Roku de Nashi Vol 7 Epilogue

The Party’s End

…… After everything had finished.

“You bastard don’t joke like that!!”

Those were Glenn’s first words after reuniting with Albert.

“You know your sniping grazed my face!? That if I was one step off I would be dead!?”

“Then die.”

With his collar grabbed by Glenn, Albert nonchalantly retorted that with a solemn expression.

“Haa!? What did you say!? Saying that without hesitation!?”

“Idiot. You’re the one who carelessly entered my line of fire.”

“So that makes it okay!?”

“In the first place, why did you lure him to that place? There should be countless other suitable spots for snipers on that mountain side. You should think of my troubles more.”

“Haa!? Why, back in the day you bastard ──”

It was like Glenn was a howling stray dog and Albert was it’s emotionless handler.

“This son of a bitch! I forgot how much I hate you!”

“What a coincidence, me too.”

In front of those two people who were about to go at one another.

“Those two…can work together smoothly, but face to face…..”


Sistine shrugged her shoulders after looking at them with a reproachful glare and Rumia was wryly chucking.

And setting aside that scene.

At the time when Zayeed’s baton broke and Eve came back to her senses, Glacia and Zeto fled the grounds realizing the tides had turned.

Of course, the students and orchestra members who were manipulated by the [Devil’s Tune] returned to normal….

“Huh ー?……Why….what are we doing here….?”

“Umm…I think…. the Final・Dance was about to start…. right…..?”

There seemed to be no recollection of being manipulated by Zayeed at all.

Still confused by the sudden change of scenery, the students staggered back to the campus.

The Special Missions Annex managed the historic feat of capturing a core enemy member without any significant damage.

After the battle, the main problem was what to do with the suspended ball.

 he students had a lapse in memory from when they were controlled, all that remained was the happy exciting memories from just before the incident. Therefore, the students naturally returned to the ballroom and were waiting impatiently for the winning couple to start off the final dance.

Apparently, once the [Devil’s Tune] enters the deep subconscious their mental state becomes something similar to intoxication or dreaming.

The students were already distraught about the fact that they were in the northern forest. Some students don’t even remember the ball being interrupted.

Luckily no one was able to recall the events of. Till now various officials managed to be flawlessly assassinated due to Zayeed, but now the empire finally managed to figure out how he carried out his plans.

Although, the only person to remain unaffected through this ordeal was the student council president Liz.

“Senpai ── try to protect your spirit, if possible block out the sound waves from this room, and absolutely do not leave here!”

Liz waited in the room and set barriers to protect herself after Sistine left in a hurry. Thanks to that she managed to avoid the danger.

It was also necessary to conceal the traces of the battle left in the academy, so Bernard, who took field command on behalf of the absent-minded Eve, inevitably revealed some circumstances to Liz, and requested that the ball resumed as if nothing had even happened.

Being naturally gifted, Liz was quickly able to figure out the situation and got to work on restarting the ball.

Of course, some of the students might have a sense of discomfort due to fact of missing memories. However, as the remaining power of the [Devil’s Tune] fades away, the sense of discomfort goes along with it.

Due to still being in a dream-like state, the other students were quickly able to accept the resuming of the ball at Liz’s behest.

And then ──

“…..Yare-yare. I was worried how it would turn out for a second there….”

Like how it was supposed to happen, Glenn and Rumia were dancing the final dance of the night with a fairy-tale like atmosphere around them.

“…. Thank you very much, Sensei.”

Rumia whispered that while taking Glenn’s hand and gracefully following in his footsteps.

The everlasting [Gown of Fairies], that even if you were to run through the mountain while wearing it there would be neither a spec of dirt nor any tears.


“For always…. protecting me……”

Rumia’s facial expression was calm and clear as she gazed at him motionlessly.

“Sensei’s always risking his life…..for my sake…. always taking care of me…..”

“…..Ahh that? Didn’t I promise you a long time ago? Even if it’s just me I’ll always be your ally…. maa anyways…. I’ll at least follow through on my promise and only protect you though…..”

“Fufufu….that’s a lie. Even if Sensei doesn’t promise it…. I’m sure he’ll risk his life to protect people even if they’re not me…. I know that’s the type of person Sensei is.”

“..Humph….you’re over-estimating me too much. I’m not such a noble person like that y’know? I don’t care about people outside of who I know.”

Glenn withdrew his hand from Rumia as if he were sulking.

And Rumia dances under his raised arm entrusting her body to him.

“Even if that’s how you really are.”

Rumia was smiling.

“The fact that you’ll be my ally…..that’ll you be by my side protecting me…. won’t change.”

She looked as if she would smile till the end of time.

“Thanks Sensei. I’m really happy that I was able to dance with Sensei. A lot of things happened but……I’m sure tonight will be one of my most treasured memories….”

“Haha I’m honored.”

A bit embarrassed, Glenn turns his face away and immerses himself in the dance.

That’s why he didn’t notice.

While Rumia was laughing so happily ── he didn’t notice.

A feeling of anguish was hidden behind that smiling expression.

(…. In the end, should I really be here?…..)

Rumia couldn’t help but thinking so.

This time, it ended peacefully due to the efforts of Glenn and Sistine.

But next time? And the time after that?

Is the end goal that everyone can laugh and smile together?

No. That’s not how it should be. This time I just happened to get lucky.

That’s right.

A ruined princess with a detestable power.

A walking calamity creator, someone constantly targeted by The Researchers of Divine Wisdom.

Glenn would surely keep volunteering to protect me.

Even if I ask him to stop, he wouldn’t listen.

(Because on that day, that’s the type of person I fell in love with…..)

That’s why I couldn’t help but falling in love with him.

And ── therefore.

One day, Glenn will be fatally wounded….and die.

Surely protecting me ──

Of course, not only Glenn. Sistine, Riel, and everyone at school.

Someday, because of me ──

 ── If only you weren’t born! ──

The voice of a girl with white hair and beautiful wings, with exactly the same features as herself, brought her back to reality.

(Aah….after all…I really shouldn’t be here…)


Even so.

Losing everything.

At long last, a place where I finally belong… I really have to throw it away….?

Ahh, such a selfish child.

What a selfish child I am.

I understand that my existence will surely bring disaster to everyone ──

(…. Even so, I still want to stay here!…..)

“…What’s wrong? Rumia. Why are you crying?”

Glenn’s words suddenly brought her of deep thought.

Rumia still had some tears forming at the corners of her eyes ── even so she tried her best to force a smile.

“Yes! I’m….very happy…. I’m really happy!…..”

“……………Is that so…..then…. I’m glad about that…….”

Whether he knew or was oblivious to Rumia’s hidden feelings.

Glenn gently embraced Rumia.

Finally, the final dance came to its end.

Finally, the long long night of the ball came to its end.

The sudden burst of cheers and applause swept aside all the emotions that were swirling in Rumia’s chest ──

While smiling happily, Rumia was still kept hostage within Glenn’s arms…….

All the while secretly crying on the inside.

And then ──

With the ending of the ball.

After escorting Rumia and Sistine, and for some reason a recently free loading Re=L, to the Fibel residence.

Glenn started to drag his worn-out body to Celica’s house where he was living.

Suddenly, feeling the presence of a person ahead, Glenn came to a stop.

Oil-ran streetlamps were lined up at regular intervals to combat the darkness of night.

Under the flickering glow of a streetlamp ── a person was idly waiting.



Eve stared at Glenn in utter silence.

(Yare-yare…..I ran into someone I didn’t want to…..)

However, Glenn couldn’t ignore the situation of Eve lying in wait for him, so after clicking his tongue and while irritatingly rubbing his head, Glenn said.

“…. What do you need? Isn’t everything over already? Hurry up and get out of here.”


Even still, Eve remained silent.

As if some form protest, Eve stood there silently starring at Glenn.

“Isn’t it great Eve? You fucked up but still managed to come out on top with all the glory. Anyways due to your management and tactics we were able to capture a member from the second order…..with this we’ll be able to come out of the stalemate we have with them on top. You’ll also be the one properly praised for that. You’re the big winner here!”


“All hail The Great Eve. Never show your face in front of me again…….See ya.”

Coldly saying that.

Glenn walked past Eve…..trying to take his leave….

At that time.


She whispered.

He barely heard Eve’s mumbling.


Without thinking he stopped his feet and turned to look at Eve.

“Meaningless….like this…..everything is meaningless!…..”


Glenn opened his eyes wide in surprise.

He didn’t notice till now due to the darkness.

As Eve’s face slowly came to light thanks to the lamp ──

It was wet with tears. She was secretly crying without a sound ──

“Ha!? Why are you crying ──”

“Because with this uncouthly miserable conclusion…. I can’t prove I’m more just than you!”

I really can’t understand. What is this woman?

“Why….why are you still the same!? Did you really cast aside [The Mage of Justice]?”

“…..Haa? [The Mage of Justice] …? I can’t follow you…. what the hell are you talking about? In the first place I threw that away years ago…..”

“You’re lying!”

Clutching both of her hands to her chest while tears were rolling down her face, Eve shuts her eyes tight and screamed out.

“You’re a liar! You’re nothing more than a liar…..I’m not the one acting like an idiot here! It’s your fault that I…..that I’m ── !”

The trembling Eve wiped her tear-stained eyes on the sleeve of her coat.


“I don’t recognize you at all! I’ll prove it someday! I’m the just one and you’re the mistaken one.  I won’t hear a single complaint from you…..with perfect results and a flawless victory…I’ll show you that my method is better than yours!”

Saying that, Eve turned her back to Glenn and spit out one last thing.

“You who’ve never accepted the harshness of reality living by your naive ideals…..Just work under me! All you have to do is silently listen to my orders and fight with me!”

In front of the dumb-founded Glenn, Eve who let out all her repressed raw emotions in one breath, finally regained her composure.

“…..I’ll see you again, Glenn…..when I’m able to prove my justness….you’ll once more work under me….and be my subordinate….this is an order……”

Saying so unilaterally.

Eve perked up her shoulders and sped away.

While staring at Eve’s disappearing figure, Glenn couldn’t help but knit his eyebrows…..

“Chi…..I really don’t like her….not that it matters.”

Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Missions Annex, Operator 1, [The Magician], Eve = Ignite.

The darkness she held in her heart….at this time Glenn couldn’t understand anything about it.

“….Seriously…..everybody and anybody just doing what they want…..”

Glenn’s mumbling reverberated throughout the chilly dark night.

The light of the streetlamps continued to shine dimly on the listless Glenn.

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It’ll go my way cause I’m just.

Oi Glenn-boy is Eve alright, isn’t she a minor?

Don’t worry it’s just apple juice.

What’s with the drunk atmosphere!!?

Is she pretending (I think).

Finally the end of volume 7. Can’t wait till volume 9, but look forward to female Glenn in the next book.