Hey ya’ll….I’m going to be taking over Akashic Record’s translation for Volume 7 since the previous translator stopped. I will definitely finish out Volume 7, but I don’t know if I’ll continue after that because I am wanting to translate Kore Zombie. But that all remains to be seen. If you see any mistakes please let me know and i’ll fix it; I apologize as I’m doing translating and editing by myself while working and school full time. With that being said I’ll try to post an update at least once every two weeks, whether it be a part of the translation or post explaining how close I am. Thank you and have a good night.


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  1. Exo Ais

    Hello. Please continue translating it.

    1. Mythical

      The only reason I am sitting on the fence about it is because it is officially licensed and I do not wish to get a DCMA on it.

      1. Vik

        Who is it licensed by? I haven’t found anything about that. Only the manga and the anime have official English releases that I can find.

  2. robgtz91

    ah man i love you i just found you i was getting desperate i coauldnt find anything beyond vol 7 ch 3 keep up the good work!

    1. Mythical

      Hi thanks for the kind words.

  3. 4KaleidBlold

    I don’t really think the novel is licenced, i think only the manga is. So there is no problem if you continue

    1. Mythical

      I’m glad to hear that, I’ll check it out and if its true I’ll definitely continue. Thanks.

  4. Eduardo

    Excuse me, friend, where do you get the material? I am very interested, I would like to translate the volumes of the novels

    1. Mythical

      Hi sorry for the late reply, I get it from Japanese Amazon

  5. Maurice

    Thanks for picking up the Novel you do great work. I see you chose to start with volume 7 any reason for that? Instead of starting @ volume 4 that’s also Incomplete, Vol 5 that has not been touched yet since the Last translator or I could say, Extremely Unmotivated Translator wouldn’t do because he is Prioritizing a Lesser novel for One he started first. Justnovels site shows novel 6 is Complete but it’s nowhere to be found. So 4,5, and 6 are unfinished or Incompleted. Just asking! yuNS is the current tl’er beside you he claims to work on it along with his High Priority Shaved novel that he Sidelined this for but he never Updates. The website still shows he’s finished volume 3 and started 4 about a year ago back.

    1. Mythical

      The main reason is that that spot is the farthest in the story-line. I started reading the novel and figured eh just spend some extra time translating and editing it and other people can read it too. Might be a selfish reason but I want to advance in the story and see what will happen. Volume 1-5 is covered by the anime, and yuNS is still working on Vol 4 as of March, and Vol 6 is completed on Noblesse Oblige’s site, and he started on 7 so that’s where I’m picking up. Thanks for the support.

      1. Mauce

        Yeah I know yuNS is on volume 4 but he’s been on it for OVER a year and has no plans to finish it anytime soon since he finds it more convenient to spend time translating a Novel that he can do in the shortest time over 1 that takes him literally 3 months to translate 1 chapter and the shorter One can have many chapters in that 3 months. That’s his whole reason for not even trying to finish volume 4 yet. I didn’t know the Anime So-called covered volumes 1-5 since they Axe 70% of the content for a 24-30 min time slot. I would just like to read the novels to pick up the missing details of what the anime leaves out. I did find 6 complete and as for the TL from Noblesse he is MIA due to Prussing higher Edatucatal reasons (MED SCHOOL) he has Left the TL’ing World until further notices as per his Discord which is dead outside the Lurkers who still think he might return and his own webpage where he dropped that NUKE on Dec 25, 2018, killing this novel and Knights and Magic too. Sorry for the Wall of Complaint. Could you possibly support pdf and epub links for downloading finish volumes when complete, thanks for picking it up? yuNS made a comment about it would take him 20yrs to catch up to current vol 15 when he posted a picture of the cover on his discord and at his current speed, it probably would since he’s unmotivated or claims he only gets 2 hrs a day to translate.

        1. Mythical

          I can’t and won’t comment on how other TL’s work, or lack of work. In the end it’s their choice to pick up a series and ultimately it’s their choice to drop it. Sure it’s disheartening but everyone has their own personal lives to live. If I translate previous volumes that’ll leave less time to translate future volumes. Sure little details would be nice but I would rather finish the story or move onto another novel.

          1. Maurice

            That is Perfectly sound if you intend to see it through until the last volume instead of going back to finish up other people Half work. I’ll stop with the Complaints about others and just let you continue. But from my other comments, you avoided the question if you can supply pdf download links after finishing each volume with IIIustrations and post them for us the Reader to get here. Sorry, last question. Thanks for everything.

            1. Mythical

              Right now I have no plans of compiling it into EPubs or PDFs. The text is here and I pulled the pictures from the wiki, so if someone else wishes to do so I would happily host it here if they wanted.

              1. Maurice

                Well, I’m more than a little disappointed to hear that but It’s your decision in the end. I doubt anyone’s going to make pdfs because if they were going to someone would have already started to post them unless they were waiting for you to finish the volume. I guess I can wait a few more days and look around the Sites where LN is posted to see if anyone did make a volume 7 pdf otherwise I’m not going to be able to read it myself for a long time. Thanks for the Trans.

                1. Mythical

                  Replying against better judgement, but you can always read it the text here, or compile it into a pdf yourself?

                  1. Maurice

                    Well if someone was willing to teach me how instead of just telling do it myself I would stop asking in nearly all the LN site but people are unwilling since it’s time-consuming to teach others something they learned themselves. It’s not simple for me to finger out how to do it without first show how. That’s my way of learning correctly. Sorry if I sound Ungrateful it’s not my intention. It just seems I always get told do it myself but people are unwilling to share what they know to Help me do it my self. I’ll look to see if there are any Videos on how to Easily make pdfs and insert Illustrations too.

                    1. Mythical

                      The easiest way to do it using word is
                      1: Copy all the text and past it into Word. Click on the file tab in the upper left corner. On the left column there’s actions like “Save, Save as, Print, Share, Export, Close.” Click the export and it’ll say export as PDF.
                      2. Use any PDF editor, I recommend because it’s free and easy to use.
                      3. Have the images downloaded, and then in sejda, there’ll be a tab in the middle that says images. Click on it, find where you saved the images, and it’ll paste it on the PDF and you can move it about.
                      If you don’t have Word, then use a text editing program like notepad or whatever was pre-installed on your computer. Go to to convert it from a .txt file to a .pdf file, and move onto step 2.

          2. Maurice

            Fyi I guess I forgot to ask after going back to read my other comments. I’m wrong my fault but the question still remains.

  6. Maurice

    Just looked again But Amazon doesn’t have the LN version only the Manga and it’s up to book/volume 7 right now and it’s Licensed by Seven Seas. Please Continue.

    1. Mythical

      Thanks for the confirmation I have no plans of stopping then.

  7. Dakota

    First off i just want to say thank you for the work on translating this! Was browsing recently updated anime on crunchyroll and for some reason they updated it with the other language dubs(which is hopefully good for the series as there must be some reason to do this), and through my dismay found that neither the lns nor the manga are available in english. This series really peaked my interest, and loving it so far. A nice change of pace to get back to reading, and letting your mind make the imagery! Ive wanted to learn japanese as a second language for a long time, but i believe this will help me push over the edge to get it done, and this helps satiate my desire to follow this series further. Again much thanks, and keep up the good work!

    1. Mythical

      Glad to find another fan of the series. I definitely recommend continuing to study Japanese, it’s my third language and I love it. It’s a bit hard to start with but gets more fun then longer you study it. Good luck.

  8. Jamsterd

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you for picking this up. I’ve really enjoyed the series and have periodically been checking the previous translators site in the vain hope they will start again as I really wanted to continue the story. Your translation is great! I’ve really enjoyed reading it and bringing this adventure to life. I hope you continue with many more of these. Great work and very much appreciated!

    1. Mythical

      Thank you for the support.

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