Sistine to argue with herself, Glenn turned his back to everyone and reached his hand out towards his nether regions…..

“Gyaa──!? What should be there is gone and what shouldn’t be there is ──!?”

Immediately after confirming what happened really happened, Glenn drew near Celica at the speed of light.

“Oi Celica what the hell did you do to me!?”

“I made you a woman using the [Self・Polymorphous] spell!”

Saying that without a care in the world Celica threw in a thumbs-up.

“Isn’t that great! With this you’ll be able to teach at St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy….Puuh …Hehe ……Y-You’re a pretty good looking woman you know!? Ahahahahahahahahahahah!”

After checking out Glenn from head to toe she let out a pretty loud laugh.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Former・Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex operative twenty-one, Celica Arfonia, [The World].”

“Oi this was your plan!?”

Glenn dashed towards Albert and clutched his collar while yelling at him.

“Stop screaming. This was my plan from the start. If you got transformed into a woman then you would be able to accompany Re=L to St. Lily Magic Girls’ Academy.”

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